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A beautiful urdu novel Khuda Aur Muhabbat written by Hashim Nadeem. alif allah aur insan episode 1, alif allah aur insan episode 2, alif allah aur insan episode 3, alif allah aur insan episode 4, alif allah aur insan episode 5, alif allah . This Pin was discovered by Shaheen Books. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Khuda Aur Mohabbat is becoming one the most famous novel now a days. Many people are reading it but carrying a novel everywhere is. Khuda Aur Muhabbat Novel By Hashim Nadeem Pdf Free Download. Urdu novel Khuda Aur Mohabbat By Hashim Nadeem Read online Free Download in Pdf. To ask other readers questions about Khuda aur Mohabbat / خدا اور محبت, please sign up. Please mujhe koi batai me es novel ko open kesse karon please!.

Shakir had known me since the time when I was a little child like Sunny. Amazing Book for lovers. Kamran laughed in his typical style and replied. In those days, whenever he came, somehow or the other, I continued to hover around him, in the hope that Sunny might say something to him about Iman, or the Maulvi himself might tell something about his family including Iman. Kamran finally said something which I had unconsciously been attempting to avoid since morning. The Commissioner has issued strict orders that all the people should be present downstairs. As the young man came near.

To be more truthful. These words are soon woven into verses having rhyme and rhythm.

Novel muhabbat pdf aur khuda

Some of them who seemed to be reserved players. Her melodious voice and her musical laughters must have echoed in this atmosphere many times. I myself was somewhat bewildered. I had a feeling that I had arrived there only a few moments ago.

During my childhood. They had requested me to come along them but it appeared as if I had become motionless in the car. I used to make the same type of unreasonable demands from Shakir. How is it possible for an unknown person to fill a dull and dreary atmosphere with delightful colours with is presence? While I was still absorbed in such thoughts.

At other times. If he had informed me of your presence in the car. Just across the wall. Shakir had to yield to my demands. Out into the street. A sort of paved platform had been built around the tree.

Shakir and I used to smile in a way that Mother and our family doctor could not see our smiles. I would never have put you in so much trouble of sitting inside the car for such a long time.

It was a small but extremely neat and clean house. On all such occasions. The car entered a street situated in an old quarter of the city. Shakir had known me since the time when I was a little child like Sunny. For some unknown reason. The car passed from in front of them. No sooner did the car arrive there. I was feeling as if my heart did not know how to beat. I had to succumb to the insistence of the Maulvi.

When this motivation is there. They included home made cheese cake. The part of the veranda having drawing room had been separated by means of grill like partition. It became almost impossible for me to take even a www. The Maulvi immediately went inside. After some time.

At the end of the veranda. From inside the house. I had been facing a strange problem. You came to our humble house for the first time and stood outside the door for so long. I was spellbound and with a bowed head. I always felt extremely shy while eating something in the presence of someone else. We tried our best to stop him. Within a few minutes they had prepared all the food items which are considered essential for the evening tea. The name of that boy was Abdullah and he had proved himself worthy of his name and real successor of Maulvi Alimuddin.

My mind was again flooded with fanciful thoughts. It appeared as if someone had come there and wanted to say something to the Maulvi. The jingling of bangles along with some low whispers was heard from inside. Shakir completed the sentence. It was evident that this family had a special taste for Urdu Literature.

The Maulvi was still apologetic in his tone. But at that time. I tried to prevent the Maulvi from such formalities. Samosas along with tamarind sauce. I wonder why such old courteous manners are vanishing so rapidly from the large mansions and villas of rich people like us. Right from my childhood. The Maulvi took me towards this side. One after the other. Hammad should come to us for the first time and we tell him to return from our door?

What type of tradition is it? She must have turned over the pages of these books several times with her conical fingers. It had only a few pieces of old furniture which had beautifully embroidered covers. I could hear the loud talking and laughing of Sunny. Within no time. They were accompanied by the clattering of dishes and light jingling of bangles.

The small parlour or drawing room of the small house bore an ample testimony to the refined taste and elegance of this family. I placed my hand on his shoulder to comfort him and assured him that he was extremely honourable and respectable for all of us. Some tears appeared in his eyes while expressing his gratitude to us again and again. I had not yet openly breathed in the atmosphere of this house. The fact is that whoever had prepared these things. But who could have done this wonderful cooking?

Beside her stood her younger sister Haya who was clinging to her elder sister and also waving her hand to say good-bye to Sunny. Strange indeed is the relationship existing between two sisters having only a small difference of age.

