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FHM is a defunct UK monthly men's lifestyle magazine. It contained features such as the FHM Sexiest Women in the World, which has. FHM Philippines. January FHM Philippines. December FHM Philippines. November FHM Philippines. October FHM Philippines. FHM FHM Philippines - December FHM Philippines - March . FHM INDIA MAGAZINE IS PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY fhmindia. @fhmindia.

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magazine is the largest entertainment magazine in and abroad Philippines. The magazine features latest stories on celebrities and their personal details of their lives,closets, births, birthdays, weddings and travel. magazine’s March issue. Dropbox for iOS rolls out, features new PDF viewer. Feb 16, Jump into the tech life with the Gadgets Magazine Digital Lifestyle issue. FHM Philippines Magazine () PDF July - Free ebook download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. asd.

The new movie is out this month and Trek is set to return to the small screen next year. Sinasabi kasi nila [Comelec] secured, so tinest ko kung mabubutasyun ang term namin dun, butasin para makapasok. A o di g to the , the primary visual configuration is when participants look at the viewers formed by the parti ipa ts e e-lines, contact is greatly established even if it is only on imaginary level. Pero hindi ako nakapasok. Do you like what you see?

Fact check: Imee Marcos says Philippines 'picked fight' with China through arbitration case. By Ian Nicolas Cigaral 3 days ago. Imee Marcos on Thursday said Chinese boats in Philippine waters may come up at Duterte's Beijing visit. China vessels near Philippine isles an assault on sovereignty.

By Alexis Romero 3 days ago. Carlsen keeps Gashimov reign by: Edgar De Castro. Playing in world championship form, Magnus Carlsen of Norway went Engaging the US senators by: Babe Romualdez.

Several weeks ago, 12 US senators wrote a letter addressed to Rise of nationalist populism by: Elfren S. Today, there is a rising political tide engulfing the world in New pressures on Europe by: Ian Bremmer. With all the attention to the never-ending legislative absurdities Tsa-a-bu by: This term my From obscurity to observation by: Francis J. A senior citizen was clearing out his attic when he came upon Property sector facing headwinds by: Mary Ann LL.

This year may not be as good as last year for the property s Humility 2 by: Harold J. Fashion Reality by: Luis Espiritu Jr. They say that fashion is a reflection of the times. After seasons Metro DC Fil-American businesswomen inspire others by: Celebrating our theater scene by: Philip Cu-Unjieng.

Philstage recently announced the nominations for the 10th Gawad The art of Joy by: Tenorio Jr. Unstoppable is the artist in Joy Rojas. Every day that he goes More Headlines Articles. More Opinion Articles. More Nation Articles. More World Articles. Bank rediscount loans surge 7-fold in Q1. More Business Articles.

More Sports Articles. Donald Glover drops film while headlining Coachella performance. More Entertainment Articles. More Lifestyle Articles. For the love of the game. Lotto Apr 14, Daily Bread.

A journey of belief. These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. More Daily Bread. Or, if you are used to the city, go up to the mountains. Id go up to the mountains and just be quiet, consolidate my thoughts and my emotions and contemplate. Usually, this would bring your vibe higher and your balance back. Before I met my wife, I couldnt imagine myself being with the same person, going to bed and waking up with the same person every day.

With her, I felt that I wanted her to be the last person I see every night and the first person I see every day when I wake up. Thats when I knew na siya talaga , and I have no regrets. It was the best decision I ever made and I feel the same way up to now. To get over being torpe Thats me! I am torpe. When I really, really like a girl, name-mesmerize ako agad, I get speechless. I am the wrong person to ask that. For girls, my advice would be to do a background check [on your guy].

Tignan niyo ang relationship niya sa ex-girlfriend or ex-wife and you will see if this guy is a douchebag. Kung wala siyang naging kaibigan sa mga ex niya or sa mga dati niyang niligawan or nakadate niya , then he is not the right guy.

Dapat walang bitterness from their end. To not be labeled Paasa and Pahopia Hindi ka dapat paasa. Actually baliktad. Kasi kahit maging ex-girlfriend mo or ex-niligawan mo siya , you want to make sure that you are good friends with them.

Wag ka maging paasa, where you flatter the girl, ipapa-expect mo siya, tapos hindi naman talaga. That is so wrong on so many levels. Last hurrah When a Woman has self-control, and then loses control, but is still in control.

