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Sword Art Online Volume 12 - Alicization Rising [v2] - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Sword Art Online volume 12 pdf. Volume 12 of Sword Art Online in English. Special thanks to Sword Art Online Alicization Series on Facebook! Follow him or her on Facebook. Also if you have . wait, why only volume 7 to volume12?? why not upload this series from the links in comments) anyway, here it is, SWORD ART ONLINE.

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Sword Art Online Volume 02 - homeranking.info, Mar , M Sword Art Online Volume 04 - Fairy homeranking.info, Mar , M. Sword Art Online - Volume 01 - Aincrad [L1][Baka-Tsuki][SAO Archive].pdf .. Sword Art Online - Volume 12 - Alicization Rising [L2][Baka-Tsuki][hp].pdf. Sword Art Online 12 - Alicization Rising - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), so the 12th volume's release date in April but when talking about stairs.

I instinctively asked in return. Sorry about making you wait all alone. Murder was obviously the greatest taboo. Bread and cheese defiled by sand. As though she was mocking mankinds foolishnessor perhaps, pitying them. After all, if I could reduce my Life to zero in one action, even the highest minister would not be exempted from erasure.

Wanting to brush my branches against those of the other trees, I eagerly move them each time the wind blows, but unfortunately, they cannot reach. They may reach if I stretch them out further. With that in mind, I absorb the energy of the earth from my roots and the energy of the sun from my leaves with all I have. Instantly, my trunk expands in thickness and my branches grow in length. My leaves, like pointed needles, approach the glossy, light-green leaves of the konara oak growing closest.

However, aah, what misfortune. The leaves of the konara oak withers light-brown right before I touch it, all falling to the ground in a whirl. Even its branches and trunk lose their moisture and rot, drained, and it collapses from its roots before long.

The other trees that were standing around the empty land wither and perish one after another, crumbling away. The moss immediately masks away their remains. My trunk creaks as it swells out, my branches creak as they stretch out in all directions. I turn to the top of a near machilus next, desperately reaching out with my leaves. With the tree beside it. And the one beside that. The trees crumble away one after another and the empty land expands again. The trees nearby ended up withering due to me absorbing energy from the earth and the sun in my bid to extend my branches.

Even while understanding that, I do not give up making contact with the other trees. How many times had this repeated? Before I knew it, I became several tens of times bigger than the trees of the forest and the cleared land expanded to several tens of times of its original area.

Sword Art Online Volume 12 - Alicization Rising [v2] | Memory | Soul

And the same goes for the depth of my solitude. No matter how far my branches stretch out, the day my pointed leaves reach the leaves of other trees will never come.

By the time I realized that, I could not turn back any longer. My leaves and branches, protruded high up above the forest, continue to monopolize a huge amount of sunlight regardless of my will and my roots, laid out across the ground, continue to absorb a massive amount of energy from the earth. Endless bookshelves shone on by lamps of orange light.

Polished stone flooring. A round table—and atop it, two swords. They seemed exactly like the real ones, but that was impossible. Both of our beloved swords should have been confiscated from us when we were taken to the cathedral. When I gazed at the white and black swords in a daze, a small hand reached out from the opposite side of the table and first held the black sword by its grip. The sword abruptly quivered in that instant and vanished without a sound.

Next, the hand touched the Blue Rose Sword beside it. That one disappeared in an instant as well, as though it was sucked into that palm. Then, I finally realized that I seemed to have fallen into some kind of trance. Her eyebrows were slightly lowered, indicating that she was thinking about something, but eventually, she lightly nodded and spoke. She touched the blank parchment with her right palm this time, gently brushing against it from top to bottom.

With just that, an art ritual, extended over ten lines, distinctively surfaced upon it. Spinning the parchment around, she slid it in front of me.

Repeating those actions once again, she moved the second sheet in front of Eugeo. My partner and I exchanged glances, then fixed our eyes upon the parchment sheets in front of us at the same time. It followed the orthodox format for sacred art rituals, with the line number on the left and the text on the right. I skimmed through the text, that started with [system call] on the first line and ended with [enhance armament] on the tenth, as I counted the number of words and it really did go over twenty-five words.

Come now, stop complaining and get to memorizing it. Eugeo has already gotten started. Having resigned myself and returned my eyes back to my own text, Cardinal mercilessly added more instructions. Look here, the two of you were thrown into the underground jail and got your swords confiscated yesterday, at about eleven in the morning. By the way, what time is it right now…? There would be nearly no time left if we take it that you take two hours to recover your sword.

Luckily, the sacred arts of the Underworld were written in the familiar language of English unlike the magic of Alfheim Online. The syntax was close to that of programming languages as well, so it was possible for me to remember it with understanding.

I kept a part of my head thinking about a related topic even as I carved the ten lines art ritual into my mind. My understanding had grown since I got thrown into this world though observation and experiments. And when the need arises, those memories are drawn out and passed on to the one who dived in. Each and every object in this world are saved as memories. That would make that scene I once saw, inexplicable, otherwise.

Two years and two months ago, after gaining consciousness in the forest south of Rulid, I arrived at the bank of the Ruhr river that flowed through the forest. There, I caught sight of a scene that felt far too vivid. The back view of a boy with flaxen hair, a girl with long, blonde hair, and a boy with short, black hair walking in the setting sun. That image vanished in mere seconds, but that was definitely not an illusion. I can still vividly replay it even now, when I close my eyes: Back then, I must have summoned those three children from my own memories.

