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This is the original Fan Fiction that E. L. James wrote before becoming the Fifty Shades Series. Click HERE to read the whole PDF courtesy of homeranking.info!. Master of the Universe is a Twilight story by Snowqueens Icedragon aka E.L. James Master of the Universe versus Fifty Shades by E.L James. Read The 'Twilight' Fan Fiction 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Author E.L. James Wrote James has tried to delete copies of Master of the Universe from the Internet MotU because of the NC content” — but luckily, a PDF exists.

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Warning: Mature Content. For 18 years of age, and up. Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon. Fifty Shades of Fucked Up. Come I Want To Show. Posts about Master of the Universe written by twilightcupcake. twilight · Tagged with desktop, E.L. James, fanfiction, iPad, iphone, MotU, PDF, quiz, wallpaper. To ask other readers questions about Master of the Universe, please sign up. .. That book is another LAZY attempt for homeranking.info to produce a book that you.

Snowqueens Icedragon Date s: Chapter 22 The one with the creepy sex contract feels like one of those Terms and Conditions disclaimers nobody wants to read , yet for some reason the author felt the need to devote a large chunk from her book to it, even when a lot of the clauses from that stupid contract had every little relevance to the overall plot and that the whole thing could have been easily sumarized in just one or two pages at most. Aug 12, Katrina rated it really liked it. Readers Also Enjoyed. View 1 comment. Clayton's is a hardware store.

Sort order. Jun 22, Anastasia George rated it liked it.

It was ok. Certainly don't get how this book made it to publishing, when there is sooooo much better FF out there!! Jul 26, Irene rated it did not like it Shelves: Then a very close friend suddently posted on FB her deep , heartfelt desire for a Christian Gray of her own.

A rather short-lived Whatsapp debate ensued on our friends-group-chat, no less She was all "oh, but he's not an abuser, he's madly in love, and they have a contract and she can jump on him whenever she wants, and he's filthy rich and gloriously hot".

But the abuse, I could't let go. The discussion ended with her telling me that it's a beautiful love story and that I should really read it. I gave her a non-committal "de gustibus" and resolved to read this sorry excuse for a literary phenomenon and get back at her with hopefully renewed enthusiasm. That's when I realized I had no way of getting a copy of the book in English and for free for a while.

So here I am: Needless to say, I remain unimpressed. What I wasn't expecting, though, is that I was also exceedingly underwhelmed. I'll admit that MotU wasn't all that I was expecting: It also allowed me to have a few laughs at my friend's expense, 'cause let's face it: And then she goes on FB telling the world that she wants nothing more than someone who'd bully her into eating what and when he chooses.

Pdf universe james el the master of

Anyways, moving on to the actual review I think the best was to describe this story is bland. Bland heroine, bland sex, bland stereotyped story with bland plot "twists".

Master of the Universe

Other than that, though, her constant wining about being "unworthy" and "not good enough" are still as annoying as ever. I get it that the average woman reading a romance novel should be able to empathize with the main character and root for her because if she can find everlasting happiness with Mr.

Perfect, then so can the reader. But either you do that, and you really give an appropriate rendition of a Mr. Perfect, or you chose to make your heroine actually beautiful, with men dropping at her feet at every turn, and Mr. Perfect being in awe of her beauty.

You can't have it both ways, because a beautiful girl who keeps telling us she's actually not that good looking is frankly unbearable. Especially if she looks down on any single other woman in her life for being good-looking, wearing make-up, having an interesting hairdo, or, Heaven forbid! Edward is Edward. Rich and influential an not afraid to use his power to reach his means. Stalkerish and controlling. This translate to him not having any real relationship with women, other than a working one, based on a non-enforceable contract and a NDA, for sure, but a work relationship nonetheless.

The perks for the woman is that she gets to be ordered around, which turns her on, if she's into the lifestyle, and get lots of expensive presents, without really having to commit on any kind of emotional level for periods of three months at a time. If she grows attached and he dumps her, it'll just be like any other break up and she'll adjust to it and move on it takes a subsequent boyfriend dying on her, to throw one of the past subs over the edge and trying to get back at Edward.

Bella is therefore the first woman to actually catch Edward's interest in the romantic sense, much as Edward is Bella's first everything. It's the usual teenage love story, and the change of setting is only an excuse to have the character move more freely around without having to explain themselves to their parents. I don't really want to rehash all that, even though I wholly agree with most of what is being said in that regard. The only BDSM characters in the story are, possibly, Edward's ex subs and, maybe, Irina, since we don't know enough of her backstory to judge whether she really is into to lifestyle of is she's just a rapist with a penchant for violence.

Edward is not. He's not into BDSM for the sexual gratification and for the playful aspect of it. He's into BDSM because that's the only outlet he found for his pathological need for control and his hardly suppressed rage at life, at himself, and at brunettes.

