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Solutions Manual for Canadian Human Resource Management Canadian 11th Edition by Schwind IBSN x Full download. Canadian human resource management textbook. Oakville / Halton Region07/04 / 11th edition of human resource management by Herman Schwind. How can I download Human Resource Management 11th Edition Rue Test Bank ? -in-canada-canadianth-edition-by-dessler-ibsnpdf.

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human resource management 11th edition pdf canadian human resource management 11th edition schwind pdf canadian human r. Test Bank for Canadian Human Resource Management 11th Edition by Schwind. Ls06z2 Dzqo Page 1 of 14 This chapter has 90 questions. Scroll down to. Canadian Human Resource Management Canadian 11th Edition Schwind Solutions Edition by David Shier, Jackie Butler, Ricki Lewis pdf,

Human resource management is central to all organizations and all organizations have a dedicated human resource department. Discuss the various approaches to setting performance standards. Some organizations consciously make an effort to create an egalitarian, participative, and entrepreneurial work climate. Greater employee involvement will help motivate employees to work on their own. The factors to consider are efficiency, workflow, ergonomic considerations, employee considerations, autonomy, variety, task identity, feedback, and task significance. Which of the following contributes to an organization's character? A 36 Job analysis information containing job standards, is usually sufficient for jobs where performance is:

The move towards extractive industries increases the need for innovation and creates an environment that requires not only knowledge workers, but individuals who bring innovative thinking to their organization.

Moving from a factor-based to a knowledge-based economy is a trend witnessed only in North America. With an increased reliance on knowledge workers, organizations also start to face challenges associated with employees hiding and withholding knowledge. Educational attainment is the average academic level required to work at a particular job.

Educational attainment is not keeping pace with the growing knowledge based economy.

The foundation skills for employability in the future as identified by the Corporate Council on Education are: Keyboard Navigation question 23 Difficulty: The impact of population aging is the same, regardless of geographical location. The growing youth population-those under age entering the workforce has implications for Canada on a global scale.

In today's workplace, leaders may be faced with up to four generations-generation Y, generation X, baby boomers, and traditionalists.

11th human edition management pdf in canada resources

Cultural forces are challenges facing a firm's decision makers because of cultural differences among employees. Allophones are defined as someone whose native tongue is Albanian. In the discussion of ethics, there are 3 approaches to determine "Right" behaviour. The 3 approaches are: The reasons most often cited by HR professionals for engaging in unethical behaviours are: Equifinality means there are many paths to any given objective. The key to success is choosing the path that best aligns to the organization's strategic goals.

Keyboard Navigation question 31 Difficulty: Some organizations consciously make an effort to create an egalitarian, participative, and entrepreneurial work climate. HR practices such as seniority- and rank-based pay and top-down communication channels are likely to work best in this situation.

Performance appraisals indicates how well human resource activities have been carried out, since poor performance might often mean that selection or training activities need to be redesigned. Without a future orientation, the human resources department becomes proactive, not reactive. Proactive approaches allow minor problems to become major ones.

Edition canada in resources human management pdf 11th

Human resource audits need not be done for the entire organization. The audit can be performed only on a division. Human resource managers must constantly scan their professional and social environment for clues about the future. New developments may mean new challenges.

Delegation reduces a manager's responsibility. When a human resources department first emerges, it is typically small and reports to a senior-level manager. Human resource managers do not have the authority to order other managers in other departments to accept their ideas. Keyboard Navigation question 39 Difficulty: In highly technical or extremely routine situations, the human resources department may be given the right to make decisions usually made by line managers or top management.

This is called functional authority. Change mastery is a competency which a human resource manager is expected to possess. Human resource professionals need to be well versed in data driven decision making and financial operations. Recent changes to old age security forces workers to wait until what age to claim old age security?

Which of the following may be a benefit of an employer providing workout facilities within the organization's physical space? Which of the following contributes to an organization's character?

Pdf human edition canada 11th resources in management

Keyboard Navigation question 46 Difficulty: To deal effectively with ever-increasing challenges, successful human resources managers must display the following competencies EXCEPT: Which of the following tasks might a human resources manager have to carry out during a recessionary period? Which of the following is NOT a human resource activity? According to top executives surveyed, what are the top strategic priorities which are HR related? With employees working distally, the probability of data breaches is likely to climb.

