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Oh my gosh, thanks to all of you, i finally can read the light novel of this awesome series, but i want to ask .. are you going to upload vol 12 of mondaiji as pdf. download Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo [LN] epub pdf free. https ://homeranking.info Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo Vol [LN][EPUB]. Mondaiji- tachi ga yo Vol [LN]. Novel Updates Labels: Light Novel.

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Hello, this is Homura. For those who needs the mondaiji-tachi pdfs. Here is the link below. It's quite sad with the DMCA problem with copyrights. Re: [Light Novel][PDF][English] Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo? « Reply #5 on: November 09, , am». Vol 12 PDF. A place for everything related to Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesuyo? light novel, homeranking.info

Calico cat, I can only participate after the start of the Harvest Festival now. Im a dragon born and we vampires have pure draconic blood flowing in our veins. Returning it to the current you, shouldnt be a problem right? But he was wearing a hairband in place of it. Frozen's Lazy Blog. Izayoi and the others were in their community and were discussing future plans in the [No Name]s Conference Hall.

Download Side Stories: Download Short Story: Trouble Files A Side Story 3: Download Spoiler: March 28, , PM me if you find any broken links https: Vol 1 - 10 https: November 09, , Vol 11 https: Member Posts: Vol 12 PDF: I think it looks a lot better now.

Quote from: Syrric on November 27, , This affects all language translation not only in English. I'm currently making an epub of vol 10 just to save it. Yeah it won't have, unless someone translates it. Also, I make epub using Sigil and Calibre software.

Mondaiji-tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Soudesu Yo-Volume 3 | Nature | Agriculture

Here's a folder to pdf versions I made of all the volumes that had been translated on BT, including volume 10 and the short stories one. It's done Here's the link of the Epub. Sorry it took so long to make. I didn't have the motivation until I saw the link for the epilogue. Even the deleted ones in epub format.

For anyone who is still interested. So these are PDF files of the volumes and short stories completely translated huh? Man I was actually hoping that 11, 12 would be done before any form of warning was sent. If you hear about anything, can you send me a PM too. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. So what?

Why are we assembled here today? To discuss about the invitation letters? Volume 3 8 YeYes, that is needless to say. But before touching on the topic of the invitation letters, I would like everyone to know about the current situation of our community and so I called everyone together today Lily, Kuro Usagi, please make your reports.

UnUn, I will try my best. Jin took off the dark gloomy expression as he looked to Lily and Kuro Usagi, prompting them with his eyes. Tidying her Japanese style Pinafore, Lily straightened herself as she began to read the report. Well if we see our total savings, we are currently doing fine in the short term. I guess that if we maintain our lifestyle with the barest minimum, well be fine for about a year even under the worst case scenario.

Why did the problem disappear so suddenly? In addition, that battle had been a task asked of us by the [Floor Master] themselves, hence it is that the digits in the reward had also grown considerably. And that's what Shiroyasha-sama had informed us.

So with that, for some time to come, we may all eat full full! Lily cheerfully said that as she wagged her two tails. However, Leticia who sat beside her frowned and gave a light warning: Lily, please dont say it in that way. Lily who noticed that her speech was far too casual bent her head as her ears went red and even was wagging her prided tails in a flustered manner.

Y gave a wry smile as she urged Lily to continue: Normally, it would not be possible to get a number if it comprised of only three members. But it is said that the evaluation had been based upon the fact that [Black Death Demon Lord] is a God class spirit and the level of the Gift Game is difficult enough to make the community be recognized as a 5-digit. Hearing this for the first time, Izayoi then got curious.

The difficulty of the Gift Game is also relatable with the numbers? What we call as Gift games are originally the trials set by Gods and Buddhas to gift their grace upon the challengers. While in the world of Little Garden, those simplified trials that have been modified by formalities are called Gift Games while the difficulty of the Game is directly representative of the Hosts own power level.