Why was Shakir in such a hurry? If only he could have stayed there for some more time. I picked up everything and tasted it. It seemed as if someone were holding my heart into his fist and pressing it. Her one single glance conveyed several meanings: Never shall I be able to forget their rare and unique taste. It was surprising for him as to how I had remained there for such a long time. Shakir begged permission to leave. A few sparks arose and completely consumed my already shattered body.

But at that blessed moment. Shakir called Sunny. Everything had been prepared by my sweetheart. Poets and writers of the world have always described different types of relations but I alone knew the intensity with which I could describe the meanings of the eye to eye contact at that moment.

I must have been bored by this hospitality. Sunny came running out of the veranda. He was thinking that as usual. After taking tea.

I also had to do the same. I was confronted with the same problem. Their thoughts. Quite unconsciously. For a while. It seems that only their bodies are different. The www. I on the other hand had the impression that I had arrived there only a few moments ago. For a few moments.

Aur pdf novel khuda muhabbat

The Maulvi was highly grateful to us for our visit to his home. I had a feeling that a person does not look so respectable while eating something in the presence of others. Nature was most generous to me and while going back. It was she who. With this idea in mind. To make the matters worse new and previously unknown diseases are appearing now. We all came out of the room into the courtyard. Her magical hands must also have contributed to the preparation of all these things.

I was going back. If only I could see a glimpse of hers. This splendid view of my beloved lasted only for a few seconds and as soon as she realized that we were all waiting for Sunny in the courtyard.

I have seen even such two sisters who had been in love with the same boy at the same time. Shakir said something and I felt that he had given words to my thoughts. But as far as I was concerned. I was examined by all the eminent doctors of the time but no one could understand the exact nature of my mysterious disease. He strongly advised my mother that from then onwards. I used to sit at the same place without saying anything to anyone and without having the least notion of the passing of long periods of time.

For a month or two. Auntie herself came to our home and without the knowledge of Father. I no longer had any interest in attending the gatherings of my friends. Mother had forgotten that disease of my childhood. I had been suffering from a strange and rather enigmatic problem. But no one could have the least idea of what was actually going on in my heart. Everything seemed quite meaningless to me.

When we arrived back home. Shakir had been faithfully performing this duty. She had given the same advice several times in the past.

He himself did not accept any offering from us. But then. For hours. Throughout the way. We came out of her house but I still had the feeling that I had left my soul behind that curtain. This obvious change in my behaviour had been noticed by all the members of my family.

How could such backward and conservative ideas be accommodated in the ultra modern family of ours? Father was infuriated by the suggestion and my mother had to hear a long lecture from him.

Father heaved a long sigh. I used to become seriously ill on the first Thursday of every month. I could utter only a few incoherent words. She contacted her younger sister who at once. Sunny went on telling us various stories but in reply. He recited something. Since then. Abrina advised my mother to arrange my marriage with her younger sister in order to remove my loneliness.

From tomorrow. But the sight of Sir Isaac slightly jolted my firmly rooted views about Jews. Sir Isaac ended his preliminary lecture with these concluding remarks: When it was my turn of introduction. I could also see flocks of birds. Sir Isaac too had a small rosary in his hand. I at once visualized a Jew having a typical appearance. This new class of Economics consisted of 35 students in which the number of girls was more than that of boys. I decided to spend those two hours in the same isolated corner of the University.

I felt that a strange sort of silence prevailed in the whole class for a few moments. I stood up. While we were children. As soon as I saw and heard him. I once again. I came to know that I was the only Muslim student in the class. He was a robust man with a bearish appearance. I had been allotted roll 17 and on the very first day. The fact is that I was also considerably impressed by his views and a smile appeared on my lips when I remembered Kamran who had cautioned me to beware of Mr.

Isaac was scheduled to address the new students in Hall 3 that day. The moment I told that my religion was Islam. Time and again. I could imagine a thin and lean man. We must rise above the fear of mistake and opposition from average minds. It had a Jewish character named David and since my childhood. I came to know from the notice board that the head of the department Mr. Good day. At last sir Isaac started his highly impressive introductory lecture. I looked around to see where to go.

The same thing happened with me. This canal was a branch of River Thames. At the same place. First of all. I went there www. As I came out of the hall.

