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Get the digital subscription of Champak English e-magazine in English by Delhi Press - Entertainment magazine. Read online and download magazine in app to . Jul 23, Champak English - Champak is a name children swear by. Published in 8 languages, Champak is a bouquet of short stories, comic strips. Jun 23, - 4 min - Uploaded by Champak World Champak, India's favourite children's magazine presents a story about Bantu, the little.

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Champak has a story for every child's interest and homeranking.info or listen to entertaining stories on friendship, family, adventure, crime and many more!. homeranking.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Champak English Sharp Eye Selected 5 Candidates-S. New Delhi. Champak is India's popular children's magazine that is dedicated to the formative years of a child. The fascinating tales in it not only leave a deep imprint on the.

How much, Maharaj? You already know I am a doctor. Long live the king, Chunnu said happily. The whole place was smelling of fried fish. What will I have to do for that, Blacky asked. I will double them with my magic.

Champak English. Delhi Press.

Regardless of how you feel about rats, you will likely enjoy this little, though very smart.. Sorry, your browser is unsupported. Read online and download magazine in app to read.. Chandamama English Stories. Champak is India's popular children's magazine that is.

Using Champak - Hindi Free Download crack. Free PDF ebooks user's guide, manuals, sheets about Champak hindi e magazine free download ready for download. Champak Gujarati Magazine - Champak Magazine consists of modern stories for children with a moral tone. In this book we can read kings stories, colourful pictures.. Here you can download champak comics hindi pdf shared files: Download tamil. Free download hindi magazines pdf.

Dietoterapia De Krause 13 Edicion Pdf March 24, Makhi Software For Odesk. March 23, Undetected Aimbot rar. March 22, Macaafa Qulqulluu Afaan Oromoo Pdf March 17, July First It is published in eight languages and has a total circulation of more than , copies. The magazine is known for its fascinating tales on animal characters that not only leave deep imprint on the minds of its young readers but also impart them with knowledge and values they treasure for the rest of their lives Please go to www.

Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Zheng Xiang. Kamigami Controller. Dash Robotics. But his customers sat waiting for him before his arrival in the place. They would line up as soon as they saw his cart of jalebis coming. Chunnu was a very disciplined bear. The animal who was first in line was given jalebi first. But nobody felt bad about lining up as they all loved to have his jalebi. Rangeela Peacock ate jalebi by hooking them to his beak and Gillu Squirrel also ate the sweet with great taste.

Motu Elephant would not be tired eating as many as he could. He fell in line over and over again to take more, still he was not satisfied. Long-necked Lambu Giraffe loved the long stringy jalebi. Golu Rabbit too loved the long noodly jalebi. All animals except Dikky Donkey in Champakvan, loved Chunnu's jalebi. He watched the jalebi being made and animals eating them with great taste.

He hated circular and tangled things. Because the jalebis looked like that he was scared of eating them, thinking that the jalebi may get stuck in his throat. Jumpy Monkey loved Chunnu's jalebi but he was jealous of him. He was upset 36 Champak.

Many a times his sweets would get stale and rot away with time and he had to throw them. Jumpy was jealous, thinking that Chunnu's jalebis were doing brisk business even selling on a cart, whereas in spite of having a proper shop he could not sell his sweets well and had no earning. Actually, Jumpy Monkey wanted to get Chunnu's Kiosk removed from his shop and so he would keep searching for some reason to fight with the bear. One day, Chunnu's jalebis fell down in front of Jumpy's shop due to somebody else's carelessness.

Wasting no time, Jumpy went to Chunnu to fight over it. The more Chunnu wanted to avoid fight, the more Jumpy was desperate to pick up a quarrel. Seeing them q u a r r e l l i n g desperately, soldiers of king of Champakvan caught them and brought them to the court. Both put up their points in front of the king. On hearing January First He felt that the problem was something else.

In pdf champak english

He ordered his clever general secretary, the jackal to investigate the matter. Jackal started his investigation. It was found that Chunnu's jalebis were made of pure ghee, good flour and sugar.

He did not add anything impure to it and, therefore, his jalebis are sold like hot cakes. Whereas Jumpy Monkey mixed something in his sweets. He also added cheap sugar to the sweets. Jumpy did not take care of his sweets. The sweets kept lying in the open most of the time, with flies hovering over them.

