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View Test Prep - Ships of the Inner homeranking.info from ECON 9 at SMB Quaid-e-Azam Degree College. Ships of the Inner Sea Ships of the Inner Sea Krakens Spite. PDF: $ Ships of the Inner Sea, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook by Benjamin Bruck, Paris Crenshaw, Amanda Hamon Kunz. PDF: $ Pirates of the Inner Sea, a Pathfinder Player Companion by Amber E. Scott, Whether you want to abandon the life of a landlubber to join a pirate crew, hunt down their murderous ships in the name of justice.

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Learn nautical terms, ship classifications, hazards, and the Inner Sea region's trade routes. Burnt Saffron. 8 . free PDF download from homeranking.info The ships'. (based on 2 ratings). Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Ships of the Inner Sea ( PFRPG) Show Description For: Non-Mint. Add Print Edition $ $ Add PDF. Player's Guide), Hellknight or low templar (The Inner Sea. World Guide), or Golden slaving ships, liberate prisoners, and overthrow dictators wherever and .

A blighted fey can shoot a fistful of needle- sharp thorns at a single target within 20 feet as a standard action. When a charnel colossus uses by the l i m itatio n s of a s i n g l e consciousness, effectively this a b i l ity, it can not use its spe l l - l i ke a b i l ities or take other a l l owi n g them to focus on two t h i n gs at once. Quantum Lash Ex A myrm idon's two facial tentacles l a s h out with s u rprisi n g force, a n d a re capable of exte n d i n g u p to a Myrmidons are highly mobile robots programmed to reach of 20 feet. Blighted fey gain Toughnes s as a bonus feat. All gea rsmen a re a utomatica l ly profi cient with a l l s i m p l e wea pons. Jlides on undulatin.!

Ironbound Archipelago Bildt. Besmara Rovagug. Retrieved from " https: Hidden category: Uses Book template. Paizo Publishing, LLC. ISBN Pathfinder Companion.

Dragon Empires Primer. Artwork from Pirates of the Inner Sea. Walk the Plank! All trademarks, registered trademarks, proper names characters, deities, etc. Elements that have previously been designated as Open Game Content or are in the public domain are not included in this declaration.

Open Content: Except for material designated as Product Identity see above , the game mechanics of this Paizo game product are Open Game Content, as defined in the Open Gaming License version 1. No portion of this work other than the material designated as Open Game Content may be reproduced in any form without written permission. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: All Rights Reserved. Paizo, Paizo Inc. Printed in China. Combat Role: Spell Role: Wesley Schneider,.

Viduus Senior Art Director Sarah E. Reference This book refers to several other Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products using the following abbreviations, yet these additional supplements are not required to make use of this book. Readers interested in references to Pathfinder RPG hardcovers can find the complete rules of these books available online for free at paizo.

This product is compliant with the Open Game Ucense OGL and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or the 35 edition of the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game. Product Identity: The following items are hereby identified as Product Identity, as defined in the Open Game License version 1. All trademarks, registered trademarks, proper names characters, deities, etc. Elements that have previously been designated as Open Game Content or are in the public domain are not included in this declaration.

Open Content: Except for material designated as Product Identity see above , the game mechanics of this Paizo Publishing game product are Open Game Content, as defined in the Open Gaming License version 1. No portion of this work other than the material designated as Open Game Content may be reproduced in any form Paizo Publishing, LLC without written permission. All Rights Reserved. Welcome to the Inner Sea Bestiary!

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Monsters from Jim Groves takes on creatures from both campaign throughout Golarion and beyond fill the pages of this setting books and fiction, including the blighted fey, book, ready to challenge adventurers of all kinds.

Usually our hardcover bestiaries are full of creatures Ever the fan of demons, biological ruin, and science, integral to the history of fantasy roleplaying games or James Jacobs brings us Nightripper, the veiled master, the borrowed from the folklore of dozens of different cultures. The fungus queen comes This time, rather than drawing from the collective human from James' own Shadows Under Sandpoint campaign, consciousness of shared folklore, we've plucked monsters and the veiled master hails from Erik Mona's Kings of from the stories we've been telling throughout the Absalom campaign.

Pathfinder campaign setting. All the monsters included Rob McCreary finally gets a chance to stat up the in this book-a pool of creatures both dangerous and monkey goblin, long dear to his heart, in all its glory. A few, such as Erik Mona brings us the delightfully strange ghoran, a androids, golems, and robots, appear elsewhere in differing plant race from Nex, because, as Erik says, it was upsetting guises, but take on a curious new flavor in their Golarion that there wasn't a plant race in the game.