Other than the 7 digits which is the lowest of the lower floors, each floor had its own condition to be met. Although there are many ways to be promoted, but lets give an example to make it simple[If we want to go up to 6-digit level, we have to fulfill a trial made by the Floor Master. Basically speaking, 6-digit Community required the ability to participate as a player while a 5-digit Community required the Community to possess the ability to host Games.

Volume 3 9 And that also meant thatthe [Authority of the Host Master] that a 6-digit Demon Lord used would be much different from the scale and quality that a 5-digit Demon Lord would use. Kuro Usagi put up her finger and added seriously: The power difference between a 6-digit ranked demon lord and a 5-digit ranked demon lords are like the Earth and Sky. If youre facing a 6-digit ranked demon lord, it is still possible to defeat it with a group made of strong members or an organization.

However, you will not stand a chance if youre facing a 5-digit ranked demon lord using the same concept. Demon Lords of the five digits are also acknowledged by those who hold the power of the [Host] as a strong force to reckon with. For example, though [Black Death Demon Lord] whom you guys have fought against was just a new face in the Demon Lords, the Gift game witch was a sinister trial enough to even cover the entire world in darkness, by the sealing of the Sun-class Star Spirit.

After Kuro Usagi finished her explanation, Izayoi had also taken on a serious tone that was very unlike him as he concurred with her point: Yeahif Pest had been more capable, then we would already have had the end game when the Trial Jurisdiction was used to pause the game If she had foreseen Kuro Usagi triggering the Trial Jurisdiction, then that will be quite a praiseworthy featbut her performance at the negotiation table was really terrible. Izayoi laughed while giving a sniff at that.

Mondaiji-tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Soudesu Yo-Volume 3

Thanks to everyones efforts that defeated the Demon Lord of the 5-digits, we have obtained the rewards from the request [4] and hence for Izayoi-sama and the others, we will be given another Gift besides the monetary compensation.

Regarding that part we will be notified about it soon, so please wait in anticipation! Izayois reply had a tinge of delight and the other two had the same reaction. Although it was unknown what Gift it was, but considering that it requires taking down a demon lord to get it, it must be something interesting.

Jin also nodded his head happily, prompting Lily to continue her report. Well, Lily, can you update us on the situation of our farms revival? The instant Jin finished his sentence; Lilys face brightened up considerably and seemed to sparkle as she started her report in a completely different energetic attitude: Its wonderful!

If this continues, our lands to grow food supply will increase to more than sufficient! Although we do need a bit more time to tidy up the whole farm and orchard lands, but if we prioritize the planting of leafy-vegetables, tubers and fruit, I think we would be able to reap the results within a few months time! Lilys ears perked up in delight for it was truly a miracle that the once barren and desert-like land of the No Names are now reviving at god speed.

Seeing Lilys happy expression, Asuka also fluffed her hair in pride. Of course, Deen and Mel have worked hard without rest, so its natural that the reconstruction process of the farm has yielded excellent results. Asuka lightly laughed. The metallic golem made out of god-rare metal [5] , Deen who could move forever. Volume 3 10 The reason why Asuka was sitting next to Izayoi was precisely because she too, had managed to achieve great feats in regards to the farm.

Even though the water provided was due to the Gift Izayoi obtained [6] , it was Asukas presence that led to the help from the Gift of an Earth Fairy and the huge horse power that ploughed the lands to make the revival a success. They were very hardworking, especially Deen. Night after night, other than the times when Asuka-sama left to participate in Gift Games, it has always been at the fields to tidy it up!

And working tirelessly to mix the young saplings and old construction materials that were decomposed by Mel, its a great help! Fufu, to be able to feel the happiness from others sure is great. Be careful not to overwork your subordinates though, Ojou-sama. Taking the opportunity before the atmosphere could even start to deteriorate, Kuro Usagi frantically urged the discussion to continue. C-can we go back on the main topic?

