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Watch detailed tutorials on all the latest styles and looks. . again, removing all makeup and impurities that have accumulated on the skin throughout the day. How to Apply Makeup Professionally PDF - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) We've actually filmed each tutorial and created a video course. PDF | This work presents an interactive application for makeup tutorials, targeted to mobile devices based on the Android platform.

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a Makeup Tutorial for the Cosmetically Challenged. By Kylie Hensley, hensleykb @homeranking.info December 2, “Makeup is part of my daily routine. Actors have been wearing makeup since the dawn of time. Picture ancient they were using makeup to embellish the movement, attitude and. best in less than five minutes. For the purpose of the video tutorial that accompanies this E-Book, the whole process will take longer than five minutes & may for.

Apart from this. Use your facial mask right after a thorough cleansing and exfoliation. The true color of the primary. This skin type is often described as the ideal one since it is possible to keep it glowing and blemish free with relatively little effort even as your age advances. No steam is used during this. Many people with oily skin believe that moisturizing is unnecessary for them.

Most facial masks diminish the fine lines that appear on the face with age. The beneficial ingredients in the facial mask can penetrate the skin far better at this time so that they have maximum impact.

[PDF Download] Makeup Like A Pro: The Complete Tutorial To Makeup Techniques Application Tips

Regular use of the right kinds of facial masks helps combat several common skin problems including rosacea. You may be using masks when you need to prepare your skin for a special event or when it seems very dull and lifeless. Regular use of facial masks also makes your skin firmer and evens out the skin tone. Step 8: Take your mask.

Step 4: Take a cleanser. Clay masks should not be applied over the eye or mouth area. This is applied in the same manner as your cleanser. Leave the mask on for 10 — 20 minutes. Spread the cleanser. Step 3: Use them to wipe off the makeup from both eyes. Make circles over her nose and move upwards between her eyebrows.

Step 6: Take the exfoliator and squeeze a generous amount onto your hands. This ensures an easy application over the face area. Step 2: Repeat this step until the mask is removed. This step is part of the weekly skin care routine. Take two cotton wools and apply makeup remover onto them.

Also go over her cheekbones and then again almost over her jaw line. Begin by applying the cleanser on the chin and work in circles upwards towards the top of her mouth. Step 5: Take your sponges and remove the cleanser from her face. This is also part of the weekly skin care routine. Step 7: Take your ring fingers and middle fingers sideways to her temples and do circular movements. Use both ring fingers and middle fingers to perform the circles.

Step 9: Wet your facial sponges and begin to remove the mask from the chin area and work upwards. Wipe both hands together so that the cleanser can spread evenly over your hands. Use both hands to apply the toner all over her face. The last step to your daily skin care routine is Moisturizer. Step Squeeze a small amount of eye cream onto both your ring fingers.

Take your moisturizer and squeeze out about 1. Although the toner should be left on. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Step Take your toner and apply a generous amount onto two round cotton wools.

Wipe both fingers over each other just to spread the eye cream. Use this diligently whenever you need to go out. Normal skin ages best and looks glowing and youthful with little maintenance even as you grow older. People with normal skin should consider themselves very lucky indeed. To sum up. We are all born with a specific skin type and there is no way to change it in line with our preferences! People with this skin type are most prone to developing wrinkles and red patches.

Normal skin feels elastic and looks vibrant and fresh at all times. Normal Skin. It is mostly children who have normal skin. This skin type is often described as the ideal one since it is possible to keep it glowing and blemish free with relatively little effort even as your age advances. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 2: Skin Science and Analysis Knowing your skin type is the very first step in proper skin care.

In this skin type the pores are very fine. Normal skin does not feel tight or dry with changes in the weather and have very little or no fine lines. Each of these has its own unique characteristics that should be factored in before starting any skin treatment regimen.

The skin feels tight and dry immediately after cleansing and may even be sensitive for some people. The 5 Skin Types Your skin falls into one of these five categories.

This is because the skin has a lack of sebum oil. The pores are small and quite invisible which means that a little foundation goes a long way.

Treatments that work perfectly for one type may be disastrous for another. Sensitive and Combination. To achieve this. The good news is that the effects of ageing are not very evidently on oily skin. Oily skin looks greasy especially in certain areas of the face the T zone. The T zone. This skin may also have expression lines.