Sometimes it's incarnations. Most, however, are unique to the Pathfinder good to be the publisher. He brings or fiction, and until now we hadn't found the right place us Chemnosit, Lorthact, the kakuen-taka, the korir for a full write-up. Here at last, these passing mentions kokembe, Moxix, the scarab beetle, the stalk beetle, the including the Spawn of Rovagug, the apostasy wraith, star monarch, Volnagur, and the woundwyrm.

Wastes to bring us the Spellscar fext and the Mana Wastes When we were first planning this book, Wes Schneider mutant template. While none of responses. Thanks to everyone who helped identify the these have been mentioned by name, Wes has constantly monsters that appear in this book!

In addition, ifyou need help reading the stat mockingfey, the shadowy umbral shepherd, and the blocks, information defining the process and telling you otherworldly vespergaunt. He writes of apostasy wraiths, new race abilities as well as the total RP cost of the new charnel colossi, petrified maidens , shadow giants, thin race in question.

These calculations can help GMs gauge men, and whirlmaws. Just because we finally found a The monsters presented in these pages were designed home for some of these monsters doesn't mean we'll leave by many of us here at Paizo as well as some of our fan the rest alone forever. Expect more such monsters to debut favorite freelancers. Androids can never gain morale bon uses, and are i m m u ne to fear effects and a l l emotion- based effects.

This slender woman moves with a stran. Emotionless Ex Androids have problems processing emotions Complex blue tattoos. Nanite Surge Ex An a n d roid's body is i nfused with n a n ites. All androids have the following p l atoon racial traits. Androids have type such as a ranger's favored darkvision to a range of 6o feet enemy and bane weapons , and low-light vision.

Perception checks. See bonus on a l l savi ng th rows above. See above. Androids begin play speaking not s u bject to fatigue Common. Androids with high Intelligence can or exha ustion, and are choose any languages they want except secret i m m u n e to disease and languages, such as Druidic. If the A broken mask ,gives this smoky, ,ghostly fi,gure a bitter, savi n g th row fa i l s, the a postasy wraith is forced to flee as if unwaverin,g ,gaze. The save i n corporea l ; I m m une u ndead traits DC is Charisma- based.

These mortal souls C M D 22 are so traumatized by the knowledge of the Feats B l i n d - Fight, Com bat falseness of their faith that they know only the Reflexes, I m proved desire to avenge themselves upon those who so I n itiative, I ro n Wi l l duped them in life. Their primary overco me. If confronted motivation is to wreak vengeance by a Razm i ri priest or upon the false priesthood of Razmir, a nyo ne successfu l ly but that faith's mental conditioning is disguised i n that garb, so effective as to make it difficult for an the apostasy wraith m ust apostasy wraith to even approach its quarry.

The a postasy wraith despair of finding one's faith misplaced. Jlossy blue-black beetle is the size of a cow. This ravenous beetle is the size of a pony, and sports a pair of deadly, serrated mandibles.

Pirates of the Inner Sea - PathfinderWiki

Space 10 ft. This d a mage is d o u b led against Sawtooth Ex The serrated mandi bles of a sta l k beetle a l l ow creatu res with no armor or natural a r m o r b o n u s to AC, but it to ignore hardness of 5 or less when attacki ng objects. Some say scarab beetles' connection with the dead gives them powers greater than those of normal beetles, but any evidence of this has yet to been proven true.

Merchants powdered scarab essential element in magic that protects against death effects. The forest of Fangwood dominates the nation of XP 2, Nirmathas. W h e n h e A blighted fey uses the base creature's statistics and p l ays, a l l creatures with i n a 6o -foot r a d i u s m ust m a ke abilities except as noted here.

Chaotic evil. A creature that s u ccessfu l ly saves Senses: A blighted fey gains darkvision to a range of agai nst any of the pi pes' effects c a n n ot be affected by t h e 6o feet if the base creature did not already have it. If s a m e s e t of pipes fo r 24 h o u rs, but c a n sti l l be affected the base creature already has darkvision, the ability is by the satyr's other s p e l l - l i ke a b i l ities as n o r m a l.