The farm is doing well, so I was thinking of creating a special sector for special plants. Special sector? Its a region where we can cultivate spirit trees or spirit herbs like Mandragora plants? Mandrake plants? Man Eating plants? Yes Ho-Hold on, the last one was strange!!? We cant let the children raise something dangerous like a Man Eating plant! Mandragora and Mandrake are dangerous species that can kill instantly [8] so its completely out! Oh really?

Then we can only come to a compromise. How about Rabbit Eater then? Was that a harassment directed at Kuro Usagi?! Why must you provoke Kuro Usagi? Kuro Usagis rabbit ears are now half vertical and in a fit of rage. Lecticia drooped her shoulders helplessly as she noted that the discussion would make no headway if things were left as it were. So, she turned to Izayoi and the others to drop the most straightforward hint: Basically, Masters Ojou and Goshujin-samas need to get the right plants and livestock.

As in sheep and cows? Coincidentally, the [Draco Greif] Alliance from the South had just sent us a letter of invitation to the Harvest Festival. Because its a Matsuri hosted by an Alliance, there should be quite a big collection of farm produce as well as livestock and there would be many gift games hosted simultaneously. Some of them would have prizes like rare saplings and livestock. And it would be a great chance to increase our productivity.

So thats how it is! With that, the problem children nodded. Volume 3 11 The invitation letter this time is in hope for us to participate in the Eve celebrations for the Harvest Festival and the expenses for the traveling and accommodations will be settled by the Host- Seeing it from the perspective that we are of a [No Name Community], this can be seen as a VIP treatment that far exceeds our expectations!

The location is one of the top few views of South Side: Its allure will not lose to the [The Edge of the World] with its Great Tree and the pristine river that will be used as a stage [10]! Kuro Usagi guarantees that all of you will be having fun! Kuro Usagi said that while puffing up her chests. It was rare for her to give such a strong recommendation and high praise to a location like that.

Izayoi and the others exchanged a look before turning back to the excited Kuro Usagi and wryly saying: OhFor it to be able to get the guarantee and high praise of the [Highborn of Little Garden], it sure is quite a feat.

Novel light mondaiji pdf tachi

I guess that it must be quite a magnificent stage right? What do you think, Ojou-sama? Ara, of course! After all, it is what the [Highborn of Little Garden] highly recommended! It must have been dazzling and full of mystique.. But if Kuro Usagis recommendation were to be unsatisfactorywell just have to call her [Highborn of Little Garden lol ] from then on. Whats with that ridiculous name that sounds like something made for some stupid bloodline Highborn?!

We [moon rabbits] are nobles of a pure bloodline that have moral integrity, a chaste noble and pure heart that is willing to sacrifice for our dedication! A nobility that risks their lives for their dedication sure sounds fishy enough to me. Izayoi gave a loud laugh as he made a dig at Kuro Usagi and she had puffed her cheeks angrily, turning her head away seemingly in a tantrum.

Jin smiled worriedly at the scene before coughing a little to get the attention back. Anyways, regarding the general direction of our Community, we have covered most of it alreadybut theres one problem left. Yep, the festival starts in 20 days and including the eve of the festival, it would be a total of 25 days and almost a month. Games of this scale are rare and if possible, I would have wanted all of you to participate in it, but I cannot risk having our main force leaving the Community defenseless, so Im hoping that a person would stay with Leticia here Not me.

Not me. The problem children answered immediately, without a hint of hesitation. Jin couldnt help but to swallow the rest of the words that didnt manage to get out of his mouth in time and as for the three problem children, they were gazing at him nonchalantly as though their answers were only to be expected. However, it was only on this matter that he could not give way upon.

Precisely because their Community had started to gather its true strength that the defense portion was a critical area to be enforced on. After all, it was also possible for malicious communities like [Fores Garo] who kidnapped children; or demon lords that were the manifestations of natural disasters in Little Garden to appear. Jin leaned forward as he posed a suggestion to Izayoi and the others: Then since that is the case, can I ask of everyone to at least compromise with a few days where we are all together?

