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Life size link papercraft pdf

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Post with votes and views. Tagged with Creativity; Shared by Piancafe. Life Size Link Papercraft. Studioofmm, a designer from Canada spent a month on creating the awesome life-size Link papercraft. The lift-size Link measures inches. My biggest papercraft I've made. More than pieces. Life size. Life size Link papercraft. Hi, have you yet PDF and PDO of papercraf?.

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Link More pictures of completed model: HERE Pieces: Pages: Download: HERE Tip: Some pieces span several pages. Print those as is, the. Super awesome life-sized Link papercraft (Legend of Zelda) built by Haywan, plus 10 other various Link versions to choose homeranking.info are: Dark Link, Fierece. Link, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, life size papercraft. feet tall, dont .. Would it be cheaper to take the pdf to a print shop?.

Actually, my favorite game is Starcraft, and am very anxious for Starcraft 2 to come out. I know you have to reinforce the legs with cardboard, but since he's only the top half- did you have to use extra reinforcements so he would sit up straight? I want to make one, but I'm afraid it's going to creep me out. Both extremes are very different than one another and require practice. Eventually, they have 5 half-done models and are so overwhelmed by their desire to see it finished that they quit the hobby in general. I wish I had that kind of patience.

I can not downloaded, if you still have it, could you send me? Heyho, nice work what kind of paper do you use for this? Marina22nina Featured By Owner Mar 15, The papercraft itself was in a really bad shape.

Life Size Link Papercraft

I had to repare it many times. Como puedes tener tanta paciencia?? Me descarge el otro dia la camara del metal gear y acabe de los nervios Siento admiracion!!

It's totally awesome! Aequili Featured By Owner Jul 14, Kiyomihime Featured By Owner May 31, Part 2 of the the link you posted here doesn't work anymore because it come's from megaupload. Do you maybe have part 2 still on your computer or on a usb. If you do can you sent it to me?

I haven't got it, but I will ask my friends for it. If I have it, I'll send it to you. Okay thanks, let me know soon okay?

Pdf life papercraft size link

I had time between graduating from college and starting medical school. During that time I drowned myself with papercrafts. Very cool. I notice you have plenty up. What do you mean? The different Links, you have several different art styles available, like golden Link and such. Oh yeah. Those are different textures that someone from nintendopapercraft forums Vert found.

He posted the textures, and I applied them to my model template so builders can have more options to choose from! Not many people would do that. Would you like to start the interview? I don't want to keep you from studying. Sure, lets start. I've done enough studying already. It will be worth it when you graduate.

Would you like to introduce yourself to everyone? Hey everyone, my name is Haywan Chiu. Hmm, I'm 24, and I like to make paper models for fun I can talk for hours, so is there anything you'd like to know? Why paper for your art form? Several reasons: What are some of your interests in games? Obvisously Link is one are there others? Actually, my favorite game is Starcraft, and am very anxious for Starcraft 2 to come out. Link was however my favorite game as a kid I wanted to make an ambitious life-size and detailed papercraft model.

Papercraft life size pdf link

I didn't really care what it was, but I figured everyone knew who Link was, so I chose to make Link, and the 3D model that I found on the internet it had all the requirements I was looking for in my project, which was good textures, and lots of detailed parts i.

The detail was amazing, you did Link's fingers and other details that most people would have just ignored and kept from showing in pics. What was the hardest part of doing Link?

The sheath. The 3D file was made in a way where the gold pieces were solid and ran across the sheath.

Zelda Papercraft: Life-Size Link

I'm new to editing in 3D, so it took me a long time to edit the sheath into something buildable. However even after all that editing, the sheath was still difficult to build because since i wanted to keep all the details intact, I didn't want to let the gold pieces of the sheath go flat, I wanted them to pop out slightly.

However, that slight edge that pops out is very thin, maybe like 5mm thick, so folding that on gsm cardstock, and gluing it onto the sheath was difficult. Other than the sheath, everything else was pretty straightforward. Talk about dedication, you really went all out with it.

