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Vietnam travel guide pdf

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information, scholars and students should buy a Vietnam travel guidebook available at . acrobat .pdf) file and send them via email to the Fulbright Program in Vietnam. .. of housing agents are available in English-language tourist guides. 1 best-selling guide to Vietnam Lonely Planet Vietnam is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and. Lonely Planet Malay Phrasebook & Dictionary We love being on the road and seeing the sights, checking out the museums and eating as much delicious local .

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Travel Guide to Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is the most popular travel destination in Vietnam, and just glancing at a friend's travel photos will show you why. Head Office: 2nd floor, Kim Building, 91B Ly Nam De, Hanoi, Vietnam. E: [email protected] homeranking.info T: (84 4) VIETNAM TRAVEL TIPS & INFORMATION . Meanwhile, if you're looking for up to the minute Vietnam information that won't cost the earth, we highly recommend Travelfish's PDF guides to Vietnam.

The original guillotine room and stories told by the ex-inmates themselves make this a gruesome but compelling experience. Banks are open Monday-Friday from 7. Vietnam National Museum of History This beautiful museum takes their visitors through around two thousand years of Vietnamese history. When we want our own little apartment, we book through Airbnb. Vietnam Impressive. Due to the length of Vietnam, weather varies greatly between north, central and Southern areas. Why not share!

Overview View on map. Facts Population: Shops are generally open from Banks are open Monday-Friday from 7. Governmental offices are open 7. Visit Hanoi and you will find white French villas next to temples and monuments.

Guide pdf travel vietnam

Hanoi Old Quarter is another must to witness Hanoi at its liveliest moments: As to bring worldwide travelers the best experience of Halong Bay, hundreds of cruises are available, all waiting to take visitors on a new adventure. Find and book the services with a reputable travel agent to get the best price. Read more. Book an organized tour, either a day trip or over night, with one of the many different Junk companies and enjoy the magical landscape of the thousand islands scattered in the green water.

One Pillar Pagoda The 11th-century wooden shrine, revered for its fertility and healing properties, was burnt by the French in the 's and is now replaced by a concrete one and is still a popular destination.

To honor the symbol of purity in Buddhism the pagoda is built to look like a lotus blossom. The temple is one of the oldest sights in Hanoi and is dedicated to the Chinese philosopher Confucius Khong Tu. Six year later, it was founded as Vietnam's first university.

The building itself is extremely well preserved and is a beautiful example of traditional-style Vietnamese architecture. There is a red-painted bridge, constructed in classical Vietnamese style that takes you to the island and is one of the most visited temples in Hanoi.

Vietnam Travel Guide

President Ho Chi Minh, this is the number one tourist attraction as well as an important historical sight in Hanoi. Inspired by the Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow it was built within two years from to It is only open on limited time so prepare for very long queues. If you are lucky you might catch the changing of the guard outside the mausoleum.

North think Hanoi: The cooler, drier months are November to April and the warmer months are May to October, although there is also more rainfall. Central think Hoi An and Danang: The optimal months to visit are February to April, however January and May are also good. South think Ho Chi Minh City: The south remains warm all year round, but they experience both the wet and dry seasons.

The wet season runs from May to October, whilst the dry season runs from November through to April.

Vietnam travel guide - Wikitravel.pdf

Our Experience: We have visited Vietnam in April and found the south, north and Central Vietnam to be pleasant. April seems to be a happy medium in terms of weather for visiting Vietnam. We have also been in Hanoi in May and although quite hot at times, this was also bearable. Vietnam may not be a huge country but it is very long. For this reason, leave a little extra time for travel in between destinations.

Pdf guide vietnam travel

Most people work there way from south to north or vice versa. Depending how many places you choose to stay, I would say 2 weeks is a good minimum length for a first trip, up to a month if you want to explore more or take it slower.

To enter Vietnam as an Australian Citizen, you will need a Visa. You can apply for a 30 day Visa online here but if you need a longer visa you will need to fill out the application online here , print it out and take it to your local embassy or consulate of Vietnam. Length of stay for a tourist visa for Australian citizens is one month or three months.

Your passport should have 6 months validity from your time of departure from Vietnam. We have used Vinaphone sim cards when travelling around Vietnam for internet on our phones. For VND, we got 1 month of unlimited internet. There are, of course, shorter plans available.

Guide pdf travel vietnam

Tipping in Vietnam is not required however it will be appreciated for good service. Phone snatching by motorbikes is apparently common we saw this happen in Ho Chi Minh City so be mindful. If you get your shoes shined, you may get the full treatment, including repairs, and before you know it the price will be a lot more than you expected.

Either agree to a price and write it down or just avoid them all together. Otherwise, if you are combining your Vietnam trip with other Asian countries, you can reach Vietnam easily from Cambodia Bus, boat or flight , Laos bus or flight or China train or flight , as well as other destinations via flying.

We have used trains, planes, buses and boats to get around Vietnam on past trips. It may be a fair bit longer, but it saves going to the airport, and you also get to see more of the countryside. We have been on boats down the Mekong River and around Halong Bay, both of which were amazing.

Taxi Taxies are readily available and one of the easiest ways to get around cities. Mai Linh or Vinasun are best.

Guide vietnam pdf travel

Cyclo A 3-wheeled bike with a seat on the front that can usually fit one or two people. Pushed by the locals, this is not the most convenient way to get around. More of an attraction within itself.

However, locals may offer you a ride on the back to get from A to B for a small fee. We did a tour on the back of a motorbike and it was a fabulous way to see the city. Please note: Some of the links mentioned above are affiliate links, all of the links are things we use and love.

Vietnam Travel Guide- Free Download

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Vietnam holds a special place in my heart as we took my Dad on his first overseas holiday here.