Dry skin may not cause too many problems at young age but as you grow older. How to Apply Makeup Professionally flaky and to take on an unhealthy appearance because of dead cell buildup. Special care is essential during winter months to avoid flaky skin and rashes.

This kind of skin usually looks shiny and sometimes has a dull appearance. Needs regular moisturizing to stay hydrated and supple Oily Skin. The over production of oil by the sebaceous glands causes the skin pores to become blocked easily leading to spots as well as other skin blemishes. Regular moisturizing. Oily skin has enlarged pores think of the skin of an orange and is prone to developing acne and other skin problems.

The challenge with this skin type is that the oily and dry parts need different kinds of treatment and care. Patches of dry and oily skin characterize this skin type. Most problems with dry skin occur when the weather is cold. The cheeks and the area surrounding the eyes remain dry and oil free. Skincare experts believe that this is the most common skin type. This skin type usually is thin. This fragile skin type should only be exposed to skincare products that are selected with great care.

Dry Skin. People with sensitive skin have fine pores and the skin itself is delicate. Special care is essential for people with this skin type since it gets irritated and inflamed very easily. This kind of skin is perhaps the most difficult to care for and keep in blemish-free.

Males usually have tougher skin which is also more prone to oiliness. One of the simplest ways in which you can identify your skin type is to wipe your face with a clean tissue as soon as you wake in the morning. Oily skin.

Here is what people with different skin types will find with this test: The tissue is oil free and your skin feels as elastic and supple as ever.

The pores are larger and more exposed and visible. But you can keep it flawless with proper care and the use of specially designed products for sensitive skin.

When compared with women. The tissue has oily spots and your face looks oily especially the nose and forehead areas. Even moderate exposure to sun may cause this skin type to break out in blotches or develop rashes.

The tissue is oil free but your facial skin feels dry and tight. Red patches. Water has the same amount of acids and alkalis which gives it a pH level of 7. This will help to maintain the outer protective layer. You should use a cleanser which has the same or slightly higher pH level as your skin. Your skin has a pH level of about 5. On the other hand.

The pH number ranges from 0 to 14 and it measures how alkaline or acidic a liquid is. Those who have this skin type do not usually need the tissue-test to figure this out. Sensitive Skin. A skin cleanser. The outer layer is acidic which helps to keep bacteria out and keeps the skin moisturized. Anything below 7 is Acid and anything above 7 is Alkaline.

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What is pH-Balance? The tissue has oil traces when you wipe your nose. If you choose to use soap as a cleanser. Soap has a pH level between 9 and This is too high if you want to keep your skin moisturized. Most cosmetics. The best products to use for this skin type are those that support normal skin functions. For those with oily skin. Keep your skin well hydrated with moisturizers and toning gels. This helps you choose the right products to use so that your skin benefits most.

When shopping for products. Another advantage of knowing your skin type is that you know which ingredients are likely to be harmful to your skin. But this skin type usually bounces back to its normal healthy glow with some help from you with the right skin care products.

Avoid washing your face too many times as it strips the skin of essential oils and moisture. Use a mild cleansing milk to ensure that the dryness is not worsened by the cleansing process. Of course. Salicylic acid is good for acne prone skin. To make a judicious choice of products. For example. Use a hydrating gel mask once a week to keep the skin supple and to keep dry skin problems well away. To care for normal skin you need a gentle cleanser which also works as your makeup remover.

Caring for Normal Skin Normal skin is the easiest to care for. Knowing your skin type lets you pick products with all the right ingredients to give you healthy and great looking skin.

How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 3: Skin Care for Different Skin Types The first and most important step when starting a skincare regimen is to find out your skin type.

Regular and effective cleansing is very important for dry skin since clogged pores further reduce the available sebum. Serums and day creams to nourish and protect the skin during daytime and firming eye creams. Caring for Dry Skin Dry skin requires extra special care. If your skin becomes dry with the serum use one that hydrates. People with oily skin may. Caring for Oily Skin Oily skin has a natural barrier against moisture loss which is why you can avoid rich moisturizers for this skin type.

Avoid alcohol based toners that dry out your skin. Moisturizing serums are better choices than lotions or creams. Use oil control cleansers e. For your weekly facials.: Vitamin E also postpones the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Cleansing clears your pores and ensures that there is no debris clogging them leading to blackheads. Pick creams that have vitamin E to give your dry skin new life.