The extended by an additional 3o feet. Class Hit Dice are unaffected. Defensive Abilities: This ability Tainted Blood Ex: A blighted fey's blood and flesh are A blighted fey also gains the following ability. Any creature that successfully makes a Fun.!

Jal Rejuvenation Su: So long as it remains within bite attack against a blighted fey, swallows one whole, or yards of any blighted tree within the Fangwood and otherwise ingests part of one must succeed at a Fortitude remains standing on moist earth, the blighted fey gains save or take 1 point of Strength damage and 1 point of fast healing 5 The infected tree need not be specifically Dexterity damage.

Ships of the Inner Sea.pdf - Ships of the Inner Sea Ships...

One minute later, the creature must bonded to the blighted fey for this ability to function. A blighted fey gains the following for 1 minute and take 1d6 points of Strength damage and special attacks.

Unless otherwise noted, save DCs are 1d6 points of Dexterity damage. Blighted fey gain Toughnes s as a bonus feat.

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Parasitic Bond Su: Once per day with a successful thorn Skills: This parasite creates an unholy link to the target, binding it to the blighted fey. This binding persists for 5 rounds, during which all hit point damage taken by the blighted fey is halved, and the target takes the other half of the damage dealt.

The type of damage remains consistent with what the blighted fey receives. Only one parasitic bond can be maintained with one creature at a time. This bond counts as a curse and a disease. Thorn Throw Ex: A blighted fey can shoot a fistful of needle- sharp thorns at a single target within 20 feet as a standard action. The thorn attack deals an amount of damage equal to a sting natural attack, with damage based on the blighted fey's size see Table on page of the Bestiary , except the attack is resolved as a ranged attack instead of a melee attack.

Special Qualities: A blighted fey gains the following special qualities. J's Unity Su: Blighted fey within feet of each other can communicate through a shared fungal hive mind.

This does not permit blighted fey to see and hear through each other's senses, but they can share specific situational information and tactics through telepathy. If one blighted fey within range is aware of danger, they are all aware of danger and cannot be surprised.

Fey creatures with close ties to a specific plant react differently to the blighted fey template. Blighted fey dryads are no longer dependent upon a specific tree. This reddish-colored mastiffstands eye to eye with most dwarves. Cayhounds, also called leap dogs, are good-aligned outsiders who exemplify strength and freedom.

Speed 40 ft. Thunderous Bark Su Once every 1d6 rounds, a cayhound can bark with the concussive force of a thunderbolt. Every creature within a foot cone-shaped burst m ust succeed at a DC 14 Fortitude savi ng th row or take 3d8 poi nts of sonic damage and be knocked prone.

A successfu l savi ng th row reduces t h i s damage by half and negates being knocked prone. The save DC is Charisma- based. CERU master's cha racter level, if higher, i n place of its racial H it Dice for determi n i n g the n u m ber of uses oft his a b i l ity, and This pint-sized creature resembles a tiny blue elephant no lar.

Its feet, tail, and ears are clawed and spiked. Poison Ex G o re-i nj u ry; save Fort DC 13; frequency 1jro u n d fo r 6 ro u n d s ; effect 1 d 2 Co n ; cure 2 consecutive saves.

This effect lasts for 1 round, and the ceru decides i n advance whether the modified l uck is good or bad. If the ceru grants bad l uck, a nytime the ta rget m a kes an a b i l ity check, attack rol l , savi ng th row, or ski l l check, it m ust rol l twice and take the worse result. A successfu l DC 13 Wi l l save negates this effect. If the ceru grants good l uck, the ta rget m ust choose a single rol l as above prior to rol l i n g, and may rol l the chosen rol l twice and take the higher result.

A creature can only be affected by this a b i l ity once per 24 h o u rs, and the ceru may use the a b i l ity once per day for every 4 H D it has mi n i m u m once per day.

In addition, a charnel co lossus is i m m u n e to b e i n g tu rned though it can sti l l take d a mage fro m c h a n neled positive energy. W h i l e part of the creatu re's sentience may be affected by a turn attem pt, th ere a re enough u n affected N E Colossal u ndead inte l l ects wit h i n to override the effect.

If the Speed 30 ft. The save DC is Wisdom - based. When SQ corpo rate wi l l a n d h ow this occurs is u p the GM. This com p u l sion can ECOLOGY be removed with a remove curse s p e l l or by destroyi n g the Environment a ny Kalexco u rt, Ustal av charnel colossus that i m p l a nted the co m p u lsion.

