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Exam 70-417 pdf

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Exam _Exam Questions - Test Questions - Practice Test - Practice Exam - Study Material - Study Guide – PDF Download - Training kit. Register for Exam and view official preparation materials to get hands-on experience with MCSA Windows Server skills. % Free MCSA ETE Files With Updated and Accurate Questions Training Courses & Practice Test PDF Questions For Passing Exam Quickly.

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Questions PDF []. The Microsoft Microsoft UPGRADINGYour Skills to MCSA Windows Server exam is an ultimate source for professionals to. Microsoft PDF Questions Guaranteed Success in Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server Exam % Valid Exam Dumps. certification by passing the Microsoft exam “Exam Upgrading Your Skills Exam serves as a path to the Windows Server MCSA for those.

I passed today using the q practice test. Each correct answer presents part of the solution. You need to identify which domain controller must be online to ensure that DC5 can be promoted successfully to a domain controller. The domain contains a server named Server1. Server1 has the Hyper-V server role installed. K Explanation:

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Microsoft PDF Questions. Cheri Valentine. However, the basic need of these Microsoft exam pdf braindumps is in the field of IT management skills for the Microsoft exam dumps students, so that they can secure their future with better jobs and salaries. Just because of these Microsoft Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server exam, the IT market is known as one of the most advance technology and this is the reason why so many people are attracted toward this Microsoft exam dumps pdf and vce.

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For more details, you may review the documents on the exam detail pages for exams , , and Exam Ref April 29, This book has been fully updated for Windows Server R2! Prepare for Microsoft Exam , and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Windows Server R2 core infrastructure services. Microsoft Exam is an upgrade exam that is a composite of three stand-alone exams: Buy this book at the Microsoft Press Store.

This exam is intended for IT professionals who want to validate the skills and knowledge necessary to implement the Windows Server core infrastructure services. We recommend that you review this exam preparation guide in its entirety and familiarize yourself with the resources on this website before you schedule your exam.

See the Microsoft Certification exam overview for information about registration, videos of typical exam question formats, and other preparation resources. For information on exam policies and scoring, see the Microsoft Certification exam policies and FAQs. This preparation guide is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Microsoft.

Microsoft exams might include adaptive testing technology and simulation items. Microsoft does not identify the format in which exams are presented. Please use this preparation guide to prepare for the exam, regardless of its format. To help you prepare for this exam, Microsoft recommends that you have hands-on experience with the product and that you use the specified training resources.

70-417 pdf exam

A system health validator SHV C. The Remote Access server role D. You plan to create a system health validator SHV. You need to identify which policy settings can be applied to all of the computers. Which three policy settings should you identify? Choose three. Automatic updating is enabled. A firewall is enabled for all network connections.

An antispyware application is on. Antispyware is up to date. Antivirus is up to date. A, B, E http: WSHA can monitor Windows Firewall, whether antivirus software is installed, enabled, and updated, whether antispyware software is installed, enabled, and updated, and whether Microsoft Update Services is enabled and the computer has the most recent security updates from Microsoft Update Services.

There might also be SHAs and corresponding system health validators available from other companies that provide different functionality. The network contains two subnets named Subnet1 and Subnet2.

Server1 has a DHCP scope for each subnet. You need to ensure that noncompliant computers on Subnet1 receive different network policies than noncompliant computers on Subnet2.

Which two settings should you configure? The Health Policies conditions C. B, E Question: All domain controllers run Windows Server R2. All of the desktop computers are located in an organizational unit OU named OU1. GPO1 contains startup script settings. You need to ensure that GPO1 is applied only to computers that run Windows 8. Modify the Security settings of OU1. Run the Set-GPInheritancecmdlet and specify the -target parameter. Run the Set-GPLinkcmdlet and specify the -target parameter.

B Visit us athttp: Security filtering: The domain contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server Server1 has the Remote Desktop Session Host role service installed. GPO1 is configured as shown in the exhibit. You need to prevent GPO1 from applying to your user account when you log on to Server1.

GPO1 must apply to every other user who logs on to Server1. What should you configure? Item-level targeting B. Security Filtering C. Block Inheritance D. WMI Filtering Answer: B Security filtering is a way of refining which users and computers will receive and apply the settings in a Group Policy object GPO.

Using security filtering, you can specify that only certain security principals within a container where the GPO is linked apply the GPO.

Security group filtering determines whether the GPO as a whole applies to groups, users, or computers; it cannot be used selectively on different settings within a GPO. All domain controllers run Windows Server The domain contains an organizational unit OU named OU1.

Microsoft 70-417 Dumps

OU2 contains a user named User1. User1 is the member of a group named Group1. Group1 is in the Users container. The GPOs are configured as shown in the following table. There are no site-level GPOs.

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Which three GPOs should you identify in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate three GPOs from the list of GPOs to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

Box 1: GPO1 Box 2: GPO3 Box 3: GPO5 Note: All client computers run Windows 8. Group Policy objects GPOs are linked to the domain as shown in the exhibit. You need to configure the GPOs to meet the following requirements: Which setting should you configure in each GPO? To answer, drag the appropriate setting to the correct GPO.

Each setting may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. You make a change to GPO1. You need to force all of the computers in OU1 to refresh their Group Policy settings immediately.

The solution must minimize administrative effort.

70-417 Questions & Answers

TheSecedit command B. The Invoke-GpUpdatecmdlet C. Group Policy Object Editor D. Server Manager Answer: The domain contains an Edge Server named Server1. Server1 is configured as a DirectAccess server. Server1 has the following settings: Internal DNS name: You run the Remote Access Setup wizard as shown in the following exhibit.

You need to ensure that client computers on the Internet can establish DirectAccess connections to Server1. Which additional name suffix entry should you add from the Remote Access Setup wizard?

Exam Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server

A Name Suffix value of Server1. A Name Suffix value of dal. On Server1, you create and start a virtual machine named VM1. VM1 is configured as shown in the following table. You plan to create a checkpoint of VM1. You need to recommend a solution to minimize the amount of disk space used for the checkpoint of VM1. What should you do before you create the checkpoint? Decrease the Maximum RAM. Convert Disk1. Run the Stop-VM cmdlet.

Run the Resize-VHD cmdlet.

For checkpoints created when the virtual machine is stopped The checkpoint contains the state of the hard disks only. For checkpoints created when the virtual machine is running The checkpoint contains the state of the hard disks and the data in memory.

A checkpoint saves the state of each virtual hard disk that is attached to a virtual machine and all of the hard disk's contents, including application data files.

Pdf exam 70-417

By creating checkpoints for a virtual machine, you can restore the virtual machine to a previous state. Server1 has the Hyper-V server role installed.

Server1 is configured as shown in the following table.

70-417 pdf exam

You install a network monitoring application on VM2. You need to ensure that all of the traffic sent to VM3 can be captured on VM2. NUMA topology B. Resource control Visit us athttp: Resource metering D.

70-417 pdf exam

Virtual Machine Chimney E. Processor Compatibility G. The startup order H. Automatic Start Action I. Integration Services J. Port mirroring K. J Explanation: