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Select Readings Second Edition contains a range of high interest reading texts approved by experienced teachers. This four-level American English reading. Select Readings Pre-Intermediate Student Book + audio. Файл формата zip; размером 69,02 МБ; содержит документы форматов archive pdf. Добавлен. Oxford Select Reading for (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate& Upper- Intermediate) 1. homeranking.info 47 MB.

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Select Readings 2nd Pre Intermediate - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. college - university. Select Readings (Level; Elementary_Upper-Intermediate) A teacher-approved homeranking.info МБ. Select Readings books for Kids by Oxford Download for free American English Edition Elementary Tests · Select Readings Second Edition Pre-Intermediate.

Then answer the questions by filling in the correct circle. Word Count: When I did my homestay in France. This is the time when we dream. Are you a digital native? Comprehension For each item below.

When you preview a reading, you: I Identify the topic. To do this: Analyze the Reading Look at the title, the names of people, and the key words in the paragraph below.

Then answer the questions. Babies, sleep-REM. What do you know about the topic of the paragraph? Add one more idea to the list. What would you like to learn about this topic? Add two questions to the list. Apply the Reading Skill Follow these instructions to preview the reading below. Look only at the title of the reading. What do you think the topic of the reading might be? List one more possibility. Look quickly over the reading.

What names of people and places do you see? List two more. What words are repeated several times key words? What do you think the topic of the reading is now? Complete the sentence. I think this reading is probably about. Write two questions. The biggest night-owls in the world are the 1. The second-ranked 3.

Following 5. Of the top ten night-owl places in the 7. The other three 8. Ho wever. Whal "! You might also get a headache. If you use the computer for a long time without a break. Example What are the effects of using a computer too much? Computers help us do many things.

Computers are good for chatting with friends or sending e-mail. Make sure you have en ough time with your friends away from the computer. Then choose one of the topics and wnte a paragraph explaining your opinion.

Complete the chart with your own answers. I studied in Canada. I have. Would you like to study abroad? D Yes. Have you ever studied in another country? Previewing Chart www. Take turns asking and answering the questions above. I haven't. Imagine you are going to study in another country. I would. What foreign country would you prefer to study in? What about you? Have you ever studied in another D Yes.

Key words. Check v" and write your answers to the questions below. I wouldn't. But when I met the Flannery family my host family. Maps On February Both my Culture and host father and mother were very kind and treated me like their own Language Notes 10 daughter. On the plane. I worried about being all pages She lived with a British family and studied English for a month.

I left Japan. I would like to be more open-minded about people from different countries. Flannery would go to their favorite pub 5 to spend time together. Living in London Potatoes! It took me a little time to get used to the many kinds of potato dishes served: Nadiege and I would join the party. I did not agree with these points. One month 45 in London made me realize that speaking English was very important because it is the language that people from many countries use the most.

I asked other people their impressions of Japan. Getting Ready to Go Before going to London. My host mother was a good cook. When we returned from touring London. In class.

My teacher thought that Japanese people were very rich. Although I selected a school with few Japanese students.

On Saturdays. She 30 made delicious pasta and chicken dishes and even cooked rice for me. I took my parents' advice and requested that my homestay family have both a mother and a father. On Saturday 35 evenings. I tried to speak a lot. Reading Time: I later found that this was very good advice. The word "native-born" in the passage is closest in meaning to born in Britain I born outside Britain.

Scanning for Details Read the statements and check. For her 19th birthday. I later oun that this was very good advice. Mika did things in London with the Flannerys' D D youngest daughter.. Vocabulary What is the meaning of each highlighted word in the passage? Circle your answers below. The word "found" in the passage is closest in meaning to heard I realized.

The word "middle-class" in the passage is closest in meaning to over 50 years old I not rich or poor. Mika lived with a host family for two months. True False I. Mika asked for a homestay D D in London. Mika's teacher thought all Japanese people were rich. Mika went to England alone. The word "requested" in the passage is closest in meaning to asked for I refused.

Before going to London. The word "reasonable" in the passage is closest in meaning to expensive I not expensive. Do you think Mika Tanaka would agree or disagree with the opinions below?

It's good to live with a host family. Traveling abroad is a good way to learn English. She would experience living with at least two British people. Mika made several important decisions before she went to London.

For each decision. Example Mika's decision: She decided to live with a family that had both a mother and father. Mika's decision: She decided to go to London alone. She decided to live with native-born British people. Disadvanta ge: She would not experience a family setting different from her own in Japan. She decided to go to a school with few Japanese students. Do you agree with Mika's opinions? You should do some research before you travel abroad. I had a hard time using the computer.

Some are written as two separate words. Some are written as one word. My host father took me to the so I could buy some stamps and send postcards to my friends back home. When I did my homestay in France. Complete the sentences with these compound words.

