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48 hours full translation download heecups: “ 81 pages, kb download here Original fanfiction here Translation done by heecups. Which EXO fanfic is the most popular in your opinion? Please ask the translator for the PDF link here: homeranking.info 48 hours was really weird and i felt the author had a bias towards the Chinese members. Characterization of known and mission-discovered planets: Exo-C will measure of ~48 hours is a good compromise between report_rev1_pdf.

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48 Hours chi-eng translated, words, various pairings after 48 hours, only one boy will be alive in this house Lately, LAs weather is sunny. So I saw some of Exotics asked about this 48 hours thing. Okay.I heard that it is a homeranking.info doing some researches,I know that it was written in homeranking.info it was translated into homeranking.info of people that have read the story said that it was totally awesome and homeranking.info 48 Hours Full Translation - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kim Jongdae brought his entire group. a member of EXO. It is a type of .

The overly sensitive Tao speedily became aware of the changes in me. A loud voice abruptly traveled towards my ears. For freestyle. I was not the least bit worried about his situation. At the start of Chapter Baekhyun stood beside Sehun with droopy eyes.

Sharing of food was naturally something we used to do but now …. We were facing a larger problem. Junmyeon simply complied. I dare not voice mine either. I said to Baekhyun.

Pdf 48 hours exo

Within a minute. Before it even opened. Unless you would like to go upstairs and ask if they have any. Or should I say. Yixing watched me with slanted eyes and sent me a nudged. He froze for two seconds and then shoved me.

I adjusted my sitting posture with a little interest. But at this point. Chanyeol gave Baekhyun a strong push as his tears fell. People from the 2nd level shuffled their way down the stairs. My gaze immediately shifted to the shattered piece of glass and the collapsed Baekhyun. Jongin silently lifted his head to look at Baekhyun.. Baekhyun started sobbing too and shook his head continuously.

That person. I opened the door.. I saw someone holding something which pierced through the other. Baekhyun had picked up a piece of the shattered mirror and slashed him all over.. Junmyeon told me his suspicions about a hearing device from beneath this mirror. Yixing walked over to tug Tao backwards a little. Tao grievingly looked at Yixing while Yixing shook his head. Kyungsoo bent down to clean up the traces of blood.

Luhan was lost for words. Luhan picked up the screwdriver and a screw which had fallen from the broken mirror. Luhan watched the both of us before coming forward to pull Jongin. Luhan rushed over to help open the basement doors. I thought that was the psychotic man …. Jongin turned his back and lifted Junmyeon to the basement with Chanyeol. Kyungsoo helped Baekhyun up. Those were probably reluctant tears because as I observed.

Certain things. Chanyeol and the rest scrambled back upstairs.

48 Hours Full Translation

He shook his head impatiently. Yixing was required to lose weight in preparation for debut and Luhan had stolen a packet of instant noodles. I seemed to have returned to the winter 5 years ago. He forced himself to chew and swallow at an increased pace. Yixing stood in the exact same way in the kitchen. After all he was slightly distant from me.

In the dark night. Back then. Everything returned to the calm and clarity from before. I found the thanks unnecessary. I stared at Yixing. I followed suit. Getting drunk was not a really bad choice but if I were to sober up thereafter. Just a few years ago. I grabbed hold of Luhan. I still owe you an N number of meals. That foolish. I walked into the bathroom to see a bottle of wine. I had the initial attention to pull a lame joke..

He placed his fingers beneath his chin and recalled. Lifting his head to see me. I did not want to make myself look that pathetic. He danced even when others were sleeping or even reuniting for lunch. Yixing practised dancing like mad. I lowered my head.

What do I do …. People who neglected him had no choice but to start noticing Will I still be able to debut? In winter If you would like. He used to be really cautious In that night where our future seemed blatantly unpredictable. Leaning against the kitchen table top. This business would not pass … It took him forever to lit it. From the kitchen. Yixing … I watched Luhan leap rapidly up to the 2nd floor. I am unable to believe this. Chanyeol and Luhan flailed their arms and turned around Chanyeol froze for seconds and opened his mouth huge.

Pdf 48 hours exo

Kris …. I reached for one too and lit it. In that darkness. Baekhyun hesitated for a moment but followed him Chanyeol was obviously alarmed by the movements and sounds so he looked towards that direction.

