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Copyright by Effortless English LLC and A.J. Hoge. All rights reserved. Chapter 8: Babies Learn Best — The Effortless English™ Engine. Chapter 9: The . My name is A.J. Hoge. I am the creator of the Effortless English Teaching System and I am the Founder and Director of The Effortless English Club- one of the. Independent English Learning | The Effortless English Show. Hello. I'm A.J. Hoge , the author of Effortless English: Learn to Speak English Like a Native. And this.

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Powerful English Speaking, Download Now - Effortless English. 14 Pages by Allen Hoge. Preview Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native. Effortless English by A.J. Hoge: PDF+ 6 DVDs PDF BOOK: Effortless English Learn to Speak English Like a Native. ENGLISH. LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH LIKE A NATIVE. A.J. HOGE Inquiries: [email protected] Website: homeranking.info

I want to free people from doubt. Do it daily. You can make the negative powerless and you can also increase the strength of positive memories. That small square is your power movie. In our community. I interviewed them. They then created a psychological system designed to help individuals achieve the highest levels of success and happiness in their lives.

What if you automatically felt more excited every time you learned English? This change alone would improve your speaking. The process of connecting emotions to an experience or process is called anchoring.

The secret to breaking a negative anchor and creating a new positive one is intensity. Anchoring can be positive or negative.

Instead of feeling nervous. Smile bigger. Pull your shoulders back and push your chest up and out. Perhaps you would think about a big problem you have. This is how you consciously can create a negative emotion. Think about your future success speaking English powerfully. Think about the biggest success you have ever had.

Put a big smile on your face and hold it. And what about your voice? You could moan. Shout and cheer loudly as you jump and smile and think of wonderful things. And use your voice. After doing all of the above for a few minutes. Bring your head up and look straight ahead. How would you make yourself feel more excited right now? Instead of just standing and smiling.

Think about something great in your life. How would you use your body to create a tired and sad feeling? Would you pull your shoulders back. Go crazy! First you are just pretending. Would you look up or down? Would you smile or frown? To make yourself feel even worse. Then jump in the air like you are celebrating a big victory. And there is more good news. Each day. Why Happy Students Learn More. They remember more and they remember longer.

You have broken the old negative anchor and replaced it with a new positive one. The final step. Research has shown that people who are excited and energized while learning actually learn more quickly. As you repeat this process every day. As you are listening. Creating this positive anchor to English. The same was true when they tested these students again at three months and later at six months. When you look at our most successful members. Krashen says. The best way to counter this.

Change your body and your mental focus in order to create excitement and positive energy. They have very strong positive emotions. Heal your English trauma. In one study. Build a strong anchor. When you use peak emotions you can speak better — right now.

They are all extremely enthusiastic. As a result. Stephen Krashen. They have a lot of energy. It takes many years to speak English well. There is one right answer.

There is one right way to say it. The hidden curriculum is the source of most negative beliefs about English. My test scores are low. After years in school. English is complicated and difficult. English learning is boring and frustrating. We can put beliefs into two general categories: Grammar study is the key to English speaking. In addition to peak emotions. Only a few special people can learn to speak English powerfully.

They tell us what is possible and what is not. The negative beliefs and emotions then lead to bad decisions.

The problem with these negative beliefs is that they lead to negative emotions about English. You also learned how to anchor connect strong positive emotions to English. They open us to success or limit us to failure. English is stressful. The best way to learn English is to sit in a class. And with each negative experience. This is why beliefs are so important.

Maybe you decided that English was painful and stressful. So whenever you had another encounter with English.

Hoge pdf aj effortless english

They will assume that something is wrong with them. Mistakes are normal and necessary. Each negative experience made the belief stronger. Your brain decides what the event means to your life as a whole. I can speak English fluently in about six months. Many English learners completely lose hope and simply quit. Whenever you have an English language experience.

Based on these events. You must. The problem is that these beliefs then affected all of your English experiences that followed. Someone who feels only a few special people can master English will likely become frustrated very quickly. They are the central programs in our brain that create feelings. What kind of empowering beliefs do you need for English speaking success? Here is a sample list: English is easy.

Beliefs tell you what an experience means. Beliefs are what make the difference between ultimate success or a lifetime of frustration with English.

After each of these embarrassing experiences. Eventually you become completely certain about the belief. Study their psychology and their success. I studied their emotions. You might find them in your town.