The flaxen-haired boy was definitely Eugeo. The blonde-haired girl was Alice. How is it going? Turning the parchment on the tabletop over, I tried to call to mind the art ritual from the very beginning. I smoothly recalled all the way to the final word despite not concentrating very hard, and answered, relieved. What about you, Eugeo? The swords will lose quite a bit of their Lives with even a single use.

Naturally, losing because you were too stingy in using it is an even bigger no-no. Use it when you judge that it is truly the time to do so. Be sure to properly put it back into its scabbard to allow it to recover its Life afterward. I scanned through the art ritual again to double-check and noticed something. When he chanted that, the whip became a real snake. The offensive ability brought about by releasing its memories are certainly not within the realm of control for a swordsman who just recently learnt the art ritual.

All the more if it is a sacred instrument of a high priority… it would drag not just the enemies, but yourself in as well, and if you use it shoddily, it may even cost you your life.

But it appeared Cardinal sensed my discontentment as she added on with a sigh. The sword will teach you everything. Well, only if you succeed in taking it back, that is. The two sheets of parchment in front of Eugeo and I rolled up from their ends and shrank tight—by the time that thought came to me, they had already turned into long and narrow baked pastries. When I took a bite out of it, its crispy texture and rich sweetness flooded my mouth, my tears almost flowing from the excessive nostalgia.

The young sage slowly nodded and spoke. The load experimental phase would probably arrive before she finds another collaborator and the Human World will sink into seas of blood and flames. The sage gave me, firmly chewing my lips, a near imperceptible nod and softly turned away.

Follow me… I will dispatch you from the door closest to the equipment vault on the third floor of the cathedral. I wanted to talk to her more. And I wanted to know more about what she felt and thought about in that period of time that went over two hundred years. Having guided us to the familiar, large room with many passages lined up on the three walls, Cardinal proceeded towards a single passage, stretching out from the right wall, in the same manner.

She walked for another ten meters or so and just as she were about to reach a single door at the end, simple and built into the wall, she stood still at last and turned around towards us. Her mouth, that seemed to even contain a sort of satisfaction, moved and a clear voice streamed out. The fate of the world is entrusted to the two of you as of now.

I have already imparted all I could, given all I could. You simply have to head down the path you believe in. We will definitely reach the top of the cathedral… and return Alice to what she was.

Instead, I deeply bowed once. After Cardinal nodded, she wiped off her smile and held on the doorknob with her extended left hand. Resisting the dry, cold wind that immediately blew in with vigor, Eugeo and I leapt out at once.

When I looked over my shoulder, there was only a glossy marble wall coldly obstructing the way; the door connected to the Great Library Room had vanished without leaving behind the slightest trace. Until slightly more than two years ago, he believed that his life was to continue hacking away at an unfellable tree with an axe in vain. He managed to hack down even that absolute barrier sealing away the path towards the capital, the Gigas Cedar, with a method that generations of woodcutter could not even imagine, as the pivotal point approached Eugeo.

To continue living in the small village while holding onto his memories of Alice. Eugeo first thought of his family the moment Gasupht, the village chief, said that he could choose his next sacred task on the village festival night. Until then, Eugeo had always turned over all of the wages he had earned from chopping the Gigas Cedar to his family. Their occupation have been wheat growing for generations, but their fields were confined, especially in recent years where revenue was scarce due to the succession of poor harvest.

His parents and elder brothers might not mention it outright, but they were likely partly counting on the stable income Eugeo earned each month. However, he could probably receive preferential treatment in gaining an area well- exposed to the sun in the newly cleared, cultivated land in the south if he chose to grow wheat as his sacred task like his father and the rest. Upon spotting the faces of his family, mixed with anticipation and anxiety, at a corner of the cheerful villagers making merry from the stage, Eugeo was at a loss.

He was, but only for a sheer moment. Eugeo forcibly tipped the scale balancing a reunion with the girl from his childhood and a life with his family, and he made a declaration. That he was leaving the village and becoming a swordsman. Even if he were to choose being a swordsman as his sacred task, he could still receive a salary from the village if he stayed in Rulid and became one of the guards. The money Eugeo brought to his family and the new fields they could have received were all nullified.

Having participated in the swordsmanship tournament held in the town of Zakkaria, Eugeo won in the end, alongside Kirito, which earned him the right to enter the guards corps, and he did so. Enduring the harsh training for half a year, they received letters of recommendation to take the examination for the North Centoria Imperial Master Sword Academy from the commanding officer of the guard corps, but there was an invitation from the commanding officer with that.

That their ranks would rise next year if they remained with the guard corps, with the level of skill the two had, and even becoming the commanding officer in the future was no dream.

While en-route to the capital, his goal, or after enrolling in the Master Sword Academy as well, Eugeo continued making excuses in a corner of his mind the entire time. Or if he made a triumphal return to the village, clad in silver armor and straddling a flying dragon alongside Alice, his parents should have more pride in him than anyone else. However, by drawing his sword towards the elite swordsmen-in-training, Raios Antinous and Humbert Zizek, two evenings ago, Eugeo betrayed his family for the third time.

At the very least, he discarded the considerably probable future of being invested with the position of a first class aristocrat if circumstances allowed it… no, that was an understatement; he discarded even his status as a commoner and chose the path of being a major criminal who violated a taboo.