Light pdf tachi mondaiji novel

What do you mean? Volume 3 12 Well send two to the eve of the festival, and when the festival starts, the other will be joining the two of you and after spending a week together, only two can remain while one will have to return How about that? That means one person will be able to enjoy the entire course right? Then how would we decide upon which one? Well Of course it would be decided by the persons standing in the Communitywas what Jin wanted to say but he decided against it since even though this is common knowledge for the people of Little Garden, it may not be the same for the problem children.

Just when Jin was in a pinch, trying to find a way to plead to their better natures, it was Izayois turn to lean forward to propose his plan: Well then, how about we have a little competition to decide who is going to the festival for the longest number of days?

A competition sounds interesting. What kind of competition? Hows this? Well see who gets the most number of trophies and or aid for the community before the eve of the festival? Once the time is up, well compare our achievements and the one with the most results and the most possibility to get more trophies [11] in the Harvest Festival will get to be there the longest Hows that? Its fair and simple right?. Asuka and You looked at each other after hearing Izayois idea.

With that condition, it could be said to be a chance. And they both nodded. Very well. Ill agree. I wont lose. Asuka had a fearless smile on her face while You had shown a fighting spirit in her as she spoke up.

And the problem children begin to have a competition amongst themselves to go to the harvest festival by [Draco Greif]. Part 3 And hence, were back to Izayoi playing the gift game by Shirayuki-hime. Strangely, Izayois achievements havent been that great. Kicking the water with her bare feet, Kuro Usagi sighed as she sat beside the river, waiting. It was unexpected that the news of Izayoi-sans combat results have been spread together with the evaluation of Jin-bocchanDue to the combat experience that others have heard by now, its inevitable that they would reject inviting you for a game, although you could also blame it on bad timing.

Luckily, Shiroyasha-sama had prepared the game for you this time but future games that would allow you to participate in may not come so often now. As a result, Izayois right to participate in games has been restricted and can only rely on [Thousand Eyes] Shiroyasha to introduce the Games for him. Then again, not wanting to fight Izayoi in gift games is understandable as his battle prowess is great and his combat records of his previous enemies have been astounding. The humongous Great serpent goddess who resided in the Edge of the World.

Volume 3 13 Algol, one of the most powerful Star class Ex-demon lords in existence. Weser, Black Perchers trusted aide, who was a demon that held the Gift of [Divinity]. Having defeated these foes with insane strength on his own, Izayois strength definitely wasnt something that belonged in the lower levels. After all that is said and done, the hosts were people who wanted to make a living, if they knew theyd be defeated, they wouldnt allow his participation.

And besides that, Izayoi had little interest in the mundane and boring gift games of theirs anyways. Izayoi stretched a little, shrugged his shoulders and looked towards Kuro Usagi.

Forget it. After all, bullying others isnt something to be proud of especially when it comes to extorting others to do a favor for you, it sure isnt right.

No point ruining the reputation that was earned right? After all, our Community is a group that upholds Justice while striving towards the goal of [Defeating Demon Lords] so avoiding the battles that would surely be won would also show that we are very tolerant and a situation that we can use to our advantage. You are right on that. But is the Gift obtainable from this Game able to cause a reversal of the current tide in the results ranking?

About that? Well, this can be called a part of the fun after I clear the game. Izayoi laughed out with alacrity. To her, she could see that Izayoi possessed the strength and for her to be unable to introduce the games of his calibre, it was really vexing. Because Kuro Usagi truly believed that Izayoi was someone who could definitely build a name for himself through the victories in stages far larger than this and obtain very rare trophies at the same time. Kuro Usagi pursed her lips and kicked the water harder.

