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Passages 1 second edition pdf

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Passages 1 Second Edition Teacher'S_OPT - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read book online. Title: Passages 1, second edition, student book, Author: Efraín Leota, Name: Passages 1, second edition, student book, Length: pages, Page: 1, Published. ~1 uSUANy •WJHI ttlg peopW INt rm angry With t/'lrr1 t guus rm JUst afraid mBJung. L'l~6tt~ Passages Third Edition is a two-level course that will.

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Richards Jack, Sandy Chuck. Passages 1 Workbook - Second Edition. Файл формата pdf; размером 10,77 МБ. Добавлен пользователем grassleaf Cambridge Passages All Editions - English from high-intermediate to the Second Edition 1 Class Audio · Passages Second Edition 1 Teachers Edition. Passages 1 Student Book Second Edition - Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. jd,hjhkjhkjxchjkhxchkj.

Underline the ideas from the mind map in the paragraph. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Whenever you have to work with numbers, plan to do it around noon. When the stunned shark finally let go, Anderson swam to shore, dragging his badly wounded leg behind him. Talking about topics that interest you is fun. I wasted a lot of money once because I thought I needed to.. Write the correct letter.

WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. DiovanyMoreira Where can I find the cd audio? Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Cancel Save. The spring and fall are the seasons when most people come to visit.

Edition second passages pdf 1

It's got the ocean on one side and mountains on the other. It's really beautiful, but it's expensive. Where in the world J Listen to Diana and Matt talk about two cities. Who is talking about Athens and who is talking about Seoul? Who mentions these topics, Diana D or Matt M? A defining relative clause defines or gives essential information about a noun. The Myeong-dong area has dozens of shops that sell the latest fashions.

A non-defining relative clause gives optional information about a noun and cannot begin with the pronoun that. Notice the use of commas.

Beijing has many popular tourist attractions, which include the Great Wall of China. A Look at the starting point on page 18 again. Can you find more relative clauses?

Passages 1 Second Edition Teacher'S_OPT

B Underline the relative clauses in the sentences and add commas where necessary. Write D for a defining and ND for a non-defining relative clause. Hong Kong was a British colony until when it was returned to China. Busan is a busy port city that is located in South Korea. Bogota which is situated on a high plateau in central Colombia has frequently changing weather. Montreal is a sophisticated city where some of the best cuisine in Canada is found.

Sao Paulo which is the biggest city in Brazil is also one of the world's most populated cities. C Join the sentences using non-defining relative clauses. Then compare answers. You can see fabulous sculptures there. Seoul's name comes from the ancient word Seorabeol. Seorabeol means capital. The center of Beijing is Tiananmen Square. It is the world's largest public square. A great time to visit Seoul is in the fall.

This is when Korean people celebrate the Chuseok festival. Japanese restaurants are now popular in Barcelona. They have started appearing in recent years. Australia's first European settlers came to Sydney in the s. They were originally from Great Britain. Write three sentences. Use relative clauses where appropriate. Ii What makes a city? Put the voca u ary words in the columns. Add ideas of your own. B Pair work Use the features above to talk about your city.

Give examples and add extra information. Acaraje is one of the most popular foods, and it's really delicious.

Edition passages 1 pdf second

It's a deep-fried cake that's made from mashed beans. Listen to Carlos and Vicki talk about San Francisco. Who seems to like the city better? B Pair work Discuss your answers.

New York is incredibly expensive. I'm not sure I agree. Maybe, but don't you think.. I know what you mean, but Organizing ideas Making a mind map is a good way of organizing your brainstorming ideas. Mind maps help you map out the supporting details about your topic. A Look at the phrases in the box about Cuzco, Peru. Choose the main idea and write it in the center of the mind map.

Then write the supporting details in the mind map. Read the paragraph about Cuzco. Underline the ideas from the mind map in the paragraph. CtaCO has something fOr everyone. People who are interested in architecture will love the nearby Inca ruins or Machu Picchu and the palace or Inca Roqa. CtaCO has many places to stay, which range rram firstclass hotels to cozy inns.

There are also many cares and restaurants where you can eat unique local dishes or international cuisine. When you visit CtaCO, you should try to experience all it has to offer. C Choose a place you know and make your own mind map. Be sure the main idea is general and contains several supporting ideas. E Pair work Exchange paragraphs with a partner. Then answer the questions. Is there any information you would like your partner to add?

Does the content of the paragraph refl ect the ideas in the mind map? Would you like to visit the place your partner wrote about? Why or why not? Complete the descriptions with the sentences below. Most evenings you can choose from a movie, a concert, or even a museum.