Back then, Eugeo was conscious of the circumstances somewhere in his mind, even when he was stirred into motion by a tremendous rage. If he were to cut Raios and Humbert here right now, he would lose anything and everything. Eugeo drew his sword even while aware of that. He wanted to release that bloodthirst ravaging within his heart; he wanted to erase http: Really now, what a great distance I have traveled— He had made a complete turn from one of the sheer twelve elite swordsmen-in-training in the academy, to stepping upon the floor of the most sacred place in the world as a rebel making an enemy out of the Axiom Church.

Because he wanted to know, no matter what. Whether there were any humans who pointed a blade towards the church, fought with integrity knights, and escaped far away somewhere after accomplishing their wishes, in the long history.

The moment Eugeo thought so while closing the back cover of the book, a chill that resembled ice assailed him. He could no longer return to his previous way of life after choosing to abandon his family, cut another man, and fight against the church. He had no path aside from moving forward, no matter how much http: For the sake of that one purpose he had left. However, his wish to live together with the girl could no longer be granted.

The one and only place he thought he could go now, with the many crimes he had committed, was beyond the mountain range at the edge, the dreadful land of darkness. But that was fine too. There was nothing more to hope for, if Alice could happily live where she was born. As Cardinal mentioned, the corridor that extended straight from the door was unexpectedly short. The central portion of the right wall had staircases, surprisingly wide, continuing up and down. And the left wall were grand double doors, surrounded by sculptures of winged beasts.

Kirito walking in front quickly turned his right palm this way and clung onto the wall, so Eugeo followed suit and pressed his back against a stone pillar within reach. Holding his breath, he scanned through the gloomy, spacious room. Despite being such an important place, the spacious room was silent as the grave, without any presence of others.

They have no need to spend their time searching around for people like us. Eugeo followed after that, crossing the deserted, spacious room.

The doors to the equipment vault had embossed carvings of the two goddesses, Solus and Terarria, and no keyholes, but they possessed such intensity that it made him think that unbelievers might not be able to open them, no matter how much they pull or push. However, when Kirito put his ear against the door for a bit and placed his hands upon the handles, putting some force onto them, the doors opened so easily that it was practically a let-down.

A dense, cold air, like several hundred years worth of stillness, leaked out from the black gap of around fifty cen that opened up and made Eugeo shiver, but his partner slipped himself through without hesitation, so he hurriedly followed behind.

When the solemn doors closed behind, the surroundings were engulfed in complete darkness. What space. It had practically as much area as the large practice arena where Kirito and Uolo Levanteinn had their match.

In addition to having pitch-black ones, pure-white ones, and those in dazzling hues of reddish-copper, bluish-silver, and yellowish-gold, they also included each and every sort of armor, from light armor constructed from thin chains and leather to heavy armor, massive metal sheets joined together without any gaps.

They numbered no less than five hundred. And on the tall walls hung, yet again, practically every kind of weapon in existence, closely packed together.

Even among the swords alone, there were long ones, short ones, along with a wide range of thick, thin, straight, and curved ones too. In addition, the great variety of combat equipment, from single-edged and double-edged axes, lances among the long spears, warhammers, whips, and maces, to bows stretched from the floor to nearly the ceiling, their numbers practically uncountable, and Eugeo could do naught but to leave his mouth agape.

Scanning through the vast equipment vault once more, he shook his head twice or thrice. The equipment here are probably all powerful ones, at sacred instrument class or somewhere around there. However, he was pat on his back by his partner before he could ponder on them. His motion froze for a sheer instant, as if he hesitated, but he lifted it off the metal supports before long.

Following that, he took the Blue Rose Sword at its side with his left hand and tossed it. Eugeo caught it in a panic and the familiar weight made itself known to his wrist. Despite him spending less than a mere two days away from his beloved sword, a powerful sense of nostalgia and relief that surprised even Eugeo himself flooded through him and he tightly grasped the sheath with both hands. The Blue Rose Sword was always close to him and helped him out countless times ever since the Gigas Cedar fell back home.

Eugeo followed suit while showing an embarrassed smile, ending with a pat on its pommel and looked around as he pondered on their next step. Looking down at his own body, he found spots torn and frayed on the academy uniform he worn since two days ago due to the fight and subsequent retreat from Knight Eldrie.

Casting away his lingering regrets over the armor, he ran over to the clothes section and haphazardly dug through the fabric that seemed to be of high quality, looking for a coat and trousers that matched his frame. Turning their backs to each other, they quickly changed.

When he turned http: Things went so smoothly that it could even be considered disappointing so far, but it would hardly remain that way.

That noise came almost concurrently with the countless steel arrows that pierced through the surface of the thick doors. Furthermore, it was four altogether. There was no mistake that this was the same integrity knight riding the flying dragon at the rose garden. The distance in between us is roughly thirty mel, huh? It would have been even better if we had a shield! Eugeo opened his eyes wide and stared at the four nocked arrows.

The dull silver- colored arrows were aimed not at their hearts, but their legs. It was as Cardinal mentioned, the order passed down to the knights was likely not to take them out, but to capture them.

But with the current circumstances, getting captured was essentially the same as getting murdered. The integrity knight drew the tense bowstring to its limit. He understood its significance only after the phenomenon occurred.

A brilliant whiteness spread over his vision all of a sudden. An intense light, as if Solus had descended. Just where did—… No, there was an element. The neglected elements were on standby for any sequential art rituals. Kirito gave the order for the element floating over his head to be set free and produced that immense light. He immediately heard the screeching noise of steel arrows digging into the stone floor from where he was until half a second ago. Not slanting off towards the right, but straight forward.

