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homeranking.info homeranking.info files//homeranking.info Alan Ford is an Italian comic book created by Max Bunker (Luciano Secchi) and Magnus . Strip-agent is also publishing Alan Ford Extra (new Italian episodes), and Priče broja 1 .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Alan Ford je italijanski strip Maxa Bunkera (Luciano Secchi). U rukopisu su se našla šestorica glavnih likova (Alan Ford, Bob Rock, Sir Oliver, Šef, Jeremija i.

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Il pugno proibito A running gag is his incredible strength and endurance for an ordinary pelican. Cord or wire is threaded through the rings. Connor F. The Internet has made wonderful things possible, More information.

All The Things We See 2. Remember the Rules 3. You and Me 4. This Too Shall Pass 5.

Alan Ford #95 - Luna chiama Skylab PDF

My Best Try 6. Our Own Way 7.

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Stripovi pdf ford alan

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Ford stripovi pdf alan

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He is at odds with Number One, who despises him for his laziness and inability to perform missions. He usually sleeps in the back of the flower shop, but occasionally joins the other TNT members on large-scale missions.

After Bob, he is the most vocal about his salary, but is constantly rebuffed by Number One.

Alan Ford (comics)

His best friend is Jeremiah, but almost constantly bickers with him. He has a hamster named Squitty, and he is very devoted to him and protects him at all costs. He wears old ruptured pants, a bowler hat, a coat and a cardigan stripped shirt.

Jeremiah is an aging member of the TNT.

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He is an Italian immigrant, and a running gag of the series is that he is an extreme hypochondriac who suffers from many diseases or medical syndromes and sometimes, he even suffers from diseases he invented. He is bald and nearly toothless, and he usually sleeps around in the flower shop with The Boss.

He is usually on guard duty and never on active missions due to his age, but sometimes proves crucial to missions. Another running gag is his ability to sleep through most extreme situations without waking up.

He is a former street vendor and a hermit, which caused his bad health. Otto Grunf is a naturalized German-born inventor. He moved to America and changed his last name from Grunt to Grunf to avoid detection, and is mentioned to also serve in Second World War.

He serves as the inventor, fabricator and the mechanic of the TNT group. Running gag in the series is his incompetence: Despite his heroic-like behavior and staunch belief in bravery as seen by quotes stamped on his T-shirts , he is a very cowardly man, constantly running from danger.

He usually dresses in a World War I-era flying ace uniform with goggles. He is very loyal and devoted to Number One and never is on his odds. His job is usually to drive Number One around New York in other words, push his wheelchair around. He is a former Chicago mobster who made his fortune during the Prohibition era. After Al Capone 's downfall, he became the most powerful mafioso in Chicago and held this position until his early retirement from business.

He is independent from the New York division, but he still acts on Number One's orders. He usually dresses in white or grey suits, smokes Cuban cigars, is completely bald and always wears his trademark sunglasses.

He also runs a flower shop, which, in contrast to the New York one, is much larger and successful than its counterpart. He enjoys fine wines, cigars, and he owns a panther, a bulldog and a gorilla, all tamed.

Clodoveo is Number One's parrot. He is a very intelligent parrot, being able to speak 18 languages and dialects. He is Number One's best friend and lives in his hideout with him, although the two constantly clash on most trivial subjects.

He usually serves as the aviation in the TNT group and to carry messages from Number One to the TNT group or his allies when he is not around, and often ends up saving them in dangerous missions.

He enjoys beef steaks and is a former alcoholic; his drinking habits are occasionally shown throughout the issues. He was absent throughout the part of the series due to his temporary relocation to Los Angeles when he lived with The Great Caesar; the two constantly clashed and both were relieved when Clodoveo returned to New York.

Cirano is Bob Rock's dog, who often participates in the group's missions. He is a smart dog, though easily bribed with food. More than once, he was used by Sir Oliver for his various schemes. Running gag in the series is his frequent attempts to eat Squitty, only to be stopped and then violently assaulted by The Boss.

Stripovi Klub

Pellicus is a pelican owned by Number One. He is rather large and is devoted to Number One, who saved him from being slaughtered. He loves eating fish and usually serves to transport Number One and sometimes, the entire TNT group across large areas at one time, transporting Number One across the Atlantic Ocean. A running gag is his incredible strength and endurance for an ordinary pelican.

T at low cost". Other enemies, whose names are normally puns in Italian , are Katodik, the two killers Frit and Frut, Mr. Fitzgerald and witch Witchcraft. It was produced by Max Bunker Press and was based on the SuperCiuk story already published in the comic series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the comic book. For other uses, see Alan Ford disambiguation. Big in the Balkans". The Favorite of the Slavs " in Italian. Archived from the original on