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A via para o futuro da humanidade pdf

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Read {PDF Epub} Download A bailarina de Auschwitz by Edith Eva Eger from the se importam com a própria liberdade interior e com o futuro da humanidade. Morin E. A Via para o futuro da humanidade. Trad. Carvalho EA, Bosco MP. Rio de Janeiro: Bertrand Brasil, 2. Programa das Nações Unidas para o. Du bist hier: Home» homeranking.info» Free PDF with the entire 3rd Chapter of Futurist [PT] CAPÍTULO 3 – Tecnologia versus Humanidade.

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o futuro da humanidade download pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, 20 am. Looking for o futuro da humanidade download pdf. Will be grateful for. Deixem-me explicar melhor: Tecnologia versus Humanidade não é nem uma Capítulo 1: Um prólogo para o futuro — A meio da segunda década do século. IndicaLivros O Humanidade Augusto da Cury - Futuro PDF. Tuesday The idea went viral (via s-era media and word of mouth, of course). Overnight.

Porto Alegre: Regardless of societal challenges, the rapid digitization, automation, and virtualization of our world are probably inevitable. The information and facts systems have facilitated the evolution of increased mail order retailing, in which items can be ordered quickly by using telephones or computer system networks and then dispatched by suppliers PDF - O da IndicaLivros Humanidade Futuro Augusto Cury built-in transportation corporations that rely thoroughly on computer systems and interaction systems to handle their functions. Please note that the PDF is for your personal use only, and subject to copyright for all subsequent uses. By using this site you agree to the placement of cookies in accordance with our terms and policy.

In contrast, Megashifts might grow slowly as well but many were born together.

They have now started sweeping through society simultaneously and at a much faster pace. Megashifts present immediate and complex challenges and differ in nature to the forces that have swept through society and business in the past. A key difference here is that a relatively few organizations and individuals that anticipate and find ways of exploiting or addressing a Megashift can normally expect to find opportunities and reap the biggest benefits. You may be familiar with these terms already, but now I want you to imagine them as distinct technological forces combining to create a perfect storm for humanity.

o futuro da humanidade download pdf

Everything that can be digitized, will be. The first wave included music, then movies and TV, then books and newspapers. Now it is impacting money, banking, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation, cars, and cities. Soon it will have transformational impact in logistics, shipping, manufacturing, food, and energy. It is important to note that when something gets digitized and moved to the cloud, it often becomes free or at least vastly cheaper.

Consider what happened with Spotify: While I am a happy and faithful Spotify subscriber and enjoy it very much, this kind of margin-destroying Digital Darwinism brings a huge shift in business models and forces most incumbents to transform or perish.

In my book The Future of Music Berklee Press , I discussed at length what seems to me a certainty—that the big record labels that controlled the music industry for decades will cease to exist because distributing music is no longer a viable business. Indeed, Sir Paul McCartney has famously compared incumbent record labels to dinosaurs wondering what happened after the asteroid. Crocodiles survived and some dinosaurs evolved into chickens—but digital Megashifts pay little homage to history and take no prisoners.

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O Futuro da Humanidade. O futuro da humanidade augusto cury. Click Download or Read Online button to get o futuro da mente book now.

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This file is of PDF file extension. The size of this file is You can O futuro do estado dalmo de abreu dallari pdf - PDF Free Great thanks, in advance! This study consists of a qualitative analysis using the grounded theory approach. In this method, data collection, analysis, and eventual theory stand in close relationship to one another 16 Strauss A, Corbin J. Pesquisa qualitativa: Artmed; Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 63 participants in a place of their choice home, hospital, clinic, health center, classroom, and libraries by the PhD student assisted by undergraduate research fellows, who received appropriate training.

In accordance with the grounded theory approach, the guide was reformulated after each interview — including question order and the inclusion of new questions — based on data analysis.

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The initial sample group was made up of 37 students undertaking nursing, pharmacy, medicine, nutrition, odontology and occupational therapy undergraduate courses at a public higher education institution in the south of the country. Final year students were chosen since the likelihood of them having experienced home care during the course was greater. The second sample group was made up of 16 teaching staff mentioned by the students interviewed above as having addressed topics related to home care in the classroom or during placements.

The third group was made up of 10 recent graduates from the undergraduate degree courses mentioned above who worked with public or private home care and who were selected by the PhD student based on her own knowledge of their work activities or suggestions by teaching staff, students or other staff from the courses.

Since the PhD student neither taught on these courses nor had any professional ties with these individuals, there was no relationship of dependence between her and the participants.