Management edition 11th canada pdf in human resources

What step might an organization take to protect their sensitive data? The practice of responding to problems or challenges as they arise is: An examination of the human resource policies, practices, and systems of a firm or division to eliminate deficiencies and improve ways to achieve goals is a: Through gains in productivity, managers can: Organizational goals can be categorized into: Service industries make significant contributions to our national wealth today.

Which of the following is an example of a service industry? Which technological force trend has led to the development of mechatronics programs at some post-secondary institutions? The ratio of a firm's outputs goods and services to its inputs people, capital, materials, energy is the definition of: Within a human resources audit, the major areas examined under the Human Resources Management Information System heading are: By moving to a mechatronic process, better service may be provided to the customer through: Which of the following is NOT an example of the benefits of mechanization?

On a per capita basis Canada exports more than the United States or Japan-due to the combination of a relatively small population and a large natural resource base. Which economic force is this an example of? A seniority B organizational ability C problem solving D communication skills E all of the choices except seniority Answer: The checklist should collect information on a variety of matters including: A current performance standards and improvements needed B education, skills, competencies, and experience levels needed C physical demands, working conditions, and safety and health issues D major duties and percentage of time spent on each E all of the choices Answer: A employee's self-image and personal growth improves B the worker becomes more valuable to the organization C the worker becomes competent in several jobs D expansion of the number of related tasks in the job E a break in the monotony of highly specialized work.

A job specialization considerations B employee considerations C environmental considerations D organizational considerations E social considerations. Even where work flow might suggest a particular job design, the job must meet the expectations of workers. Failure to consider these expectations can create dissatisfaction, poor motivation, and low quality of work life.

This is an example of: A social expectations B work practices C job designs D environmental considerations E job specifications Answer: A employee considerations B environmental considerations C economic considerations D ergonomic considerations E all of the choices except economic considerations.

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Which of the following major Human Resource management activities do NOT rely on job analysis information? A Fair and equitable compensation of employees B elimination of unnecessary job requirements that can cause discrimination in employment C matching of job applicants to job requirements D planning of employee's career path E planning of future human resource requirements Answer: Likely targets of job analysis are jobs: A for which the firm continuously hires B that are difficult to learn or perform C that are critical to the success of an organization D that have existed since the organization began E all of the choices except that have existed since the organization began Answer: A it is slow B workers may perform differently when they know they are being watched C it is potentially less accurate than other methods of collecting data D it is costly E all of the choices Answer: A recognizable health and safety hazards B job design C skills and training D knowledge E all of the choices Answer: A communication skills making an employee a strong leader B a complete or whole set of skills aligned with successful job performance C knowledge, skill, ability, or behaviour associated with successful job performance D a set of characters which make an employee competitive E a group of leaders within the organization.

States as identified in the Job Characteristics Model are: What is the definition of job enrichment? A adding more responsibilities and autonomy to a job B providing more autonomy, feedback, and task significance to workers C adding more tasks to a job to increase the job D moving employees from one job to another E work that is organized around teams and processes Answer: In the context of human resources, what is the acronym NOC for?

Industrial engineers study work cycles to determine which job elements can be combined, modified, or eliminated to reduce the overall time needed to perform the task. Task specialization was suggested as a key strategy to improve efficiency. Which of the following is best-suited to task specialization? Job Analysis Activities. December 11, , which are the 3 most popular methods of collecting job- and performance-related information? A interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires B observation, focus groups, and employee logs C employee jobs, interviews, and focus groups D questionnaires, employee logs, and observation E interviews, questionnaires, and observation Answer: A performance standards are understood by workers and supervisors B performance is quantified C performance is measurable D performance is supported by multiple certificates and diplomas E all of the choices except performance is supported by multiple certificates and diplomas.

A behaviour sciences B physics C engineering D biology E all of the choices. A controlling B other management functions C planning D decision making E quick overview. Which of the following is TRUE about jobs which are not well designed? A employee relationships increase B profits fall C the organization is less able to meet the demands of society D employee output suffers E all of the choices except employee relationships increase Answer: A job title B status C job grade D job location E promotion schedule.