Even though Shiroyasha-sama introduced the game for you this once and helped to solve the problemKuro Usagi is still unsatisfied. If we lost in a game that we participated in, Kuro Usagi would be able to accept the loss. But to remove the rights to participate in future games. ThisThis is like -always relying on others. Although she wanted to say it, Kuro Usagi restrained herself.

Yeah, yeah. Izayoi gave an expression that looked irritated by something troublesome as he scratched his head before looking Kuro Usagi in the eye. Kuro Usagi. I like your humble attitude, but if youre too pessimistic, its not good. The current situation is really quite uninteresting, but as Ive already said, it is not hopeless and still within my calculations.

So can you stop your inane bursts of self-depreciation? Its annoying. After all, Izayoi was busy with the solving of the Game and to hear someone grumbling beside him was really getting on his nerves for it broke the train of thoughts.

Placing aside the problem of the pessimism, the bigger problem was the lack of knowledge. Not wanting to be a bother to Izayoi any further, a depressed Kuro Usagi stood up and intended to hide in the woods for the mean time. Looking at the depressed Kuro Usagi, Izayoi gave a small sigh before calling out to her.

Hey, Kuro Usagi. Lets have fish for tonights menu. Volume 3 14 Hah? Kuro Usagi turned her head and tilted her rabbit ears. Izayoi points to the center of the river. Over there, if you caught the fishes there and grill them, theyll be delicious. If Im not wrong, they are fresh water Horse-Mackerel. I want to try them please? After hearing out Izayoi, Kuro Usagi smiled and nodded her head. Tonight, Kuro Usagi will answer Izayoi-sans wish for tonights dinner and take on the responsibility of cooking them personally!

Ill be waiting. Izayoi laughed as Kuro Usagi jumped excitedly as she headed to the path in the forest. It seems that her ears were able to pick up the situation from anywhere and it wouldnt make a difference to leave the scene.

Come to think about it, those rabbit ears sure are the same as ever, showing her expressions so clearly from its movements, though seeing her sudden change made him dazed for a moment, nevertheless, Izayoi was able to fully concentrate now. As the Sun slowly climbed in the skies and the intensity of the Sunlight that shone into the grove started to increase, it was clear that the Sun was soon reaching its zenith.

Based on his estimations, Izayoi concluded that he had probably around 30 minutes left. That being said, its not like he had enough clues that could be called clues in the first place. Judging from the rules, this is the part where it becomes an intelligence game. So I should be able to get the answer if I piece all the information together and compare them with cross references.

The first part that Izayoi was mindful about was the games name, Flowers over the lake What can be confirmed is that the Aqua Fran is a plant that only grows on river banks.

Novel mondaiji tachi pdf light

But the game is marked Flowers over the lake. This meant that the difference of lake and river [12] suggests a special environment is involved. The second thing is the clear conditions. It is only written as Obtain the Aqua Fran and make it bloom, nothing else. This definitely has another meaning hidden in it.

After which, there is a difference between buds and the actual blooming part. Hence, the buds over the lake would bloom to make flowers over the lake. In other words, the Aqua Fran would bloom if placed over water. The main thing is these three problems. So if I were to link them all up What did a lake possess which a river doesnt? The flower buds werent to be submerged but a type of flower that blooms on the water surface. There isnt a limit to where the place can be for the flower to blossom.

Amassing the information together, a solution became apparent to Izayoi. The method to make the flower bloom is [A change in the water depth], that means I need to change the environment. The Aqua Fran is only living by the river but if a sudden surge of water were to happen like rainfall, the environment would be changed due to the increase in the rivers depth; or it could also be the situation whereby the buds were washed to the deeper areas and due to the survival instinct imprinted in the flower, it would cause the bud to bloom at the water surface.

That should be it. Volume 3 15 Correct. Izayoi turned his head. It was a voice that was familiar to him but he couldnt remember where. But the person was someone hed never seen before. Her beautiful black glossy hair was held up by a tri-colored flower hairpin, wearing a white, elegant kimono with flower patterns and as she walked in that somewhat melancholic steps, the sleeves would also sway with her movements.