I was standing by the bar, bobbing my head to the music, doing that awkward semi-dance everyone does when theyre still too sober. Last hurrah! She was the brains behind this bachelorette island getaway, a celebration of my last couple of months as a free woman before getting hitched to Rob. The music got louder, the bar got fuller, and I got drunker. Beside me was my co-worker, Jacob, who also happened to be in Boracay for a kite-surfing competition.

As the night wore on and the drinks kept coming, my head bob turned into a full-on floor show, my ass grinding against Jacobs crotch. It gratified me to feel his bulge straining against his board shorts. How you doin back there? I asked him over my shoulder, a smirk on my lips. He grabbed my hips, ramming me against his groin. You know exactly what youre doing to me, he growled into my ear. Kat made her way to Jacob, a shot in one hand, a plate of salt and lime in the other.

Philippines pdf magazine

Lets see those abs that Ciara wont shut up about! She was too drunk to edit herself. I was too buzzed to care. Jacob gamely took his shirt off, his body glistening with sweat. Kat hooted, clearly impressed, before rubbing salt on his six-pack and thrusting the shot glass at me. What happens in Boracay she began. I hesitated, my fiances face flashing through my mind.

Come on, C, said Jacob, pulling me closer. I hesitated for a few seconds, before steeling myself and muttering, Fuck it. I placed my hands on Jacobs hips and slowly traced my tongue down his abs, tasting salt and sweat, the image of Rob fading away.

Kat cheered me on as I downed my shot and handed me a lime wedge. My work here is done, she declared with a flourish, before heading back behind the bar. Wordlessly, Jacob took my hand and led me through the crowd and out of the bar. My room? I stopped in my tracks, drunk and confused and holding on to the last bit of willpower. Last hurrah, he said, repeating Kats words.

Come on C, weve wanted this for months. I know wed be so good together. Maybe all this was just cold feet. He was always asking me out for coffee, but I always kept him at arms length. But when the wedding planning started getting crazy, I found him to be an excellent distraction. We were stationed a few cubicles away from each other, but we would be chatting on our laptops all day long. I loved the kilig. I loved the electricity I felt running between us whenever we were in the same room.

I loved the attention; it scared me to think that this was the last bit of attention I would ever get from another man. Its funny how so many girls want forever, but the prospect of itof being with one guy foreverwas freaking me out. Its not that I didnt love Rob. But after being together for years, he didnt exactly lavish attention on me.

When people asked me if he was The One, I would automatically answer, Of course! But in the back of my mind, a tiny voice would always whisper, Is he? As I was turning all this over in my cloudy head, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Hey hon. Hope youre having a good time. Love you. Jacob squeezed my hand. I glanced up at him from my phone, and he could see the look on my face. He furrowed his brow, and I could feel the heat between us ebb. He sighed heavily.

You know what? Lets not, he said. I started to protest weakly, but he cut me off. I know you. Youre just going to feel guilty about this. He walked back into the bar.

Wednesday, 8: I smile appreciatively as I look at his perfectly chiseled arms. Hes down for the count after an intense round of fuckingbecause thats what sex is when its with him. Its raw and wild and mind-blowing. And lovemaking feels like too chaste a word for it. Besides, were not in love. My phone vibrates on the nightstand. Ill be home late. Dont wait up.

I put my phone down and go back under the covers. I wrap my hand around Jacobs cock and slowly massage it. He opens his eyes and gives me a sleepy smile, as I feel him harden in my hand. He was right about one thing: We are so good together. But he was wrong about another: I feel absolutely no guilt.

The honest truth: How much have you spent on toys? P, I hope Senpai will notice me. Outside, scalpers were buying tickets at face value and selling them off for triple the price. If you had no idea what was going on inside, youd be forgiven for thinking a more traditional sporting event was going on. But maybe in the next few years, e-sports events packing our largest venues may be the norm. It's because we proved we're one hell of a crowd. There was no doubt that this was Major happening in Manila and nowhere else.

Pinoy hype is now legendary. Internet forums, players, commentators, and media were all in awe of the audience's intensity. We're known for being crazy about basketball, perhaps crazy about DOTA can now be a legit description as well. The stands filled with talk on tactics, heroes, plays, and their favorite teams everything you would expect from a real sports fan. That also meant a crowd that was heavily invested in the competition.

