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Solaris 10 administration guide pdf

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CHAPTER 2 Installing the Solaris 10 Operating Environment cal editor on Solaris Administrator Certification Guide Part II, Solaris 7 and 8 Administrator. Oct 6, He has previously written Solaris 9: The Complete. Reference and Solaris 9 Administration: A Beginner's. Guide, as well as contributed to Web. To back up your system when non-global zones are installed, see the Solaris 10 version of the System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers-Resource.

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Sep 22, SPARC: How to Boot a Diskless Client in Oracle Solaris System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems. Removable media. Solaris 10 10/09 Installation Guide: Solaris Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning, HTML · PDF. Solaris . Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide, HTML · PDF. , Solaris , and Solaris 7 releases. Solstice AdminSuite Administration Guide. AdminSuite Solaris 8, Solaris 8 6/00, and. Solaris 8 10/00 releases.

First, use the zpool status command to see that testpool has one disk, c1t0d0s0. Reboot the system if necessary. Now, the system will boot with the x86 Solaris 10 Operating System media placed in the disk drive. Select this option if you want to install the system using the default values. The system must support PXE. Supported releases Sun supports and tests an upgrade from any release to a subsequent release that is no more than two releases ahead.

10 guide pdf administration solaris