There's something to do in all four seasons. But there's not much act ion here at night. However, housing costs are high. So, even though our streets are safe, the evenings can be dull. But be careful - in spite of all the late-night activity, the crime rate is high. On the other hand, it can sometimes be difficult to find a job.

Although it's fast, clean, and cheap, it's pretty crowded during rush hour. Nevertheless, it's still the most popular way for people to get to work. Despite the nearby shops, you'll still want a car. There are no buses here. These compound terms describe different types of towns. How would you define each one? B Pair work Which of the terms above best describes your hometown?

Which best describes the town where you'd like to live someday? A Look at the starting point on page 22 again. Can you find more sentences that have two or more modifiers? B Write descriptions of places you know. You can use these words and phrases to connect contrasting ideas. Look at the starting point on page 22 again. What words and phrases connect the contrasting ideas? B Circle the words that are true for you. Then complete the sentences. Even though I woul? On the other hand, In spite of that, C Pair work Discuss your answers.

Ask and answer follow-up questions. Where would you move? I hope someplace cheaper, but still near here. A Listen to Maria and Ian talk about life in Sydney. Who seems to enjoy enmg living there more? Which person has these opinions? Maria Ian Both 1. It's easy to get around Sydney.

The beaches are great. The rents are expensive. It's a fun place to live. The restaurants are all expensive. Life is better in a smaller town. Can you add one more to the list? B Pair work How important are the points above in your town?

Which three are the most important to you personally? I'd love to find a place I could afford that was near someplace fun. But for me, I guess low crime rates are probably the most important. I want to live somewhere where I feel safe. I don't mind if it's a little boring. C Class activity Share your answers with your classmates. Which issues were mentioned most often? Pair work What do you know about Melbourne and Sydney?

Read the first two paragraphs. Then tell you partner. Melbourne has quaint old buildings and parks. Sydney has spectacular beaches, but Melbourne's are less crowded. Talk to Melbournians, and they'll say their city is best. Talk to Sydneysiders, and they'll say Sydney is the number one place to live. According to many Melbournians, inhabitants live a life of ideas, discussion, and debate.

People are active in the arts, and live well. Then again, that's what Sydneysiders say about their city, too. Talk to Melbournians, and they'll tell you their city has friendlier and more outgoing people than Sydney.

Most Sydneysiders won't disagree about their city being less friendly. Nevertheless, they'll be quick to tell you that it's a dynamic, world-class city with tons of things to do and see. Sydneysiders say they are always busy enjoying all that their city offers - such as the crashing surf at Bondi,. People in downtown Sydney are always on the move, rushing to make contacts, cutting deals, and gaining influence.

In Melbourne, eating out is a pastime and the pace of life is slower and easier. Melbourne may not have the great surfing of Sydney, the beautiful Darling Harbor, or the Opera House; instead, it's low key and savvy. You have to dig a little to get under its surface, but once there, you'll find a perfect example of a chic, ultra-modern city.

Sydney looks internationally for inspiration, but Melbourne tends to look regionally - to Japan, for example. In a word, if you were to compare them to American cities, Sydney would be sunny L. B Read the article again. I the correct answers. True False 1. Both Melbournians and Sydneysiders love their city.

Melbourne is famous for its spectacular beaches. The pace of life is slower for Sydneysiders than for Melbournians. Melbourne gets ideas from different countries in Asia. Does Melbourne or Sydney seem more interesting to you? Are there any cities in your country that have a rivalry? How are the cities different?

How are the people different? Self-assessment How well can you do these things? Talk about likes and dislikes with verbs followed by gerunds Ex. Can you think of a personal example for each one? That way I can spend as much time as I want. I don't really like going to galleries alone. It's nice to share the experience with someone. Make a list of changes you think should be made. It would be nice to be able to walk around without worrying about traffic.

Useful expressions Making recommendations The city should provide. The city ought to. Wouldn't it be nice if.. It would make a lot of sense to Listen to a radio show called JiVho's Sorry Now? What is the focus of the show? Mark made the manager think that Luke didn't want the job.

Mark said he should feel terrible, but he doesn't. Anna buried her brother's harmonica in the desert.

Anna said she should have bought her brother a drum set. Luke didn't tell his roommate that he knew about the call. Luke said he should have told his roommate he knew about the call. C Pair work Have you ever made a mistake like the ones on the radio show? Would you consider calling a show like JiVho's Sorry Now? I should have gone. I really wish I could speak French now. Maybe it would be fun. What about you? Tell them why each place is worth seeing. The Ubertad Market is fantastic.