Whenever the crowd chanted as. Izabel Cortez Cash invested: P25, I always buy toys of the characters I cosplay. But perhaps the one shortcoming of the Major can be seen in the crowd as well. While it wasn't a percent sausage partyyes, female DOTA players existthe crowd demographic was mostly young males who have no doubt invested hundreds or even thousands of hours into DOTA.

Compared to kids and families at Toycon next door, or the oldies gang occupying the patron boxes of the UAAP, it still looks kind of niche-y. However, e-sports is still very young, and if we're able to get this much hatak in its infancy, then we think the Philippines is setting up well for future glory.

Ed Padilla Cash invested: P 10 0 , 0 0 0 Baka naka-6 digits na ako pero hindi ko lang sure. Hindi ako magaling sa math. Anton Umali Cash invested: P30, Ay, mas malaki naman pala yung [gastos ng] iba.

Mines not too embarrassing! Chira Cash invested: P50, Hilig ko lang talaga yung Tamiya ever since elementary since I couldnt afford real cars then. Myke and Fred Cash invested: Its normal. H erber t Asias Superman Chavez Cash invested: P3,, Ive already filled up my house with Superman memorabilia. Why the hell do you still watch TV? O u r d a i ly n e W s WaTc h In this economy, keeping abreast with current events is integral to ones personal growth and successwho are we kidding?!

We just want to know if a kidnapper or a carnapper is lurking in our barangay. Itd be nice, too, to pick up just enough of showbiz chika to bring to the office tomorrow.

The reason we are still holding on to our cable subscriptions with a solid death grip. Theres just no way wed miss out on the finals or the live telecast of a whoever-Filipino-athlete-on-themarquees event, even if its on pay-per-view. Also, NBA. Streaming services give us all of the control but even that can get boring. Plopping down and seeing whats on is our lifes box of chocolatesyoull never know what youre gonna get. You love them because you grew up watching them.

Whether its pies on the face or twerking booties, you will be entertained. If we could actually get through five minutes of streaming media without buffering, cable television would practically be extinct.

Anyway, the sky-high rate of a faster connection doesnt seem too appealing now that cable companies offer a lot of HD channels for cheap. Teleseryes dOnT keep us hanging In between movies, artistas hone and refine their acting chops in teleseryes. Unlike foreign TV shows, we dont have to wait a week to see what happens next.

Our local shows are far more hardcore with those nightly episodes. At 45 years old, Damon suddenly fits into the role of the super spy more than ever. Because just like the character, whose skin hes. When the first film debuted, he was one of those wideeyed ones-to-watch-out-for, best recognized as Ben Afflecks bromantic other half. Jason Bourne, the brain-damaged butt-kicking spy, became the vessel for his leading man potential to come to full fruition.

Now that both Matt Damon and Jason Bourne are back in the capable hands of director Paul Greengrass, fans of the franchise can only expect whats familiar: After all, its what they do best. Joan Allen as Pamela Landy A. The seasoned girl boss Franka Potente as Marie A. The badass operative Alicia Vikander as unnamed character A. The mysterious new lady in Bournes life.

As a movie director, finding a muse can often build a strong repertoire of films that showcases both parties talents.

Its a symbiotic relationship. Scorsese has Leo. Tim Burton cant get enough of Johnny Depps whimsical antics. And Spielberg, well, hes got an ace in his back pocket named Tom Hanks. British filmmaker Paul Greengrass, the genius behind the first three Jason Bourne films, has a prized stallion in Matt Damon.

And if youre. Diva, n. But as with all semantic changes, the word has evolved to also refer to singer-celebrities infamous for their prima donna attitude. Hindi ma-reach.

You know, pa-diva. And we hate people like that. But singer-songwriter Aicelle Santos breaks the very essence of that wrong connotation. Sure, Aicelle has had her fair share of diva moments, starting her career in show business by winning a singing competition and making it to the top noontime shows as a resident songstress.

But today, shes able to show another side of her as Eat Bulaga! That stint had me running in the streets and coming up to strangers, shares Aicelle. Getting that job came with a lot of surprises. I didnt. The spontaneity of it all is unforgettable. Was it difficult to do? Aicelle says, Not really. Every Pinoy loves karaoke! She had no glamorous get-up, no teleprompters, no rehearsals. It was all raw, and it was all fun. We like that. Aicelle also dabbles in theater acting.

Right now, shes back in the comic musical Rak of Aegis as Eileen, a character who, she says, doesnt require much effort for her to portray. Eileen is just Aicelle, too. Whatever perkiness you see onstage when I do Rak , its me, she shares.