A reduced vision and hearing B decrease in several hand functions C reduced self esteem D lowered muscular strength E all of the choices except reduced self esteem. A leadership B communication skills C technical expertise D creativity E sexual orientation.

A they are susceptible to change, based upon an employee's gender B once established, they are set and cannot be changed C they are used to develop employee recruitment materials D they are defined by the Canadian standards association E they become objectives or targets for employee efforts. Work practices can be the result of: A a weak or ineffective human resources department B tradition or history C the collective wishes of employees D unions E all of the choices Answer: Download at: See More.

A 2 According to the text, global competition, fast technological obsolescence, changing worker profiles, and rapid increases in knowledge requirements have made it difficult to create accurate and up-to-date job descriptions.

A 3 A job is a collection of tasks and responsibilities performed by an individual whereas a position consists of a group of related activities and duties. B 4 Compensation cannot be determined fairly without detailed knowledge of each job. A 5 Within the job analysis process, organization change occurs during the preparation for job analysis phase. B 6 In unionized organizations, job analysis steps have to meet the various provisions of the collective agreement between the management and the union.

A 7 Job analysis questionnaires are checklists that seek to collect information about positions in a uniform manner. B 8 When using a job analysis questionnaire, it is important to use the same questionnaire on similar jobs. A 2 9 Information about the job environment such as health and safety hazards is included in working conditions on a job description. A 10 Performance standards describe to what level an employee needs to be doing the job to be a good performer versus an average or a poor performer.

A 11 Health and safety training or equipment that is required would be included in a job description under human characteristics. B 12 The critical incident method involves identifying and describing specific events when an employee performed really well and when they performed very poorly.

A 13 When collecting job A True B False data, the analyst usually talks to a number of workers and then supervisors. A 14 Standardized surveys to collect information about jobs, working conditions, and other performance-related information are called questionnaires.

A 15 During the data collection process, the interviewer should not establish rapport with the interviewee while collecting job data because it will affect the results. B 16 Job data collected during the interview process should be reviewed and verified by both the interviewee and the immediate supervisor.

A 3 17 A face-to-face meeting with 5 to 7 experts on a job and a facilitator to collect job and performance related information is called a brainstorming group. B 18 An employee log is an approach to collecting job- and performance-related information by asking the job-holder to summarize tasks, activities, and challenges in a diary format.

A 19 The existence of language barriers with foreign-language-speaking workers may make the observation approach a viable method of collecting job- and performance-related information A True B False Answer: A 20 Each method of collecting job- and performance-related information has its shortcomings. A 21 Disadvantages of focus groups for collecting job data include: B 22 According to A True B False the text, observation is the most common method of collecting data for job analysis.

B 23 A job description is a collection of tasks and responsibilities performed by an individual. B 24 "Undertakes other tasks assigned by the supervisor" is an example of a responsibility on a job description.

A 4 25 Job descriptions A True B False will most often be signed by an incumbent and their supervisor. A 26 The two major attributes of jobs used for classification criteria in the NOC were skill level and skill type. A 28 In the National Occupational Classification, the second digit is for education level. A 29 A job specification is a written statement that explains what a job demands of jobholders and human skills and factors required.

A 30 "Works in A True B False a well ventilated office" would be included under effort factors on a job specification.

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B 31 Job specifications should be generic so as not to limit employee job tasks. B 32 A well-crafted job description can be used for employee discipline. A 33 Job descriptions A True B False can help in preparation for light or modified duties for a worker.

A 5 34 Job performance standards are developed from job analysis information, and then actual employee performance is measured. A 35 A well-developed job description can provide details on the "essential functions" of a job. A 36 Job analysis information containing job standards, is usually sufficient for jobs where performance is: A 37 A competency matrix lists different levels of skill for a combination of competencies. A 38 The need for an engineer to have the technical expertise at skill level VI would be included on a competency matrix.

A 39 When competencies become broad spanning, a job with few specific duties or tasks, may become indefensible legally.