When I arrived in Osaka for my homestay. Write sentences about yourself using the compound words below. Some of the letters are in different places than on my American one.

Some are written with a hyphen - between them. My brother and are hosting two students from Thailand in their home this summer. These compound words are usually nouns or adjectives. Analyze the Reading Look at the questions below. What date did Mika leave for her homestay? Where did Mika study? On Saturday evenings. I worried about being all alone there-a stranger to London.

Then scan don't read the passage and find the answers. How many other Japanese students were in Mika's classes? On February What was the name of the other student who lived with Mika's host family? Flannery would go to their favorite pub to spend time together. What was the name of Milds homestay family? This is. The Lapierres lived in an apartment in Paris. Apply the Reading Skill Look at the topicsbelow. They also had a daughter. Scan the passage and fill in information for each topic.

I tried a lot of different dishes. It was very close to a subway station. I left Boston and arrived in Paris on June If there isno information about a topic. The food in Paris was amazing. Last summer. I visited all the famous sites in Paris. I can't wait! Marc and Gabrielle told me that they want to send Sophie for a homestay with my family and me in a few years. My host parents were Marc and Gabrielle Lapierre. I study art history. Gabrielle taught me how to make crepes.

I met my host family at the airport. You can buy crepes almost anywhere in the city. I was sad when I left Paris on August Every evening I practiced speaking French with my host family. My favorite ones had tomatoes and cheese inside. Write sentences about your ideal host parents. They would also live near a subway station and have a daughter my age. Example My ideal host parents would be friendly. Then add two more ideas. Ifs a good idea to study abroad because.

What are some good reasons for studying abroad? Think of a way to complete each sentence below. Example It's a good idea to study abroad because you can learn to cook different kinds of food. I' your answers below.. Then compare your ideas with another pair's ideas..

Then read your sentences to a classmate. If you went on a homestay. They would.. Red makes me feel angry. Compare your answers with a partner..

Previewing Chart 1. Use the adjectives in the box or your own ideas. What words appear several times? List 5 more.. How do different colors make you feel?

Write "djectives next to the colors. Red makes me feel excited because.

That's interesting. Or if you see a person doing something bad on purpose. When people are blue. If something is black and white. Whether it's good or bad. For example.

Some people have to see something in black and white to know that it is true. Blue is different. On TV. You can find the names of colors in a lot of English expressions. If something is printed in a newspaper. Blue isn't always a sad color. You can listen to red-hot jazz music or eat red-hot chili peppers. If you do something embarrassing. They might listen to blues music. If something good happens to you when you're not expecting it. If you roll out the red carpet for someone.

Your teacher's face might be 20 red with anger. After a big night like this.

Pdf intermediate select pre reading

As you can see. In the past. Being green more often means 40 doing good things for the environment. Many companies are going green. Learning new expressions with colors can be fun. Try looking for these expressions in the things you read.. Green is another color that can have very different meanings. So if someone asks you how green 45 you are.

If someone 35 has something nice that you really want. In fact. If you learn more so about how these expressions are used. That man in the jeans and T-shirt is the president of the company. Scanning for Details The following colors are mentioned in the reading: Scanning for Details According to the reading.

Scanning for Details In this article. Then complete the sentences. Sheila is an important phone call this afternoon from her boss. Comprehension For each item below. You really can't a person by what he's wearing. Read the situations. Roberta seems really ever since she and her boyfriend broke up. Poor guy.

I wish I could make her feel better. Mike looked. Think about how each color makes you feel. We have to try to get the we need from things other than oil.

Then choose three expressions using colors and write a sentence using each one. Which words in the sentences helped you guess the right answers? Which color expression from the reading completes each sentence? Peter didn't get the job. I really liked riding the rollercoaster. I just got my first paycheck from my new job! Let's go out and c. Look at your answers for Activity A on page What did he do? Is everything okay?

I saw you in the office talking to Mark. Take turns asking and answering these questions with a partner. Idioms are expressions whose meaning cannot be easily guessed just from the words in the idiom itself. Carl's business was doing really well. O showed what he's really like O showed that he likes to get angry 4.

O permission to move forward O a lot of money B.

Select Readings: Student Book Pre-intermediate level : Linda Lee :

Underline the words that helped you guess the meaning. After the car accident. He yelled at Eric for making a really little mistake. I thought Max was a nice guy. Building Vocabulary Understanding Idioms There are a lot of idiomatic expressions. The manager gave us the green light for our new project. O losing more money than he's making O making more money than he needs 2. Do you know these idioms? Work with a partner to guess the meanings.

What do you think the expressions below mean? Read each sentence and match the idiom with the correct meaning. O had too much makeup O was dark and bruised from being hit 3. The reading on pages contains several idiomatic expressions using the names of colors. Sarah's nose was black and blue for days. I can't wait to get started. Which chapter s might have a reading about technology?