He gave Baekhyun a hug and intended to take Baekhyun upstairs. I walked over and sat beside him. I pretended to be understanding and gave him a pat. I still refuse to accept the fact that. Baekhyun went out and saw leader. I was reluctant to listen on and just as I was about to return to the bedroom. I walked towards the bedroom to see Sehun and Kyungsoo who were doubtfully asleep and Yixing who sat beside the windows. As though yearning to say something …. I was included. Baekhyun gently opened the door and walked out.

But of course. Because the surroundings were pitch dark and he was afraid …. If it was me in the past. There is a female mosquito here! I leaned against the window and pointed outside. Luhan should be able to collaborate. I could almost imitate Zhang Yixing.

I froze for two seconds before sending him a kick. I need to save myself. I left the door open and crept stealthily back to the bedroom. I shifted his body to lean against the bedside then gently walked out the door and towards the bathroom. He turned on the lights. In the pitch darkness. I leaned against the doors to watch him approach the mirror. I overcame my fatigue.. He proceeded with the right eye after the left and then occasionally wiping it off.

I suppressed the really peculiar feeling in me and in failure to think of any ideas. Yixing drifted off to sleep. I watched as Baekhyun lay beside the glass wares in the living room. I left the bedroom door ajar for him. Everyone creased their eyebrows due to jet lag and fear. Chapter 6 The next afternoon. I laughed. Lowering my head. These odd actions were quickly explained.

Kyungsoo and Yixing are still not waking up. After about 2 minutes. They made eye contact for a moment. Yixing rubbed his eyes as he walked to the table. To our disappointment. He knocked on the door and hollered. Tao walked up to the front. Tao suddenly held up one of the glasses and handed it to Yixing. Luhan held up a glass. Kyungsoo arrived a few moments later. I have to get rid of this personal problem.

Sehun staggered out of the bedroom unsteadily. Chanyeol took it. There were only 2 glasses of alcohol left on the tea table. Jongin and Tao were sitting on the sofa. Sehun also thought of getting a glass. I vaguely remembered something. Chanyeol walked out of the toilet. Kyungsoo quickly curled up on the sofa. Sehun lowered his head. Tao did not defend himself. I only remember Yixing leaning against my side.

If it had been an arbitrary decision. Tao bit on his lip. Chanyeol stared blankly at the person he was holding in his arms. Sehun would have been the person lying down here right now.

Jongin tried to make him sit up. Jongin gradually became sober from the grief. Chanyeol ignored me and continued hugging Kyungsoo blankly. Within those few seconds of silence. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt very weary and disgusted.

He seemed to not have figured out his thoughts. The silent Scorpion on the tea table quietly shook its poisonous tail ostentatiously. My train of thoughts were interrupted when I heard the sound of an object smashing onto the floor upstairs.

Hours pdf 48 exo

Park Chanyeol narrowed his eyes as he looked at Luhan. That was a good question asked. Now what is all this fuss about? Sehun slowly leaned over. He only told him! What a perfect collaboration. Subsequently there were sounds of heavy objects crashing onto the floor.

Not the entire bottle! Speak in Korean! I took a few steps to the foot of the stairs to witness Jongin strangling Luhan by the neck. He glanced at me again. Luhan descended the stairs. I smiled and turned to look at him.

I would rather die. He broke the short period of silence and said. He lowered his head. I lowered my head in remorse. I glanced at Yixing.. I comforted myself with the self question and answers deciding then and there to treat him better.. I am a lot more narcissistic.

I wondered what he was thinking. Under the reminder of the ticking countdown timer. Since he had told Luhan. Chanyeol descended the stairs. Luhan seemed to calm down and he flashed a smile. Sehun hurriedly dragged him into a kitchen. I knew he resembled me. I enjoyed hanging out with Tao who idolized me and he liked hanging out Yixing. Upon debut. Right to the end when he was on the verge of giving up. Luhan did not have an adorable personality.

With such a succeeding degree of adaptations. Chanyeol and Baekhyun lay on the sofa. He was exceptionally similar to me in this aspect but we have never talked about it. He had mistakenly signed a contract because of many inappropriate reasons. Both Yixing and I auditioned before coming to Korea but as for him. By noon. Upon debuting. To be honest. In private. Entry to the company was smooth for him.

Which reminded me. We shared a common language. Luhan seldom returned home or even call. Befriending Luhan was a event. Luhan laughed.

Most popular EXO fanfic? (Don't click if you don't like yaoi fanfic)

I seemed like the only exception. Having the looks and popularity which could not easily be overshadowed by mine and the fact that he was older than me. Chanyeol exclaimed exaggeratingly that he would meet with a robbery in his life this year.