Using a nonchalant gaze as she observed Izayoi, she moved closer and stopping at a hairs breath away from him where her fringe and breath could already touch him, she stared at him while giving a very mischievous and brazen smile My my, you sure are a weird child.

Not only do you have the ability to knock me out, but youre also a smart one. No wonder Shiroyasha praised you constantly and shows much interest. Izayoi blinked thrice as he re-evaluated the beautiful woman who was standing so close that they could practically feel each other breaths on the others face. Beautiful facial features and despite wearing a kimono, it was still possible to make out that nice hour-glass body and though most parts of her were clothed thickly, it was still giving off a charm of its own.

Normal men would be intoxicated by the sheer beauty at such a close distance and lose their senses. But Izayoi was now intrigued out of sheer curiosity that triumphed over his other thoughts. Who are you? What a rude man. Have you forgotten the lady that you ruthlessly kicked on her stomach? Or have you kicked every female that you have come across after arriving in the world of Little Garden?

After hearing her sarcasm, Izayoi finally recalled, for no matter how slow a person was, they should already catch on by then. Izayoi stared at the ladys figure while widening his eyes. Youre that snake? But thats not right, just now you were still a snake! Well, there isnt a reason to turn to my human form. Compared to that snake snake snake snake snake is annoying, one should at least remember the name of the Host of the game they participant in right?!

Hearing, Izayoi looked at the geass roll. The roll stated that the host was Shirayuki-hime.

Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?

Izayoi widened his eyes. You mean the one who was used as a live-sacrifice in the yasha poolah wait, hold on. Youre the one that Shiroyasha granted divinity? Then there should be a shrine there? About thatSo what? Asking questions like this is pointless. Youve solved the game right? Hurry up and finish it before you lose.

Theres still less than fifteen minutes to go you know? Even so, Shirayuki-hime covered her mouth as she giggled, her attitude wasnt the least bit nervous as she still believed in her win. Simply put, the Aqua Fran buds required a lake to bloom, but even if the depth was just the right condition in Tritonis Falls, the flow velocity was too strong and there were no natural lakes here.

In addition, the river flows all the way down to The Edge of the World. Even if it were Izayoi, he might not be able to be safe from the fall. Shirayuki-hime then gently spoke beside Izayois ear. Things arent looking good you know? Might as well surrender now. If you are a good boy and apologize to me for your rudeness, Ill give you a flower. That way, you would be able to keep up your haughty look in front of Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo: Volume 3 16 Shiroyasha and the girls right?

No way. If I had the guts to surrender to snake-girl and return with a flower that you have given to me out of pity, it will make the Ojou-sama there laugh and shell hang up the flower with a plaque saying The evidence that Sakamaki Izayoi has embarrassed himself is here mounted in the conference hall.

Izayoi said jokingly as he shrugged his shoulders. Of course Asuka wouldnt be that harsh. But if Asuka were to hear of this You want it?

You really want it? If so, well just take a commemorative photo and frame it then! Though he might have some veins popping near his temple, he would have answered with a smile.

Feeling a little wistful about the lost opportunity to have their synchronized banter in this current place, Izayoi jumped down from the huge rock, as he gave a loud hearty laugh. Then again, I never thought the snake would be a bishoujo. Of course, but it is a nice bonus Do you still remember the contract if I win?

Izayoi laughed fearlessly. Shirayuki-hime sneered. Of course. In fact, if you can win this. I, Shirayuki-hime, will be under your subjugation and be your servant. For real? Youll do anything I say? You can split open my stomach and eat my liver or you can rip my clothes off and tie me up with chains. You can also defile my purity and enjoy my tears. So long as you are my master, I will satisfy your desires. Shirayuki-hime used her hand and pressed on her breasts, as she gave a challenging smile, confident that Izayoi would lose.