When a charnel colossus uses by the l i m itatio n s of a s i n g l e consciousness, effectively this a b i l ity, it can not use its spe l l - l i ke a b i l ities or take other a l l owi n g them to focus on two t h i n gs at once. As a resu lt, actions i n t h at rou n d. Some dead don't rest easy because of the circumstances which a charnel colossus is formed inevitably results in an oftheir death or the horrific experiences they underwent all-consuming horror.

Their souls return to the world of the living The charnel colossus is a mass ofthe corp ses that form demanding justice, revenge, or just wanton destruction. Instead they wished to preserve their knowledge, bodies alone are insufficient to fill out its massive size. In these instances, where lichdom is not sought as a seen and against which they often press as if seeking viable option, and a multitude of individuals wish to take their freedom.

But when a creature becomes trapped part, the result can be a charnel colossus. This own life experience. The colossus can also form two thin allowed them to feed their individual life experiences into tendrils of this charnel stuff in order to lash out and an undying corporation ofthe collective whole. The resulting draw prey into its embrace. As powerful, ever-hungering abominations , charnel The individual will ofthe deceased participants is subsumed colossi are thankfully few and far between.

The only in favor of a hive-like personality composed of all of the documented one currently known to exist is reported to be knowledge and experiences of the individual contributors. Instead, the result is a pooling of the wisdom and experience of those who have been so interred-often over a period spanning hundreds of years-creating an abomination whose sole focus is the perpetuation of any such cultural traditions and the acquisition ofmore constituent parts to ever expand its breadth of experience.

It is this guiding gluttony for further expansion of consciousness. Such creatu res gain the fu ngoid s i m p l e tem p l ate.

Fungoid creatu res a re u n d e r t h e control This eerie creature has the upper body of a beautiful, pale JJreen of the fu n g u s creature that created t h e m , a n d rem a i n woman and the lower body of a pulsatinJJ mound of funJJUS. M i n d less plant creatu res are i m p a rted a modicum suggestion DC 19 of i m p l a nted inte l l igence when a fu ngus q ueen uses this 1jday-dominate person DC 22 , mind fog DC 22 , slow a b i l ity, a l l owing her to tra i n such creatures as guardians.

If the fu ngus q ueen Feats Com bat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, I m p roved I n itiative, trave ls m o re than feet fro m a sporepod, it is destroyed. S h e Languages Abyssa l , Aklo, Com m o n , O rvia n , U n derco m m o n ; can also choose to spread out her tentacle attacks a m o n g tongues, telepathy ft. A spore pod is a n o bject that has Organization solitary or cult fu n gus q ueen p l u s m i n d a n AC of 15 a n d 20 hit points; d a m age dealt to a spore pod contro l led p l a nts a n d m i n ions does n ot harm the fu ngus q ueen.

They sought to assas sinate a not m i n d l ess p l a nt creatu res as if they weren't i m m u n e to powerful witch named Soris Delyn, who had befouled one m i n d-affecti n g effects. The b y a fu ngus q u een's e n e rgy d r a i n attack is n ot ki l led succubi failed at their mission, and from their corpses grew i n stead, it i m m ed i ately loses all n egative l eve l s i m p a rted by the first fungus queens.

The fungus queens have into fungoid creatures under their control. While their taken to the Material Plane like rot to a carcass, and today jealousy doesn't compel them to do battle with other fungus hundreds of the subversive creatures dwell in the foul queens, they are always careful to maintain their own reaches of the world.

They are particularly fond of large territorial boundaries apart from any nearby queens, and cave systems in the reaches of Nar-Voth near the surface, they take great pains not to "poach" from their sisters' and of the slums of ruined cities in the Worldwound. Styrian Kindler's Account of Osto. A typical dwelling in the region.

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A particularly dangerous and fungus queen is 6 feet tall and weighs pounds. This template can be applied to An encounter with a normally nonintelligent plant any living, non-plant creature.

Inner Sea's Bestiary.pdf

A monster acting in a sinister and organized way is sure fungoid creature's quick and evidence of the manipulation rebuild rules are the same.

The monsters are equally fond creature's type changes of commanding and keeping to plant, and it gains all other creatures as pets and slaves as well, of the traits of the plant particularly attractive humanoids. Those type. The creature gains charmed minions they especially favor are given the telepathy 10 0 ft.