Right now you may assume that this girl can put on any hat thats asked of her. But Aicelle admits she still gets the jitters. I still get stage fright, of course. Siguro mas magaling na lang ako mag-handle ngayon, she says. Aicelle recently went through surgery on her inflamed vocal chords after doing over a hundred live shows for Rak. That was really tough for me. I was not able to sing nor speak.

FHM Philippines Magazine () PDF July | Cloning | Earth & Life Sciences

Not even a whisper! But now that Im healed, Ive discovered a different passion and respect for what I do. It only gets better from here. Im back and am ready to rak! Pulse Ah, Star Trek. A show that helped make sci-fi digestible, compelling its legions of fans to be the first to save a TV series from cancellation, and popularizing the practice of online fanfiction pairingsyup, waaay before that RP69 trendwith the SpockKirk movement.

Kalayaan Google it, noob! Its obvious, especially in s Into Darkness, whose plot draws parallelisms with the U. All this happens while we get that untold backstory of how the crew from the original series became the characters that we know and love.

This structure of a time-travel reboot has proven to be so successful that other movie franchises, such as X-Men and Terminator, have begun following the formula. This year marks 50 years since the Star Trek franchise began.

The new movie is out this month and Trek is set to return to the small screen next year. Were about to go beyond the final frontier. Laban, Pilipinas! Ive had many talks and Filipinos first-round foes. And I based on their own experience, on how the can tell everyone that he is a lot of things. Gilas Pilipinas team is assembled and how it Being assumptive is the only quality that will fare in an event. Sportswriters In fact, Baldwin has gone as far as saying have been politely turned down time and that the OQT will be basketball of a different againthis one includedwhen Baldwin is level, [and] of a different level of players.

He asked to rate his team as far as preparedness, also said that the Philippine team is installed character, and chances for winning are as the pitiful underdog and that the Filipinos concerned. Some of us never learn and ask have their work cut out for them. Team him again the next time we get a chance. Philippines needs to beat either Tony Parker Simply put, one just cant squeeze an answer and the rest of the French national team or out of Baldwin when it comes to giving the Kiwis to make it to the Final Four, where forecasts on our National teams chances, be it will advance opposite either Canada, Turkey it in a small regional event like the Southeast or Senegal by the longest of shots.

In the World Cup in the World Cup. Yet the Olympic Qualifying Tournament team made a lot of heads turn Qualifying OQT hasnt changed Baldwins when they pushed world powers Tournament in approach on things.

Which to the limit, capping their strong the Philippines leaves everyone to come up with showing with an overtime our own take on how Baldwins victory over Senegal. That was what happened in Spain, Caidic said, when every opponent of the Philippines took the Filipinos for granted.

And we must be able to make the most out of it. We have nothing to lose there, so its important that our players just enjoy the moment and play for the crowd that will watch them. No need to prod. This basketball-crazy nation will do its part by rooting like crazy and praying hardestwhen the tournament comes.

And the boys will deliver. Because one trait that Baldwin has in him is that he will work his butt off getting the team as prepared as it can be; he will coach with all that he has, game in and out. Sometimes, that could be enough to get a team through tremendous odds. Musong is a professional husband and father, a very bad amateur golfer, and a sportswriter for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Part of his assignment is covering the Gilas Pilipinas programs and secretly cheering on the National team from the sidelines. Instead of the usual last-minute packing of bags, he was on a basketball court attending a coaching clinic for kids.

This man obviously loves basketball. And as fate would have it, Baldwin found himself in a country that lives and breathes basketball. It is this same man who will be leading Gilas Pilipinas bid to achieve what basketball-loving Filipino fans have long been waiting for: The year-old Baldwins basketball-coaching resum began long before he landed a job in the Philippines.

He went on to be the head coach of the New Zealand mens national basketball team, the Tall Blacks. The national squad finished second to book a seat at the FIBA World Cup, the first time the Philippines played in the prestigious tournament since Baldwin has since settled in the Philippines after being named head coach of Gilas Pilipinas in Ultimately, however, Filipinos understand that Baldwin came over for one main task: Despite the countrys passion for basketball, the Philippines has yet to qualify for the Olympics since Its crunch time.

How much work do you still need to do in terms of Gilas traning? Theres still a lot of work to be done because of the tight timeframe, not only for [Gilas], but also for the other teams. Most of the pro leagues in Europe [finished] early June. Which makes the preparation time for all teams very short. Coaches want to get training camps and competitive games.

