Hibernate spring & struts interview questions pdf

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These interview questions and answers on Spring Framework will help you strengthen Framework Interview preparation PDF was generated at Saturday 10th January, . several popular ORM frameworks, including Hibernate, JDO, and iBATIS SQL Maps. It also contains integration support with Jakarta Struts. Hibernate is an ORM (object-relational mapping) tool for Java programming language. Download Hibernate Interview Questions PDF. Struts interview questions: Structs is an open source programming that can be utilized for creating Download Struts interview questions PDF.

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Spring & Hibernate Interview Questions - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Spring framework supports integration with Jakarta Struts. Now, exactly how do you understand where to purchase this book Hibernate, Spring & Struts Interview. Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked By Vibrant. What are the toughest Java J2EE Spring hibernate struts2 interview questions. .info//12/homeranking.info 2.

Struts2 is the combination of Webwork and struts1 frameworks. Core Java interview questions. ActionContext is a container in which action is executed. Congratulations - you have completed Struts Quiz. Download Now. ActionForm form ,.

This is often done by a lookup method.

The advantage of inversion of control is that it decouples objects from specific lookup mechanisms and implementations of the objects it depends on. As a result, more flexibility is obtained for production applications as well as for testing.

What are the different IOC containers available? Spring is an IOC container. What are the different types of dependency injection? Explain with examples. There are two types of dependency injection: Setter Injection: Normally in all the java beans, we will use setter and getter method to set and get the value of property as follows:. We will create an instance of the bean 'namebean' say bean1 and set property as bean1. Constructor injection: For constructor injection, we use constructor with parameters as shown below,.

Spring questions interview hibernate pdf & struts

The Web module also eases the tasks of handling multi-part requests and binding request parameters to domain objects.

Spring is an open source framework created to address the complexity of enterprise application development. One of the chief advantages of the Spring framework is its layered architecture. Spring AOP: The Spring AOP module integrates aspect-oriented programming functionality directly into the Spring framework. What is spring? What are the various parts of spring framework? What are the different persistence frameworks which could be used with spring?

As a result. Spring context: The Spring context is a configuration file that provides context information to the Spring framework. Spring Web module: The Web context module builds on top of the application context module.

Spring DAO: The Spring JDBC DAO abstraction layer offers a meaningful exception hierarchy for managing the exception handling and error messages thrown by different database vendors. The functionality of each component is as follows: The core container: The core container provides the essential functionality of the Spring framework.

A primary component of the core container is the BeanFactory.

Spring & Hibernate Interview Questions | Spring Framework | Data Management

The exception hierarchy simplifies error handling and greatly reduces the amount of exception code you need to write. The Spring modules are built on top of the core container. As a result you can easily AOP-enable any object managed by the Spring framework. Spring ORM: The Spring AOP module provides transaction management services for objects in any Spring-based application.

Each of the modules or components that comprise the Spring framework can stand on its own or be implemented jointly with one or more of the others.

Nevertheless AOP functionality is fully integrated into the Spring context for transaction management. This line tells the bean factory to read the bean definition from the XML file. Use what you need and leave you don't need now. As the bean factory knows about many objects within an application. The advantage.

AOP and IOC are complementary technologies in that both apply a modular approach to complex problems in enterprise application development. In a typical object-oriented development approach you might implement logging functionality by putting logger statements in all your methods and Java classes. For example. Spring MVC framework: Bean factory is an implementation of the factory design pattern and its function is to create and dispense beans. However AspectJ works at he byte code level and you need to use AspectJ compiler to get the AOP features built into your compiled code.

The core construct of AOP is the aspect. In general any AOP framework control aspects in three possible ways: Points in a program's execution. There is no behind the scene magic here. Explain BeanFactory in spring.

The resource will provide the XML to the factory. There are several implementation of BeanFactory. To create an XmlBeanFactory. In an AOP approach you would instead modularize the logging services and apply them declaratively to the components that required logging. The MVC framework is highly configurable via strategy interfaces and accommodates numerous view technologies including JSP.

What are the advantages of spring framework?

Questions hibernate struts interview pdf & spring

Program constructs to designate joinpoints and collect specific context at those points Advices: Code that runs upon meeting certain conditions. This removes the burden of configuration from the bean and the client.

POJO programming enables continuous integration and testability. What is AOP? How does it relate with IOC? What are different tools to utilize AOP? Aspect-oriented programming. The most useful one is "org.

What are the id generator classes in hibernate? It generates identifiers of type long. The most convenient method is getHibernateTemplate. It loads context definition from an XML file contained within a web application. Only when the resource is scarce like mobile devices.

It Loads context definition from an XML file located in the classpath. When getBean method is called. It should not the used in the clustered environment.

Hibernate Interview Questions

But the bean factory doesn't instantiate the bean yet. While Bean Factory is used for simple applications. To retrieve a bean from a 'BeanFactory'. This template wraps Hibernate checked exceptions with runtime exceptions. The three commonly used implementation of 'Application Context' are 1. Explain the role of ApplicationContext in spring. How does Spring supports DAO in hibernate? Time used Requires timer add on. Your answers are highlighted below. Question 1. Question 2.

Question 3. Which method can be used to avoid duplicate form submissions. Question 4. In Struts, how can we access Java beans and their properties? Question 5. Question 6. Which files are used to define mapping between URL and action. Question 7. Which method is used to clear the values of a form before initiation of a new request. Question 8.

Question 9. Can we handle exceptions in Struts programmatically? Question Which technology can be used at View Layer in Struts?

Struts interview questions

Which library is provided by Struts for form elements like check boxes, text boxes etc.? Which class is used to handle the request?

Which helper is NOT used in Struts framework? Once you are finished, click the button below. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Get Results. You have completed. You have not finished your quiz.

If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. Download PDF. You Might Like: Thank you so much sir,Awesome ;: Thanks Reply. Error Fixed! Thanks for reporting Reply. Thanks sir: HttpServletRequest ; import org. HttpServletRequest ; import javax. Action ; import org.

ActionForm ; import org. ActionForward ; import org. Column Library. Table Library. J2EE Tags library. HTML Tags library.

Action Class. Action Servlets class. The modelDriven interceptor makes other model as the default object of ValueStack. By default, action is the default object of ValueStack. The validation interceptor performs validation checks and adds field-level and action-level error messages. In plain-validator one validator can be applied to many fields.

In field-validator many validators can be applied to single field. The jsonValidation interceptor is used to perform asynchronous validation. It works with validation and workflow interceptors. Aware interfaces are used to store information in request, session, application and response objects.

The 4 aware interfaces are given below:. The i18n interceptor is used to provide multi lingual support for struts application. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Mail us on hr javatpoint. Please mail your requirement at hr javatpoint.

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