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EDGAR. The SEC Rules, particularly Regulation S-T, General Rules and the paper Form 15 is implemented on EDGAR as a number of. The dissemination stream also populates the EDGAR public database on . The VPRR directories contain PDF scans of some filings still submitted in paper. EDGAR Pro is specifically designed for financial professionals who need full access to real-time, Access comprehensive SEC filing information within seconds of the company filing to the SEC. Use Excel, Word, HTML, and PDF formats.

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Documents may currently be submitted to the SEC via the EDGAR Filing system in HTML, ASCII, PDF or XBRL format. Is there a good source for SEC filings data in parsed format? Back in when I was first working in finance, SEC EDGAR did have filings in PDF format. 1. Open the file in Adobe, click on File and select Print. 2. Select Adobe PDF from the Printer List and then select. SEC Forms List (PDF versions) · About EDGAR · Search EDGAR Comment Letters EDGAR Public Dissemination Service (PDS).

In the example above, "" is the "accession number," a unique identifier assigned automatically to an accepted submission by the EDGAR Filer System. We are able to optimize the document for printing however, such that if it were printed through a browser the pages would align with the source document. Each directory contains three files that are not indicated in the directory listing, but which may be helpful for automated processes: See below about accession numbers. It is a binary code used by the computer to represent characters. Includes quarterly and annual statements, annual reports, plus event-driven and even unscheduled disclosures. The index paths link to the raw ascii text version of the complete disseminated filing content, for example:.

Industry data, too. Historical data since Dig deep into exactly how companies have performed over time. Text and graphics.

Get names as well as numbers--text and graphics, too. Find out who and what is behind the data. All SEC activity is continuously monitored to immediately extract, verify, and aggregate company information—and make it yours. Easy to comprehend. On-screen formats are designed for quick comprehension, appropriate for analysts, investors, portfolio managers, and other financial professionals.

Edgar pdf sec

Customize your dashboard. Focus on just the information you need.

Share the view with clients and co-workers so everyone sees the same picture. Use automated Alerts.

Edgar pdf sec

You can even directly download documents for use in spreadsheets. Quickly and easily download or print up to 50 filings at one time. Search a world of information — without getting lost.

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Company snapshot data is linked to details, so you can drill deep without losing your way back. ASCII is a mono-spaced font allowing none of the above formatting options.

If your documents contain graphics e. Due to their more professional look and feel, HTML documents can be a useful tool in investor relations. However, PDF documents are considered "unofficial" submissions.

SEC Filings | Tesla, Inc.

Parent documents i. By keeping these considerations in mind when creating your documents, you ultimately save time on our end for manually repairing problems that could have been avoided, and save money.

Please visit our section titled formatting guidelines for tips on now to optimize your documents. When converting from Microsoft Word or most other word processors to HTML, the document cannot be made to appear exactly the same as it did in the source word processor.

Accessing EDGAR Data

This is because HTML does not support all the formatting and layout functions that word processors do. Some common discrepancies that cannot be avoided are:.

Edgar pdf sec

HTML display is sized to the user's screen, and does not conform to the margin settings of the source document.

Therefore, lines wrap differently from the source document. Some lines may break at unintended locations, depending on the size of the user's browser window.

Also, centered and right-flush text will not always appear in the same locations as in the source document. We are able to optimize the document for printing however, such that if it were printed through a browser the pages would align with the source document. Due to the size of some pages and tables though, this isn't always possible to achieve on every page. Some functions, such as dot leader tabs, are not supported in HTML.

There is no way to represent them.

Filings & Forms

The font metrics used by the user's browser may not be the same as in the source document, causing differences in spacing. Only a limited number of fonts can be used in a document.

This is because those viewing the document must have the font installed on their computer to see it.

Edgar pdf sec

Newsfile Corp. Laddered or "stepped" tables aren't easily represented, nor are borders around a single table cell. Have a question or looking to talk to someone about how Newsfile can assist? Give us a call or reach out through our web site.