Proper cleansing is a very important part of your oily skin care regimen as to prevent acne. Avoid sunscreen. Caring for Combination Skin For those with combination skin. This removes buildup over the epidermis. Use a toner with honey or mint instead. Cleansers that have good moisture retention are good choices for dry skin. Oil massages with natural oil e. Under eye creams are also good options.

How to Apply Makeup Professionally PDF

Apply a rich moisturizer right after your bath so that it can penetrate your skin most effectively. Then moisturizing is necessary. Take short warm showers and keep away from all bath soap bars except those with high fat content. Although oily skin does have its own natural protection. How to Apply Makeup Professionally is sufficient. Use nourishing creams generously.: But if you are using a heavier one during the daytime take care to remove it thoroughly at bedtime.

If finding a preservative free product is proving difficult.

Tutorial pdf makeup

Antioxidant rich products or those containing cell communicating ingredients are a good choice for people with combination skin. Products with alcohol content are a no-no example. For instance. Caring for Sensitive Skin This skin type is perhaps the most challenging one to care for mainly because it is very prone to irritation at the slightest provocation.

Avoiding this product could correct your skin problem and also make your skin more balanced and easier to care for. Avoid oil based makeup products. But avoid these on the greasy parts at all cost. How to Apply Makeup Professionally When it comes to dealing with specific skin problems.

Fragrances can cause skin reactions. Lotion or cream moisturizers applied to the dry areas keep the skin here problem free. If a toner is part of your daily skin care regimen then use only products that have no alcohol. But if your skin is already irritated or sun burned. A good first step in sensitive skin care is to only use products that are labeled fragrance free or perfume free.

Use an effective sunblock no matter how short your trip outside is going to be. Gel based cleansers or mild foaming ones are perfect to control the breakouts in the oily parts of your face.

Water soluble products are the best as they help avoid dryness and irritation. Other things to avoid are products with too many chemicals or preservatives. Citrus oils are also best avoided in toners. Sunscreens and sun blocks keep your skin looking healthier and younger for longer and keep wrinkles away. If you are breaking out more after the use of a specific product. If the greasiness is causing most of the skin problems you encounter. Cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser is the very first step in combination skin care.

When drying your skin after a wash. What you can use are skincare products that are hypo-allergenic. Rather than face washes or soaps. Keep your skin from becoming too dry by moisturizing with a water based moisturizer. How to Apply Makeup Professionally you buy are suitable for your skin type.

For sun protection. The Egyptians believed that to be accepted by the Gods in their afterlife they needed to look good. The use of perfumes. The Japanese actually had a kind of makeup foundation made from wax plus lipstick from safflower petals and other cosmetics.

Egyptian men and women knew about oil massages and creams to make their skin soft and supple. But the Egyptians were not the only ones to use various natural products to highlight their best features.

Al Zahrawi. In every part of the world we can find evidence that modern makeup has evolved from roots that were very much in existence even in the ancient times. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 4: History of Makeup Humans have used cosmetics and makeup to embellish their looks and cover up blemishes since times immemorial.

This explains why we find beautifully painted faces on the sarcophagi unearthed from Egyptian pyramids. Even back in The Chinese painted their nails and adorned their faces with delicate designs. The life like bust of Queen Nefertiti is perhaps one of the best known portrayals of the makeup skills of the ancients.

In the Middle Ages. This dark colored powder was made with many different naturally occurring substances that gave different hues and different textures.

Both Greeks and Chinese painted their faces white with different ingredients. Perhaps best known of all is their extravagant use of kohl to accentuate the eyes.

The use of aromatic oils. The Romans were not far behind and they probably used some of the very first pimple cures with their butter barley mixes. Some of these are crushed antimony. We have the opportunity to pick only those cosmetics that will truly give our skin glowing health from the inside as well as outside.

In fact. There is enough evidence to show that the Egyptians even colored their hair. The use of kohl protected the eyes from excessive sunlight and the Egyptians believed that it cured eye infections as well. English women dyed their hair and whitened their face with egg whites.

Greek women used berries as blush while Chinese focused more on their nails. We still follow many of the skin care and makeup techniques the Egyptians used in these ancient times. Both the upper and lower lids were heavily accented with kohl and a line extended to the side of the face too.