Some syrups had flies in them. No customer wanted to eat such sweets. General Secretary jackal prepared a report on this and producing it before the king he said, Your Majesty, Chunnu's jalebis have purity, honesty and freshness of the morning in them which one could not find in Jumpy's sweets. What do you mean? To put it plainly, Chunnu's sweets are pure and fresh, whereas Jumpy's sweets are stale and adulterated. Chunnu does his work honestly and in disciplined manner and with good behaviour but Jumpy is dishonest and a fraud.

The conclusion is that Jumpy's business will go on like that only. Your Majesty, that is why Jumpy is jealous of Chunnu. He feels bad seeing Chunnu earning more. That is why Jumpy wants to get Chunnu's kiosk removed from there.

So, that is the matter. He found the complaint true. Knowing that allegation was true, Jumpy was in a bad shape. He fell at the king's feet and apologised. You should surely be punished. Your punishment is that you will have to throw all the stale and adulterated sweets lying in your shop immediately. In future, you will take care of the cleanliness and freshness of the sweets that you make. So, the health of Champakvan animals do not suffer instead become healthy.

Next time, if a single sample of your shop fails to meet the test, your shop will be shut down. No, Your Majesty, now I will not add anything to my sweets. Good Jumpy, do as you are told and Chunnu your punishment is that you will not make and sell jalebis on the cart. Hearing this Chunnu was a little upset. Then the king smiled and said, Don't be upset, Chunnu.

You will be given a shop by the court for setting up a jalebi shop as a reward of your honesty. Long live the king, Chunnu said happily. Everyone praised the justice of the king. Since then Jumpy did not make bad sweets.

He also started doing good business because of his good quality. His profits increased. Now, Jumpy had no reason to be jealous of Chunnu Bear. So he made friends with Chunnu. Now, both were happy and lived lovingly and happily. In this game, an Antelope has blocked the way for a Goat, you have to drive away the Antelope and bring the Goat to the safety.

You can start the game when you get 1 on your dice. If you don't have a dice then, you can pick up your Champak magazine. Now with your eyes closed, open the magazine, count and move boxes as per the count of the last digit of the right hand side page number, such as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Before starting the game each player has to select the colour of his choice. While following the rules of the game throughout the player who drives away the Antelope first, shall be the winner in the game.

Lalli too loved the children and valued them.

She always spoke encouraging words to them and motivated them to do good things. Lalli taught them History of the jungle. Lalli's sweet voice filled joy in everyone's heart. One day, Lalli met with an accident while going home from school.

Her leg broke and another one had a sprain. Jumbo Elephant advised her rest for a month. Lalli's friends, colleagues and students sent her giftsflowers, cards of messages of Get well soon, Be happy, Enjoy your time, Miss you in school.

Children of the class did not like Jenny but could not help. Then came the time of photo session. On this occasion, a class photograph, along with the Principal, was clicked and pasted with the report card at the end of the year which was then given to children. Champu Dog was the monitor of the class. As Lalli was to join school after a week, their photo session was to be with Jenny Jackal.

Dabbu Elephant was sad. Tampu said, Lalli Madam is the best teacher we have had till now and we will not have her photo. Seconding Tampu, Guffi said, Lalli Madam is.

But what to do? The photo session was to happen this time only. I wish it was a little later. Suddenly, Vinki got an idea, How would it be if we tell Dinky Principal to conduct the photo session after Lalli Madam comes back? As they were talking, Champu Dog, who was the monitor, heard them.

Friends, are you all too remembering Lalli Madam as I am? Everyone now started consulting Champu about how to postpone the photo session till Lalli Madam came back.

Maybe, she agreed. There was no harm in trying. Tampu quickly got paper and taking out her pen, Vinki wrote an application and then all the children of the class signed it. It was written in the application that they would like to see their Lalli Madam among them in the group photograph, so their photo session should be done only when Lalli Madam returned.

Dinky Principal read the application and was impressed by children's love for their teacher. After the school Dinky consulted all the other teachers showing them the application. Next day, Dinky Principal announced in front of January First These children love their teacher so much. Therefore, their request is granted.

Now the photo session of this class will take place only when Lalli returns, but rest of the classes will have them today. The whole class shouted with joy, listening to the announcement. Champu Dog thanked Dinky on behalf of the class. When Lalli Goat heard this, she had tears in her eyes.

This feeling of children for her was a loving and respectful gift for her.


Now, she too waited to get well soon. Look carefully through all the pages and tell us on which page is this larger illustration published. DPBAA You can SMS us your answers. Leave one space after that and then write the page number. Then SMS this on You may send as many SMS as you like. Any 5 correct respondents will be asked to send their complete address.