Its into fungoid minions forever loyal to their pallid mistress. Those chaotic evil. Whether it be a simple territorial conflict or some deeper hatred born oftheir unique genesis, a fungus queen faced with someone whom she even suspects might be a succubus is a terror indeed, for in such battles the sensuous plants abandon their normally subtle approaches of mental control and trickery, and instead bring all of their power to bear in an attempt to rip the offending creature limb from limb.

If planted in ferti le ground and left undisturbed This humanoid creature's taut.! Jreen shell extends like a cowl for 2d6 days, the seed grows into a healthy dupl icate of the from chin to brow, wreathiniJ a face of brilliantflower petals. Once a ghoran expels its seed, it gains 1 negative level, and it dies as soon as its duplicate sprouts.

This duplicate replaces the previous ghoran character. G h oran bard 1 Light Dependent Ex G horans take 1d4 poi nts of Constitution N M ed i u m p l a n t damage each day they go without exposure to s u n l ight. Ghorans have Str 8, Dex 13, Con 16, lnt 8, Wis 12, the plant type. Cha 17 Natural Magic 2 RP: The caster level is life knowledge equal to the ghoran's level. Ghorans begin t o escape a grapple aga i n st a ny play speaking Sylvan and Common.

It can use t h i s a b i l ity t h ree times Defensive Abilities rock catc h i n g, s h adow cloak per day. Special Attacks energy d r a i n 1 l eve l, DC 21 , rock t h rowi ng ft. Most shadow giants are terbutje , I m proved Critical especially taciturn and keep to rock , Power Attack, themselves when not called to Two-Weapon Fighti n g, duty by the Umbral Court.

All monkey goblins have the l eve l per 20 a d u lts, 1 or 2 war c h i efs of 4th or sth l eve l , a n d following racial traits.


Monkey goblins Treasure N PC gear leather armor, kukri, net, s h o rtbow with are fast, but foolishly impulsive and disagreeable. Monkey goblins have a base speed of2 0 feet. Low-Light Vision: Monkey goblins can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light. Monkey goblins are an offshoot ofthe goblin race adapted Acrobatic: Equipped with ratlike prehensile tails, monkey Fearless: Monkey goblins lead a savage lifestyle, and many take Natural Climber: Monkey goblins have a climb speed of levels in the barbarian class, though warriors and fighters 30 feet.

While spellcasting Prehensile Tail: Monkey goblins begin play speaking shamans in the service of demon lords or other dark gods Goblin. Monkey goblins with high Intelligence scores are given a respect by other monkey goblins that borders can choose from the following: Common, Draconic, on fear. Dwarven, Gnoll, Gnome, Halfling, Ore. Speed 30 ft. Binding the lazurite into ECOLOGY the body of the golem stabilizes it and lets Environment a ny u ndergro u n d the construct leave the boundaries of the Darkl a nds ghoulish city with its fell powers intact.

A creatu re with fo u r or more class leve l s A marrowstone golem's body is rises as a ghast i n stead. Marrowstone can I m m unity to Magic Su A m a r rowsto ne golem only be found in the necropolis is i m m u n e to a ny s p e l l o r spe l l - l i ke a b i l ity of Nemret Noktoria in the that a l l ows s p e l l resista nce.

In addition, Darklands realm of Sekamina. If the check its towerin,g size, it moves with lithe quickness. Defensive Abilities spell a bsorpti o n ; D R 15jadamantine; Spell Sunder Su A creatu re struck b y a noq u a l go lem's I m m une construct traits, magic s l a m attack is ta rgeted by dispel magic C L 18th.

The resulting golem resembles an Str 36, Dex 15, Con -, l nt -, Wis 11, Cha 1 iron golem, but is larger and more nimble. Environment a ny N u meria, Thassi l o n Nearly all noqual on Golarion lies Organization solitary or p a i r under Numerian control.

Another is thought to aga i n st constructs except serve the sorcerers of Starfall as a fail-safe should oth e r n o q u a l golems a n d their technology prove inadequate.

A cabal of u ndead created b y feats or s p ells. Requirements Craft Construct, geasjquest, A mage's disjunction s p e l l greater dispel magic, polymorph any object, staggers a n o q u a l golem a n d wish, creator m ust be caster l eve l 18th; negates i t s i m peded m a g i c Skill Craft armor or Craft weapons DC 26; a b i l ity for 1 d 4 ro unds.