Izayoi nodded, satisfied with the answer and looked to the forest. He then stretched his arm, as if to measure the distance.

Well, I guess Ill just have to solve this impossible problemstep by step. In front of your very eyes. Ah, right, before I solve it for you. Did you know about the Ten Labors of Heracles? I heard that its a Gift Game that really exists in the South Side. The ten labors were very famous. Even if it were of different mythologies, it was still understandable that Shirayuki-hime would still have heard of it.

The 10 labors were done by the legendary hero, Heracles. In order to repay for his crimes of murdering his family, he had to defeat and overcome opponents like the Lernaen hydra, mares of Diomedes, Cerberus and many other impossible tasks, a Gift Game based on Greek mythology and is one of the most difficult games in Little Garden.

And despite having required to do ten labors, Heracles was also made to do two more, due to 2 of them being accused of flouting the rules, so its a total of twelve labors.

And the Fifth labor, the Augean stables, is considered as a test of intelligence and his ability to adapt to the situation. So what did Heracles do? Using his crazy strengthHe. Volume 3 17 Because Shirayuki-hime understood, her face soon turned pale as Izayoi showed a sly grin.. Oioi, are you serious? Yeah, Im always serious. Izayoi went near the river and lifted his right leg up and dropped it down hard.

At once, a huge shockwave swept the river bank and formed a crater. And the crater continued to move in a straight line, seemingly like land mines that have been planted in advance, fragments of rocks and soil were spat out of the ground as it travelled forth. The strong force that seemed to pierce the entire forest was continuing to extend forward and the river began to flow to the crater formed by the impact as well.

Its as though a canal was created instantly. If there isnt a lake here, I just have to make the course of the river change to make one appear Shirayuki-hime was shocked to the point where even her feet were unsteady. Thats right! Heracles used his might to change the rivers course and used it to wash the stable and the cattle of Augeas!!! If Izayoi mimicked the method used for the Augean stables and literally broke the river formation -- without doubt, at least half of Shirayukis territory would be ruined.

Shirayuki-hime woke up from her shock and screamed. But its too late. Izayoi was always serious. Serious to the point where he was pretty much excited about it. After all, one of his mottos was No matter what you do, be it a prank or not, always be serious about it. This is how serious Izayoi was. As Izayoi made a revolution before connecting his fist to the earthThe punch that would gorge out rivers and mountains had immediately gorged out a crater in the forest. The crater that looked like the vent of a volcano.

As the ruckus that would have led others to believe that a terraforming was occurring at that very moment started to spread into the surroundings, the spray of water from the river started to pour in like a waterfall as it started to fill the crater.

Or to be exact, she could not understand Sakamaki Izayoi well. Sakamaki Izayoi. The worlds most powerful problem child. Chapter 2 Part 1 Damn, ever since I came to Little Garden, there have been many incidents involving water. Water dripped down from Izayois school uniform as he was wringing it dry while making his way to the rendezvous point.

Ever since he came to Little Garden, he had gotten himself wet a couple of times. Hence that would explain why his movements could be said to be much more skillful.

Walking along the abandoned pathway that hasnt been repaired, Izayoi reached an abandoned area that was devoid of inhabitants at the moment but was soon alerted by the screeching, loud sound of houses being destroyed.

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Patting off the dust and sand that covered his body, he lifted his brows in surprise. What could have made that sound. Violently bursting through the doors that were already decaying, he sped up his pace towards the direction of the ruckus.

Since this is a deserted place, there shouldnt be anyone living or coming here. These ruins had been due to the Greatest Natural Disasters of Little Gardenthe trace of the Demon Lords passing could still be seen everywhere, and it was so bad that bandits that preferred to prey on those that were already in down times wouldnt even consider coming here. The once great and powerful community was nothing but a shell of its former glory as only ruins and withered trees remained.

Just what is that noise? As Izayoi silently trudged through the road as the noise continued.