O para humanidade da pdf futuro a via

Data analysis was carried out in three stages: During open coding, line-by-line analysis is carried out and data is examined and compared to identify similarities and differences to define categories. Axial coding consists of coding the data into subcategories to generate more precise and complete explanations about the phenomena of interest, their properties and relationships. Selective coding is the process of integrating and refining the theory and organizing categories around a central explanatory concept 16 Data collection and analysis resulted in the phenomenon Experiences of home care teaching and learning on the undergraduate health care degree courses , which was made up of the categories and subcategories described below.

Figure 1 shows the phenomenon and relationships. Thumbnail Figure 1 Experiences of home care teaching and learning during the undergraduate health care degree courses.

The cause of the phenomenon is detailed in the category Articulating knowledge of home care , which is made up of three subcategories. This category explains the beginning of the phenomenon; it is from where the other relationships arise. The subcategory Juxtaposing the multidisciplinary content of home care shows that the home care teaching and learning process is not restricted to one subject area; it permeates various subjects, some of which address only theoretical aspects, and others that link theory and practice.


The subcategory Experiencing extracurricular activities related to home care shows that some students have the opportunity of experiencing home care outside the regular course program; for example, in home care research groups, extracurricular work placements, optional subjects, courses taken outside of university, scientific initiation and outreach projects. During the last two years of the course, there exists the possibility of doing courses outside the university, so I decided to do that [ The subcategory Gaining training in home care after graduating shows that post graduate training - for example, a specialization in family health - is one of the routes taken by graduates who intend to work with home care.

Da o pdf a via para futuro humanidade

However, since such courses do not specifically focus on home care, a number of gaps in training may remain. It is important to highlight that the causal condition of the phenomenon suggests that the home care teaching and learning process begins with theory classes and is thus the same for all participants. The fact that the phenomenon originates in the classroom is a reflection of the traditional model of teaching adopted by higher education institutions HEIs , which is restricted to traditional lecture methods that at the most promote dialogue, but do not incorporate active methodologies and different practice scenarios.

The category Experiencing the unique nature of home care represents the phenomenon strategy and is made up of two subcategories.

Pdf a da via o humanidade futuro para

This category is fundamental for materializing the phenomenon, since it integrates teaching and learning into practice and allows students to experience the particularities inherent to home settings. The phenomenon strategy reflects how actions are organized.

But, depending on the work that you are going to develop, there is also the question of limitations. The subcategory The plurality of care stems from these perceptions and shows that health care can be delivered in multiple forms: The intervening conditions that bear upon the phenomenon are represented by the category Understanding the multidimensional characteristics of home care and its four subcategories that reflect possible interventions during the home care teaching and learning process.

The subcategory Elucidating differences between home care and institutional care highlighted the differences between care delivered at home and care provided by hospitals, health centers, clinics and pharmacies. When I go on a home visit, I perceive the reality, the relationship difficulties within the family and how this influences patient care; how social and economic issues influence the patient.

The subcategory Being aware of the presence of the carer and of the family shows that, in contrast to other care environments, home care settings allows practitioners to be aware of the fundamental role played by the carer, without whom home care would not exist. In general, the carer is a family member, but can also be a person from the community who is usually important to the family. The family interacts directly with the carer. This interaction is not always positive, since many families face difficulties related to existing conflicts, financial problems, and a rigid or fragile structure, in which case professional help may be necessary.

In the subcategory Interacting with social support networks , it is evident that the evolution of home care and patient health is subject to positive and negative external influences from relatives, friends and neighbors. The phenomenon is located within a context detailed in the category Understanding home care within the health system , which is made up of two subcategories.

This context influences and is influenced by the phenomenon, as shown in Figure 1. The growing demand for both public and private home care requires qualified professionals, justifying the creation of new opportunities for health practitioners to acquire concrete experience in real-life home care situations, as well increased funding and policies directed at the training and effective functioning of multidisciplinary home care health teams.

The subcategory Understanding how home care works within the health system shows that the public health system is not fully prepared to provide home care, leading to inadequate care in certain situations. On the other hand, not all private health plans provide for continued treatment through home care and many have numerous limitations in relation to patient needs.

The importance of multi-professional discussions during the course was raised: There are discussions of cases between different health practitioners, but not between practitioners who had worked together in the same home.

The consequence of the phenomenon is reflected in the category Changing thinking about home care training , which is made up of three subcategories. This category shows that the participants recognize that home care is an important and growing field that requires specific competencies, and therefore sought and suggested ways of acquiring the necessary skills and training.

The subcategory Detailing the necessary attributes for home care highlighted the following essential knowledge and personal characteristics needed for effective home care: The subcategory Identifying ways of acquiring the necessary skills for home care shows that health practitioners who work or intend to work with home care can acquire the necessary skills and competencies through: