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Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publishing date: Number of pages: Format: pdf. A new six-level grammar practice series for primary pupils aged 6. The step-by-step grammar presentations in Grammar Friends introduce form, use and meaning in a way that even young beginner learners can understand and. Grammar Friends 1 Teacher's Book PDF ( KB); Grammar Friends 2 Friends 3 Teacher's Book PDF ( KB); Grammar Friends 4 Teacher's Book PDF (

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English pupil book Audiobook for free: homeranking.info?v=-9_RT- 9ZQzU&t=29s. Grammar Friends 4 homeranking.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Grammar Friends 4 homeranking.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free.

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In exercises where a list of words or phrases The pencil with the exclamation mark is used to to be used is given, the word used in the example is signal these reminders as well as to highlight other scored through to indicate that it has been used. The grammar reference pages Where the word or phrase used in the example is at the end of the book bring all the main grammar not scored through, this means that most of the words structures covered together in tables.

Grammar Friends 4 homeranking.info

In exercises where the instruction is to look, pupils may sometimes have to look at an illustration elsewhere on the page, or on a facing page. These are shorter units of exercises which provide Starter Unit: After school additional practice of the grammar topics presented This unit revises grammar that students will in the three preceding units.

There is no new grammar be familiar with at this stage of their English material presented or practised in these units. They learning. It revises four key grammar areas that are can therefore also be used as progress tests to check presented and practised in Grammar Friends 3.

Were having ice cream! There are also six This unit is a good example of a unit where the two photocopiable tests. Five of the tests are a single grammar points presented and practised are very page and cover three units each. The final test is a closely related. As a result, the two grammar boxes review of the grammar covered in the whole book appear very close together. The grammar structures and is two pages long.

The answers to the test that students practise after the first grammar box questions are also supplied in the Teachers Book. At this stage of their learning, students will be The CD-ROM familiar with the formation and use of both the The students CD-ROM contains simple interactive present simple and the present continuous, but this exercises with instant feedback that learners can do may be the first time that they have been asked to at home on their own.

The exercises are grouped in compare the uses of the two tenses. The addition of relation to sets of three units in a similar way to the adverbs of frequency used with the present simple Review units and there are also multiple-choice tests will help them to decide which tense should be on the grammar topics covered in the book.

Unit 2: A school play In the first presentation in this unit, the concept of irregular verbs is mentioned. This may be a good occasion to point to the irregular verbs table on page 80 of Grammar Friends 4 Students Book. Students will not need to specifically refer to the table at this point, but their awareness of this table may help them at later stages in the course.

In exercise 6, it may help to remind students that the date is given to them as Saturday 15th November. If students find it useful, you may like to draw a calendar on the board that indicates when each event in this exercise took place.

There are two parts to this exercise. First, students must complete the sentence with the correct form of the past simple verb and a time expression, second they must transform the sentence, putting the time expression at the beginning of the sentence. We saw a shark! Unit 6: The best holiday! Make sure pupils are aware of the irregular verbs Pupils will be familiar with short comparative and table on page 80 of Grammar Friends 4 Students superlative adjectives by this point in the course, but Book before beginning this lesson.

Pupils will longer comparative and superlative adjectives are probably need to refer to this table throughout now introduced. Before you start this lesson, make this lesson until they become familiar with the sure your pupils know what syllables are and that common irregular verb forms.

They must In exercise 2, pupils are required to use the comparative look at the pictures in order to work out the short adjectives that they formed in exercise 1. The answer that should be written in response to the comparative adjectives in exercise 2 should be used in question they have already written. Review 1 Review 2 The first review unit covers all the grammar Exercise 3 is written from the point of view of a presented in units 1, 2 and 3 of Grammar Friends 4.

Sentences without a question mark require because. The coverage of each exercise is as follows: Unit 4: Our camping trip 1 Possessive pronouns The first grammar box in this unit presents 2 Adverbs possessive pronouns.