As soon as I get up in the morning, I race off to the gym. After I finish my workout, I head to the office. I always get there before any of my colleagues arrive. I suppose I'm a morning person. Ever since I was a kid, I've had trouble getting up early, so I guess I'm a late riser. Until I've had my coffee, I'm such a grouch. I'm not very approachable right after I wake up!

I'm a power napper. While I take my lunch break at work, I often sneak a five-minute nap at my desk. After I have a little sleep, I feel great the re st of the day. I don't get much done until it gets to be late afternoon. Then I usually get a spurt of energy. I can concentrate best after everyone else has gone to bed. I'd say I'm a real night owl. Whenever you need to study for a test, do it between 9: Study languages in the early afternoon. Whenever you have to work with numbers, plan to do it around noon.

Energy levels drop between 2: Before your energy level falls, try taking a short nap. Do something that requires concentration between 6: Your mind and body are sleepiest at 4: This is why it's not a good idea to stay up studying all night. B Pair work Do you prefer to do these things in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, or at any time of the day? Compare answers.

Notice how these clauses show time relationships. If the subject of the sentence doesn't change, clauses with right before, right after, and while can be reduced. However, other time clauses cannot usually be reduced. Ever since I was a kid, I've had trouble getting up early.

I've been a night person from the moment I started college. A Look at the starting point and Exercise 2 on page 28 again. Can you find more time clauses? Which one can be reduced? B Pair work Complete the sentences with information about yourself.

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Then discuss your answers with a partner. While working on a really difficult task, I become really frustrated whenever. I don't feel awake in the morning until.. Whenever I have trouble sleeping,. I can never concentrate after. From the moment I wake up in the morning. After I've stayed out too late.

I take a nap whenever. Match the phrasal verb in the question with the correct definition. Do you ever burn out from too much work?

B Pair work Discuss the questions above. Where do you like to ride? I the things you do to cope with stress. Can you add other suggestions to the list? What is the main cause of stress for each person? What solution has each person found? Solution 1. Sean 2. Lisa 3. A Look at the problems below. Have you ever had a problem like this? What other problems do people have with sleep and energy levels? I've been working day and night; on an important; project;.

It;'s going well, but; I'm feeling so wom out;. I'm worried about; my healt;h. I always put; off st;uclying unt;il t;he night; before t;he t;est;. I st;ay up all night; st;uclying, but; after t;hat; I st;iII don't; do very well. Whenever my friends call me lat;e at; night;, we t;alk for hours and hours. The next; day, I c an't; keep my eyes open! B Pair work Imagine you have one of the problems above.

Take turns asking for and giving advice. I've been working a lot on this project, and I'm so worn out. I'm worried about my health.

Useful expressions Giving advice Have you ever thought of going. You might want to It might not be a bad idea to. The way I see it, you ought to.. Effective topic sentences Effective topic sentences are neither too general nor too specific. A topic sentence is supported by the other sentences in the paragraph. They seem to get most of their work done before lunch. On the other hand, night people have trouble getting up in the morning. They often drag themselves through the day and reach their peak in the evening.

Night people, who often stay up until 2: Early mornings are bad times of day for most people. Morning people and night people live very different lives. Working at night is hard for morning people.

Night people get enough sleep even though they go to bed late. B Read the paragraph and complete the topic sentence. Then compare your answers with a partner.

Usually I play soccer or basketball. Kicking a soccer ball around clears my head. When I'm playing, I don't think about anything but the ball. Later, I feel relaxed, I'm focused, and I'm ready to concentrate on my homework.

C Choose one of these topics or your own idea. Then write a paragraph with a topic sentence. Pair work Take turns reading your paragraphs, but don't read the topic sentence. Can you guess what your partner's topic sentence is? A good night's sleep A Read the statements about sleep habits. I the statements that are true for you. I sometimes lie awake at night. I'm lucky I can get by on six hours of sleep, considering that most people need eight. I'm a light sleeper, so any little noise wakes me up unless I'm really tired.

I can manage on five hours of sleep, as long as I take a nap during the day. Unless I get a good night's sleep, I can easily fall asleep at schooL at work, ar even while driving.

I always set two alarm clocks just in case one of them doesn't go off. I only wake up early if I have somewhere to be in the morning. I never have any trouble sleeping. I'm exhausted every morning, even if I slept great all night. B Pair work Compare your answers. Which statements did you check? I can't help it. I replay everything that happened during the day.