Rouge colored their lips and cheeks. The introduction of the internet has made the world a global village. Given this. The presence of an entire industry that was willing to pay for cosmetics and skin care advice and similar products encouraged many entrepreneurs into entering this field. Helena Rubinstein and many others launched their immensely successful product ranges in the 20th century thanks to the appeal and demand for these drummed by movie stars.

Elizabeth Arden. Both men and women in every part of the world are growing more and more aware of the importance of looking good. It is now possible to cater to clients across the world with ease. Different Kinds of Colors In the color wheel.

Pdf makeup tutorial

How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 5: The Basics When a ray of light is passed through a prism. Remember that the colors need to go well with the facial features and also be in alignment with the look you are aiming to achieve.

Johannes Itten created the color wheel that showed the primary. Yellow has the least strength and it is both warm and cool. They cannot be created from any other colors. In the 20th century. The strengths of various primary colors are an important aspect to remember. To equal the strength of blue. It also helps you understand which colors complement and which neutralize each other. The color theory helps you understand colors and the best ways in which to use them to create a look that is simply stunning.

Each and every color in existence. Red is warmth and adds fullness. The primary color blue is the strongest color and is associated with coolness. Every other color is derived from one or more of these primary colors. Knowing this helps you put together a perfectly suitable color palette for yourself or a client. This keeps you from making a major faux paus with your makeup while helping you create stunning looks with ease. A tertiary color may be named with two color names such as yellowed brown.

Learning about transparent and opaque colors is also critical for a makeup artist. When complementary colors are put next to each other. Mix them together and you get browns or grays.

Transparent colors are the ones that darken with more volume while opaque ones do not change no matter how little or great the volume applied.

These colors generally fall in the same family and harmonize well. The darker colors are used to define the eye shape and add depth while the lighter ones highlight the eye perfectly. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Secondary colors are derived from a mix of two primary colors in equal proportions.

They are brighter and tend to draw attention to the area of the face they are applied on. They serve to highlight each other perfectly without setting a jarring note. These are the three secondary colors. In other words. When applying blue. Complementary colors are those that are right opposite each other on the color wheel. We will discuss the use of concealer in a later chapter.

In facial makeup. Analogous colors are right next to each other on the color wheel. This means that yellow has been added to brown. That is why you will find so many analogous colors in your eye shadow palette. Blue concealer can be used on excessive tanned skin. The tints are achieved by adding white to the basic color. If you need pastel shades or muted colors for your makeup then this is how you get them.

When you add white to a pure hue. They are the following: The true color of the primary. Now you understand how having a good grasp of the color theory can help you in these areas: While you may not use this extensively while applying makeup.

Rather keep your eye shadow and clothing in the same color family or complimentary family. The Shade and Tint Color Wheel shows you the various tints and shades that you can derive from various colors. The shades derived by adding black to the basic color. For example: Adding black to red gives you a deeper. Adding gray to a pure hue gives you a toned color. By adding black. Of course your wardrobe choices also have to be factored in. These are the most intense and basic colors you can get.

By saying this. A pure hue plus black gives you shades of the original true color. I do not mean that your eye shadow should match your clothing. The navy or charcoal will be used to define your eyes. Trendy colors look forced unless they are set off by other balancing tones. During the day it is best to stick to natural looks with matte shades.

At the same time. If you cannot make up your mind about what to wear then stick to these tried and tested universal eye makeup favorites.

One important point to remember is that matching your eye makeup colors solely to your clothing may make for disastrous results. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Eye Makeup Ideas Shades that softly contrast with your eye color are great for showing off your eye perfectly.

Dark colors will make your eyes appear smaller while lighter shades make them look bigger. There is also the risk that these colors will quickly go out of fashion. That said. Avoid colors that exactly match your eyes as this will make them unremarkable. Analogous colors used in conjunction with others over your eyes let you highlight and add depth with ease. Otherwise choose different colors that blend together well. Complementary colors make your eyes pop! If you want to make a statement.

Late evening or night time is the perfect time to try out colors with sheen and sparkle. The smoky look with dark shades and the contrasting bright look can both be carried off very well at night time. Stick to simple natural colors for your daily makeup and you can never go wrong. Many women use widely varying colors for day time wear and night time wear.

Colors that go well with all eye colors are navy. For those of you who have a very active lifestyle. If you do want a dramatic look. With medium colors the makeup is more evident but still looks elegantly attractive in a subtle way. Brighter colors need to be chosen with great care otherwise they appear too vivid to present a cohesively made up look.