The more you model successful people. One powerful method for changing beliefs is called modeling. Grammar study kills English speaking. You can probably imagine the greater feelings of confidence and excitement that these beliefs create. Maybe you remember a fun activity. If possible. By focusing on success instead of failure. As you remember all of your past experiences. You will certainly find them online.

How do you do this? Simply by reviewing all of your past experiences with English. That is how I created a system based on success. You can see that these beliefs are more likely to create success than the limiting ones.

I studied the most successful English learners. While I hope this book will help to change your beliefs. You learn about them. Maybe you enjoyed. You can make empowering beliefs stronger in the same way. Modeling simply means to find a successful person and study them carefully. Anyone can learn to speak English powerfully. Your job now is to find successful English speakers and model them. In our community. If you want to speak English powerfully.

But how do you create these beliefs? Clearly the empowering beliefs are more desirable. When you do find them. You learn what they did and how they did it. The more you focus on and think about negative experiences. This upward spiral is the key to rapid success with English. Those bad results then create new and stronger negative beliefs. Then write down a new empowering belief about English. Garbage negative limiting beliefs create negative emotions. Your list will grow longer and longer. And as it grows.

The whole cycle repeats again and again. Most people can identify at least a few such experiences. And of course. Create a list of all the positive experiences you have ever had with English. Empowering beliefs create more positive emotions. Remember each experience. See each one in your mind and feel those positive feelings again. Better results then create even stronger empowering beliefs.

The next step is to focus your attention on these memories every day. When you remember these positive experiences. Perhaps you can see the problem. The player must play the game intuitively.

It might be interesting or not! English is not a subject to be studied. It turns out the body is. You must be able to listen. By using physical actions while learning. English conversation is more like playing soccer football. When we first discussed fuel. Your job. Real English conversations are very fast and they are unpredictable.

They learn by doing. James Asher. The other person speaks quickly and you never know exactly what they will say. Remember that your fuel is an important part. Learning to play English. There simply is no time to think about grammar. You take tests about this knowledge. You analyze the parts of the language grammar. In school you study English. The problem is. Asher became curious about the link between language and movement after watching how young children learned to speak.

A soccer player must act and react almost instantly. Studying grammar rules to speak English is much like a soccer player studying physics to play soccer. You learn about English.

Soccer players do not study physics formulas in order to play well. He also noticed that parents frequently used actions and gestures while speaking to their babies. Asher believes that students can learn 12 to 36 words in an hour using this method. One way to use movement while learning English is to use the Action Vocabulary method. I want them energized. You sit for an hour or more. Based on his research and observations. This kind of learner tends to struggle in traditional classrooms.

I want them moving. These actions strengthen the meaning of the phrase and make it easier to remember. While everyone benefits from physical learning. Less movement. English is a performance skill. Asher developed the Total Physical Response system of language teaching in which students respond to teacher commands in the new language with whole body actions.

As your energy drops. The movement should. Because I know that active and energized people learn faster. In this method. You shout the word or phrase and perform the movement. The more you use your body while learning. And as your concentration drops. You know that psychology is the fuel that makes the engine go. Another simple way to use your body is to walk while learning English. As you walk. Children learn best while playing.

Enjoy it! Remember the peak emotion exercise you learned? This is another excellent way to use your body while learning English. You have learned the importance of an active.

By doing this repeatedly. They are happy. You must develop that fuel to create higher and higher energy for learning. This is far more effective than simply trying to memorize long lists of words. As you use the techniques and methods in this book. You do not need to be bored and tired. Then continue learning English.

As an independent learner. This combination creates a stronger and deeper memory. There is no reason to be limited by the old school methods. I guarantee you will get better results. Fully energize your body and create peak emotions. You do not need to sit motionless in a chair while you learn. They learn by playing and play while learning. With a smart phone you can make your learning mobile!

Instead of sitting on your butt. You are the master of your own learning. You do not need to remain silent. Take these energy breaks every minutes every time you learn English. It is time for you to rediscover these natural qualities. As an adult. They are energized by curiosity. You have learned how to use peak emotion anchoring. They learn actively.

Watch children when they are playing. They bring an attitude of play to everything they do. Using boring vocabulary learning methods. Learning English is a marathon. They last! The key is to use a movement that reminds you of the meaning of the vocabulary.

When you combine strong physical movements with understandable new vocabulary. When you learn in this way. The more loudly you shout and the more energetically you do the gesture.