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They will be given a gift of Rs. You can also send your answers by Post Card. Your answers should reach us by 20 January, I have heard a lot about your skill and that is why I have come from so far to you, he further said. Manglu was a goldsmith in Bholasar village. Be assured, Sethji, I will make such jewellery January First Come and take it after 10 days, Manglu said. Manglu became greedy to see so much gold. He first made the jewellery in gold. Then he made similar piece in brass and coated it with gold plate.

The brass jewellery looked absolutely golden. After 10 days, when Sethji came to pick up his jewellery, Manglu handed him the same. Sethji could not believe that Manglu would deceive him. He happily returned to his village with the jewellery.

Manglu then kept the real gold jewellery in his treasure box. The village jeweller tested the ornaments and confirmed that they were of brass. Sethji was shocked. He thought that if his daughter-in-laws came to know that the ornaments given to her were of brass, he would lose his respect. Sethji's wife said, Go to Manglu right now and bring back the gold. Sethji's younger daughter, Sugna said, Wait father, maybe he refuses to accept that he has at all given you fake jewellery.

Then do we sit back quiet? No father, we will have to teach him a lesson in his own words so that he may not be able to deceive anyone in future, Sugna explained.

In english pdf champak

When Sethji asked, Sugna told him her plan. This way we will teach him such a lesson that he will remember throughout his life. She along with her loyal servant Ramu went to 54 Champak. She went to his shop where his son was sitting in the shop. Father has gone out to the town for some work. How can I help you? Manglu's son asked Sugna. Seems your father has a bad luck.

Such opportunities do not come again and again, the servant accompanying Sugna said, Come on Sugna, let us go. We are in a hurry. Manglus son started thinking. He tried pursuading them, sensing the opportunity of the offer.

I must not lose this opportunity,' he thought and brought out all the jewellery in front of them. Keep this packet inside the treasury box. When you open the box, after an hour, you will find these ornaments doubled, Sugna said, handing over one packet of ornaments and keeping rest in her bag.

When Manglu returned from the town after one hour, his son told him everything. Manglu was on cloud nine at hearing that the ornaments would get double. As he opened the treasury, he found a paper tool inside. He picked it up. It was written on it, Tit for Tat. He knew that somebody has played a trick with him. He could not bear the shock and fell on the ground unconscious.

All the wealth earned with dishonesty had gone. Manglu was repenting. He promised that from now on, he will not be greedy and will start a new life with honesty. The end of the dishonesty and fraud is always bad. Manglu realised it very well. Do you have something to say?

Children are invited to contribute their own views, poems, jokes not published so far , amusing anecdotes and cartoons. Give full name and address separately for each column. Kindly send them to: They did not have any idea as how the world outside had progressed. All the animals believed in ghosts and saints. Some of them went out of the jungle and roamed in different parts of the world. They tried utilising their knowledge for the progress of others. But animals tried making wrong use of it.

Rocky Fox and Veeru Jackal were the wicked ones. Rocky said to Veeru, Listen, I have found a new way of earning money. We will become rich easily. Veeru Jackal asked, What. Tell me fast. We will be happier with money. Rocky said, Listen, let us pitch a tent under the banyan tree and sit in the garb of a saint.

We can use our mobile. We will kidnap the children of animals and hide them somewhere. You send a message from your mobile on mine about the place you have hidden the child. I will keep the mobile hidden in the holy pot.

Is not it a brilliant idea? The animals will not come to know about it because these animals do not know about mobile phones at all, Rocky said. Veeru was assured, This is a wonderful plan. A cow passed from there. She happened to see Rocky and Veeru.

She thought they were both great saints. She went to them and said, My son does not bring good marks in school. Please show some way. I will be thankful. Rocky replied, Give me donation and I will make your son most intelligent. Take this and feed it to your son. He gave an apple to the cow. The cow left happily giving him some money. One night, Veeru abducted Moti Donkey's son and hid him somewhere.

Next day, Moti complained of his son missing. The cow told them about Rocky. Moti Donkey said to Rocky, Baba, my son is missing. Do something please. Rocky read some magical hymns and said, You will find your son in a room behind a sweet shop in the centre of Madhuvan. Moti quickly went there to see and found his son. He was very happy and went to Rocky running and falling at his feet thanked him. I have found my son. You are great. Everyone in the crowd hailed the saint.