There was no doubt his eyesight would remain robbed for several more seconds. There was no way an integrity knight, standing at the apex of all swordsmen and art users, would not have heard of such common knowledge, which meant calling a new luminous element out and blinding him would not work for a second time.

This was the first and last opportunity to narrow the distance from the bow-using enemy. Speedy analysis of the situation and selection of actions were also an essential point of the Aincrad-style, or so Kirito told Eugeo countless times.

It was a way of thinking utterly different from the High Norkia-style that emphasizes refinement and gallantry in http: A step behind his partner following the usage of the luminous element, Eugeo frantically chased after the footsteps in front. He drew the Blue Rose Sword out from the left of his waist as he ran. Having served its purpose, the luminous element vanished immediately after, and the world regained its color and form.

The pair had already ran into the spacious hall from the equipment vault. Affirming with both eyes wide open, that the integrity knight could be seen standing around twenty steps up the staircase ahead. His body tottered with his right hand on the face guard of that bronze-colored helmet. It was a true stroke of luck that the integrity knight before their eyes did not wear a sword on his waist unlike Eldrie.

He had an astonishing amount of self confidence, bringing nothing more than a single longbow when picking an indoor fight. You are haughty, arrogant, and you believe yourself to always be in the right. You are convinced that you, justice incarnate, have absolutely no chance of losing. Just wait, I will… prove that to you this instant!! Pushed on by a rather foreign emotion, Eugeo charged onto the grand staircase. It was after he got onto the first two steps, just as his right foot reached for the third.

The knight, standing on the landing slightly more than ten steps ahead, removed his right hand from the face guard, turned it around towards his back, and drew out steel arrows from a quiver.

Every remaining one, all at the same time. The packed bunch of arrows that his right hand nimbly brought back numbered at least thirty no matter how one looked at it.

Without even granting enough time to question http: There ought to be no way that single slender bowstring would be able to fire thirty arrows together at once. A metallic, creaking noise reached his ears.

It could be a bluff made in desperation, or it could— An increasingly violent creaking noise swept out; the longbow was heavily drawn back. The air rang out, followed immediately with a snapping sound as the bowstring broke under the pressure. But every single one of the thirty steel arrows were fired out into a radial pattern, pouring down onto the pair as a lethal, silver storm.

Eugeo kicked off the stairs with such force that he thought his right foot broke, pitching his body towards the left. He laid the Blue Rose Sword across the center of his body, protecting it. The pair surely would have been riddled with holes if the knight had no issue with his eyesight.

One arrow struck the Blue Rose Sword and was repelled with a shrill noise. After confirming the lack of severe wounds, he turned his face towards Kirito who jumped towards the right. You alright?! Looks like it went through the gap in between my toes. When he looked up at the landing, the integrity knight truly ceased motion this time round.

But Kirito instructed Eugeo, with his left hand still gripping onto the arrow extracted from his shoe. He focused on the voice, warped in a http: He chanted rather fast, but he caught it somehow, perhaps because he was made to study in that library room.

However, each and every phrase in that ritual was new to his ears. The flames consumed the bowstring in the blink of an eye and then something occurred the moment they reached the two tips of the longbow.

The integrity knight standing at the landing draped the flames spurting out from the bow around his whole body, looking as though he was set ablaze. Eugeo was at a loss on what action to take, with the utterly unforeseen development. Should he conclude that the knight had no offensive ability even after using the full control art, since those arrows were already spent, and rush in? Or perhaps the knight spent all the arrows on the attack just a moment ago because they were no longer necessary in the full control state?

Wondering which his partner saw it as, he took a fleeting glance at the side and saw Kirito staring in wonder, with even a faint smile upon his lips just like a child, neither drawing back nor charging in. It was certain they would be attacked before they finish reciting the lengthy art ritual. I see, it does appear that you do possess enough ability to exchange blows with Knight Eldrie Thirty-one, criminals. However, that makes it more unforgivable. To not engage in a fair and proper battle between knights, but to deceive Thirty-one through those repulsive darkness arts!

Eugeo lost his breath for a moment too, then vehemently shook his head as he shouted. We integrity knights do not have a past of our own!

We have always been glorious integrity knights since the moment we were summoned from the Celestial World!! According to the girl, Cardinal, all of the integrity knights have had their memories from before becoming one sealed away. The knight let out a thunderous voice with heightened severity in the midst of the endless sparks scattered by the longbow. Try all you wish, to see if those shoddy swords are capable of slipping through these flames of conviction and reaching me!!

Before even allowing the time to ponder if the gesture his fingertip adopted, like gripping onto something, meant— Intense flames surged out in front of the bow and transformed into a single arrow in an instant.

However, even if it was a single shot, that was evidence enough to prove that it possessed enough might to kill in one attack. Doubts over how Kirito would defend against an attack like that sprung up, but Eugeo shrugged them off and nodded. This was far more realistic when compared to the absurdity of him chopping down the Gigas Cedar when he said he would. Perhaps interpreting the pair, returning to a stance with their respective sword at the ready, as resolving themselves for the worst, the integrity knight started to draw the invisible string with an air of composure.

With neither a war cry, nor a strong kick off the ground, he charged forth like a leaf from a tree swept away by rapid currents. Late by a split second, Eugeo followed behind in agitation. He probably generated them in secret while the knight delivered his speech, he had no doubt that was the radiance emitted by cryogenic elements.