But because [time] was so condensed, it was sort of difficult. Butch Antonio, Gilas team manager did a great job [getting us into] this camp in Greece. We are very fortunate. We played Iran based on the relationship I have with their coach. If you could have your own way, how much more time would you spend in preparation? If Gilas could be together for another month or two, Im sure we would be better. But it is what it is and we are making the best of it. We are all very focused on being successful.

There is only one thing that means success in this tournament, and its winning it, getting the gold, and going to Rio.

We could fail but still play really well. I dont think we can succeed, while not playing well. We have to play way above our heads to succeed but that is not outside the realm of possibility.

And thats what we really have to strive to do. Coach Tab means business on the court, training the Gilas Pilipinas pool at least 15 hours a week. Were you aware of the passion Filipinos have for basketball even before coming here? I knew from anecdotal evidence that the Philippines has always been a basketball country. But I didnt know how that would manifest itself until I saw the big crowds. I didnt know there are modern stadiums like the MOA Arena, the Philippine Arena, and even Araneta Coliseum, which is an old stadium but still a big, nice one.

In what circumstances did you accept the offer to become the head coach of Gilas Pilipinas? There was a part of me that was excited because I had grown to understand the Philippine basketball landscape; how popular it is and how people have a huge passion for the national team. I recognize that there are pitfalls and political issues but the thing that made me secure with the position is because of boss MVP [Manny V. Pangilinan] and his passion for the game and the support that he gives to the game.

Within that framework, I was excited, yet I knew the challenge would be great. How much different is it coaching the Ateneo team from coaching Gilas? Its dramatically different.

Its intensive work, but I enjoy it. I know what the fans want and it is to win the championships. But my job as coach of Ateneo is to develop players and to help them reach their goals and their aspirations. I believe that if you do that well, things like championships will take care of themselves. Thats my philosophy. How would you describe your athletic career? I really was a guy that was into a lot of sportsI played a lot of recreational softball, volleyball, golf, ping pong, tennis, I enjoyed water sports, I swam a little bit.

I still play golf. But really, basketball was my competitive sport. And I had dreams when I was a kid like most kids do, but those dreams www. During high school, my dad was a basketball coach and he was pretty adamant that I have no playing future in the sport. He strongly encouraged me to pursue academic university experience. I went to University of Notre Dame, played intramural basketball and football, but that isnt exactly an athletic career. Was your dad the one who inspired you to take up coaching instead?

My dad was a lot of things. He was my inspiration, my idol, my nemesis at times in terms of me wanting to do things I wanted to do. He is such a strong disciplinarian and throughout my youth, he was a powerful influence in my life; he dictated the decisions I made. My dads word was law. But he did what he thought was best for me. I never doubted his love. Up until I was probably 25 years old, I followed what he said. The first real break from my dad was getting into coaching, which I did aspire to partly because of him; but I did it against his wishes.

There was a real fight over that in the house, but in the end, he supported me. Without his support, I dont think I could have been as successful as Ive been. We hear you are a big baseball fan, as well.

No, Im a diehard [Boston] Red Sox fan. My passion for the Red Sox goes back to my early childhood. I couldnt tell you Coach Tab on taking Gilas to Rio: I hope that we do the job representing [the Filipinos] the way they want us to do, the way that why will be proud of us Maybe because Im a [Boston] Celtics fan as well.

You obviously have a packed schedule. But have you found time to go around the Philippines? Not nearly enough. Its something that I definitely want to do more with my family. I want to tell my friends all around the world [about] the neat things that we are going to see in the Philippines. Being a person that loves beaches, Im used to hot weather. Growing up in that environment in Florida, this [climate] is excellent for me.

Its just that I dont get the opportunity to get out of Manila and see all the places. But my wife and I are looking forward to spending a lot of time on beaches all over the Philippines. I like Baler because of the waves, and because I like to surf. Baler is more like the home where I come from. Anywhere you can go where you can relax in warm weather and warm waterand swimthats paradise. How do you like Filipino food? Food is very good. Southeast Asian food is generally good.

Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. But Filipino food [is also good] because its spicy, and there is a lot of meat. Some of the vegetables, I find interesting, but the fruits are amazing.