If it moves beyo nd this ra nge, it l oses these bonus hit poi nts. This towerin. They stand as mirror images of each other, one XP , crimson in hue and bearing a sword in the right hand, the N G a rgantuan construct other green and with sword in the left. Legend holds that I nit -2; Senses da rkvision 6o ft. The crimson Quanti u m golem deals half electricity a n d half fi re damage, and slows a creatu re as the slow spell that fai l s its save for 2d4 rounds.

The green Quantium golem deals half acid and half fi re damage, and nauseates a ny creature that fai l s its save for 1d4 rounds. The save DC is Constitution- based. In addition, certain spells and effects function differently against the creatu re, as noted.

A magical attack that deals cold damage against the crimson golem or electricity damage against the green golem slows it as the slow spell for 1 round, with no saving th row. Link Su Each Q u a n ti u m golem a lways knows the exact location of the other. Any carrionstorms i n excess of fo u r wander away from the kakuen-taka a n d a re automatic a l ly destroyed 24 h o u rs l ater.

Within a towerin,g structure of bone and rottin,g flesh lurk Carrionstorm Poison Ex Swa rm-inj u ry; save Fort DC 12, hundreds qfflitterin,g fiends. When the swa rm wears a flesh m a n s i o n , it uses Defensive Abilities fleshy s h i e l d ; I m mune p o i s on; Resist the a bove stat b l ock u n l i ke a normal swa rm, the flesh acid 10, cold 10, e l ectricity 10, fi re 10; SR 25 m a n s ion's slam attacks h ave reach a n d th reaten s q u a res OFFENSE wit h i n its reach.

As a sta n d a rd actio n , the swa rm can Speed 30 ft. The swa rm takes o n ly half dam age from all attacks Organization solitary, patrol 1 swa rm with 1 flesh ma n si o n that deal hit point dam age, with the rem ainder taken by the a n d 1d4 carrionstorms , o r gang 1d3 patro l s flesh mansion.

When the flesh mansion reaches or red uces a creatu re t o negative hit poi nts with i t s swarm o hit poi nts, it is destroyed and the swa rm fu nctions l i ke a attack, it a utomatica l ly attem pts to consume the ta rget's normal swa rm see Flesh Mansion above. A ka kuen-taka can flesh as a free action Fortitude DC 24 negates. If the ta rget repa i r a damaged flesh mansion by spending a fu l l - ro u n d fai l s its save, its body is destroyed a n d the kakuen-taka gains action grafti ng a corpse i nto it restoring 5 hit poi nts for a the benefits of a death knell spel l.

This is a death attack.

Create Carrionstorm Ex As a fu l l - ro u n d action at s u n rise, a kakuen-taka a b h oga swa rm with a flesh ma ns i o n can In the far northern lands bordering on the Worldwound, create 1d4 carrionstorms see page of the Rise of the a strange and terrifying menace plagues the tundra and Runelords Anniversary Edition.

These carrionstorms h ave prairie-shambling fleshy abominations called kakuen a b l i n d i n g poison in addition to their swa rm attack. The taka, the Hunger That Moves. They wander the desolate carrionstorms a re n ot under the control of the ka kuen-taka emptiness ofthe subpolar wilds, a living manifestation of but i nsti nctively fo l l ow it, attacking m i n o r foes w h i l e the the Worldwound's taint whose horrific onset is presaged kakuen-taka destroys greater th reats.

If the flesh m a n si o n by a sour- sweet wind and wheeling, screaming flocks of is destroyed a n d the kakuen-taka do es no t create a noth e r undead birds.

The lucky victims of the birds' blinding o n e wit h i n 24 h o u rs, the carrionstorms a re destroyed. Individually these fiends have little entire settlements. None of the adjacent countries values wit or skill, but together they have a malign intellect that the empty lands highly enough to risk maj or resources to allows them to construct mobile nests out of dead flesh stamp them out.

Kakuen-taka are indifferent to their own kind and The bhogas find a giant, mammoth, or other creature of attack each other only if one swarm has a flesh mansion great size and devour its organs, usually while the creature and the other does not. Given adequate food, several is still alive and trying to resist. Once the creature is dying kakuen-taka might travel together to tear apart larger or dead, the fiends reconfigure the corpse's remaining prey, but over time they usually wander apart, following flesh and bone into a hideous, multilegged pillar, which their separate carrionstorms, and have no sense ofloyalty they then invade and inhabit like a hollow tree.