Here is a quick look at the undertones different skin tones may have: Fair Skin. This gives your skin a glow. Lighter and darker shades give you a bold look. Women with fair skin can use a foundation that is a shade warmer than their skin tone. For your lips choose purple. One of the reasons for this could be that they have different skin tones.

With dark skin tones. The undertones of your skin impact how your makeup colors look when applied to your face.

Dark colors make for the understated look. The one that blends in with your face is the correct color to apply. Avoid pale shades and opt for burgundy or red-browns. It is very important for you to choose your makeup colors in line with your skin tone for the most stunning effects. Olive skinned women can carry off the bronze shades and brighter colors best. Choose three colors that are in a similar shade but ranges from light to dark and apply it directly underneath each other on your cheekbone.

Fair skinned women should avoid extreme colors over the cheeks as this can be too excessively vivid. The durable. Our makeup kits are ideal for bridal. Comfortable rolled handles and a removable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The handle is also tapered for easy maneuvering of the brush. These or similar items are needed to be a professional makeup artist. We have manufactured the best makeup on the market with the knowledge of the most experienced makeup artists in the industry. The black handle and black ferrule help to give a sleek and clean professional look. In this chapter I will give an overview on the items in the Master Makeup Kit.

Black Makeup Case This padded black roll top makeup case is designed to hold all types of makeup and accessories to make you look professional. The spacious bottom compartment provides excellent storage space. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 6: The Pro Makeup Kit has all the basic items that any makeup artist should have where the Master Makeup Kit is a complete set of items perfect for any makeup artistry.

The medium to full coverage concealer brightens uneven skin tones. The Smokey palette has bronze. Mix and blend to create custom colors. The Theatrical palette has primary colors. Available in Smokey and Theatrical Our eyeshadow palettes are a customer favorite! The Neutral palette has browns. Each lip color is Each concealer is A dime-size amount is all you need to create a flawless finish. This special formula blends the natural properties of micro-minerals to provide buildable.

HD Translucent Powder This is a universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or to be worn alone. Please remember to avoid eye and lash area. Perfect for all skin types. Bright and Neutral Carry our 10 most popular blushes in one palette so you can be ready to create any fresh faced look. A dime-size pump provides all the coverage you need. Each blush is While it mattifies the skin without changing its natural contours.

For maximum results. This palette combines a range of shades and textures including matte. Complexion Primer This lightweight. It glides on smoothly and puts the finishing touch on any makeup look.

How To Apply Makeup Perfectly

Radiant Glow These extra large mineral pressed bronzers give skin tones the radiant glow of a sun-kissed summer. At a whopping mm product diameter. This formula is water resistant and comes in 10 beautiful colors. Receive five beautiful shades. Create a strong. It glides on easily and comes in eight beautiful shades. Each package contains 10 mascara wands. There are 4 four different colors and a highlighter.

It also includes an angled brush for clean and precise application. Mascara Our glossy. This palette comes with two Powders. Angled Silver This angled. Adhesive for Strip Lashes This product dries quickly to make putting on band and individual lashes a breeze.

The stainless steel design and curved point ensures safety and stability. Stainless Steel Mixing Palette and Spatula Every makeup artist needs an all-purpose palette and spatula to mix and blend everything from foundations to lipsticks…and more! Eyebrow Tweezer. Great for brow shaping. Small Scissors Our small scissors are the ideal tool for quick fixes. Eyelash Curler Our stainless steel eyelash curler offers a comfortable foam base and the perfect pressure for curling and enhancing natural lashes.

The color dries dark to blend with natural lashes and eyeliner. How to Apply Makeup Professionally False Lashes These lush lashes provide a natural look to make a subtle statement and are perfect for any special event. This brush also comes in multiple sizes. It works amazingly with liquid. The hair glides through liquids without any streaking. The full textured shape creates strong coverage from your loose.

How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 7: Makeup Brushes That You Need The University of Makeup has a complete set of top quality brushes that have minimal shedding and are hand crafted for strokes that feel like satin on the skin. Keep this tool handy for strong color on the lid. This is the ultimate tool for precise application to the cheek bones. The pony hair is strong but blends color too.

It is made of pony hair and helps you to blend and shape like an expert. Its a basic for any Makeup connoisseur. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Large Shader Brush Press base colors and highlight brows with this 'must have' sable shader brush. Helps apply eye shadows into the crease of eyes. The thin sleek taklon latches to creme and liquid which makes for precise product deposition.