Thats something about our family: What would you say to Filipino basketball fans? I hope that we thrill them and entertain them. I hope that we give them a reason to smile particularly the morning of July 11th. More important than that, I hope that we do the job of representing them the way they want us toIf we can achieve that, irrespective of our results, then I think we could hold our heads up.

I guess thats the dream. To know that the people supporting you continue to believe in you because of the work that youve done.

Like one of the pivotal scenes in her lesbian-comes-of-age soap, The Rich Mans Daughter, where she plays Jade Tanchingco, willful but overprotected, the only daughter of a wealthy Chinese clan, uber-traditional, and unwelcoming of fringe views. Jade becomes infatuated and falls for the mestiza and doe-eyed Althea Glaiza de Castro , self-made and sure of herself, if still hesitant, like Jade, of her newfound desires for someone on the same gender fence.

The scene: Shes just about to exit but spots Althea washing up and checking her face in the mirror. Jade is forced to wait and confront her hesitation, unwilling to unchain her emotions and yet yearning to engage by simply opening her bathroom stall. Everything could change; nothing might change. The conflict, the emotions that play on her face is a treasure. It is precious in not knowing what it wants to be.

I agree that vulnerability is a strength, says Rhian.

And I will be the first to admit that I was bad when I started all this [acting]. But now that Ive gotten some depth in [performing] it is where I set free all the things I cant be and I cant do. Acting to me is freedom. Every second between the words action and cut is freedom. If youve ever fallen for someone, but youre with somebody else?

Philippines pdf magazine

Thats how it feels. You cant act upon that in the real world, but you can in movies. All the bad, all the forbidden, all the taboo things I wish I could do I put in acting.

Its the kind of honesty and oncam willingness to be uncomfortable that has feted her with nominations for many of her roles, including one for s FAMAS Best Actress for The Road. And to be honest, its also primarily what clocked her into the. FHM Sexiest listthe waif with curves, the dream girl who could be vixen and sweetheart if you only played your cards right, with a gaze so dusky the twilight would be jealous.

Now she's on the cover, incandescent beside a body of water that sits inside the territory of a French chateau, medieval and brutish, frolicking among the tall grass and blooms, comely and dangerous as a fey creature.

You can drown in her eyes, or behold her form riveted in place. You dont gaze at Rhianshe holds your eye and throws back your adoration. Mirror upon mirror in the wilderness. And it was all because of an amazing bikini photo she herself posted last March. God bless you, Instagram. Not that I needed permission from the biebs but im hella game to love myself, Rhian wrote on her IG post. A lot of people were making fun of my [flat] butt, she says about the post that harvested more than 13, likes and over comments about her frankly amazing derriere.

For the longest time almost everybody was telling me: Because I hadnt done a single squat in a year, that was what drove me to post that photo where my butt was hanging out. And I was all take that! But it backfired because the reaction was apparently: Its annoying! Its confusing! Because thats not how I intended it. It looked like I was the one who gave in, that, hey look she took our advice and did, like, a gazillion squats. I had a kind of epiphany after those reactions: It really doesnt matter what anyones opinion of your body is.

Its really up to you what you want to look like and whatever that is, it's okay. Incidentally, she also said yes because FHM has transformed its design and content ethos. I finally said yes because of the change of audience and the change in content, she says. Because of that I now dont feel shy to put my body in a magazine that is read by, what I would say, the kind of readers that I now want to reach out to.

Who owns womens bodies? For Rhian, taking ownership of her body has obviously been empowering, the right track for evolution. In she got a tattoo from the famous Kalinga tattoo artist Fang-Od, using the traditional batok method with pomelo tree thorn and bamboo; extremely painful with ecstatic bursts in between is how those whove gone through the process describe it.

In my industry its very normal for people to nitpick on the smallest physical flaws like, say, Megan Foxs tongue, when shes super hot! Who gives a crap? When youre young you tend to listen more to the people around you with regard to your body. Now that Im older Ive started to just listen to myself. For the longest time people had so many opinions about my body and I would read that, and they would affect me deeply. They made me feel like I would never want to be in front of anyone anymore.

In Ifugao culture, girls would ritually receive tattoos as they entered womanhood, while men would get new ones as they piled on achievements. The Scorpion and the Hawk, the animals that now adorn Rhians right upper thigh are now her symbols of womanhood, the sigils of her feral nature leashed and ready to be tapped when needed.

They are a means of control, tools for argument and negotiation with the world. Ive realized that, even if you follow somebody elses advice on what you should look like, then youll have to look in the mirror every day and be sad because everyone else wins and you lose.