Khuda aur Mohabbat / خدا اور محبت

Kamran was free because of some strike and. But there was one resemblance between the two. Kamran had promised to pick me up at noon but there were still two hours left before his coming. I saw a number of benches placed at some distance from one another on the bank of a canal that passed from the centre of the University. Sir Isaac asked about my previous academic career and degrees and invited the next student to give his introduction. I had the image of the same Jew in my mind and believed that all the Jews of the world were of the same type.

Eversince I had come to know that our head of the department was a Jew. When the introduction of all the students was over. After some time, I saw an old man coming towards that side. He had a hat on his head and was wearing a long overcoat and a muffler and was carrying a big paper bag full of grains to be thrown for the birds to eat.

As soon as he arrived there, he started throwing the grains of food towards the birds and within no time, his paper bag was empty. Having thrown the empty bag into the nearby dustbin, he turned around to go. But then, he saw me and came to me. Are you one of the new students? But Youngman, why are you sitting here alone?

Are you afraid of the ragging of the senior students? But at this time, I just wanted to talk to myself and this desire brought me here. In his whole life, a person never talks to anyone else, as much as he talks to himself. He bears himself more than others. Perhaps, no one else has the power and capacity to do so. Man is his own best friend and worst enemy. All the external friendships and hostilities are temporary and short lived.

It appears as if some furnace is burning inside you. Otherwise, I would never have talked so frankly. In fact, I myself intentionally avoid from giving my full introduction to the youngsters, otherwise, they become careful and respectful and I lose the opportunity of mixing with them. I wish that we should always meet and talk to each other with the same frankness and familiarity.

You are a different young man and meeting you has really been a unique experience for me. In the meantime, it was time for Kamran to come.

I also bade farewell to the transparent water and the cluster of birds and went to the outside gate, passing through the long corridors of the University. I looked around in search of him. At last, I found him standing near a pop corn machine, observing the hands of two English girls, like a palmist.

He was assuring them that very soon, a handsome Asian young man would come into their life; and his advent would bring about revolutionary changes in their life.

I had always been envious of this quality of Kamran. Not to speak of an unknown girl, I was always reluctant to talk even to an unknown boy in the first meeting, till at last, that stranger himself would take the initiative in talking. In contrast, Kamran was capable of stopping and talking to anyone, anywhere and at any time for hours.

Online pdf books: Khuda Aur Mohabbat Urdu Novel free download

Perhaps, I had always been afraid of being rejected, while Kamran had never known any such fear. On seeing me, Kamran at once waved his hand to me, gave his card to the English girls, got their phone numbers and walked towards me with a smile. Take me wherever you like. I have always liked these wide roads of London. I have read somewhere that at the end of the 18th century and at the start of the 19th century, in an attempt to deal with the frequent popular uprisings and riotings, European officials widened all these roads, so that the government and armed forces could easily keep the violent mobs under control at one place.

As we turned to the left from the Piccadilly Circus, we saw a silent and desolate road covered with rows of trees on both sides. In a wide roadside drain, the water of melting snow was flowing in a rhythmic manner. As soon as Kamran and I turned towards this road, we at once became silent, as if the immense beauty of Nature had deprived us of our speaking power.

As the wind blew, the leaves on the wet road were waving and fluttering and it appeared as if a Pathan cloth seller from Kabul, had been sitting there with a sheet of silk spread in front of him, bringing out new and colourful rolls of cloth and waving them in the air.

At times it seems as if we pass our whole life again within a few moments. Our journey on the road bordered by trees and covered with yellow autumnal leaves was also one of these few moments. For a while, we completely forgot that we had come here to have our lunch at a newly opened restaurant at the end of this road.

At last, like every good thing in the world, this road also came to an end. We had the lunch of our choice at the small beautiful wooden restaurant. On such occasions, Kamran always behaved like an illiterate villager and had no control over his anger.

He banged the glass on the table. They are all In order to change his mood, I told him a joke. A passerby risked his own life but saved the woman from the dog.

The small restaurant was echoing with our laughters and the people sitting all around were looking towards us with surprise.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat

Even in case of the severest pain, I always attempted to hold back my tears in the presence of others. In all such situations, I would at once rush towards some lonely and isolated corner of the house, where I wept to the full satisfaction of my heart. In fact, since childhood, I had never liked to weep before others, because I had a notion that by weeping in the presence of others, we lose our honour and esteem in their eyes.

I wished to weep but could not find a suitable place for it. It was a strange sort of helplessness.