The knight finally drew the longbow to its end when they approached the halfway point of the twenty-steps staircase. The blue points of light http: The flame spear came into contact with the ice shield Kirito created after an instant of flight. The first shield dispersed in a transient moment, its fragments immediately turning into vapor as well.

The second and third, too, were penetrated before the noise of shattering reached his ears. Looking through the final shield remaining, the flame spear that drew close to his eyes and nose dyed his vision bright red.

But still, Eugeo did not slacken his pace and continued dashing up the stairs. Eugeo gritted his teeth and caught sight of the flame spear that collided with the fifth shield in front, finally losing some of its impetus, regardless of how little the reduction was.

Sparks were violently thrown into the air when the it was unable to break through the barrier originating from its clashing elemental attribute. It appeared like the blazing spear beyond the semi-transparent ice wall changed its form for an instant. The form, with a beak wide open and wings spread out, was practically the same as a bird of prey… http: A heatwave that denied him from even breathing then descended.

The flame spear, no, flaming bird that penetrated through every barrier made a savage assault as though to consume Kirito within its flames as well. He sharply thrust the black sword held in his right hand forward. The sword Kirito extended straight forward traced an inconceivable arc. It spun like a windmill, moving lightning-fast with those five shining fingers acting as the pivot. But that speed was extraordinary.

It was unknown how exactly those fingers moved, the blade rotated with more momentum than the eyes could follow, as if a semi-transparent black shield had made its appearance there. Kirito would never stop and let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity escape in this situation. He had accomplished what he said he would. So he would surely have to fulfill his own side of the deal.

Cutting through the remains of the blaze that drifted in the air in a single spurt, the landing where the knight stood in the way was practically right before him.

There was no longer enough time to draw the bow and fire another shot. Eugeo brandished the Blue Rose Sword up high while letting out that silent cry. The shade of surprise vanished in an instant and an overwhelming fighting spirit enveloped the copper-colored heavy armor.

The left arm that held the burning longbow was raised high, overhead, and the terrible flames gathered in his fist once more. He had already launched into a slashing posture, but that thought flashed through the depths of his mind for an instant. Normally thinking about it, both the range and power would be higher on this side, when comparing the sword and the fist.

But the other side was standing in a favorable position. Would the comparatively slender Blue Rose Sword be able to push back the fist thrown from the integrity knight who was not only tall, but had the advantage of being three steps above as well? Should he avoid here and attack again after climbing up to the landing? It was the same for the one who mentored Eugeo, Gorgolosso-senpai, the one who mentored Kirito, Sortiliena-senpai, and even the haughty yet dishonorable nobles, Raios and Humbert; they possessed something that endowed their swords with power.

But Eugeo personally felt he was still searching for one. His daily training piled up more than anyone else and he understood various secret moves, but he had yet to find something to put into his own sword. It might have even been something he might never find for all of eternity, as one who was not born as a swordsman.

After all, the time for him to devote single-mindedly to sword practice was over.

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Eugeo had an unwavering objective now. To regain Alice, turned into an integrity knight with her memories stolen. He could do nothing but watch as his childhood friend was taken away by a knight on that summer day eight years ago; this time, he would save her for sure. His proficiency in swordsmanship, his knowledge in sacred arts, polishing all of that was for that purpose.

While calling out within his heart, Eugeo firmly bent his entire body after taking a stance with the Blue Rose Sword held overhead. A vivid blue light enveloped the faintly translucent blade. The fist and sword remained unmoving in midair, still joined together. Creak, creak; the armored gauntlet and sword blade grated against each other.

A low groan escaped from the insides of the helmet as he shifted his entire body weight into his fist. It was a stalemate, but one that lasted for sheer seconds. The light of the secret move that covered the blade flickered as though it could not endure the heat.

Volume pdf sao 12

However, the flames continued their intensification and the blade began to turn red-hot. As such, it would be weak against searing flames, its opposing element, and keeping this situation up for too long was quite capable of exhausting its Life to a dangerous degree. It surely was no hallucination. As proof, the miniature roses carved upon its guard were being covered in a pure white frost. The frost turned into thin tendrils, rapidly creeping up the blade, and scattering away the licking flames.

The phenomenon did not end there. Slashing back with the Blue Rose Sword, heavier than a lump of steel of equivalent size, through physical strength alone, was impossible regardless of how strong one was. There was only one reason why it was made possible: A few deep crimson drops scattered from the gash sliced into the copper-colored armor. He would be granted the room to fire those flaming attacks once again if the distance was widened here. However, there was a compulsory brief period of rigidness after usage of any secret move.

Kirito had told him to constantly think about how to eliminate that gigantic pause caused when using a secret move. The rigidness caused by secret moves was unpreventable and nothing could be done about it even if one was expecting it.

He could come up with methods to eliminate that delay, like switching with an ally or releasing a pre-generated wind element to create distance through wind pressure. That brought the methods remaining to one. The Blue Rose Sword stopped atop his shoulder just as the knight harshly kicked off the ground. There would have been no way for Eugeo to defend if he permitted that. A Light Cube Cluster, with each side measuring three meters, was made by gathering them together.

Er, erm gathered together, five centimeters each, three meters I tried to mentally calculate the total number of light cubes, but as I was dividing three hundred by five, Cardinal effortlessly spoke out the answer.