We first saw her in s Captain Barbell as a teenage hottie, the apple of Tengs eye. Since then shes done everything from showbiz news to soaps and horror movies. Shes grown up in front of our eyes on sprawling celluloid or TV; become an entrepreneur with her friends craft beer Pedro ; took up fashion design and made a name for herself as a fashion blogista on Skilleto see http: R is for Rhian and the calculated risks she takes.

How far has she come? Sometimes its measured in literally stratospheric proportions. Recently she parachuted out of a plane in Australia. It was a tandem jump, to be sure, but the experience did connect Rhian closer to God. And the clouds. It was one heck of a freefall, thats for sure, she narrates. As we sat on the edge of the plane I looked down and I really choked, my mouth went dry, and I didnt know if I could catch my breath!

Have you ever looked down on 18, feet? You could cry but you dont have saliva or tears. Then your guy pushes you off the edge and thats that. So as we were falling I was like: God, what does a cloud feel like? Rhian makes a sound between a burp and a whistle, illustrating a cloud hitting her face.

Oh, thats what. Thanks, God! That was really beautiful. Shes also really into cars and driving them fast. Which is why she just got sponsored by a petroleum company because she did monthly Mini-Cooper races.

Last year she won second place overall in the engine category. Which is why this year Im really gunning for first place. Also why shes hosting a motoring show called Full Throttle on the History Channel alongside radio jock Sam YG, where she claims she gets to unleash her need for speed and exercise a fair bit of the traditional racer activity of trash talk. Ive found that a nice way of trash talking people is just to go near their cars and be like ganda ng auto mo, ah!

It would be a shame if anything happened to it. But Im actually quite a scaredy cat when it comes to road driving.

The show offers up food features and trips about the different facets of Filipino modern life and cuisine. But really, Rhian felt that she wanted to be in the show because it would mean all of my cheat days now are for work!

Also I get to hang out with Solenn Heussaff, whos one of the coolest people in Philippine showbiz. I havent done an afternoon show in a really really long while, she says, since shes been on primetime evening shows for a few years now. This is the demographic that loves the melodrama, the acting, and the approach that needs to be over the top.

She continues: In the movie Gabby Concepcion is Vilmas husband and he doesnt really treat her well, so she turns to someone younger for comfort. Now that Im playing Vilmas character I realize thats really far from me in real life, I dont usually go for people younger than me but in the story Vilma turns to Aga because he treats her right.

That soap opera should debut just as this issue hits the stands. R is for ravishing and how, as Rhians gotten older and grasped more of her sexuality in her capable, confident hands, it has been our boon and reward. I would definitely say Im much more comfortable in my body now, she explains. See, I dont like the word feminist, I think its too feminine. To be one is to want equality but the term itself is a little too much in favor of women.

As a corollary, let those who would play with a reckless streak, with the feral, and the ardently radical beware the tooth and claw, the call to injury of any who are drawn to the sensual and dangerous.

Remember Rhians ink and their warning: We are left, then, to roll our Rs in praise. How uhm, clich. My way of handling depression was different from his and, with my conceit, yours, too. My psychiatrist thinks im kind of a mix of them all. Mostly stupid shit that left me empty inside. Most depressed people dont really want to die; they just want everything to stop. Most people ive talked to never really quite understood what i was going through, which wasnt really their fault.

This act finally people was for me. My writing staring contest with me. It mandates that usually centers on being told him about my love-hate all hopeful psychologists hopeful in spite of dying relationship with my racist must pass licensure circumstances aka sawilola.

It out, which again, didnt vulnerable. The latest version is still talk to them, and conversation. LETTINg gO i finally learned how to handle these things when i met this girl on tinder because that's the app that guys who got all the game install ; one of the few people i actually liked talking to. For one thing, the writingthe one thing i really gave a shit about suffered. That is Paul Bitengs ringback tone. The kid is alright, but hes got a sick sense of humor.


For a while there, we thought it was real. The kid having done what he did, wed have believed every word of the stupid ringback. In April, Paul Biteng, 20, was on national news when he was arrested for hacking the Comelec website. Hacked government websites are not new, but Pauls timing was impeccable: The government agency said their system was secure; not long after, data on 55 million votersincluding passport details and fingerprintswas leaked on the web. Some news reports claimed it was the biggest government-related data breach in history.

