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Notes from the grooming table pdf

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Downloads PDF Notes from the Grooming Table, PDF Downloads Notes from the Grooming Table, Downloads Notes from the Grooming Table. If you struggle with this problem, my book, Notes from the Grooming Table, has a very . At the time there was nothing like Notes From the Grooming Table or even The Theory .. Click here to download the PDF: Time Frames for Procedures. pdf notes from grooming table pdf download! direct download! notes title: notes from the grooming homeranking.info author: book pdf subject: free.

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Apr 10, Download eBooks Notes from the Grooming Table (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Melissa Verplank Complete Read Online. Apr 2, Books Download Notes from the Grooming Table (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Melissa Verplank Free Complete eBooks. Description A quality, how-to grooming book that is an exceptional and easy-to-read instructional resource for both new and seasoned grooming professionals. Developed by year veteran groomer and master stylist, Melissa Verplank, this tutorial provides step-by-step guidelines on.

Show related SlideShares at end. All 7 of these skills must be MASTERED if you want to be highly valued in your grooming salon, if you want to move ahead in your career, or before you can gather loads of glowing clients. The book includes step-by-step instructions, typical grooming techniques, and illustrated up-to-date grooming styles. We have some special deals we are working on right now if you are one of the first to place your order. You just clipped your first slide! They talked about how the animals were structurally designed to survive — and thrive — in their environments.

Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book Details Author: Melissa Verplank Pages: Spiral-bound Brand: Description A quality, how-to grooming book that is an exceptional and easy-to-read instructional resource for both new and seasoned grooming professionals. Developed by year veteran groomer and master stylist, Melissa Verplank, this tutorial provides step-by-step guidelines on basic and advanced grooming techniques for all breeds.

Showcases exceptional artistic representation based on the ideal, written breed standard, and features both line drawings and photographs to accompany detailed instructional notes. Topics include general anatomy, tools and equipment, bathing, drying, clipping, brushing, scissoring, carding, hand stripping, nails and ears, feet and pads, and bathing directions for each coat type. If you want to download this book, click link in the next page 5.

Table the grooming notes pdf from

Thank You For Visiting. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. My first day on the job, I had six dogs on my roster — and no clue how to groom them. At the time there was nothing like Notes From the Grooming Table or even The Theory of 5 to guide me down this new path.

Being young and fearless has its advantages — and yes, I got through my first day at my new job. Far from it. But there was something about it I liked. I was working with animals. Being creative. Having a skill that needed to be mastered. I found it all rewarding and challenging at the same time. The more I learned about dogs — and grooming them — the more I wanted to understand how to do it well.

Wanting to learn more brought me to voluntary certification testing. I studied breed standards and terminology. I learned about structure and movement. I worked hard to achieve competition level pet styling. As I became more knowledgeable, my skill level at the grooming table improved immensely. In some ways, educating myself was like learning a foreign language.

It was the yellow one. Since then I have owned every version put out by the AKC including their latest edition which is amazing by the way! I still remember that first yellow book. I soaked up the words but was clueless as to how to apply what I was reading. The terms and concepts were abstract in so many ways.

To complicate things even further, I started attending clinics. Advanced clinics. The demonstrators were talking about structure…movement… angles. I was totally lost. All this information was over my head. But I never gave up. As baffled as I was, I was still fascinated. I wanted to figure it out. Keep in mind this is long before the age of the internet and Google searches! The more I learned — the more I wanted to learn. I started hunting for books that would help me understand how a dog was put together and why.

It was a gold mine! It was a visual dictionary of terms. All those things I struggled to imagine on my own, I could now see. How did those terms play out? What was a deep set eye? What was considered high ears? What were parallel planes? What was the difference between a cat foot and a hare foot? Any term that I found in the breed standards, I could almost always find a thorough explanation for in Canine Terminology.

I was feeling pretty confident as my knowledge grew. I could now envision what a dog that was standing still should look like based on the written standard. And I was certainly still clueless when it came to movement. All that talk about angles in the front and rear assemblies — what?

How does that work? But more importantly why does it work — and when a dog is not built correctly, how does it affect the dog? Gilbert, Jr. It was like a light bulb going off in my head.