After his recovery, the Maulvi again started coming to our home for teaching Sunny. In those days, whenever he came, somehow or the other, I continued to hover around him, in the hope that Sunny might say something to him about Iman, or the Maulvi himself might tell something about his family including Iman. But all such hopes ended up in smoke. Then, my infatuation assumed another form. But such things never happened.

However, none of them ever objected to my frequent visits to that place. The positive aspect of their attitude was that none of them ever talked to the Maulvi about me, otherwise, it would have been quite difficult for me to give a satisfactory explanation of my behaviour to him.

With every passing day, my crazy love was increasing. At last, it appeared as if Nature had decided to show some mercy to me. It was a hot summer afternoon and as usual, the Maulvi was giving his lesson to Sunny. I too was sitting in the same room, without any reason, reading the same page of a magazine for a long time.

Shakir also arrived there with a happy news for the Maulvi. You and your family are invited to attend the engagement ceremony due to be held in the afternoon of Friday next. But he apologized to Shakir and told him that he would not be able to attend the ceremony, because, he had already promised to go on a preaching mission with a preaching party on the coming Friday and he could not break that promise.

He, however, promised with Shakir to send the rest of the members of his family with his nephew Abdullah to the engagement ceremony. The moment I heard these words, I felt as if I had suddenly seen an oasis after wandering for years in a trackless, waterless, barren and desolate desert. I knew that Shakir would surely invite all of us to attend the engagement ceremony of his daughter, despite knowing that no member of our aristocratic family would go to share his joy on that occasion.

Perhaps, the whole show had been arranged by Nature to show me a glimpse of hers and exactly the same thing happened. When Shakir requested my father to come, he as usual, brought out some big currency notes from his purse and gave them to Shakir. The old clothes and ornaments which were found as a result of this search were given to Shakir in an old bag.

When everyone else disappointed him, Shakir looked towards me and I consoled him.

Novel muhabbat khuda pdf aur

I promise. The young man came down from the tonga and paid the fare to the driver. What a moment it would be. My relationship with Shakir was not that of a servant and master. I alone knew how difficult it was to pass the time. The tonga halted in front of the large wooden gate of the Haveli. Shakir lived in the same neighbourhood in which the Maulvi was now living. I felt that she might not come. Seeing me there so early. The Maulvi might have forbidden her or there might have been some other problem.

Shakir returned after inviting us to the engagement ceremony of his daughter. Only their eyes were visible from the veil. These servant quarters were pretty large houses. He had also been present at the marriage ceremony of my father.

I took out my car and rushed towards the old Haveli like a child who fasts for the first time in his life and goes to the dining table and sits there long before the scheduled time for the breaking of the fast. Thousands of apprehensions and suspicions were perturbing my heart all the time and adding to my agony and despair. I had an intense desire to go to the garden adjacent to the gate of the old Haveli and sit there till the afternoon. Everything stood still and motionless.

Shakir had two sons and a daughter. Both the sons often remained out of the city in connection with their work.

But there was no sign of her for whom I had been sitting there and waiting as if for centuries. A few years later. At a very young age. It was the day when I realized for the first time. During those days. From the back seat came down two girls wearing black Burkas. I still remember that before the rising of the sun on that day.

Shakir and his family lived in that Haveli and looked after it.

Pdf muhabbat novel khuda aur

A long time ago. With a great deal of difficulty. How could I ever forget her delicate steps? She was surely accompanied by her younger sister.

Guests started arriving at about three-thirty and with them. On the front seat beside the tonga driver. As long as I remained in his sight. Friday came at last. It had risen above such things and the members of my family had been fully aware of it since my childhood. She would also pass from the same way.

The ceremony was to start at four in the evening. Shakir and his sons were busy in making arrangements. I became almost breathless whenever I saw a veiled woman coming towards the gate.

Like a lost traveler I continued to roam about in the corridors of my own house like a stray kite. Shakir was pleased and also a bit upset. Like the last glow of a flickering lamp. I thought. The young man had a look at the grand Haveli in astonishment. I convinced Shakir that he should not worry about me and should continue his work.

All the guests had to enter through the same central gate. I walked about here and there in the Haveli. Father was now thinking of turning this Haveli into his camp office. Some special parties and meetings were still held by Father in the same Haveli.

I slipped away from there. It was she. I wondered whether I would be able to see her or not. There was a flash of lightning.

Shakir who was in search of me. There was a glimmer of familiarity in the eyes of the younger sister and she whispered something to Iman. Haya had recognized me. I saw the same young man who had come with Iman and Haya.