There is a better way. It is possible to learn new vocabulary in a way that is far more powerful AND is a lot of fun. These connections are long term. As a student. It requires high levels of motivation that are sustained for many years. The key to deep. They repeat the lists many times. They study long lists of words. Lift your arms over your head as you jump and dance and smile. Shout your answer!

Keep your head and eyes up. Then smile… smile a big smile. Keep a big smile on your face as you answer with a loud voice.

Powerful English Speaking, Download Now - Effortless English by Allen Hoge - PDF Drive

Keep your eyes up. By the end of the lesson. I taught a number of new words using this action vocabulary method. Look up. Keep smiling. As this exciting music plays. Take deep breaths. In a recent seminar I did in Vietnam. Pull your shoulders back. Play your favorite music again and repeat. Through the Mini-Story lesson.

Stand tall. Before you start listening to your English lesson.

Powerful English Speaking, Download Now - Effortless English

Feel the happiness and energy from the music. If you begin to feel tired or bored at any time. I asked the students to use the same strong gesture we had practiced. Each action was connected to the meaning of the new word or phrase. Dance with the music.

I gave the students homework: Each time I used one of the new words in the story. Change your body. Jump and dance. As you listen. Now play your English lesson. Find some exciting. By simply shouting the phrase and doing the movement vigorously several times. When you listen to my Mini-Story lessons. Walk and breathe deeply as you listen to the lesson.

The students shouted the new words with me. I repeated those new words again — this time in a story lesson. Stop and say loudly. Keep looking up.

If students do this. Add more energy to your body and your emotions. Then play the lesson again. By managing your emotions in this way. Students are told these goals are important and thus spend years focusing on test scores. No wonder so many people feel bad about English. These goals feel like an obligation. A great goal is like a positive addiction.

Why do you want to speak English powerfully? Weak goals. This goal guides you and motivates you even through difficult times. A powerful goal energizes. Who gets excited and inspired by tests?

A strong goal not only motivates you. These goals are weak and uninspiring. The goal keeps you focused on what is important in your life. Where do these goals come from? The problem is that external goals goals provided by outside people feel like work. A strong goal is emotional. IELTS or other exam. A great goal can totally change your life. To be powerful. Some people are focused on tests scores. Goals tell our brains what we want. But what makes a strong goal?

A strong goal is one that creates a positive obsession in your mind. This is why test score goals are so weak.

Maybe you answer. To connect with more people. Goals must excite you.

English aj hoge pdf effortless

With English. These are questions that help you find your deeper reason for speaking English. So you ask yourself again. English is a tool to help you with that goal. I recently did a series of seminars and presentations in Thailand.

Learn to Speak English Like a Native - AJ Hoge

I too have sometimes been guilty of having weak goals. You must use the language to unleash its power. So the key to finding your big goal is to figure out how you want to use English in the real world. Just knowing a lot of words and grammar is useless. Maybe you dream of studying abroad at an American university. The point is that English is a tool for communication. Maybe you dream of being a rich and successful international businessperson.

Maybe you want to make international friends from many countries around the world. Maybe your big goal is to travel the world and live a life of adventure — and you know that English is the international language. So how do you find and create truly powerful goals?

Begin by asking yourself power questions. And the best power question of all is simply. My initial goals were: As you go deeper. Maybe you have more than one big goal for English. You should feel enthusiastic and energized just thinking about your goals. Such is the power of big and meaningful goals. Why do I want to connect with more people?

What do I want to contribute? What do I want to accomplish? So I thought more deeply. I want to help them achieve their dreams! Now these were exciting goals! These goals immediately gave me energy and power. Now these were certainly positive goals — but they had no power. I asked myself. They made me want to jump out of bed and get to work! They made me want to do a fantastic job as a teacher. Why do you want to learn English?

What is the most exciting outcome you can imagine speaking English will bring you? What truly inspires you about learning English? Think bigger. Dream bigger! Do yourself a favor: Choose big. I want to inspire people and change their lives! I want to awaken their imaginations! I want to heal their English trauma! I want to totally change the way people learn English. Ignite your passion! They inspired me to learn and grow better and better. They made me want to create an amazing demonstration — not just some boring lecture.

I want to help people achieve their dreams using English as a tool! I want to build an international family of super enthusiastic learners!

I want to give them happiness. I want to free people from doubt. I knew I had to find a way to help them reprogram their beliefs.

During that class. This chapter is the final step to reprogramming your psychology for English success. I thought about her problem and her beliefs. I could see that something was wrong and wanted to find out how I could help her. In just a few weeks. On the first day of class.