Analyze the Reading Take just one minute to skim the Scope and Sequence on pages vi-vii. Read very quickly. Which chapter s might be about business?

Select Readings: Student Book Pre-intermediate level

Which chapter s might be about travel? Which chapter s might be about a famous person? Which words in the Scope and Sequence helped you find your answers? Write them below. Compare your answers with a partner. Which chapter s might be about student life? How many colors does the reading talk about? You don't have to read every word to see the words black and white. You don't read every word. Purple people are funny. Try asking your friends and see if their color matches their personality.

Orange people are strong. They like to try new things and don't like to stay home all day. Apply the Reading Skill First. They are very different from those who like purple. Where would you probably see this kind of reading? What does your favorite color say about the kind of person you are? Some people think that you can understand a lot about a person by his or her favorite color. Which words helped you find the answer to question 3? Green people like to be around people.

A person who likes red is usually strong and healthy. Red people like to see the good things in other people and don't like to feel sad.

Have fun! People who like blue are also very loving people. For a really fun time. They are happy to be different from others. Which words helped you find the answer to question 1? Then take one minute to skim the article for the answers. They like to be around friends all the time and love parties. They are calm and strong.

What is the topic of the reading selection? Discuss your answers with a partner. My Partner's Answers Question 1: Question 2: Question 3: Question 4: Question 5: Share what you learned about your partner with other classmates. Take turns asking and answering the questions in the chart above. Give examples or reasons for each answer. Do you roll out the red carpet when people visit your home?

Write your partner's answers. Which expressions have a positive meaning? Which are negative? Thinking about the environment. Have you ever felt green with envy?

Reading pre intermediate pdf select

D D Tell a partner why you chose positive or negative for each item above. What do you do when you feel blue?

In the reading. I your answers. Do you judge each situation individuaHy. They're asking for volunteers lo I volunteered to do the dishes.

Discuss your answers to Exercise A with a partner. Jqpan build 4. Who did you help? What did you do? Names of people and places in I think this reading is probably about 32 Chapter 4 I Helping Others. Think of something you volunteered to do for a friend. Read these dictionary definitions and answer the questions below. What volunteer organizations do you know? What do they do? Fill in the chart below. Since Several years ago. I went to Negros Island in the Philippines as a Habitat volunteer.

According to Habitat.

Tue next year I returned to Negros Island as a Habitat volunteer. For me. Mariko Asano talks about her experience as a Habitat volunteer. She has traveled to the Philippines three times to help build housesfor people who need them. They generously offered their food. Being involved with Habitat for Humanity has changed my life. I was assigned to6 a house with young people from around the world. Their lifestyle reminded us of the meaning and value of life.

Word Count Reading Time: The people also helped us appreciate the more valuable things in life. These things are sometimes forgotten in an afl: Habitat sends the very important message that we can all be friends. I've learned that I can make a difference9 in the world.

In my group. Some of us are actively involved in Habitat in different countries. Habitat brings people together and helps us realize that people all 35 over the world care about each other. Would you 25 give up your bed for a stranger and sleep on the uncomfortable cement floor at your own house? When I took my third trip to the Philippines as a Habitat volunteer.

We thought we came to the Philippines to help the Filipino people. The writer is an employee of Habitat for Humanity. Scanning for Details Which statement is true? Habitat for Humanity is more than 30 years old. Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Nishinomiya. Scanning for Details On her second trip. Then match each word with its definition to the right. Scanning for Details How many classmates went with Mariko on her second trip?

When we help another person. List four things below. You can help other people. You don't earn any money. In paragraph 3 lines Based on the information in your chart. Why or why not? I 36 Chapter 4 Helping Others. In your opinion. Add your ideas to the chart below. I agree. I think it's important to help each other because together we are stronger.

Is it im possible to learn a new language in one year? Ask a partner the questions from Activity A. Add the correct prefix un-. Building Vocabulary Using Prefixes: Do you think sleeping on a cement floor would be very comfortable? Mika's Homestay in London pages 3. Analyze the Reading Look back at the readings in Chapters 1.

It's Not Always Black and White. The writer's main idea is that volunteering to help other people can change your life. Helping Others pages Compare your answers with a partner.

More than one answer may be correct. What is the most important thing the writer says about the topic? Example The topic of the reading on pages is volunteering for Habitat.

What is the reading about? To identify the main idea of a reading. Then you will have to decide can make you more beauriful. Farmers on lotions. Bur the U. Read interview with people on both sides of chis article to find our which foods this issue. Here's something to kill insects.

Many people what we put in our mouths-not disagree. In chis article. Forget for yourself: Ir is also more expensive. Apply the Reading Skill Read the two introductions below. Then answer the questions by filling in the correct circle.

