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Samsung led tv manual pdf

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View and Download Samsung SMART TV e-manual online. SMART TV TV pdf manual download. To use Smart Interaction, connect the TV camera (sold separately) to the TV. N Refer to the e-Manual for details. Contents. 1. Initial Setup. 2. The Samsung Smart. 16 About the Samsung Smart Remote. 18 Controlling External Devices with the TV Remote - Using the Universal. Remote. 05 Performing the initial setup.

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LED Motion Plus (Off / On). Picture Options . Copyright. The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice to improve quality. . Bend and keep part of the outdoor TV antenna cable hanging downwards (the part inside the. E-manual in Samsung TV's helps customer to read and learn various features available in TV. Where on the other side, E-manual also tells. LED TV. Installation manual. Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To ensure full warranty coverage, please register your product at.

Fitness Fitness Fitness is an application that helps you stay fit. Make sure the coaxial cable is connected securely. Press the button to hide them. Picture Options 10p White Balance: Users can designate frequently watched channels as favorites. View the current network and Internet status. Hide Hide permanently.

Network Configuration Network Configuration Connecting the TV to a network gives you access to online services such as the Smart Hub as well as software updates. Samsung recommends using IEEE Otherwise when you play video over a network connection, the video may not play smoothly. Network Security Protocols Encryption Types: Check the wireless router's SSID and security key settings before attempting to connect.

Failed Wireless Connection Failed Wireless Connection Wireless network connection failed, or no wireless router selected. Check that the router is turned on, and if it is, turn it off and on again. Enter the correct security key if required. View the current network and Internet status. Users can either directly connect a mobile device to the TV with no need for a wireless router or connect them on the same network to play media files from the mobile device on the TV. For example, you can use the remote control's built-in touch pad to move the focus and make selections as you would on a computer using a mouse.

Buttons And Descriptions Buttons and Descriptions Turn on and off the satellite or cable set-top box connected to the TV. For this, the Smart Touch Control must be configured as a universal remote control.

Refer to "Universal Remote Control Setup" Try Now Dragging Drag on the touch pad in the desired direction. Flicking Flicking Flick on the touch pad in the desired direction. This moves the focus or scrolls the screen based on the direction and speed of the flick.

This scrolling feature easily accommodates both right-handed and left-handed users. Changing Channels By Entering Numbers Changing Channels by Entering Numbers While watching TV, press the protruding line on the left or right edge of the touch pad to bring up the numerical input window on the screen. Use your finger to enter the number for the channel you want to watch. Refer to the "Scheduled Recommended Program Info" for more information.

Select an application to launch. Samsung Apps will launch if the selected application is not installed on the TV. Refer to the "Samsung Apps" for more information. The virtual remote panel consists of a number panel, a playback control panel, and a quick access panel.

Press and hold the button. Changing the channel using the number pad leaves a record, allowing you to easily return to previous channels. Button Description Gives direct access to channels.

However, the availability of buttons may vary depending on the operating mode of the Smart Touch Control with the TV only, as a universal remote, etc. Button Description Turns the 3D image on or off. Entering Text Using The Onscreen Keypad Entering Text using the Onscreen Keypad An onscreen keypad appears when you need to enter text entering the network password, logging into your Samsung account, etc. It takes approximately 15 seconds for voice and motion recognition to come online after turning on the TV.

Voice Text Input lets users enter text using voice commands instead of a mouse, keyboard or remote control. Visit the Samsung website for a list of standard voice commands. Run Tutorial me". Use Motion Control to change the channel, adjust the volume, move the pointer, and control other TV functions. Motion Control Environment Test and select Start within 1. If light Motion Control.

Pointing Navigation: This action moves the cursor to the desired position. Make a fist to select an option or execute a command. Icon Description Adjust the volume.

Changes the channel. Launch Smart Hub. Check the recommended program information and aerial times. Select a program from the list to view detailed information about that program. This icons are only available on the screen.

Page 51 Retrieving Icons on the Screen When using Motion Control with Smart Hub, the icons will disappear automatically after two seconds of inactivity. To retrieve the icons, move the pointer to one of the three edges shown below marked in blue and then hold it there for 1 second.

The icons will reappear on the screen. Face Recognition Keep your expression as neutral as possible. In addition, keep your mouth closed but at the same time as neutral as possible. Keep the face to be completely Select in the red dotted frame. The face is successfully registered when the frame turns green. If it fails, select Retry. Enter the password for the Samsung account. To make face recognition more accurate, scan the user's face again. This TV can be controlled with a keyboard and a mouse instead of a remote control.

These peripheral devices make it easier and more convenient to use the TV. Users can then use the screen menu, Smart Hub, and other TV functions using the mouse as you would on a computer. Use this feature to view the program guide and program information more easily. However, these features are not available when viewing TV using a cable box or satellite receiver.

The information screen appears. Select Record. Record is only available for the program currently being aired. Press and hold the touch pad for 2 seconds. The screen appears.

Pdf tv manual samsung led

Change Channels Change Channels Select a channel to jump to it right away. The focus moves up and down the list in one page. Genre Drag left on the touch pad and select Genre.

Manual tv samsung pdf led

Select a desired TV channel genre. Configure the TV to show a specific channel or program at a specific time and date. Before scheduling System Time Clock Schedule Manager and then select Schedule.

A popup menu will appear. Select Schedule Viewing to proceed. Program Recording Program Recording The following options are available for program recording: Select to cancel. Select the programs you wish to From the list at the top of the screen, select play and then select Play.

Users can create a playlist. However, if the list is in Folder view mode, you can only select recordings from within the same folder. For more information, refer to "Dedicated Recording Device Management".

Search Search Titles. This changes the repeat mode. Repeat All repeats the current program only. Picture Size: However, Time Shift is only available for digital channels.

In addition, activating the Time Broadcasting Shift function disables the menu. This TV is 3D-enabled. The ideal viewing distance is three times or more the height of the screen. We also recommend sitting It takes a moment for the display to optimize and the overlapping to go away.

Pdf tv samsung led manual

Available 3D modes may vary depending on the input signal. Deactivates 3D viewing.

Setting 3d Effects Setting 3D Effects There are several adjustments that can be made to make 3D content more enjoyable. However, 3D Effects may differ depending on the product family.

Auto automatically selects the best 3D Perspective and Depth settings for the 3D signal, and Manual allows the user to adjust the 3D Perspective and Depth settings manually. If 3D channels aren't shown, configure from Auto Program.

Follow the onscreen instructions to view the program in 3D. Analog pictures can become shaky and full of noise. Configure the program's audio language. Using this option is different for analog and digital channels.

Samsung SMART TV E-manual

Digital broadcasts are embedded with audio signals in multiple languages View subtitles along with subtitle-enabled digital and analog broadcasts.

Choose the subtitle size from the list. This option is not available for analog channels. Choose a foreground color from the list. The basic image settings alter the look and feel of the image displayed on the TV screen.

How to access the E-manual in Samsung Smart TV?

Users can change the picture size for such programs and videos. However, the available size options may differ, depending on the video source. DTV mode, the screen position cannot be adjusted if the is set to Position Position Advanced Settings Advanced to fine-tune how images are displayed on the TV screen. Picture Options 10p White Balance: This option is only available when is set to Movie and may not be supported by some external devices.

Try Now Gamma: Adjusts the primary color intensity. Page 86 Color Tone: Adjusts the color tone. Picture Mode Picture When is changed, the corresponding setting will apply automatically. If Mode is set to Dynamic, users can only choose between Cool and Standard. Produces sound that will make you feel like you are sitting in a movie theater or Sound Customizer lets you calibrate the TV for the optimal sound quality based on the user's hearing level and the ambient conditions.

This function is only available when you add a custom sound Custom Sound Profile.


If the TV's audio is sent to an external device such as a home theater system, you can designate which speakers to use and make adjustments to eliminate decoding speed echoes. Pair the Samsung audio device using the TV's Bluetooth function. Refer to the Samsung audio device's operating manual for more information on pairing.

Use the clock and timer to make scheduled use of the TV easier and more efficient. Users can set the timer up to minutes in minute increments. Several onboard functions exist that help maintain the TV beyond its useful lifespan and decrease power consumption. The TV also has the following additional screen burn protection functions: This TV requires a password to lock out channels and to reset its settings to the factory default.

There are many elements available for customizing the TV for individual user preferences. This feature is only available when the external device is connected via an HDMI cable. The data will be temporarily stored on your TV. You can play movies with such carriers as a flash drive and external hard drives. With features Smart TV platform from becoming very popular.

Conventional models do not have access to the Internet, it automatically reduces the range of tasks. Among other Samsung Smart TV useful functions include:.

Visually it resembles a desktop screen on your computer, but instead labels are located on the screen icons set of widgets and various applications. You can also display a small window in which to display the selected TV channel. TV Interface Samsung worked very well.

Samsung Smart TV PDF Manual, circuit board diagrams, fault codes

If desired, to deal with the basic set of features can anyone who has mastered a normal mobile phone. The first association when you start SmartHub this similarity to smartphones. However, the Smart TV platform is a more complex system, because the specifics of the work and the screen resolution is quite different.

The presence sensor simplifies the execution of necessary applications, the sensor itself resembles a computer touchpad, with which many are familiar with. Without exaggeration, we can say that with the advent of Smart TV users received a mega functional and well-crafted entertainment center.

As we said one of the highlights of "smart" TV is the ability to install applications from the store branded Samsung Apps. Consider the most popular applications that users install the most. Foreign service the Explore 3D contains many specially prepared video in 3D. Especially useful this service to owners of 3D TVs that do not have free access to the content volume. Yota Play service provides access to a fresh full-length movies in high quality.

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