Apply color with a strong finish and use this amazing tool for blending all color smoothly. Highlight and define liner with this rounded sable brush. Press and glide the angle next to the lash line for the best effect.

How To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Face? - Step By Step Tutorial

Our Synthetic mixed brow brush is a stronger dense brush. Hair forms to a point for smoothing and blending color. It will latch a stronger application of powder and creme product for both eyes and lips. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Detailing Brush Our mini detailer comes in handy for those precision makeup looks. We love it because of the preciseness.

It is washable even for use with mascara. Smooth through lashes. Allow the products to dry thoroughly before putting them away in your covered kit. It is important to maintain your makeup equipment in good condition and also to ensure that it stays fresh.

When the brush touches your skin. All sponges and puffs should be cleaned using soap and water and letting it dry naturally and all tweezers and curlers should be sterilized with surgical alcohol. If your makeup has been contaminated. The Importance of Keeping your Makeup and Tools Clean When you apply your makeup using the various tools such as brushes. But just making use of the perfect equipment is not enough to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

After use. It is also important to ensure that the makeup you use is clean. By adopting a regular maintenance routine is the only way to avoid this.

If you have an eye infection and have been using your mascara or gel eyeliner. Powder products can be shared with others. The result of this is outbreaks. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 8: Makeup Tools and Brush Sanitation Perfect makeup requires the use of the right tools and the best cosmetics. Using the same brush over and over again results in these remnants coming into contact with your skin repeatedly.

No matter how much you clean your skin. For brushes used to apply powder. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Avoid double dipping with all cosmetics. Steel palettes are easiest to clean effectively. If you do not have disposable applicators for lipstick or liquid eye liners but have brushes instead.

Regular cleansing is therefore essential. If you are using a liner brush to apply liquid gel or glitter liners. These cleansers remove residual makeup from the brush and also get rid of the bacteria and germs on it. Always stock your makeup kit with a good quality brush cleanser. Brushes should be replaced after 3. The same goes for lip brushes and mascara wands.

Spray brush cleanser on the used brushes and leave for a while until the cleaner is absorbed fully. One of the very first precautions to take with makeup is to disinfect the work surface before you unpack your kit. Ensure that your palette is clean and sanitized before you dispense the required amount of cosmetic onto it. This introduces the contaminants present on your skin. Within this period of use it is very important to clean and sanitize these tools effectively. To disinfect products like eye shadow after use.

Mascara should be replaced after 3 months and lipsticks every year. An effective method is to use a palette to hold the makeup product you want to use. Wipe off with a tissue. Use a hand sanitizer. This is not always possible for makeup artists working on different clients. Avoid storing it in your bathroom as the moist atmosphere makes bacterial contamination more likely. Throw out your mascara after a maximum of 3 months of use. Cream based shadows have a much shorter shelf life and need to be discarded as soon as you notice anything off about the color or smell.

Using cosmetics past their expiry date can have disastrous effects on your skin. Powder shadows have a longer shelf life and can be replaced between 18 months. Shelf Life of Makeup No matter how much you love your favorite pale pink lipstick or your stunning moss green eye shadow. The normal eyeliners can be used for up to 2 years with regular sharpening.

Here are a few other points to note about the shelf life of makeup. Contaminated mascara can cause eye infections conjunctivitis. How to Apply Makeup Professionally It is also important to periodically wash brushes with shampoo and conditioner and rinse thoroughly. If you notice a white film forming on the tip. Let the brushes dry off by laying them out flat with the heads hanging down so that they can dry quickly and effectively. Since you apply this eye makeup product with a brush the chances of bacteria being introduced to the mascara are very high.

Eye Shadow. If you notice any funny smell or see that the concealer begins to separate. Oil-free foundations are more prone to bacterial contamination than powder based ones and are usually the first to get off. In general. Eyeliner Pencils. Powder and stick concealers have a shelf life of up to a year and a half whilst the liquid ones should be replaced every year.

For better hygiene purposes. Lip gloss. Take your pencil sharpener and sharpen your eyeliner and lip pencils. Store the color in a dry. Powder blush lasts up to two years but cream blushes have a much shorter shelf life. This will remove any excess makeup or build-up from your pencils. Replace these after a year. These are long lasting cosmetics with a shelf life of two years at the very least.

Lip gloss with a brush applicator should be wiped with a tissue to prevent it from becoming infected by any bacteria.

Pour some surgical alcohol onto a clean cotton wool. The shelf life of lipstick is longer than most of the other makeup products and may be kept up to 3 years. Use a clean cotton wool and wipe your mascara. These extracts usually have some water content which acts as a breeding ground for bacteria.

It should be kept no longer than a year and a half. Use it to sterilize your pencil sharpener. Remember that these sponges and puffs should be thrown out every months. Take the tissue and wipe the surface of your loose powder and eye shadow palettes.

Take shampoo and wash all your foundation sponges and puffs with this water and leave it to dry naturally. How to Apply Makeup Professionally Step 4: Pour some alcohol onto a tissue. If you do have brush cleanser. Your eyebrow should end where it meets this line.

How to Apply Makeup Professionally Chapter 9: The point where this line cuts the eyebrow is the perfect position for the arch. Draw another imaginary line from the tip of your nose crossing the pupil of your eye diagonally. Using the Golden Ratio The golden ratio is a number that depicts the perfect proportion that is most pleasing to the human eye. This is how to do it: Draw an imaginary line from the outside corner of your nose upwards towards the inside corner of your eye.

You too can use this ratio to determine the shape that will set off your facial features in the best possible way. Perfectly shaped eyebrows bring balance to your face and add symmetry to all of its features. Anastasia Soare.

Anastasia has created the perfect look for innumerable celebrities and has transformed asymmetrical and sparse eyebrows into the most stunningly attractive facial features. You can frame your eyes perfectly and tone down or underline the eye makeup with the right eyebrow shape.

This is where your eyebrow should end. Draw an imaginary line from the bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye and beyond. You can narrow the facial structure. A few points to keep in mind when shaping your eyebrows: For such brows. Just dab some toner on a cotton pad and pat it all over your face and neck.

Do add this step to your skincare regime! A moisturizer is an essential part of your skincare regimen. You need to hydrate your skin well, in order to get your makeup to look great. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and knock yourself out. It keeps the skin underneath your makeup healthy and it also helps to provide a smooth finish rather than a cakey look.

You can also add a few drops of rose water to your cream or moisturizer for added hydration. You will thank your younger self in the future if you follow this step. Wearing sunscreen throughout the year is vital if you want to avoid premature aging of your skin, hyper pigmentation and other terrible possibilities that can occur because of harmful UVA rays. So do yourself a favor, and put on SPF! Following these basic steps before stepping out can show significant improvement in your skin.

These steps are infallible, and if you even have about five minutes of your patience to spare, you will become a pro within no time. Pick the kind that meets your personal requirements. Only, after completing the pre-makeup routine, move on to these steps. The first and foremost step is to apply a primer. Doing this will boost coverage, smoothen out your texture, minimize pores and will increase the longevity of your makeup.

Choose the exact shade of foundation for your skin tone to achieve a flawless look. A good trick for finding the right shade is to match it to your chest. Remember the golden rule, ladies — less is more. The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation range has a variety of different shades and is a great pick for liquid foundation. The Bobbi Brown Foundation stick is also perfect for an incredibly natural look. A concealer is typically used to cover up those bothersome spots, blemishes and dark circles.

Use a concealer in a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone to brighten and even out any areas that need work. Choose a liquid concealer for light coverage and a wide area of your face — as for your under-eye area.

Choose a compact or stick concealer for a better coverage and small areas. This step is totally optional but if you are someone with oily skin then make sure to use a compact or setting powder in a color matching your skin tone.

You can use a sponge or a buffing brush to apply the product evenly on your face and neck. A compact is easy to tuck into your purse and you can touch-up to keep your face looking shine-free. Defining your eyebrows instantly adds structure to your face.

If you have naturally dark, well-defined eyebrows then congratulations, you may skip this step. But if you have sparse or over-plucked eyebrows, then you can use an eyebrow pencil or brow pomade to fill them in. There are various amazing products available in the market, specifically for your brows like eyebrow kits and duo-shapers. For special dos, add a highlighter under the brows to make them stand out! Blush adds a cheeky glow to your skin and makes it look fresh and healthy.

Use a blush brush to apply the blush to the apples of your cheek. Refrain from mixing textures — if you are using a powder, stick to a powder blush and if you are going sans powder, stick to a cream blush.