The logical value for the total would be two hundred and sixteen thousands. However, due to the existence of the Main Visualizer, the main storage, there ought to be less than that. Two hundred and sixteen thousands So thats the maximum population of the Underworld, huh By the way, there is still a considerable amount of surplus space, so there is no need to worry about the number of empty cubes if youre in the mood to make a baby with some dame.

Yeah wait, I wont be making anything like that! The young sage returned to the main topic after looking at me shaking my head to and fro in a panic. However, as Ive mentioned earlier, each light cube will eventually reach the limit of its memory capacity. Administrator had already lived through a ridiculous hundred and fifty years, including the time between the birth and downfall of Quinella. The jug containing her memories had finally started overflowing with all that was stored within it throughout the time, inducing difficulties in her writing, preservation and retrieval of memories.

It was quite a chilly issue. It wasnt something irrelevant to me; I had already accumulated over two years of memories in this world with an accelerated rate of time. Even if only mere months, or perhaps days, have passed in the real world, the life span of my soul was definitely being consumed. Rest easy, there are still more than enough blank sheets within your fluct light.

As though she read my thoughts once again, Cardinal pointed it out with a wry smile. Wh when you say it like that, it feels like youre implying that my minds empty. It would be like a picture book against an encyclopedia, if you compare the two of us. Taking a sip of the tea with a composed expression, Cardinal cleared her throat. I will be continuing. As expected, even Administrator was in panic at the unforeseen situation of a limit to her memory capacity.

After all, there existed a life span that she had absolutely no control over, unlike one with a numerical value like Life. However, she was not one to willingly accept her fate. Like how she once usurped the seat of god, that being came up with yet another demonic solution Showing an unpleasant scowl, Cardinal placed the cup back and tightly linked her two hands, similar to flower petals, together above the table.

In those days that is, two hundred years ago, there was a young missy, at the sheer age of ten or so, studying sacred arts on the lower floors of the Central Cathedral as a nun apprentice of the church.

Her name no, Ive forgotten her name She was born in a family of furniture craftsmen in Centoria and through the fluctuations of the randomizing parameters, she possessed a slightly higher system access authority than others. As such, she was bestowed the sacred task of being a nun.

She was a scrawny little miss with brown eyes and curly hair of the same color I involuntarily blinked my eyes and checked the appearance of Cardinal on the other side of the table.

I could only imagine that she was describing herself with that description earlier no matter how it was rephrased. Administrator had that little miss brought up to the living room of the top floor of the Cathedral and welcomed her with a smile filled with kindness like a holy mothers. That being spoke thusYou will be my child from now on.

A child of god that will guide the world. It was the truth to an extent, in the sense of the girl inheriting information from her soul. However, naturally, there wasnt a single trace of motherly love there. Administrator intended to overwrite the little misss fluct light with the thought domain and important memories from her own fluct light.

Wha A chill crept up my back yet again. Overwriting the soulthe spoken words alone were repulsive enough. The thought of the deed alone certainly could make one tremble with fright.

While rubbing my palms that had gotten damp with cold and sweat without me noticing together, I forced my numb mouth to move. St still, if she was capable of such complicated manipulation of fluct lights, couldnt she just delete the memories she didnt need? Would you edit an important file without any prior preparation? I became at a momentarily loss for words and shook my head when she immediately retorted. N no, I would make a back-up.

Of course you would. Administrator had not forgotten about the full day she lost consciousness when she once took in the Cardinal Systems behavioral principles. Thats how dangerous direct fluct What if I ended up damaging important data while putting my own memories in order fearing so, she planned to first take over the girls soul that had plenty of remaining memory capacity, affirm the copy turned out well, then dispose of the soul she had used thus far that was worn out to its limit.

She was truly meticulous, truly prudent however, that turned out to be Administrators no, Quinellas second blunder. After all, it was only in that single moment when she possessed that little miss and dealt with the self she used until then that the number of gods carrying that same level of authority became two. A fiendish ceremony, thoroughly planned and prepared by Administrator she finally succeeded in hijacking a fluct light through the Synthesis Ritual, its name signifying the unification between soul and memory.

I I was waiting for that moment over that long seventy years!! I merely stared at Cardinals face, confused, while she cried out with slight emotion. Hold Hold on a minute. Who exactly are you the Cardinal thats speaking to me right now? Do you still not understand?

At my question, Cardinal pushed her glasses up as she whispered. Kirito, you know of my original version, do you not? Try saying out the characteristics of the Cardinal System. Er erm Knitting my eyebrows, I brought back the memories from my Aincrad days. That automatic management program was first developed by Kayaba Akihiko to manage the death game, SAO. In other words Making manual adjustments and maintenance unnecessary, and the ability to operate for long stretches of time?

And in order to do that In order to do that, it has two core programs while the main process carries out balancing adjustments, the sub-process performs an error check on the main Getting to that point in my words, I left my mouth agape and stared at the youth girl with swirly, curly hair. I should have been well aware that the Cardinal System had a powerful error correction function installed. After all, the AI, Yui, who became Asuna and my daughter during the clearing of SAO was originally a subordinate program of Cardinal, and I had to make a desperately effort to save her from Cardinal who recognized her as a foreign body and mercilessly tried to eliminate her.

To be specific, I merely accessed the SAOs program space from a system console, searched for the files that made up Yui, compressed them and set it as an object, but carrying it out in the few tens of seconds, before Cardinal detected my system intervention and quarantined it, probably was a true miracle in itself.