I prevented myself from looking directly towards Iman. The younger one seemed somewhat mischievous and while she was on her way to the venue of the ceremony. There are some blessed moments of our life which we wish to enjoy again and again and it was of course. As soon as they saw me. Please come now. With a feeling of exhaustion. I was overpowered by a feeling of ecstasy and it appeared to me that all the anguish.

On seeing me. Standing at the door. But still. Their laughing and talking changed into whispers. Iman lifted her eyes and looked towards me. I had insisted that the main hall of the Haveli should be used. At least. But unfortunately. The main hall was now being used for the male guests. I had particularly urged Shakir that he should arrange some open place in the house where his guests could comfortably sit and eat. Once again. It appeared as if life had sprung back into action.

They also forgive her. In the end, Hammad decides to come back to Pakistan. Before the departure of the flight to Pakistan, Sarah meets him for the last time and asks if she could get a place in his heart to which Hammad replies that no one can take Imaan's place ever in his life. She also tells him that she has changed her name and from now the world will know her as Sarah Imaan. At last she thanks him for giving a meaning to her life and helping her find herself and get close to her God.

He bids her adieu by saying that her journey has just started and she has a lot to explore in her life and that he will always be close to her though not physically but spiritually.

The serial ends showing Hammad with tears in his eyes placing flowers on Imaan's grave. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: The opening title screen for Khuda Aur Muhabbat. Retrieved 9 October Geo Entertainment Programs.

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View all 6 comments. Nov 19, Farhan Ahmed rated it it was amazing.

Nov 04, Syeda Fatima rated it it was ok. Jul 13, Faiza Khan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Amazin novel amazing series loved it Read the English version of it stil du founded by it Not into Urdu books but loved this one Made me feel so conscious about how I interact with the opposite sex Loved iman, her character was sooo amazing.

Oct 10, MahRukh rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 11, Maq Khan rated it really liked it. Sep 18, Muhammad Khan rated it it was amazing. May 23, Nishant Ranjan rated it it was amazing. Excellent Novel about Love and Religion. Mar 12, Abdul Basit rated it really liked it.

My first ever urdu novel. Liked it. Dec 08, Noha rated it it was amazing. What can i say.. I first encountered the story of this book when i was checking out for the first time a Pakistani drama series with the same name. I was quite astonished by the story, but couldn't get hold of the end of it because to my bad luck, the series was only partially translated. I couldn't watch it till the end. I then decided to read the novel, and here i am..

I can't remember i have ever felt this way reading a novel before. I'm not much of a novel person, and yet i enjoyed this novel What can i say.. I'm not much of a novel person, and yet i enjoyed this novel more than any book i ever read.

Not to mention that i read the English version which sure doesn't hold as much originality as the Urdu one.. It is certainly a journey worthy of experience. Sep 14, Rabie Ali rated it it was amazing.

I never thought I would like love stories but after reading this book I have changed my mind. Hashim Nadeem uses so simple words to create so profound and overwhelming feelings that sometimes I am forced to reread the passage to see what is so special in these words that are causing this effect on me, but I see nothing out of the ordinary, as if he had cast a spell. I simply cannot find another explanation. This is a book that I only read when no one was around because it made me cry.

Not once but I never thought I would like love stories but after reading this book I have changed my mind. Not once but several times. The characters in this book are so passionate one cannot help but feel.

This book is for only those people who are sensitive enough to feel the struggles of others and admire them. Jan 08, ahmad afridi rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 07, Namoos Qasmi rated it really liked it Shelves: Past part was very well written, very heart touching. The present part, the one in the London, was not required I think, the story was complete and highly impacting even without it, but I think this part was specifically added because the writer wanted to convey his message regarding Holocaust to the readers, and also wanted to promote hope in terms of Sarah, to Hammad.

But there were plot weaknesses in the present part. There is a very pleasing similarity between this book and Ishq Ka Ain.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat Novel in English

A ver Past part was very well written, very heart touching. A very heart touching book. A good read. Feb 17, Nawres Albaljani rated it it was amazing. I watched the drama and I totally loved it But reading the novel is something else , It was really good and interesting.

In this novel we realize the power of love , it can change you , control you , destroy you and rebuild you again. Translating the reality always give the novel more attraction and beauty and that what make me appracaite this novel and the rest of pakistani novels. Thanks to Hashim Nadeem sir for such a nice novel.

Nov 22, Nazish Islam rated it liked it Recommends it for: No one.