Which of the following volunteer opportunities would you choose to do? Group work. Being involved with Habitat was an important experience in Mariko Asano's life. Collect information about this experience in a chart like the one below. Then tell a partner about it. Spent many hours with my mother Step 3: Write about your experience.

Example Learning to drive a car was an important experience in my life. Choose one of the experiences on your list. Why important? It was important to me because I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my mother. List them on a piece of paper. Step 1: Think of some important experiences in your life. My mother In Los Angeles taught me.

Follow the steps below to write about an important experience in your life. My mother taught me to drive while my father was away on business. Generation Z: Did you begin using any of the items at the same age as your partner? The first time I used a computer. I was 8 years old. I was. Not me. Before You Read A.. How old were you the first time you used each of these items?

Compare answers. Hongkong online 4. I think this reading is probably about 42 Chapter 5 I Generation Z: Digital Natives. Most of the other people on the bus who are Min-ho's age are doing exactly the same thing. Recent Culture and surveys show that young people in Asia spend an average of 9. Min-ho laughs as he checks some funny photos his friend Jae-sung has just posted 3 online.

Generation Z. No problem-she opens up her laptop and downloads a chapter from her s online textbook to read on the train. Yesim Yilmaz is getting ready for class. Her mother brings her some breakfast. She has forgotten to read a chapter for her biology class. Min-ho Park is waiting for the bus. Their parents spent most of their teenage years7 listening to cassette Maps players.

On Sunday afternoon next to his apartment complex 1 in Seoul. And marketing companies know this. Min-ho is never without his phone. Members of Gen-Z are people born between the mids and the early s. Digital Natives In Istanbul. At lightning speed. They 20 are also sometimes called Generation C. They are sometimes called "digital natives" because they have grown up with the Internet.

His bus soon arrives. Min-ho gets on. Many Gen-Z members are more concerned about keeping their private information from their parents. The companies use this information to show their customers the advertisements they want them to see.

Valerie knows how to limit what her parents can see about her on the social networking sites she uses. Gen-Z members don't see only friends' updates8 and photos. Every time they open their page on a social networking site. Only time will tell. But her parents' eyes are not enough to make her stop using social media.

Are they worried about losing their privacy? Not many seem to be very worried about companies knowing how to sell things to them. Marketing companies work with social media sites to find out where their customers live. Because they grew up using social so media. Many people are now finding out that posting funny pictures on the Web can be a problem when they finish school and start looking for a job.

They also see ads for 30 products they might want to buy. Valerie Chen 40 in Kaohsiung is upset because her parents want to watch everything she does online. I don't want companies knowing everything about me. Scanning for Details According to the article. Scanning for Details Which statement is true about the people in the article?

Yesim Y ilmaz is a student. I couldn't live without a mobile phone. I don't want strangers to know much about me.

D I was surprised to hear that some young people spend 9.

Select Readings: Pre-Intermediate: Student Book

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? D The use. I am not worried about privacy on line I don't want my parents to see what I'm doing online. They don't use e-mail. Neither am I. It's great for children to begin using technology at a very D D young age. Which statements describe your reaction to the reading?

Agree Disagree a. Reading e-books is better than reading printed books D D Discuss your answers with another pair. Spending 9. Learning how to use a new cell phone isn't hard for me. I'm not worried about my privacy online. I' your. Social networking sites are a great way to stay connected D D with people.

I don't post funny photos online because I don't want D D future employers to see them. I' one or more statements and add one of your own I spend the next two hours sending to people before I start my other work. When I arrive at work. I don't know what happened. I think I have a virus. Here are just a few of the new collocations that have entered the English language since the Internet became popular.

I didn't know him before the party. If you need to find some information for next week's homework. Verbs Nouns 1. Which of the following nouns can you use with these verbs? Match each verb with all of the nouns that you think are collocations in English. Every night I read a that my friend writes. It has a lot of exercises to help you practice grammar. Jim is a really nice guy. Several answers are possible. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the missing word in each collocation.

She is so funny and always has something interesting to say. While wqiting for his bus. They are also sometimes called Generation C. Marketing companies use social networking sites to sell to members of Generation Z. Analyze the Reading Look back at the reading on pages and find at least one detail that supports each of the ideas below.

[PDF+CD+CDROM] Select Readings Pre-Intermediate Student's Book 2nd Edition with Answer key

Popular Features. New in Select Readings: Student Book. Description Select Readings Second Edition contains a range of high interest reading texts approved by experienced teachers. This four-level American English reading course uses carefully selected reading texts to help students read effectively.

Exercises before and after reading practise reading skills, check comprehension and build vocabulary. Other books in this series. Upper Intermediate: Student Book Linda Lee. Add to basket. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.