I do the same thing, especially when I'm feeling stressed. A Put these expressions about sleep in the columns. B Pair work Use the expressions to ask and answer questions. Whenever I try to take a nap, I end up sleeping until the next morning, But let me ask you something. What do you do when you feel drowsy after lunch? Even ifintroduces a condition that does not influence the main clause.

I sometimes lie awake at night, even if I'm really tired. Considering that introduces causes and reasons that explain the main clause. As long as introduces a condition on which the main clause depends. Unless introduces something that must happen in order to avoid a consequence. Unless I get a good night's sleep, I can easily fall asleep at school, at work, or even while driving.

Just in case introduces an undesirable circumstance that needs to be taken into account. I always set two alarm clocks just in case one of them doesn 't go off. Look at the starting point on page 32 again. Can you find more clauses stating reasons and conditions? I usually wake up on time, as long as I fall asleep pretty quickly at night, considering that I always have a boring book on my night table just in case..

Even if I'm extremely stressed out, I never.. I only leave a light on if.. Listen to Kate and Sergio talk about their recurring dreams. What is each person's dream? What do they think the dreams mean? B Pair work Read these accounts of unusual dreams. What do you think they mean? When I looked down, I was amazed to see hundreds of people on the ground pointing up at me I asked a man for help, and he held up a sign in a language I'd never seen before Useful expressions Interpreting meaning I think that means.

It sounds like The balloon probably stands for It might symbolize. In the days before electricity, people didn't worry much about sleep. They usually went to bed a couple of hours after sunset and woke at sunrise. After all, there wasn't much to do in those days after the sun went down.

But then came the electric light bulb. And now we have satellite television, the Internet, hour convenience stores, and longer hours at work.

How much can we sleep? How much should we sleep? Like it or not, many of us are sleeping less on average. In , most Americans slept nine hours a night.

That dropped to 7. In , a study by the National Sleep Foundation found that the average American got only 6. The news is even worse for people who work the night shift. They sleep an average of just five hours. Are we sleeping enough? Not if you believe in the old formula of eight hours of rest, eight hours of work, and eight hours of play.

On the other hand, Norman Stanley, a British scientist who studies sleep, believes people's sleep needs vary. Some people need as many as 11 hours, but others need as few as three. How much do you really need? That's your sleep need. Some are developing chemicals that are safer and more powerful than caffeine, the chemical found in coffee and tea. One experimental drug, CX, kept laboratory monkeys working happily, healthily, and accurately for 36 hours. Future breakthroughs may allow people to safely stay awake for several days straight.

One group of researchers is studying a gene found in some fruit flies that lets them get by on one-third the usual amount of sleep. Another group is even working on an electric switch that instantly wakes up a sleeping brain. The implications of this research are huge. On the one hand, this could lead to a world where we work longer and longer hours with less and less sleep.

On the other hand, if we needed less sleep, we would have more free time to travel , read, volunteer, and spend time with family. To sleep or not to sleep - that may soon be the question.

B Read the article again and answer the questions below. What scientific research is mentioned in the article? How much sleep does Norman Stanley think a person needs?

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What ideas about the future are mentioned in the article? What do you think would happen in the future if scientists found ways to let people stay awake longer? Would people be happier? Read about six different types of people you sometimes meet on social occasions. Match the descriptions with the pictures. Irs a good idea to try out different topics to get a conversation going, and the conversation starter does just that. Talking about your accomplishments too much is often considered rude, but that doesn't stop the braggart.

Talking about topics that interest you is fun.

Unfortunately, the bore is interesting to no one else. It's usually considered impolite to interrupt people, but the interrupter is always jumping into the conversation out of turn. Pair work Do you know any people like the six types above?

What is it like to have a conversation with them? She 's really nice, but I guess she just gets excited about the conversation and wants to jump in. These sentences can also be restated with gerund phrases. It's rude to ignore your conversation partner. Ignoring your conversation partner is rude. It's a good idea to try out different topics. Trying out different topics is a good idea. The word considered may also follow be in this kind of sentence. It's considered impolite to interrupt people.

Interrupting people is considered impolite. It's customary for the complimenter to say nice Saying nice things about others is customary for thi ngs about others.

A Look at the starting point on page 36 again. Can you find more sentences that begin with gerunds? Try to change them into sentences beginning with it's. Rewrite the sentences using infinitive or gerund phrases. It's inappropriate to talk about politics at work or school. Using certain gestures is impolite in some foreign countries.

Asking someone's age is often considered rude. It's not unusual in the U. Hugging friends when you greet them is customary in many cultures. Asking strangers if they're married is inappropriate in some countries. I j What's appropriate? B Group work How do you feel about these things? Discuss these situations using the words and phrases above. You kiss people you meet on the cheek. You and your classmates interrupt the teacher.

