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Wbcs preliminary question paper pdf

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, WBCS Preliminary Examination Question Paper (Bengali). WBCS Exam 28 Jan, Preliminary Question Paper Download,pdf book download, Bengali PDF book download for Competitive exams. Previous Year Questions WBCS previous year question with answer key 16 pdf file download link provider homeranking.info can download the.

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9 ফেব This is most important pdf answer key for all the Candidates of WBCS Exam . WBCS Preliminary Exam full answer key available. WBCS Preliminary Examination Solved Question Paper by admin» Sun WBCS Preliminary Exam Question Paper Solved -Set B by admin» Sun. homeranking.info / Common. NB: This question paper is of one of our student's. So marked answers are of his own. These may be correct or not.

Select Exam s you are interested in. Which is the correct form of the given sentence. Operating system MCA degree first series examination question paper Choose the right option to rewrite the sentence: The provision for separate electorate for Hindus and Muslims was made in.

WBCS 2019 Answer Key | Question Paper, Answers & Cut Off

Free IAS Prep. Correct the following sentence and choose the right answer: We had gone to the movies last night. The tranquillity and sanctity of the place soothed us. Replace the underlined word with a suitable word.

Fill in with the right phrasal verb. Convert the given sentence into an interrogative sentence.

WBCS Preliminary Previous Year Question with Answer Key 2005-16 PDF Download

I will meet you at the train station. She wanted to go on vacation, so she saved money. Convert this to a simple sentence. Convert the given sentence into a simple sentence: Pancakes are delicious but not without syrup.

Fill in with the appropriate word: Choose the correct preposition. Which is the right answer?

Preliminary pdf wbcs question paper

He says he has invented a time machine, which is clearly a load of cobblers. Choose the right option to rewrite the sentence: Fill in the blank with the suitable option: Change the voice of the verb and select the correct answer: Chose the correct preposition. Which is the correct form of the given sentence.

They discussed about the matter. Select the correct answer to fill in the blank: View source. Where did the congress working committee first accept the idea of Quit India Movement? Which leader died on the day the Non cooperation movement was launched in ?

Pdf question paper wbcs preliminary

The first session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by. The provision for separate electorate for Hindus and Muslims was made in. Which Important event immediately preceded the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

Who once remarked - 'Nehru is a patriot while Jinnah is a politician'? Which battle established the supremacy of the British rule in India? Who said - 'The Simon Commission Report should be thrown on a leap of rubbish'?

Preliminary pdf wbcs question paper

Which of the following movements immediately followed the partition of Bengal? Article of the Indian Constitution lays down the establishment of the. Power to grant pardons are enjoyed by which of the following constitutional authorities? Consider the following statements: The Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts 1.

Examine public expenditure not only from legal and formal point of view to discover technical irregularities but also from the point of view of economy, prudence, wisdom and propriety. Examine the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. The eighty-sixth Amendment of the Constitution of India altered a Directive Principle of the Constitution to provide for. Which Article of the Constitution of India guarantees to all citizens the freedom of speech.

According to the Constitution of India it is the duty of the President to present which of the following on the desk of the Parliament - 1. Recommendations of Union Finance Commission. Report of the Public Accounts Committee. Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General. Report of the National Scheduled Caste Commission. Mark the correct date and year in which the Indian Constitution came into being.

It is an economic cooperation for the China led free trade.

Wbcs Question Paper Last 10 Years Pdf Writer

It is a counter cooperation for the Americaled trans Pacific partnership. In the countries involved in this cooperation Indian Professionals wil have job market. Select the correct answer using the codes given below:.

With reference to Hausla , consider the following statements: It is an initiative of Ministry of Minority Affairs. The power to increase the number of Judges in the Supreme Court of India is vested in. The fundamental object of 'Panchayati Raj' system is to ensure which among the following?

WBCS Prelims Answer Key & Cut Off | Exam date Feb 09 | NeoStencil

The ideal of 'Welfare State' in the Indian Constitution in enshrined in its. What will follow if a Monetary Bill is substantially amended by the Rajya Sabha? In the Constitution of India, promotion of international peace and security is included in the. Which of the following district was not in West Bengal at the time of Independence of India?

Official website of kiranprakashan leading publisher of Bank Selection process Questions and Answers Placement Paper. The question paper analysis of last 4 years shows that current affairs section is getting more and more I need last 10 years solve paper of wbcs PDF File: Want PDF How does the writer describe Just solve all the previous years' question paper Questain paper pls Title Type gnm nursing question paper with answer PDF sample question and answer paper PDF Model question papers and previous years old question papers Find model question papers and previous years question papers of any Operating system MCA degree first series examination question paper Last 7 Days.

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