Some of toward their former comrades. This monstrosity attracts birds the fiends animate as flesh-craving undead swarms. Together, the three components ofthis peculiar ecology stalk the demon tainted lands. If a healthy swarm discovers another suitable corpse, the fiends engage in a frenzy of mating, build a second flesh mansion, split into two swarms, then rapidly give birth to fill all the available space in their new home. When a flesh mansion becomes so rotted that it cannot maintain its structure or the swarm cannot easily move it, the bhogas abandon their creation and seek out another, leaving behind a monstrous, decaying shell, unrecognizable as the living creature it once was.

Necromancers can use the husk for parts or animate the entire thing as a new abomination. Desperate ghouls, zombies, or animals might feed on it and become tainted by its latent Abyssal energies. As much a plague upon demons as upon the mortal races, kakuen-taka have no true allies. Perhaps this accounts for their constant wandering and their fondness for desolate and isolated locales, far from any that might interfere with their feasting.

Rarely, a powerful demon might enslave one with magic and use the swarm's dimensional snare ability to capture and kill its rivals. Driven out of the central part of the Worldwound by more intelligent and organized demons , kakuen-taka have become a recurring plague in the southern fringes of the territory, below Storasta and abutting the borders with Numeria and Ustalav.

HAEI By far the most unusual aspect of the khaei is their ability to manipulate time. A khaei in fear for her life can This short, stunted humanoid is bald and has weirdly twisted grab an attacker and forcefully age him by several years, limbs, its body seemin. The creatu re to uched m ust succeed at a DC 14 Fo rtitude save or take 1d4 poi nts of Constitution d a m a ge a n d be perman ently aged 1d10 years.

This effect also deals 1d4 points of d a m age to the khaei. Effects fro m m u lt i p l e khaei stack, though a s i n g l e khaei can use this power on a given opponent o n ly o n ce. The khaei are a mystery even to themselves. Their twisted limbs give them an awkward, shambling gait, and their personalities are dull and incurious, making them seem in many ways to be simply degenerate humans.

At the same time, their bodies' tendency to trail off into mist and shadow, combined with their weird magical attack, suggests they could be much more. A typical khaei stands 4 feet tall and weighs pounds. An oversized ,gullet bul,ges in its throat. Disease Ex Bite-i nj u ry; save Fort DC 20; onset 1 ro u n d ; frequency 1 day; effect 1 d 3 D e x d a m age a n d 1 d 3 S t r dam age; cure 2 consecutive saves.

While korir-kokembe are capable of flight, Space 15 ft. The save DC is based on the termaga nt's This hoverin.! J iron maiden heaves forth a monstrously pre.! Jnant Constitution with a -5 pena lty. Jdii m i n d attem pts to comprehend the horrors it has witnessed. Special Attacks fl ux i n fusion, rupture, s h a red rupt u re, u n nervi n g gaze 30 ft.

Flux infusion functions as a poison, but with un predictable effects. Those who fai l their saving throws take 1d4 points of ability drain. The ability score drained is randomly determined every time the fl ux infusion affects the creature roll 1d6: The save DC is Constitution-based. Flux Infusion: A l l l iving creatu res with i n 15 feet m ust succeed at a DC 28 Fortitude savi n g th row or be poisoned. The save DC is Constituti o n - based.

This ability to create mental or empathic Fem a l e l a s h u nta wizard 1 bonds is particularly prevalent among female warriors , N G M e d i u m h u m a n o i d l a s h u nta who form close connections with their saurian mounts.

They have the following racial traits.

The caster level for these effects is equal to the lashunta's class levels. Organization any Limited Telepathy 3 RP: Treasure N PC gea r light A lashunta is able to mentally crossbow with 20 bolts, communicate with any creature q u a rterstaff, gold a m u let within 30 feet with whom she shares [bonded object], other treasu re a language. Otherwise this ability is identical to the telepathy ability. The lashunta are the primary Languages: Lashunta begin play race of Castrovel, called "the speaking Lashunta and Elven.

Lashunta Green Planet" for its steaming jungles. He stands on stout cloven hooves. It possesses several traits, as s u m m a rized here. Defensive Abilities evasion; DR 2ojgood and si lver; I m mune I m m u n ity to charm a n d co m p u lsion effects, death fi re, poiso n ; Resist acid 30, co l d 30; SR 36 effects, fi re, and poison. Tel e pathy feet.