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Jer anleitung deutsch pdf

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Lege je 4 Plättchen Schwerindustrie,. Volkspark und Vorortsiedlung auf die entsprechenden Felder. Hier können die. Münzen hingelegt werden. SPIELAUFBAU. video online, covering philadelphia, pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware. .. anleitung auf deutsch, tibetische entspannung mit cd: kym nye. Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Österreich Bedienungsanleitung | 3D-Drucker Stift | DEUTSCH . aus, je nachdem welches Filament Sie laden möchten.

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Deutsch pdf anleitung jer

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Deutsch jer pdf anleitung

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Pdf jer anleitung deutsch

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The Jet is the bestseller among Schartec sliding gate operators. With its N, it easily moves sliding gates up to a width of 5 m. The maximum weight is kg. The two supplied handheld transmitters are compact and thus fit easily in any trouser pocket or in any storage compartment in the vehicle.

The soft-start and soft-stop function is beneficial to the transmission and thus extends the service life of the gate and drive. In addition, automatic closing can be activated via the Schartec sliding gate operators' control box.

Schartec Jet 500 Sliding Gate Opener

Important for many customers is also the additional pedestrian function, which also allows the opening of only one door leaf to let pedestrians pass. Maximum safety is provided by the integrated power cut-off of the engine. If the gate comes into contact with an obstacle, the motor is not only stopped but also reverses the gate; this feature protects against serious injury to adults, children, or animals. The Schartec sliding gate operators are especially convincing due to their robust construction.

For example, massive steel floor slabs are used in Schartec Jet drives.


The smooth drive is provided by a 25 mm steel shaft combined with a steel pinion Module 4. The integrated LED display simplifies menu navigation and allows a large number of setting options. Our sliding gate operators comply with the latest European standards for safety revserse during obstacle detection. As a result, the control operator reacts very sensitively.

Therefore, check before purchasing if your gate mechanism is intact and the gate has been serviced. The gate should open and close smoothly and be easily operated by hand, otherwise the safety reverse could be triggered and the gate could be reversed. You have no items in your shopping cart.