They talked about how the animals were structurally designed to survive — and thrive — in their environments. The domesticated dog is a man-made creature. Breeds were originally bred and developed to assist man to do thousands of jobs.

Almost all purebred dogs have some working trait in their backgrounds. How they are structurally put together allowed them to work efficiently — or not — for the job they were designed to do. Man stole those ideas by studying wild animals. With controlled breeding, man was able to create dogs designed to excel in areas wherever they needed help.

The domesticated dog was there, working right beside man, to survive and thrive. Today, many of those working roles are no longer required due to advancement in the industrial age and technology.

Many breeds have been lost — while other ancient breeds still exist in small pockets around the globe. By the same token, new breeds are being developed in the domestic dog to meet the changing needs of mankind. When we travel outside the US, there are many breeds that we have never heard of — or seen — yet they are ancient breeds to their countries.

Most of these breeds have specific roles and duties. The structure of the dog determines whether they are efficient in their roles — or not. As professional all-breed pet groomers and stylists, it is critical that we understand the finer attributes of what makes up a purebred dog. The better we understand what the breed was developed for, how it was used, and what the ideal specimen should look like, the better we become with our craft. Plus, this knowledge allows us to interact and better understand our pet clients every day.

Regardless of how you get your training — through a formal training program, an apprenticeship program, or even if you are self-taught — never stop learning. Knowledge builds confidence. The more confident you have, the more proficient you will be with every dog that crosses your table.

Understanding allows you to take advantage of opportunities when they land at your feet. Education, knowledge, and the desire to grow are the tools you need to reach your maximum potential. What books or learning tools have helped you succeed?

Jump over to the Learn2GroomDogs Facebook page and tell us what works best for you! Today was one of those great days. One of those days where something special happens out of the blue.

But when it happens — it just makes you smile. Dawn brought her Wahl to the Wall! I was racing around trying to get through items on my to-do list. Every time I thought I was getting ahead, something would pop up and get added to the list. I felt like I was on a merry-go-round. It just would not stop. I knew it was going to be a real struggle to get to an appointment I had later in the afternoon. I looked down and saw who was. That alone brought a smile to my face.

She was calling for two reasons. One was to thank me for her own personalized copy of Notes From the Grooming Table — Second Edition , which was on the way but had yet to arrive on her doorstep.

The second reason took a little longer to explain, but Dawn promised I was gonna love the story. At the time, she had had the possibility of going to China to teach a clinic on creative pet grooming. What an amazing opportunity for a little groomer out of southern Georgia. A few weeks later we learned that the trip was confirmed and she was leaving the following week!

She was so excited and we were thrilled for her. We tracked the trip on Facebook along with so many of her Facebook friends. She looked to be having a wonderful time even though she was traveling solo. She told me she had a blast! Everything was wonderful and the people were so nice even though no one spoke English other than her interpreter — and that was dicey.

She still knew it would be an adventure of a lifetime she would cherish. While she was teaching the creative class, someone asked her if she would show them how to do a German trim on a Poodle.

Even though they did not speak the language, she was able to make out what they wanted. But that was not going to stop Dawn…. That night she retired to her hotel room.

She searched the database for German trims and found Judy Hudson had just what she needed on the site.

Grooming notes from table pdf the

She ordered herself a bit of dinner and spent the evening with Judy Hudson. Via streaming video, Judy taught Dawn the finer points of how to do a German trim on a Poodle. The next day Dawn was confidently able to demonstrate to her foreign classroom how to do a German trim on a Poodle — all because of Learn2GroomDogs.

Dawn wanted to make sure I heard the story firsthand from her. I was beaming! I love our Training Partners and I love being able to help others. My dream is to make learning accessible to anybody — anywhere in the world.

Between my books and Learn2GroomDogs. Even as far away as China! I cannot thank Dawn enough for sharing such a unique story. The key is to be the best you can be and share that knowledge with others. Has this ever happened to you? Go online and tell us about it on the Learn2GroomDogs Facebook page. Notes From the Grooming Table has become an industry staple in most grooming salons. My guess is you have at least one copy tucked somewhere in your shop.

Others have it right out in the open. The pages are stained, worn, and tattered. The original Notes was released in It took three years to create the book. Lisa VanSweden did an amazing job illustrating the entire thing. It was a massive undertaking.

There were times I questioned if we would ever complete it. At that time, I was questioning my sanity…. Thanks to all those copies tucked away in grooming salons and on book shelves around the world, Notes From the Grooming Table became one of the most popular grooming books ever written.

The AKC was adding recognized breeds at a record pace. New grooming tools were being added to our tool kits. Coat types we had not seen before were walking into everyday pet salons.

Download notes from the grooming table

Styling trends were changing on a number of breeds. I knew it was time to think about updating Notes. Like everyone else, I had a lot on my plate. Today I oversee four different companies, each with additional sub-companies. It was a lot easier for me to focus solely on writing the book on the first go around.

Even then, there was an ongoing joke within my team. They all swore my husband Marc locked me in my home office and threw food under the door.

In all honesty, they were not far off — especially in the last months. Seven days a week with typical days running between hours each. We started talking about a revision in , but it took until the fall of before the pieces fell together.

Lisa and I felt like it was the Fall of all over again. The focus and the commitment to this revision was just as intense as the last months on the first edition.

As we were getting close to finishing up the written section of Notes I lost count on how many rounds of proofing went into the new version! We were tossing color options around and having a hard time deciding. Then it hit me. The cover should be the color of a nice glass of red wine — something we were all going to be celebrating with once this massive project was finished! As I write this — I can see the finish line.

Yesterday the very first three books hit the office HOT off the press.

From the grooming table pdf notes

We are definitely closing in on the finish line of the Notes From the Grooming Table revision. I can taste a lovely bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon about to get uncorked. If we dribble any on that new front cover, no one will know! Check it out. Notes has stood the test of time and continues to be a leading reference guide in our industry. The art and diagrams as well as the easy to follow directions continue to be the hallmark of the book. Every bit of this book was created in the USA — from conception, to creation, to printing, to distribution.

Make sure you watch previews and announcements coming out. They will tell you where you can get your own copy in the upcoming weeks. We have some special deals we are working on right now if you are one of the first to place your order.

Go online and tell us what you think on the Learn2GroomDogs Facebook page. Do you know how to groom them correctly? Jones, we certainly can make your Bedlington look like a Bedlington! You hang up the phone and reality sets in.

What do you do? Here are three core strategies you need to groom any breed of dog. So what is your next step? How are you going to be confident when that client walks in the door tomorrow? Your next step is to look up the breed in reference books.

This will give you the official breed standard. Review the breed profile. Read about the history of the dog to gather clues about the dog. After a quick scan, you I have a good idea of the size, temperament, and structure of this new dog. Most books will also have photos that accompany each breed. Once you have become familiar with the breed itself, take a look at your grooming books.

Review the instructions. Compare the instructions to what you have read and saw in the breed standard. The Internet is an invaluable research tool. Use it wisely. Most breeds will have a parent club that hosts an official site for the breed. Spend a few minutes reviewing images of top winning dogs in their galleries. With a little luck, you may even find grooming directions or links to grooming directions from dedicated breeders.

As groomers and stylists, we are a visual bunch. When you enter terms in the search bar, add keywords like: Some will be great. Others not so great. Some will be worthless. And others will be totally off the mark. You need to have enough knowledge to filter through the images, finding the best images to suit your needs.

Use a little caution when looking up information online.

The grooming table pdf from notes

Always remember — not everything posted on the internet is correct or presents the best image of a breed. Make sure you use all your resources to gather the most accurate information possible.

Melissa Verplank – Notes From The Grooming Table eBook

Watching videos on the breed in question is also a great option. Today, anyone can post a video online. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poor quality grooming being featured — especially if it is free. Go to trusted sources like Learn2GroomDogs. However, if you have those three nuggets of knowledge, you will have the foundation skills to groom any breed.

Notes From the Grooming Table will allow you to fast track your knowledge. Simply grab the book and turn to the breed you have a question about. Keep your eyes open for how to get this revised edition — announcements on how to get yours will be available soon. As pet groomers and stylists, we get to see plenty of dogs.

Most of us pros enjoy the challenge of learning about a new breed. Figuring out what we will need to do to make the dog look like it should — or could — look like if the owners allow you to groom it correctly. I know, I know… many owners just want the hair shaved off once they walk through your door.