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five pillars isn't enough; a retailer must offer them all” (Berry. ). Page 2. Marketing: integrating the retailing effort 85_Interbrand_Best_Retail_pdf. The structure of retailing in the UK and Europe Conclusion Exercises References and further reading 2 An introduction to retail marketing PDF | On Dec 31, , Anshu Gupta and others published Retail Marketing in India.

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Manufacturers engage in retailing when they make direct-to-consumer sales of The retailer is an intermediary in the marketing channel because he is both. of all topics/syllabus required for CAIIB examination with clear concept I wish you all the best CAIIB MADE SIMPLE My 4 Rules of Using the stock Market. page 4. Marketing Module. David F. Miller Center for Retailing Education and Research. Retail Marketing Management. 1. Merchandising Management.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Transport 2. However, during the economic recession since the latter half of FY09, the retailers especially in the organized segment suffered a set-back in the form of declining revenues and halt in their capex plans. Old Password. Eastview Editions. The slowdown in consumer spending led to the inventory being stacked up resulting in a low inventory turnaround ratio, registering a decline to 4.

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Retail Marketing

Old Password. New Password. Your password has been changed. Returning user. Request Username Can't sign in? Forgot your username? Also, in an attempt to increase margins, the authors expect the retailers would restore to adapting measures such as increasing the share of private labels in the total store sales, reducing store level operating expenses etc.

The report on the Indian retail industry provides a comprehensive overview of all the above mentioned parameters with detailed forecasts. However, the gradual revival in the global economy and the improving unemployment situation since H2FY10 has correspondingly led to the revival in the confidence of the Indian consumers, ultimately resulting in greater footfalls, higher conversion and growth in same- store sales SSS as compared to a year ago.

To what extent would the penetration of organised retail increase from the current level? What are the challenges the industry is likely to face in the foreseeable future? Additionally, the four quarterly updates from the date of subscription accompanying the said report would form a potent tool for the subscribers to keep abreast of the happenings in the industry. VRL is engaged in the retail industry. Its products are categorised as apparel, non-apparel consumer durables, home furnishing and furniture and fast moving consumer goods.

The company sells readymade garments, household merchandise, and other consumer goods such as footwear, watches, toys, toiletries, grocery items, sports items, crockery, novelties and gifts.

As of FY10, the company has stores and four warehouses, down from 26 warehouses earlier. The company closed down 15 unviable stores and added 11 new ones across different locations.

The company also focused only on retail business and closed down all manufacturing set-ups. The company has pioneered in bringing the concept of hyper-markets in India. VRL has a network of showrooms spread across in cities located 24 states.

The company is one of fastest growing retail chain in India. The company has its manufacturing unit located in Gurgaon, Haryana. This unit is equipped with imported machines with a manufacturing capacity of 1,50, pieces a month. The stores provides a wide range of products and services in area of home furnishing, food and beverages, sports and fitness, footwear, mobile solutions, apparels, travel accessories, household and stationary. Vishal Retail has entered into an agreement with HPCL to develop a concept of non-fuel retailing and has already opened 2 stores on a trial basis.

The company is engaged in the retail industry. It offers a range of products, including apparel, non- apparel and fast moving consumer goods. The company has stores across the country and seven subsidiaries. Airplaza Retail Holdings, a company owned by the Chennai-based Shriram group, will now manage the retail stores. Approaches CDR cell for debt restructuring During FY10, the company closed down 15 unviable stores and added 11 new ones.

The company had stores as of FY10, and reduced 0. VRL has now adopted the centralised warehousing system. The number of warehouses has been reduced to 4 from the previous The company has also closed down all manufacturing set-ups. The company is also restructuring its debts through corporate debt restructuring mechanism. In FY10, the company submitted its proposal under corporate debt restructuring mechanism to the CDR cell for restructuring secured as well as unsecured debts.

Variety of products offered in its stores. The company offers a variety of products, including apparel, non-apparel and fast moving consumer goods. The company sells readymade garments, household merchandise and other consumer goods like footwear for men and women, watches, toys and games, toiletries, electronics and home appliances, mobile phones, grocery items, sports items, crockery, novelties and gift articles.

Objectives of the study This paper is the study of various aspects of behavior of consumer towards Vishal Mega Mart and also focus on the existing marketing strategy and system of Vishal Mega Mart. In his study, he found that the perception and usage of beautifully designed product may provide sensory pleasure and stimulation.

In contrast, objects with unattractive forms may evoke distance. Essentially an applied art product design has a greater impact on our daily lives than do other art forms, because we see product every day. Besides product form, the importance of source of information also plays a significant role in product purchase decision-making.

These conclusions are supported by the findings of Price and Feick that point to interpersonal influence as an important component of information acquisition. Olshavsky , suggested not all consumers want to buy the highest quality item in every category. Instead, quality appears to be favoured into the implicit or explicit evaluation of a product by many consumers.

They buy insurance and radical tires for security needs. Almost all personal care products cosmetics, mouth wash, and shaving cream are bought to satisfy social needs.

Pdf retail marketing

Luxury Products such as furs or jewels or big cars are often bought to fulfill ego-needs and college training and banking services are sold as ways to achieve self-fulfillment. Stressing on the importance of product form, Jones stated that product form can also have long lasting effects. Although many goods are quickly discarded, the aesthetic characteristics of more durable products can have an impact for years on users and non-users alike as products become part of the sensory environment, for good or bad.

Not only personality traits, different lifestyle of consumers also influences them differently on their consumption behavior. Huddlestion, Ford and Bickle examined demographic and lifestyle characteristics as predictors of fashion opinion leadership for mature consumers. The results revealed that lifestyle dimension of positive thinker, shopper, socially active and credit phone were predictors of fashion opinion leadership.

No demographic characteristics age, income, education level. Further, to understand importance of various attribute of products to buy it. Folkes and Wheat examined how perceptions of various types of promotions. In addition, more variety in a product line can allow each consumer to enjoy a diversity of options overtime.

Consumer buying behavior is a motivated process. Sigry and Grewal examines the concept of need, states a framework for understanding consumer behavior and attitudes.

It describes their role in the development of brand imaginary, advertising, store layouts, packaging and other elements of the communication All rights reserved This work by Wilolud Journals is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.

Need states take account of the situation individuals found themselves in at a particular point in time i.

Structured questionnaire was the main instrument for data collection and were administered on the respondent. The respondents population are the bulk of customers attending Vishal Mart; these include old, new and potential customers.

A non-probabilistic sampling method of judgmental sampling was used to choose a sample of five hundred respondents on which information are being sourced. Other sources which were purely secondary were also explored in this study, these were: This is obvious that majority of the respondent visit Vishal because the pricing is good. This shows that the most preferred service in the mart is the sequence of department; and we satisfied with the payment mode, but prefer cash payment to credit card, and do not want equated monthly installment system to be introduced.

They are also of the opinion that online payment will be a better option. Product varieties create confusion and carry product a bit made easy, and want a house delivery service. There are enough parking facilities. Sequel to the results discussed in the preceding section, it is obvious that the findings of the study are in line with those points highlighted above Lawson, , Midgley , Alison and Riley Therefore, this study concludes that sales, service, sequence of departments, sanitary services, prices quality and accessibility are some of the reasons why customers prefer Vishal Mart among others.

The figures below present the simple bar charts for most likely services in Vishal Mart, All rights reserved This work by Wilolud Journals is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Transport 2. Price 3. Brands are good 4.

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Bruce, Margaret, and Maureen Whitehead Wheat Gilbert, D. Belhaven, pp.