For some days their dirty tricks were successful. But after some days a rabbit named Grafiti came back to the jungle from town.

The rabbit had returned after studying. When he heard how famous Rocky and Veeru were he wondered how could anybody do such magic. He thought of opening their secret.

He went to their hideout at night and listened to their talks. Our plan was successful. We will become rich by extracting money out of animals. Veeru was saying. Rocky replied, This plan is working well. Once we earn good money, we will leave this jungle. Our secret can be revealed any time. Grafit had got his mobile along in which he recorded their voices clearly.

He hid behind a wall and was observing them. He saw the saint peeping in his holy pot and saw a mobile in it. When the saint was taking donations, Grafiti quietly switched on the ring tone of his mobile.

An animal asked the saint where his son was. The mobile immediately rang. Rocky got scared and the animals too. By then Grafiti brought Tinu Tiger and the police with him.

He informed, This is a mobile. Any message can be sent anywhere to anyone with this. By using this mobile, Rocky and Veeru have hidden your children somewhere. They are frauds. He made everyone listen to the recorded talks on the mobile. Police arrested them and took them to jail. Everyone thanked Grafiti. Chintu, tell me if your mother gives you 2 mangoes, and I myself give you 2 mangoes as well, how many total mangoes you will have with you? Why 2 mangoes? Why not 4 mangoes? I ate the mangoes given by Mummy.

Ravi, Mumbai. Once Mikku's father desired to go for hunting. He went to Champakvan. He aimed at the deer. Suddenly, a lion came over and he roared loudly and said: How come you cannot see the board in the front?

Yes, I can see the board. It says hunting is prohibited. It is OK. But I will hunt you. Why so? You just told me that hunting was prohibited. Yes, it is for you. I am illiterate. Ashok, Meerut. Go, get it from the shop. Mummy, put water in the lantern. How will he know if it is oil or water? Deepika, Shimla.

Star Hotel? The Manager: Yes sir, this is the manager from the Star Hotel. Please get me 5 cokes,10 pizza burgers, 4 plates shahee paneer, 2 plates rajma rice, chicken soup, full plate mutton, pulav, and tandoori bread. Sir, where do I send the bill? To God. Mummy, what is for the dinner? Son, how many times do I have to tell you that you should not ask me about your fathers job?

Pdf english champak in

Aakash, Modinagar. What is the meaning of the world eyewitness? One who sees with eyes, sir.

Leela M. She looked different when she went out of home in red skirt, red sandal and thick gold chain around her neck. One day, Catty went to market with a big bag in her hand. She saw Whity Rabbit coming from the opposite direction. Seeing Catty, Whity said, Wow! Sister Catty, you are looking beautiful today. You should be an. There is a great demand of darkcoloured heroines these days. Catty replied, Don't tell lies. Did you not find anyone early in the morning to tease?

This is true, sister Catty. You are truly a Black Beauty, complimented Whity. But Catty did not believe Whity at all. She thought, he was purposely teasing her and making fun of her black colour. Catty misunderstood Whity and started hating him.

One day, Whity was passing through Catty's house when Catty, who was standing at her window, saw him. Suddenly, she thought something weird. She quickly brought her dustbin out and threw all the garbage on Whity Rabbit. Poor Whity. He was stunned to see so much garbage on him.

He had seen Catty throw it on him. But he did not react and after removing the dirt on himself, walked ahead.

The same thing happened the next day. As Whity crossed in He again did not object. He understood that there was some misunderstanding with Catty and so she has started hating him and is, therefore, throwing the garbage on him. First, he thought of complaining against Catty to King Peelu Singh.

Then he thought, there was no use doing so. If like Catty, other animals of the jungle too start throwing garbage, what will happen?

Now this happened everyday. Everyday, Catty waited with her dustbin for Whity. As Whity came near her house, she would throw the garbage on him. Whity was very upset but did not say anything to Catty. Days passed. Like everyday, as Whity passed from Catty's house today, surprisingly Catty did not throw her garbage. Whity thought, why did Catty not throw garbage on him today. Was she well? Or has she gone out somewhere. Whatever be the case I should go and enquire about it.

Catty was lying in a corner in a bed and groaning. Whity, went near her and asked, What is the matter, Catty sister? Why are you in bed? Today, when I was getting down the stairs my leg slipped and I fell down and hurt my leg. My mobile has also gone out of order, Catty said. Whity consoled, Don't worry, sister. I am here. You already know I am a doctor.