Tao emptied an entire bottle of wine. He panted and stared at me just like I did and after awhile I admitted defeat before lifting my. Nothing too heavy. I often observed as he smoked in a deserted corner.. It was a beautiful pair of earrings.

The one who loses gets some punishment. Oh sehun sat in a corner of that living room silently staring at the dance machine beside him. Those 2 machines we turned a blind eye on.

You are all good at dancing.

48 hours exo pdf download

Choose one from each team! The one who wins gets the water. It was those tiny changes. You want some water? You have to fight for it. I scrambled to my feet and walked over to see a little signage hung: In the years that came. In that autumn Seoul. Will you help me bring some things back.

I still remember his honest expressions. He had his closest best friend Oh Luhan. I foolishly watched my brothers court their own deaths.

That was the gaze Yixing was all too familiar with when he first arrived in Korea. Luhan looked at me anxiously. How about you play with me then? Luhan exclaimed. Amidst my daydreams. Yixing pulled my hand away. I guess I had just used up my last drop of saliva. I forgot the time but the person who snapped me out of it.

Everyone fell silent. I felt like pulling Yixing down from the Dance Revolution machine. I was a coward. Yixing was silent as he stared at the screen. He let out a grunt of displeasure and looked at me mockingly.

The Piu Dance Machine. If one lost his calm and confidence during the game. Yixing lifted his head. Freestyle doubles? You changed your principles when you become the target? Turning around. Yixing smiled. We were all too familiar with Dance Revolution machines. For example. For people with dance backgrounds. Luhan looked at me then at Jongin. Zhang Yixing froze for a moment before speaking in Mandarin. Luhan was silent for a long time.

For freestyle. Every time Yixing needed to bend his waist and limbs to touch the arrows on the dance platform. If they were to dance another round. I had already forgotten how long it had been. Yixing lowered his head. I was unsure if that was directed to me or Luhan. At that instant when both of them completed the same movement. I did not even manage to give him a reply when he started the game. This was the reason why Yixing was unable to be promoted to the ace class after the dance assessment back in that summer in Countless late nights.

Kneeling on the dance platform. I never failed to witness his sweat trickling down the ends of his hair and the drops of sweat which were flung away. That gaze of his did not dare to relax at any moment.

To Yixing. The two dehydrated men gritted their teeth. Both game screens stated that the stage was cleared. Kneeling was a dancing style which those crazily superb dancers invented. After running upstairs to find a piece of paper. He turned around to look at Chanyeol and Tao and said to Chanyeol. Those who chose to continue would then be less mindful about their reputation. This was a style in which we would never want to choose.

Opposite us. Sehun picked up a piece of folded paper. Chanyeol made around 10 slips of paper. Everyone would be watching the person get punished. One of the reasons as to why we did not choose this dancing style was because it was used as a form of punishment when we were still trainees. He was sprawled on the floor looking at Luhan with eyes filled with worry.

Luhan motioned to Sehun to let him draw the lot. They would become more persevering. Luhan stood up and walked up to the Dance Revolution machine.

Walking into the practice room. After much hesitation. Even though the intense competition continued. Our flaws just had to emerge at the wrong time.

The guest room was one which I had never visited before. I noticed that there were mirrors in all directions. During this inspection. During the night at the end of February in I received a call from the management leader. At the start of Even though I was very much against the idea of cosmetic surgery. Switching on the lights. I saw a small bathroom.

I did them. I still hoped that I would be lucky enough to be able to pass the inspection with my genuine face. A peculiar voice that came from one of the speakers at the corner of the room instructed me to rotate in a degrees motion. Even though he was two years a senior ahead. Zhang Yixing became the most likely candidate for the main dancer position.

Among all 12 of us. I went for the inspection with perturbed emotions. Realizing that he did not have the key to the door. I tried to open the door. Zhang Yixing declared. Standing in front of the Dance Revolution machine.

Immediate delisting. Sehun and Luhan were silent. The next day. Luhan raised his head and said. Zhang Yixing completed his punishment under the scrutiny of all his senior trainees. His scraped knees and perennial tormenting waist injury was the result of this punishment.

Zhang Yixing promptly arrived at the company. After notifying him of my location and situation. Trying to calm myself down.

Chanyeol said in a fluster. I dialed once. Even though his reason was a little absurd for him to get to the extent of smashing the window. I walked back to the washroom which had a shower.