A year-old did that, and that was our story. After almost a month of looking, FHM tracked down Paul, now out on bail, through a fellow hacker. Following a series of text messages and a few phone calls with the first one pranking us good , he agreed to meet in a mall somewhere in Manila.

At the meet-up point, it felt like a Ludlum thriller. We were to rendezvous with PhantomHacker Khalifa, responsible for the biggest government security data breach in. Fifteen minutes of standing around in the mall, three security guards had placed themselves at strategic points with direct lines of sight to us, them communicating on their radios. Our photographer was carrying a backpack; we figured they thought we looked suspicious.

Maybe we were. Then Paul arrived. He was sipping on Starbucks and had on a V for Vendetta t-shirt. His hair was wiry and he had plugs for earrings. He was lanky, about 55, and he had this silly grin on his face. He didnt look like he had graduated from high school yet. He was with a girlnot his girlfriend, he saidwho looked even younger. Kanina pa kayo? Sinamahan ko lang kasi siya, may binili lang, Paul said apologetically. We agreed to do the interview at a bar two streets down from the mall.

We asked him if he was allowed in the place; the girl knew the place and said he could go in, besides he had his ID with him. Suddenly, it didnt feel like Ludlum anymore. It felt like we were going to play DotA. Twelve days ako na-detain sa NBI. Sina mama at papa lang yung gumagalaw [para makapag-bail ako]. Nakapagpost ako ng bail with the. He recalls he was outside their house, smoking a cigarette, when the NBI picked him up. It had only been a couple of weeks since he graduated from Perpetual Help College in Manila.

By his account, Paul wasnt what you would consider a master in the hacking community, as the reports made him out to be. Sa school kasi nanggaling yan. Hindi naman sa masipagoo, masipag magbasa ng codes, basta programming, interesado ako.

FHM Philippines Magazine (2016) PDF July

So madali ako makatapos ng mga activity, kaya tinawag ako ng mga kaklase ko na master. Pero sa [hacker community] hindi nila ako tinatawag na ganyan. It has been determined that although Paul hacked the Comelec website, he didnt leak the information on the webtwo other hackers who got his codes in their community forum did that.

Sinasabi kasi nila [Comelec] secured, so tinest ko kung mabubutasyun ang term namin dun, butasin para makapasok. May nakita ako, so nireport ko [sa Comelec]. Kaso hindi sila nagreply, Paul says. Likely, the vulnerabilities existed because the patching and security updates of the website were not done faithfully, in a timely manner, and with a sense of urgency, Galla explains.

The reason why I thought [he did it] through the Precinct finder is because, 1 Using an open text box form is an easy and careless way of doing searches, especially if you dont take the necessary precautions; 2 [The Precinct finder] has a direct access to [Comelecs] voters database which is the database that was actually stolen ; and 3 Of all the services in the Comelec website, it was the first to be removed from the site.

This was a pretty easy job to do, too, say Ricana and Galla. On a scale of 1 to 5 [on the difficulty scale], its probably a 1, says Galla. Scripts that do these things can be copy-pasted from so many places, and they aren't all in the dark web. Ricana agrees: If indeed the hacking was done via SQL injection, then that means what [Comelec] did was lacking in terms of coding.

With someone who has the tech knowledge and malicious intent, it would have been easy to do it. So apparently, it doesnt take much to hack Comelecs websiteit could have been done by a local hacker who had just graduated from school. Recina enumerates the necessary skills to hack: The hackers need competencies in the most common programming languages, especially those that are used to program websites and web apps eg.

Competencies in navigating web servers which are more often than not, run in Linux. Galli is more succinct: They need the ability to search for reading material on vulnerabilities, search for scripts, and replicate them. In other words, Google and cut and paste. That is all that Paul can recall. High school was at Ramon Magsaysay.

Yun, wala rin! Tamad lang talaga akong magaral. Tapos wala na ring sports, eskwela-bahay na lang lagi. Nag-DotA rin ako, pero sa shop lang na malapit sa amin. When he was in second year high school, his family bought a computer set for cheap. Soon after, they had internet connection. Una, Facebook lang tsaka laro. Hanggang nag-part time ako sa pagdedevelop ng Ragnarok. First he played the game, then learned it well enough to know how to customize the settings of the game on private servers for which some players were willing to pay to be able to play.

It sounds like a technological leap for a kid, but Paul says he had been into computers since he was three. For him it was easy, and he showed his aptitude for coding when he began college as an IT student.