He finds some sort of short-term psychological release in beating up brunettes which remind him of his biological mother, and then he fucks them for good measure, since that's what his mother ever did: Edward is basically an extremely disturbed person, who should be in real therapy. Also, it's extremely improbable that such deep rooted wounds would get cured by someone just passing by. That's science-fiction of the highest degree, not romance. Real anger has no place in BDSM, as does self-loathing.

The only thing of any real interest of the whole ff is actually Edward's backstory, even though it hardly adds up to the rest of his bio, within the ff. Some good writer should pick up the story of an abused child and tell his long road to health and love from his point of view. And possibly make it believable. As it is, I can't help but find it impossible to reconcile the poor, hungry, beat up child, who spent four days with his mom's corpse and could find emotional release only when he was later raped by a BDSM enthusiast, with the adopted son of a loving, high-class family, with a M.

Had Edward been left to his own devices, I might buy the fact that he'd be so messed up about his past in his late twenties. But somehow, I find it highly improbable that his loving and educated family never did anything even remotely useful to help him. So much that they'd actually despair of his anger-management issues at 15 and never bothered to investigate their sudden disappearance. As with Bella's characterization: You can't have it both ways.

And since this is a ff, and you want to keep the characters as true to the original as possible, if you can't make it work, find some other plot. Or give up. Or keep is as it is, but when someone approaches you about changing the names and publishing your story, refuse. Or at least ask professional help in reworking the story. Let's face it: But I wouldn't be reviewing this if it had just remained a ff actually, I wouldn't even have read it. It's the fact that these unrealistic characters and improbable plot were barely questioned before the names were changed and the story was published as original that's infuriating.

Once the book supposedly became it's own story, there was no need to keep Edward's parents faithful to SMeyer's Esmee and Carlisle.


It doesn't work. At all. View 2 comments. May 28, Lilian rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am glad I haven't started to read fifty shades of grey yet. I am in love with this original version. With Edward and Bella I have fallen for their story in twilight saga, and with master of the universe I have fallen in love with them all over again.

It's been quite a while since I have picked up a book and been so into that I have read it well into the night and gone to bed at 4 am. I love the whole alternate universe. It isn't about mystical creature, but about true life scenarios that c I am glad I haven't started to read fifty shades of grey yet. It isn't about mystical creature, but about true life scenarios that cause you to stop and think about life in general. Granted there is a lot of sex, but when you get pass that part and you look at how two people will go to any length to keep that person happy.

Master of Universe is a great story to read. View all 29 comments. Jun 27, Theresa Ann rated it it was ok Shelves: This is the Twilight fan fiction that Fifty Shades of Grey is based on. Actually it's word for word except for the name changes from Edward and Bella to Christian and Ana.

You can find this FREE fan fiction at http: Inside is also "Christian's" point of view, now other wise known as the book "Grey. James to produce a book that you are all paying millions of dollars to read. The following table gives the major characters whose names were changed from MotU to Fifty Shades. The plots of both MotU and Fifty Shades are largely the same, and only differ on minor points.

James the universe pdf master of el

In MotU, Jacob's mother was deceased. In Fifty Shades, Mia and Ethan are interested in one another, but Ethan doesn't want to date her because their siblings are together.

Universe james pdf el of the master

In MotU, Jasper and Alice "get together", but the conflict is that he won't sleep with her because she is a virgin, and he doesn't want to rush into sex. In MotU: Newton's is an outdoor store. Bella helps Edward select a hiking map of the area.

He asks her what she would recommend for hiking; she suggests non-denim pants, because jeans will chafe if wet and he'll lose body heat. In Fifty Shades: Clayton's is a hardware store. Might as well offer some kind of curriculum in a college writing course considering they teach you crap you're most likely not going to use in your daily life.

A real kudos to you, E. This is coming from someone whose mother couldn't even get through the book because she lost interest less than halfway through. I agree with you completely. The books were some of the worst I have ever read, along with the twilight saga. And I was a champ and finished both of those series, but good lord was it painful.

FSoG has no plot I found. I've never read a book without a plot before. The people who read these books really must have no clue what a well written book from a talented author really is. If she did her whole trilogy would not have sprung from Twilight fan fiction.

Clearly you are a boy, or you just have not read the books. Try read it before you judge it. Calling her a ugly middelaged twat just makes you look like a huge asshole. It is not mom-porn. It is a beautiful love trilogi, with a man who has some special tastes, luckily.

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The books are a succes. And you are just being bitchy for some reason. Im not American so there is probably a lot of wrong words. But im sure you understand my message. MotU is the biggest, steamiest pile of shit I have ever had the misfortune to read. Going on that, it speaks volumes about the kind of literature the average "Twimom" would like to read.

And in case anyone wants to know, MotU in a nutshell is a story loaded It's acceptable in the eyes of readers because it's "Edward and Bella. Retrieved from " https: Twilight Fanfiction Het Fanfiction Scandals.

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