Luhan smiled and said to Sehun. At which point will your life start counting down.

Head faced in front.. Chapter 9 In front of the dance revolution machine. Both parties were obviously clueless of the kneeling method of playing. If you win. Although frantically using their hands in replacement of their knees to cover up the faults. I came on my own accord. Sehun squinted his eyes and turned. Not even halfway through the game. Luhan said. After a few seconds of silence. Chanyeol and Baekhyun had located the torchlight and was one step ahead of me. The odd music reverberated solely through the silent living room.

Luhan stood up and changed his methods of gaming. Sehun astonishingly turned to look at Luhan. Relying on the weak light source of the torch. The chaotic situation of his took a rapid turn for good and his mistake level started maintaining constant. He must have fell and hit his feet on the sides of the trampoline frame before falling head first knocking against the sharp corners of the trampoline legs and landing with his head in a pool of blood.

I'm not a fanfic expert, so this list is not comprehensive. There must be other popular EXO fics that I haven't listed here, especially the non-yaoi ones because I don't know much about them.

Feel free to suggest any popular ones. I can't find the link anymore. Please ask the translator for the PDF link here: I read because of the hype but it's end up with a predictable plot. Also, cz I hate Kyungsoo in These fanfic along with Anterograde tomorrow are my fav.

Anterograde Tomorrow is the best Exo fanfic that I've read I've read , Absolute Chanyeol, Zodiac, Arbitrage, and 48 hours too but the one that really pulls me emotionally is Anterograde Tomorrow. I've only read I might try the others though. They all seem so angsty though. Don't any non-angsty good EXO fics exist? AT is obviously the most popular xp heard somebody made it into 1D version or is it another fic? Why don't I see Luhan x 2chainz on the list?

Spoiler I know you hate Hostility but it's pretty famous you should add it to the list. That's why I'm refusing to read this fic. But Kai's character in AT is the most iconic one. You cannot miss that! Be Human and Arbitrage are also very good. Thank you! It's really hard to choose the best one though. Unfortunately, when they were discovered, only one male was alive, sitting in the tub, attempting to swallow great amounts of heart disease pills.

Evidently having withstand an intense amount of mental stimulation, the boy had refused to communicate with people ever since he was discovered by the police. The most helpless point being, he was the very person who knew the entire story and at the same time of being a victim, he had also became the biggest suspect.

In addition to the temporary autism, he demonstrated obvious mood swings and tendencies of violence. Yesterday, as he was handed a pen to sign an identification document, he made an attempt to assault the police officer.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of this case, he is now locked in an all-day monitor room. Although his hair is disheveled and him having gone at least 2 days without shaving, I would still have to admit that God had given him an outstanding appearance and stature. It was blatantly obvious that God had a preference towards him, apart from blessing him with good looks, he was also blessed with the chance to retain his life.

His parents divorced early and he experienced a short-term overseas life, heterosexual and has had several girlfriends. Judging from his resume, his family background is well-off, well educated, no significant medical history, no cosmetic surgery done, no drug dependence and no criminal record, he seemed to have smooth stardom coming ahead. His interpersonal skills appeared normal and was even the leader of an idol group, he had no autistic tendencies.

Most of the confirmed deaths were of Korean nationalities, there were only 3 who were like Kris, ethnically Chinese who further developed themselves in the Korean entertainment industry. Mike handed me a group photo taken at their Tokyo concert, they looked intimately close with similar looks. According to the horrible judgments of the Europeans towards Asians, they were definitely unable to figure out who was who. At this stage, the letters were even more recognisable as compared to their faces.

Cause of death identified to be abdominal stabs, the suspected tool of crime is a prop for magic.

Exo 48 pdf hours

What was he thinking? Let me see his obedient and crying expression while recalling this case and keep that expressionless face back in your bag. I can tell you, you need to know that this is racial discrimination. Look at him right now, covered in thorns, just like a lion who's had his claws and teeth plucked out. I like mature people.

I forgot you were a cub. His skin tone is … The boy called Lay is seated on the chair in the bedroom facing the window. In the mildly shining sun, the peaceful face, mouth and even the slight smile did not reveal any form of pain.

Judging from the photo, he looked like a teenager sleeping under the Sun, if not for the shallow cut marks on his drooping right wrist, and the blood trail on the carpet leading from the door all the way up to his wrist. It is after all my first time seeing a rubiks cube coded safe. A religious holiday? Log in No account? Create an account.