You stand very close to people when you talk to them. You and your parents talk honestly and openly. Your best friend calls you after You start a conversation with a stranger on a bus or subway. A Small talk is light conversation with friends, acquaintances, or strangers. Check w"' the topics that are appropriate for small talk. B Group work Imagine you are at a party. Start a conversation, keep it going for one minute, and bring it to a close. Then find a new partner and repeat.

How's it going? Hey, did you see that soccer game last night? It's amazing to see our team play so well. Hey, I should get going, but I'll call you later. Useful expressions Conversation openers How's it going? Can you believe this weather? It's awful! That's a great jacket.

Do you know many people here? Conversation closers See you later. Sorry, I've got to run. Talk to you soon. It was great to meet you. I should get gOing. I'll call you later. Read these journal entries from Eun Mi's family and a friend. How did each person react to her news?

I w"'s -Peell"'. Evev sl"'. Now, i-P I'IM oltAev. I k"'. B What words or phrases helped you decide? Underline them. C Imagine you have just received some important news.

Write a journal entry expressing one of these reactions to the news. I think he was talking to the office manager on his cell phone. He was telling her that it would be a bad day at work. He explained that they were going to layoff my entire department! I asked them what they were saying, but they claimed they hadn't been talking about me.

I knew that wasn't true. It really hurt my feelings. He was warning his friend not to say anything. So of course I listened. He said he was getting a terrible grade in math this year!

And he said it was a big secret too. In fact, my parents still don't know the truth. Would you rank each person in the same way? Who do you teU first? This is what they said. B Pair work Why would you tell something to one person and not to another? Discuss your reasons. Statements "It's a big secret. Reported statements He said that it was a big secret. He said that he was getting a terrible grade. He said that they had gotten engaged.

They claimed that they hadn't been talking about me. He said that she had been absent since Tuesday. She said that they had never been there before. He said that he would meet me at the cafe. Reported questions I asked him if he had known about the layoffs.

I asked them what they were saying. Reported general truths She said that the sun rises in the east. No change in tense. Grammar Plus; See page A Look at the starting point on page 40 again. Can you find more examples of reported speech? B Rewrite the sentences using reported speech. C Pair wo rk Imagine that you have overheard this conversation. Take turns reporting each line of the conversation. Rya n: I heard some interesting news today.

Do you know AmandaJenkins? I know what she looks like, but I've never met her. Well, she's going to study for a year in Australia. How can she afford that? She got a scholarship that will take care of all her expenses. I think that's great.

When is she leaving? I don't know. Tell me what he said. A Put these expressions for reported speech in the columns. He claimed that..

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He asked me to He warned me not to. After a week, I told him. Circle the best answer to the questions. Nicole's sister met her fian ce. Nicole's sister is probably.. These headings are missing from the text. Put them in the rea mg correct place.

He seems to think everyone has a hearing impairment. Doesn't he know the phone already amplifies his voice? In her travels, "Telephone Doctor" Nancy Friedman has noticed a variety of "cell phone personalities," Which of these types have you seen around? This pompous fellow makes all his business calls in public places while standing in the middle of a crowded room.

He conducts big business deals right there in front of us, but we're not impressed. This exasperating person makes trivial phone calls, one after another, after another. On airplanes, you'll overhear her saying ridiculous things like, ' Ht; we haven't len yef,' or ' Ht; we just landed OK, see you in a minute.

Making and taking calls anytime, anywhere is the trademark of this infuriating person. She'll chat in restaurants, at movie theaters, and even at funerals. When her cell phone rings, she looks at you and says insincerely, 'Oh, sorry about that". Drive or use the phone - don't do both at the same time. This can be dangerous. Irs really scary to see a delivery truck in the rear view mirror with a distracted driver on a phone behind the wheel.

These are the people who haven't bothered to personalize their ring tone. One phone rings and ten people check to see if irs theirs. Hang on, I think thaYs my phone! Group work Does the article describe any cell phone users you know or have seen?

What bad cell phone manners have you seen recently? The dog and his trainer surfed together on the same surfboard between. Police said, "They've called us to remove the pair because they've been getting more attention than, the actual contest: The dog s 'd "I've always surfed. Sometimes 1 thInk '" he's a better surfer than I am. Her trainer said, I started teaching her to paint last year, and she caught on qUickly. Adding the paint was the next step.

Maggie earned a fish for every successful brush stroke. The trainer has saved all the paintings.