Like many English learners. I noticed a dramatic difference. I taught the technique to the class and continued to use it throughout the semester.

Ploy grew more confident and outgoing. She hunched her shoulders and tried to disappear behind the student who sat in front of her. Ploy remained silent during the entire class. After class I asked her to stay a minute. You simply need to learn how to control your power and use it to change your emotions. This experience showed me the power of psychology and why it is so important to program yourself for success.

Her classmates likewise grew more confident week by week. I had a student named Ploy. Ploy sat in the back row. I realized that other students in the class probably had similar feelings. Because of this history. Before I taught them English. I told her. The problem for learners is not a lack of intelligence. These movies then create your emotions. Your memories and your dreams are recorded in your mind as a combination of these senses.

You can change the size of the images in your mind. How that memory is structured is also important. This chapter is about how to change your internal movies so they program you for both powerful feelings and skillful performance while speaking. If you frequently think about memories of embarrassment with English.

You want to feel confident and powerful when speaking. Each of the senses has several sub- modalities that can be controlled and changed. And you could focus on the sensations or feelings of embarrassment and move them faster in your body. If you imagine the movie showing on a screen inside your mind. For most people.

As you think about the movies you make in your mind. When you want to change the results you get with learning English. Perhaps you hold limiting beliefs. You control the movement of your internal movies and can make them fast. By changing how the movie is played in your mind. You can change the brightness of a movie. That memory is a movie in your mind. These are the ingredients you use to write and direct your own internal movies.

You create these movies with your five senses: What is in your movies and how that movie is made. Your internal movies are the programs you use to create feelings. When you notice the good feelings. What do you see? Then notice what you hear: And what about the feelings: Where are the feelings in your body? Do you feel vibrations in your body.

Make that happy vibration faster. As director of your own mind. For most. As you make it bigger. With a happy memory. It can be anything. You control the temperature colder. You control the rhythm. Just notice the details of this happy internal movie. Internal movies have soundtracks. A good director controls the images. As you remember. Memories are simply internal movies you have created about an experience you had in the past. You can change the tone and pitch. Think of a very happy memory.

Close your eyes. And you also control the feelings or physical sensations in your movies. Then make the image bigger in your mind. If you only see a still photograph. Feelings are physical and are usually experienced as a vibration or energy in the body.

You control the loudness of the sounds in your movie. Try making the sounds a bit louder. The question is. You also control the intensity of emotions and can make them vibrate faster or slower in your body. You can. The good news is you can re-direct these movies in order to make them weaker or stronger.

Now become the director of this memory. Then make the colors more beautiful. By doing all of these things. Now consciously make a movie for that goal.

They are controlled by negative thoughts and memories and bad experiences. Think of a big goal for English. Remember a negative experience with English. Most people do the latter and they feel powerless.

This is not necessary. Notice if this movie has sound. You can make the negative powerless and you can also increase the strength of positive memories. You can control your brain instead of being controlled by it. You are the director!

Hoge english aj pdf effortless

See yourself speaking English powerfully to other people. Grab that button and turn it down. See the memory in your mind. You can use this same skill with negative memories. You learned how to increase feelings of happiness by becoming a better director. See them smiling as they understand and enjoy your English! Grab that movie screen in your mind and bring it closer. Imagine this movie screen has a button that controls volume. Make the image a little brighter. Choose a situation that inspires you.

Close your eyes as you think of this goal. This process not only works for memories. Then make the movie darker and harder to see in your mind. Most people believe that memories are unchangeable. So now do the opposite. Make the sounds louder and vibrate the feelings faster. You can choose to run your brain. You can be the conscious director of your mind or you can let your brain run wild. As you remember this bad experience. Push the movie screen farther away.

You have a choice. The same is true of your thoughts. Most people will feel worse by doing this. As you look at this movie. You have taken an unhappy memory and made it powerless by consciously directing your mind. Those old movies were created over many years. Whenever you need to speak English. Of course this requires daily practice. You are happy. Hear one of the listeners say.

This is how you do the swish specifically: Identify the feeling or action you want to change. Where is it? Wherever it is. A swish is a way to instantly and automatically change a negative internal movie into a power movie that makes you feel great.

Next you will create a power movie that represents your goal. Feels great! With this directing power. As you continue watching this great movie. You focus on this power movie every day. By doing so. How did you learn to speak so well? Notice how you feel when you hear this compliment. You could. You have just created your English power movie. Anytime a negative movie arises in your mind. You are amazing. Here are the steps for using the swish technique: You are confident and skillful.