That enormous presence that I confronted, with a single holo-keyboard between us, Aware or not, of my complex, deep emotions, Cardinal spoke with a light sigh as though she was dealing with an unperceptive child. So it seems you have finally noticed. The principles of behavior Quinella carved into her own fluct light was not merely one.

The instruction given to the main process, to preserve the world. And the instruction given to the sub-process, to correct the errors made by the main process. Correct errors? When I was still a program yet to gain awareness, I was purely an existence that continued to examine the data spat out by the main process.

However when I gained individuality as a shadow consciousness of Quinella, so to speak, I had to judge my own conduct without assistance from redundant code or anything of that sort.

You see it would be somewhat like what you lot call a split personality. I believe there are some with the opinion that split personalities exist only in fiction, though. Oh, really now. However, it is truly a tale I could consent to, you see. Only in that instant Quinellas consciousness slightly slackened could I float up to the surface of the thought process. And I thought. What an atrocious error this woman, Quinella no, Administrator, was committing, that is.

Was it an error? I instinctively asked in return. After all, if the preservation of the world was the basis of Cardinals main process, regardless of whatever radical measures were adopted, what Quinella had done would be in tune with that principle. However, taking my glance head on, Cardinal answered in a dignified tone. Then allow me to ask you. Has the Cardinal System of that other world you knew of ever harmed players with its own hands, even once?

True, it was the players ultimate enemy, but there werent any unreasonable, direct attacks, sorry about that. When I spontaneously apologized, Cardinal gave a short snort through her nose and continued. However, she did. She imposed a penalty more cruel than even death upon those who showed signs of harboring suspicion or opposing the Taboo Index she established The details of which I shall leave for later, however.

In that extremely rare respite from sleep, I, the Cardinal Systems sub-process, judged that Administrator was a major error in herself and attempted to purge that. To be specific, I tried to jump down from the top floor thrice, tried to stab my heart with a knife twice, and tried to incinerate my own self with sacred arts twice. After all, if I could reduce my Life to zero in one action, even the highest minister would not be exempted from erasure. I was rendered speechless at the heroic words coming out from the mouth of the young, sweet girl.

But Cardinal continued ahead in a composed tone without the slightest twitch from her eyebrows. The final attempt was a true pity.

12 pdf volume sao

By releasing a sacred art with top-class offensive ability even among all of them, an incessant downpour of lightning bolts, onto myself, even Administrators enormous Life was reduced to a mere single digit. However, the main process seized control over the body then With things ended up like that, any sort of injury or fatal wound was rendered null. She returned to as she always was in the blink of an eye with a full recovery sacred art ritual. Moreover, due to that incident, Administrator, even with all she had, genuinely regarded me in other words, the sub-process under her subconscious, as a danger.

Upon noticing that the only times I could wedge myself into the right of control was when some conflict occurs within her fluct light or simply put, during times of emotional distress, she tried an unthinkable method to hold me in. Even if she was chosen as a female shaman of Stacia from birth, Administrator was a child of man. She possessed the emotions to look at flowers and think them beautiful, to listen to music and find it fun, at the very least.

The emotional circuit she developed back then was still left in the depths of her soul even after turning in an absolute being, half-human and half-god. She judged that that emotion was the source of her unrest, however slight it was, whenever she encountered an unexpected event. There, she made free use of the supervisor-only commands to manipulate her fluct light within her light cube and froze her own emotional circuit. Wha freezing her circuit, does that basically mean she was destroying a part of her soul?

When I asked back while shuddering, Cardinal returned a muted nod with a grimace. B-But well, something as outrageous as that it sounds like an even more dangerous action than the copying of her fluct light earlier, though Of course, it wasnt like she handled her own soul without prior preparation. The woman, Administrator, was one cautious enough to hate the very idea of that, see. Have you already noticed the presence of various hidden parameters not displayed upon the Stacia Window or in other words, the status window?

Aah, well, faintly I saw countless humans with strength and agility not matching their outward appearances, after all When I answered, the one that came to mind was who I served for a year as a valet trainee, Sortiliena-senpai.

Her body was slender and narrow, and could be even thought of as delicate, but blew me away, when we locked swords, many times. The young girl from whom I felt a limitless dignity, despite an outward appearance far weaker than senpai, lightly lifted and dropped her hat at my words. And within those hidden parameters, there exists one called Transgression Quotient. This is a value evaluated by analyzing the compliance to the law and rules of each inhabitant through their speech and conduct, converted in numerals.

It was Such humans were like bacteria that snuck into a sterilized room to that being. She felt an urgent need to exterminate them, but she could not break that single order to not murder passed down, to her as well, by her parents when she was young.

There, in order to render those inhabitants with a high transgression quotient harmless without murder, Administrator carried out a dreadful treatment upon them Thats the thing that you spoke of earlier, that penalty more cruel than death? She had those humans with a high transgression quotient serve as experimental subjects for art ceremonies to manipulate the fluct light directly. Which part of the light cube stored which information, which part should be tampered with to make them lose their memories, lose their emotions, lose their thought processes, and such even the observers from the outer world hesitated to carry out such atrocious human experiments.

I felt goosebumps creep up my arms the moment I heard that last phrase, spoken like a whisper. Cardinal, too, made a dismal expression and continued on in a deathly-stifled voice. The humans offered up for the initial experiments mostly forfeited their individualities, reduced to beings that exist purely to breathe. Administrator froze their flesh and Life, and preserved them Her fluct light manipulation art advanced through the repetition of such injustice. The time she thought of holding me in by freezing her emotions, too, was attempted time after time on the humans brought to the tower before she performed it on herself.