Papercraft link life pdf size

Well I figured, I only had 3 months of my summer before I had to leave for school which 6hrs by plane across America. In those 3 months, I wanted to do something that I probably would never ever have time to do in a long long time, which was just to build a really cool model.

You definitely accomplished that. I really enjoy papercraft for the process, because I like the challenge presented by details. It's really a cool phenomenon because when you focus really hard on detail, time flies by. Then when you take a step back to see the detail as part of a whole, it really amazes you what your eyes can see up close and your hands can do. For me, the gratification of the whole pictures greatly outweights the disgratification of struggling through the details.

That is a characteristic that's difficult to get. Any plans for another project similar to Link in the future? Maybe during your next summer break? Probably nothing big like a life-size Link. You can confirm this at Lake Hylia where you have the ability to measure his height as an adult in the water tank.

That height is basically the only canon height provided and often used as an umbrella for height. You could also use Epona, who is a chestnut bay Clydesdale mare, for a height check. That puts TP Link anywhere from 5'4" to 5'7". Most of the adult Links are in that range, with OoT Link as the only confirmed height.

That's actually a really good one, I was trying to think of other constants that could be used and that works perfectly. Yea, I came in to say that I always pictured Link as shorter as well. Right about the height you mentioned. Grats on finishing your build! You completed one of the biggest literally papercraft projects out there.

I went the howl's moving castle route. My only tip would be to use cardstock in future projects as you can print on it and it has the thickness and durability of gluing multiple sheets together without the warping. Again, great job on the build. Jesus, I was thinking it would be the white dragon or noface or something easier than the actual castle. I actually thought outloud "no, it couldn't be the castle itself". I think 20 years from now he'll be chewing out his son for using that much material to print a life sized link in their giant 3d printer.

Hmm, if he actually prints that much, then 1. There's light at the end of this tunnel of bullshit though! I'm not sure I have room to store that many inkjet printers. That shit would take up serious real estate.

The printers will. Material costs may come down a bit at first, but as adoption rates increase demand it will almost certainly go up in price. Even if it does come down in price, that's still a metric fuckload of material. FDM filament is literally like 15 dollars for a kilogram, even less if bought in bulk, with a price that is dropping and has been consistently for a long time.

Printing the model wouldn't not use tons of the stuff, since it would probably be almost completely hollow. I think it depends.

Pdf papercraft life link size

If the market is like ink it will always be expensive for basically no reason. Hopefully it becomes more affordable. Plastic costs probably won't change that drastically and if you own the printer the plastic is what is expensive.

Life Size Link Papercraft : DIY

Shellac the hell out of it to make it stronger and seal it. Or fiber glass it, you'll have a more permenent sculpture.

This is not meant to be an insult or in any way demean the project, but why? What are you going to do with it? Will it just stand in a corner, or do you have some specific purpose in mind? Or is building it the fun part, and it doesn't really matter what happens to it now? No insult at all. Probably ill pick the "building it is the fun part" of your question.

The reaction of people in this thread and the comments alone show that its widely received as awesome. I would imagine for many its along the same thought process as adult coloring books. Its the process of working with your hands, and creating something that is the reward. The final product isnt really the focus. Building models for the sake of building them really is the main reason. Sometimes I just throw them away when they get damaged or dusty enough.

It's like building your very own White Elephant. The color ink would be the most expensive part, especially if using a high end color printer which produces better colors.

This was using the cheapest HP printer with cheap color ink. Yes and no. The print shop is going to cost more since they print with better quality, but at the same time you could print off pages at home and think it looks decent, but soon realize that after folding, cutting, gluing it doesn't look as "professional" as you want. In that sense you either reprint and try to correct your mistakes or purchase color prints professionally. It's a trial and error or practice makes perfect scenario.

I can just see someone unknowingly tossing a cigarette but and this thing lighting up. This is incredible work. When I read how long this took you it made me think a little, this took you several months of hours a day Well done! I don't know the actual height of Link, but for some reason I never imagined he would be 6' something haha. Great job though! I normally print on cardstock, but my office has a color laserjet printer.

I tried cardstock with it For the first 7 pictures I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was looking at. But that's so cool, well done!