The power movie explodes and destroys that old image. You know how to create peak emotions and connect them to English. It is big. Then suddenly. Hi AJ, I have bad news for you. I might quit the VIP program sooner than expected because I've imprvoved my english significantly for the first month.

AJ words are not enough to thank you. Finally, my English embarassment is coming to an end. I'll send a prayer for you! God bless Mike from the Philippines. Hi AJ, thank you very much for your all efforts.

I want to share my experience that i had appetite for English highly. My target is to be a speaker just like a native American. TY from philippines. May your all the wishes come true for all the things you offered to us. We Filipinos are very thankful to Aj, I'm listening to these podcast too everyday! It's very very helpful to, thanks Aj for your great lessons! It's very helpfull for my progress on studying english: Your 07 rules, I see it so reality and useful for who want to improve English speaking skill.

Thank you for you creativity and your kindly sharing. God blesses to you. I just started to practice AJ's method. I Hope, I succeed within the next 6 month Hello Mr. Allen Hoge First of all thank you soooooooooooooooo much for providing such a wonderful lessons You are doing a great job You are helping people to fulfill their dreams, so I wish all of your dreams come true too If any of your dreams remains to be true Thanks Author or originator for this great concept. Let me know in-case you require any such help from my side.

Teaching is my passion: I think its very nice for improve ur English language Omani student.

Hi AJ, Im laxman patel just i have started learning English, and i realize i will start speaking English very soon very fluently without any poss. Again thank u very much to motive t all of us. You know what,AJ? You're one of the greatest men I ever knew and although I'm only 18 but I found all your thoughts and ideas very satisfying to me also lots of them I think about all the time and I wish I could change the world and make those thoughts become real but then again I remember that I don't have the power to do any of that and I first have to fight for life ,So I guess you are capable of making a world a better place and don't you ever think about giving up because I actually envy you for what you can do Good Luck in your life ,mister: Tbh ,even in the real conversation I can totally understand what you're saying but I can hardly understand the other person you;re talking to ,it's like you got affected by teaching foreigners and you can't talk naturally anymore.

This is Javed from Pakistan Hello my dear student and all of my friend , i am Imran hash-mi from Pakistani student. S English four year program. Good afternoon AJ, now i feeling improvement in my English seeking.

I realize that i can speak English very fluently thank for your valuable support. Dear all, it is my placer to meet you all here.

Dear AJ You are Hero and very good person to all people. Many people do for them but you are doing for all. That is really really best work. You are the person who is making the world very beautiful by connecting people. I am downloading it and listening some topic and I became your fan. God bless you. We all are very grateful to you allover. From Bishnu- Nepal.

Although Iam a college graduate my english is very poor. I badly needed your help. I become more interested to learn again english language. I am hoping that after 6 mos I will become like you. Thank you very much for a wonderful and fruitful technique on how to learn english language.

Hi AJ i am from India. I have been followed your methods last 3 months and i improved my english thank's. You are really my inspiration!!! When I first heard your mp3 audio, i am really amazed I love you!!! Hi AJ , Relay interesting lessons ever i heard and am sharing it with friend as well.. Keep Updating: Hi AJ, Before you i was in trouble to speak and understand English but now its become very easy for me to learn English Thank you Very much for your such a precious Effort.

J I really like your ways of teaching and your perfect accent. I like your movie lessons a lot. Hello A. I'm your big fan from north east India. Recently in Delhi Is this American English site? Thanks a lots SIR, Hiralal. A J you're great. I'm so happy now and enjoy learning English after listening your lessons. I really can't believe it. My listening and speaking ability becomes better and better.

Mr AJ Hoge peace be upon you thank you so much sir for your helps,without you i was completly lost and had terrible eng and bad pronunciation feelin' nervous when i speak cus no body understand me. I think you earned a new nickname you're a saver Bahmani Farouk from Algeria. Very good site. Thank you from the core of my heart, founder, for founding such a invaluable site. And I am afraid that a mistake and confused , I saw your Videos and your a dviese Your tips, Thank you very much, and I will study English now easily and speak without fear or thinking of Grammar thank you.

Hey AJ, many thanks to you, english is easier to learn with you. I've got a question for you, my problem is I cannot think in english on my mind while speaking it. I think first and translate and speak what i was about to speak! Thank you sir very much I need it now but I have a question about the order of these lessons specially General section.

