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Characteristics of games pdf

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Get this from a library! Characteristics of games. [George Skaff Elias; Richard Garfield; Karl Robert Gutschera] -- Understanding games -- whether computer. Editorial Reviews. Review. Many books have been written on the subject of game design over the years, but Characteristics of Games is one of the few that. CHARACTERISTICS OF GAMES. By Skaff Elias, Richard Garfield, Robert Gutschera. 1. When Richard, Robert, and Skaff approached me about writing the .

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teristics discussed in the book Characteristics of Games by. Elias, Garfield and Gutschera. 1. INTRODUCTION. In recent years, it has been rather conclusively. Characteristics of Games offers a new way to understand games: by focusing on certain traits -- including number of players, rules, degrees of luck and skill. Characteristics of Games by George Skaff Elias, Richard Garfield and K. Robert Gutschera Foreword by Eric Zimmerman,

A Systems Approach. You may have already requested this item. Document, Internet resource Document Type: Browser Support. There are specific exercises to complete, which I ignore. Intangible ;.

Appendixes offer supplementary material, including a brief survey of the two main branches of mathematical game theory and a descriptive listing of each game referred to in the text.

Characteristics of games

Many books have been written on the subject of game design over the years, but Characteristics of Games is one of the few that forgoes breadth for depth and takes readers to the next logical step in game design thinking and study.

This book is a key step forward in the effort to develop game design from art to craft and thence to science. Characteristics of Games is great fun to read, but thorough and rigorous enough to use as a classroom textbook. If you want to understand the social and mathematical dynamics of multiplayer games, this book is a must have.

Characteristics of Games is a meaningful contribution to the literature of games. It presents a system and dozens of examples of how to break out and analyze game mechanics.

This book is an excellent step towards a fuller understanding of how and why games work. Joost Raessens and Jeffrey Goldstein. Search Search. Search Advanced Search close Close. Characteristics of games. Document, Internet resource Document Type: Understanding games-whether computer games, card games, board games, or sports-by analyzing certain common traits.

Read more Reviews Editorial reviews. Publisher Synopsis Many books have been written on the subject of game design over the years, but Characteristics of Games is one of the few that forgoes breadth for depth and takes readers to the next logical step in game design thinking and study. User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Similar Items Related Subjects: Games -- Rules.

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Of pdf characteristics games

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Imagine a book titled "Characteristics of Art paintings " that touched on everything from paint type, perspective, color, shadow, canvas type, frame type, use of brush, etc That's how ground breaking this book is.

It's an amazing book that makes me go "ah-ha" with regard to previously unvoiced but subconsciously aware features of games.

It's great to bring these concepts from the subconscious into the conscious and open them up for further study and discussion. This is one of the more serious academic books on the subject.

Pdf characteristics of games

It focuses on how to define a game abstractly, often using historical or industry examples. It's oriented towards professional research on gaming board, card, sports, etc. Hardcover Verified Purchase. Most of the academic literature on games is either mathematical, focusing on finding optimal strategies, or sociological, focusing on the role that games play in human society. Characteristics of Games is neither. Its intended audience is the community of game critics and game designers—people who have studied hundreds of games closely and are faced with the task of evaluating them and determining what would make them better.

Even though games have existed throughout human history, our vocabulary for discussing games is surprisingly primitive. Characteristics of Games plugs this gap by introducing a powerful set of concepts for thinking about, analyzing, and discussing games. As an example, consider the common misconception that a game is simply a set of rules. Though it is undeniable that the rules of a game are absolutely fundamental, they do not by themselves determine everything about the game.

How seriously the players attempt to win, how much work it takes to become an expert, and even how quickly the game is played depend more on the community of players of the game than on the rules themselves. Characteristics of Games provides the vocabulary for this distinction by introducing the adjective "agential" for the aspects that are player-dependent and the adjective "systemic" for the aspects that are not and depend only on the structure and rules of the game itself.

Characteristics of games (eBook, ) [homeranking.info]

Armed with this distinction, we are immediately better equipped to analyze a question such as, "Is poker a game of skill? However, the authors argue that skill is largely agential. Whether or not you agree, it is clear that having the right concepts to work with automatically raises the level of the discussion. The authors identify a large number of important characteristics of games: These concepts are not arbitrary but have been carefully selected based on the authors' long experience with, and profound thinking about, the key features of games of all types, from classic board games to sports to computer games.

Whether you are a professional game designer or have a leadership role in a community that plays games or are someone who simply enjoys thinking deeply about games, Characteristics of Games will provide you with the cognitive tools to take your thinking to the next level.

This is a good book and probably a must-have in game design.

Of pdf characteristics games

It discuss some very important topics, however without a real organization or difficulty progress. Sometimes the text pass the impression that the authors disagree. Not a first choice for a textbook in game design, but since it goes deep in some topics that are not common on other books, and also with a different view, I recommend it.

This is not a text on designing games, rather it's one on understanding them.

It goes about this by establishing a common framework for discussing games, and examining the different characteristics that games can have. Overall, I found it very interesting, and as a result of reading it some characteristics of games that I formerly considered to be either "good" or "bad" I now recognize as having both benefits and drawbacks.

That alone was worth the read. It is a textbook, but it's a fairly well written one, so not that difficult a read. There were a couple of times that discussions involved mathematical models that were beyond my rusty math skills, but failure to fully understand the math did not keep me from understanding the point at hand rather, understanding the math would have likely simply made it easier to understand the point under discussion. I'd recommend this book for anyone interested in serious game design or review, but probably not the average gamer.

Some books are highly practical. This book is highly theoretical. But this is good.