In the exercises that follow 3 Have to and the imperative this grammar box, pupils have to choose when to 4 Why and because use a possessive pronoun e. If your pupils find this exercise easy, you can make Unit 7: Will we be famous? Ask students expression in Remind students that when we talk each sentence and then which words should be about more than one day or hour, or year , we must underlined in each sentence.

Students will be required to recognize and write this form, although they will not be required to use this kind of Unit 5: We have to hurry! In exercise 7, pupils are asked to write questions using the prompts. Once they have done so, they are then asked to write answers to these questions Unit 8: Lots of fun! If possible, check the answers to In exercise 2, students are asked to complete the exercise 7 with your class before you allow them to sentences with words from the box.

4 grammar pdf friends

For frames 4 progress to exercise 8. Both frames can correctly be answered with lots or a lot. A football match Review 4 In exercise 3, the prompt words are provided in The coverage of each exercise is as follows: Friends 4.

Review 3 The coverage of each exercise is as follows: Unit Helping others 1 Will and wont Once your pupils have read the presentation on 2 Future time expressions object pronouns and completed exercises 1 and 2, 3 Much, many, lots of and a lot of you may decide that they can cope with a slightly 4 Some and any higher level exercise. You can manipulate exercise 3 5 The infinitive of purpose to make it more challenging by asking students to 6 How often?

You should then write prompts for frames 1 to 6 on the board, without underlining the words that are underlined in Grammar Friends 4. Ive done my homework Then ask pupils to tell you which words they In this unit, pupils are introduced to the present would like to substitute for an object pronoun. This may be the first time they have Once the class has identified the correct words to encountered a perfect tense, so it may be helpful be substituted, ask students which object pronoun to guide students again towards the irregular verbs should be used.

When pupils have selected the table on page 80 of Grammar Friends 4. A special adventure This unit follows on directly from unit 10, so it is Unit Happy memories advisable not to cover unit 11 until your pupils are In exercise 6, pupils should provide the maximum familiar with the content of the previous unit. This will dictate whether they use on or in present perfect, but the additional grammar for their answers.

We were having fun! In exercise 4, pupils are asked to follow the Unit We should play outside prompts in the table to write sentences. They are In exercises 1 to 7, the modal verbs that students given the first word of each sentence. Make sure should use in each exercise are provided in the that your pupils include commas in the correct rubric.

In exercise 8, students are asked to choose places in frames 3, 5 and 6 see answer key for from six possible words for each gap.

Flannigan E. Grammar Friends 4 (Student's Book)

They must correct use of commas. This exercise will not be hard if pupils have Review 5 gradually progressed through each exercise in the The coverage of each exercise is as follows: If your class is on a shorter course, or if time 2 Relative pronouns: No, you cant. Yes, you can. Yes, they can. No, he cant. No, she cant.

No, they cant. Yes, she can. No, they arent. Yes, she is. Yes, he is. Yes, we are. Yes, 6 The waiter usually brings the bill after the she is. Unit 2 Unit 1 1 1 was 2 wasnt 3 were 4 were 5 Were 6 were 1 1 s running 2 are staying 7 werent 8 was 3 s using 4 dont give 5 s 6 s listening 2 1 had 2 was 3 were 7 walk 8 likes, doesnt eat 4 had 5 were 6 werent 9 s talking 7 had 8 had 9 was 10 were 2 1 I never go to school on Saturdays.

Clare played tennis last Saturday. It was my birthday last month. Jason played badminton with Henry last 7 1 Did Sally buy a postcard? Yes, she did.

No, they 4 Last Monday, I tidied my room. I tidied my room last Monday. No, they 5 Yesterday, we watched a play at the didnt. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

Grammar Friends 4: Teacher's Book

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Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Key features - One third of each unit is dedicated to skills training. The step-by-step approach focuses on writing and early literacy skills to build children's confidence in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English.

At levels the lessons are supported by flashcards, and by more activities on the Student MultiROM. The Photocopy Masters Books at levels include 15 values worksheets. Family and Friends includes: Grammar Friends - A new six-level grammar practice series for year olds.

Carefully graded primary grammar practice course that makes grammar easy to understand and remember.