Hello everybody,: AJ, I like whole structure of your institutionalization. I am reading Philosophical books nowadays, you know!? Before your lessons I could read every difficult book without confusion, but most complicate problem was pronunciation.

I was definitly unable to conversation with anybody in English. Specially your English assistance about Comprehension and Vacabulary have brought lot of improvements in my English pronunciations. AJ, You have excellence consciousness in English language, I hope you will continue this struggle with same strenuous, You have fulfilled to my all requirements of English language, Long live on struggle.

She did a great job and it's free to download. Or u can simply rip and make a torrent of the files u have Hello Iam Mazen from Lebanon I want to say thanks a lot for youe great job. A k recently I have started to learn english speaking and after read all reviews I hop your training programmes can help me twords my best English speacking skill, thankyou. Fan website about method of learning English by AJ Hoge.

MP3 Free Download You can download here free AJ Hoge's podcasts, upload them to your mp3 player and improve your English listening at least 30 minutes everyday. To download mp3 click right button of your mouse and select "Save as". Click here to go to the official Effortless English website! Kurtz May 12, at 2: Rajesh Kumar May 29, at 4: Anonymous June 15, at Anonymous June 27, at 1: Anonymous June 29, at 1: Anonymous June 16, at 6: Anonymous January 3, at 4: Anonymous September 13, at 1: Anonymous July 17, at KD July 19, at Anonymous August 8, at Solace July 22, at 5: Pungki Ariefin July 26, at Anonymous February 7, at 8: Binoy Mammen July 27, at 8: Anonymous July 29, at 7: Anonymous May 8, at 8: Anonymous July 30, at 2: Anonymous August 1, at 1: Anonymous August 29, at 9: Anonymous August 31, at 8: Anonymous August 31, at Anonymous September 6, at 4: Ahmed Premashish September 18, at 5: Anonymous September 22, at 7: Anonymous September 23, at 4: Hubert Jakubiak September 23, at 4: Anonymous September 23, at 5: Anonymous September 25, at 5: Anonymous September 28, at 8: Sameer Shamsudeen March 25, at Rasty44 September 26, at Anonymous October 3, at Anonymous October 11, at 9: Anonymous October 12, at 6: Anonymous November 30, at Mostafa Awad October 12, at Manoz Kaushik October 17, at 4: Anonymous October 20, at Anonymous October 26, at 3: Anonymous November 11, at 2: Anonymous November 17, at 3: Anonymous November 20, at 1: Anonymous November 28, at 7: Anonymous November 30, at 2: Anonymous December 1, at 2: Zohaib Baloch December 4, at 7: Anonymous December 7, at 8: Alessandro December 7, at HaNa December 11, at 9: Sagobi December 18, at Ghulaame Rasool December 22, at 2: Anonymous December 26, at Anonymous December 26, at 7: Anonymous January 2, at 2: Anonymous January 4, at 4: Anonymous January 8, at 6: Suresh Muskula November 6, at Anonymous January 8, at 1: Anonymous January 11, at 5: Anonymous January 27, at 5: Hubert Jakubiak January 14, at Anonymous January 16, at 7: Anonymous January 17, at 9: Anonymous January 17, at Rajesh Krishna January 21, at Anonymous January 21, at 2: Anonymous January 22, at 3: Anonymous January 22, at 7: Anonymous January 27, at Anonymous January 28, at Anonymous January 31, at 5: Anonymous February 2, at 3: Anonymous February 4, at Anonymous February 6, at Anonymous February 11, at 9: Rafael Santos February 15, at 5: Robert B February 21, at 2: Restu February 21, at 8: Rachid Hanine February 24, at 6: Anonymous February 26, at Mamun March 1, at 9: Anonymous March 8, at 3: Sujan Senarathna March 9, at 7: Jc Villanueva March 14, at 6: Atul Sharma March 16, at Nazmul Huda March 16, at 1: Juju March 17, at 6: Anonymous March 20, at 2: Mai Huy Vo March 22, at 7: Masoud Rezaei March 26, at 1: Anonymous April 5, at 6: Anonymous April 9, at Anonymous April 10, at Amod Sinha April 11, at 5: Anonymous April 12, at 7: Anonymous April 12, at Anonymous April 15, at 5: Anonymous April 18, at 8: Anonymous April 19, at 6: Laxman Singh April 24, at 4: Anonymous April 28, at Anonymous April 28, at 9: Laxman Singh April 30, at 1: Laxman Singh May 3, at 4: