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Traveller Intermediate B1. STRUCTURES either or Traveller Pre- Intermediate . sAMPLe MoDULe FRoM TRAVELLER BEGINNERS - STUDENT'S BOOK. Download for free Traveller - Course for Young Adults - H.Q. Mitchell - J. Scott - Beginners Elementary Pre Intermediate Upper - Students book Workbook Audio . Key to Traveller Level B1+_WB Key to Traveller 5. a 6. d 7. h 8. f C. 7. unique Level B1+_WB One more thing 7. was studying 6. shocked 1b/Student's Book pp.

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Traveller Student Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. ingles. Fabricio Martínez. Traveller - Level B2 - Student's Book. Uploaded by. atonset. Traveller Intermediate B1 Student Book (Segunda Parte). Uploaded by. Traveller Intermediate B1 Student Book (Segunda Parte) - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read Student`s Book Traveler American Edition Intermediate B1. MM Publications, - pages. ISBN: Traveller is an exciting seven-level course for teenage and young adult learners, that takes them .

I think the government should play a role in this. Suggested Answer 5. There you must turn left onto 5th Avenue. I agree we should help senior citizens; everyone can benefit from this. Nearly 5.

Trekking to take a map and after a while, I 5. It was starting to 2. I put my things down 5. When I got back to 7. A bear, eating all my food! Luckily, 9. Fortunately, in 7.

B1 traveller pdf book intermediate students

Have you called 1. I would sleep all day and do B. You should tidy up your room. I met a career-guidance 2. Educators spacious and air-conditioned. Webpage development that was spacious and air- 4. It might be 2.

Presently 5. In fact 5. Instead of 1. To be honest 6. Furthermore 2. Hello, Dear 4. Are you serious? Identical 2. I knew how to swim 5. A suggest leaving 1. There is no need to bring anything has been offered to Carl by the 5. Nearly 5. Even though F. Despite Module 6 1. Even though 1.

Although 2. Also, even though your teammate D. In order to make 5. Its very popular with young people so its great fun working there.

Its also a great way to meet people and make lots of friends. I earn good money so Im saving to buy a new computer. When Im not working, I go out and have fun with the people Ive met. Ive also done a lot of sightseeing and Ive visited many interesting places. Did you have 5. Suggested answer on the corner of 4th Avenue and Bree Street. Once you get off the bus, you turn right into Bree Street and go straight until you get to the end of the block.

There you must turn left onto 5th Avenue. My house is situated across the road. Just look for number When 6. Turn on 7.

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Put on C. While Paula was driving, her daughter was looking out of the window.

Intermediate book students traveller pdf b1

They were having a meeting when his mobile rang. As she was driving home, her car broke down.

Elisabeth was ironing while Alex was surfing the Net. Bob was having a bath when he fell asleep. The boys were playing in the garden when it suddenly started raining.

Did you have 9. Alex, who is a friend of mine, speaks Spanish fluently. It is an expensive restaurant where lots of celebrities eat.

Susan, whose mother is a Maths teacher, is our new classmate. You shouldnt miss the Chinese Acrobatic Theatre which is travelling around the world. The girl who you met at my house is a talented painter. The holiday resort where they stayed last summer was really luxurious. As for 3. As soon as 2. At first 3. When 4. After a while 5. Then 6. Socialising 5. Suggested answer My new neighbourhood is actually very nice.

Its located in the suburbs so its much greener and quieter than my old neighbourhood. We are now living in a bigger house so Ive finally got my own room. My mother let me do what I wanted with it so I painted it pink and put up lots of posters on the walls.

In the beginning, I was very lonely because I didnt have any friends. Things are better now that school has started because Ive met lots of kids my age. Remind Charlie about the meeting otherwise he may forget about it. He must be very tired. She cant be her mother. You could have a serious accident.

It might rain later on in the day. Suggested answer I am a twenty-four year old university graduate. I am also proficient in Russian and Italian which I feel makes me suitable for the position advertised.

As far as work experience is concerned, I have been working full-time for over a year at a small advertising company. Although I am satisfied with my job, I feel that I would much rather work for a company such as yours, which provides employees with better future prospects. Concerning my personal interests, I am an active member of various environmental groups.

Besides this, I am also a member of a Health and Fitness Club. I enjoy participating in various sports activities and keeping fit as well as meeting people. First photo A: I promise I will return it tomorrow. I am going to buy a new one this evening. I will have finished by the time Mum gets home.

At 8 oclock we will be flying over the Alps. I hope it wont be raining this time. For starters 3. So what 5. According to 7. If I had a car, I wouldnt use public transport every day.

If I could do it on my own, I wouldnt ask for your help. If I were you, I wouldnt eat fast food. Suggested answer Im sorry that I havent written for so long but Ive found a part-time job which has been keeping me very busy.

In your letter you ask me about what kind of fund-raising event you could host to raise money for the project. Maybe, you could get local singers interested in organising a live concert! That way people can enjoy themselves while helping to raise funds for this cause.

Mitchell HQ. Traveller - Intermediate B1 - Student's Book

Regarding coming over for the weekend, Id love to. I will not only be seeing you but I will also be helping you with this worthy cause. Many 2. Some 4. Once upon a time 3. By the time 6. For the time being 7. Alex begged his father to let him go to the cinema that night. My sister suggested that we should have pizza for dinner. Eve reminded her husband to buy some bread when he returned. Where have I left my car keys? Is there a discount? Dont make noise. What time does your plane leave tomorrow morning?

Who directed this film? What happened last night? Suggested answer It was a cold winters night. Jeremy had been out of town on a business trip. M M P u b l i c a t i o n s was feeling very tired and his eyelids were getting very heavy, he decided to stop somewhere to take a nap.

Traveller Student Book

He had heard many stories about people who had had terrible accidents while driving long distances. The route he had chosen was not the one he usually took as some colleagues had told him that it was much shorter and that it could get him home nearly two hours earlier. As soon as he found a clearing he pulled over and made himself comfortable. Although it was dark and isolated, Jeremy was too tired to even think about feeling scared.

He had only been sleeping for about thirty minutes when somebody knocked on the drivers window. He was startled when he saw an old man looking at him. He was missing a couple of teeth and was wearing clothes that were very dirty and torn. The old man asked Jeremy for a lift into town. Jeremy felt obliged to say yes even though he didnt trust the old man. There was something strange about him.

Traveller Intermediate B1 Student Book (Segunda Parte)

They travelled in uncomfortable silence. Jeremy would glance at the old man every once in a while to make sure that everything was OK. Just as dawn was breaking something strange happened.