It was when she was around a hundred years old. Did she, succeed? You could say she did. She was unsuccessful in abandoning all emotions, but she succeeded in freezing the emotions that were the source of that abrupt unrest: From then, Administrators heart did not waver no matter what event it was that she encountered. She was truly a god no, she was truly a machine.

A consciousness that existed only to preserve, stabilize and stagnate the world I was held within a nook of that beings soul, losing all chance to appear on the surface. Until that being was at the age of a hundred and fifty, reached the capacity limit of a fluct light, and tried to take over the soul of a pitiful miss, that is. But according to how the story went, the soul from Administrator that took over the daughter of the furniture shops owner was a perfect copy of the original, right?

In other words, that soul would have its emotions frozen too so, why were you able to appear at that one time?

Cardinals gaze wandered elsewhere for a while at my question. She must be peering into the other end of these extraordinarily long two hundred years.

Before long, an extremely, extremely soft voice streamed out from those petite lips. My vocabulary does not contain the words needed to accurately express what happened in that instant in that experience that was wonderful, despite how it should have made one tremble Calling the daughter of the furniture shops owner to the top floor of the cathedral, Administrator attempted to overwrite by copying through the Synthesis Ritual.

Volume pdf sao 12

And that succeeded without a hitch. What resided within the miss had its useless memories erased, what could be said to be a compressed version of Administrators, no, Quinellas individuality. The initial arrangement should have been for the original Quinella, who expended her life span, to erase her own soul after confirming the success however When I noticed, Cardinals cheeks, adorned by a healthy blush as befitting a young girl, had already lost its color like a sheet of paper.

She asserted that she didnt possess emotions, but I couldnt imagine what she felt at this moment to be anything but a deep fear.

However, the duplication of her soul was completed the instant we simultaneously opened our eyes at point-blank range we were assailed by some sort of tremendous impact. That was essentially the thought of avoiding a situation where there are two of the exact same human, a situation that would have originally been impossible I believe it would be something close to that? I no, we stared at each other and immediately after, sensed an overwhelming hostility.

No matter the circumstances, we couldnt permit the soul of the existence before our eyes, that was how it was That exceed sheer emotion, into instinct no, it might have been something like the number one rule engraved upon the beliefs of beings capable of intelligence.

If that situation were to remain as it However Im not sure if I should call it a pity, but that did not happen. After all, the fluct light copied into the daughter of the furniture shops owner broke a moment faster and in that instant, I, the sub-individuality, established the right of control. We recognized each other as Administrator, residing within the original Quinellas flesh, and Cardinals sub-process, residing within the flesh of the daughter of the furniture shops owner.

At the same time, the souls ceased breaking down and stabilized. A soul breaking down. Cardinals words brought to mind the gloomy and wondrous phenomenon I saw two evenings ago, one that I wasnt sure to be sad or glad for. I crossed swords with the head elite swordsman-in-training of the Master Sword Academy, Raios Antinous, and slashed off his two arms with the Serlut-style secret move, Whirl Current.

It was a major injury that could have been a fatal wound in the real world, but his life would not have ended in the Underworld if he gotten proper treatment. I tried to maintain the numerical value of his Lifewhat served as hit points in this world, binding the open wounds on his two arms to stop the blood flow. However, it happened quicker than that. A bizarre scream gushed out from Raios as he collapsed onto the floor and met his end.

Blood continued flowing out from his wounds at that time. That is to say, his Life value had not gotten to zero yet, which, in other. Right before collapsing, Raios found himself in a situation where he had to choose between his life and the Taboo Index, one to protect and one to break. He was unable to choose, trapped in an infinite loop state, and his soul finally ended up breaking itself apart, didnt it?

I wondered if the phenomenon that assaulted Quinella upon meeting a duplicate of her very own self was fundamentally the same thing.

I couldnt even begin to imagine the horror that came with the situation of having another existence with the exact memories and thoughts as oneself. During the few days after I woke up in the forest south of Rulid, I couldnt form a conclusion on the possibility that I was an artificial fluct light copied from the real Kirigaya Kazuto.

There was always a fear somewhere in my mind until I got cooperation from Selka of Rulid Church and affirmed that I could go against the Taboo Index while recognizing it as the absolute law.

If nothing but my consciousness was thrown out into an endless darkness, and my own, familiar voice spoke. You are my duplicate. You are merely a copy for experimenting with, one that can be deleted with a single keypress. How severe would the shock, confusion, and fright I would taste in that moment? How is it going, have you understood everything so far? Those aged-teacher-like words were thrown at me on the opposite side of the table, pondering over everything with my head.

Raising my head, I blinked countless times before nodding in a vague manner. Ah well, somewhat Im finally about to reach the main point of my tale, so it would be a problem if youre already going to whine with merely this much.

The main point I see, thats right. I still havent heard what exactly you wanted out of me. I did continue waiting through those two hundred years ever since that day to tell you this, after all Now then, I believe I was at the part where I split up from Administrator? Cardinal spoke as she fiddled with the now-empty tea cup, spinning it with both hands.

On that day, I finally acquired a physical body of my own. To be accurate though, it was of that pitiful apprentice nun, but her individuality was utterly annihilated the moment her light cube was overwritten with data.

Born out of that ruthless ceremony and the result of that unforeseen incident, I stared at Administrator before my eyes for 0. In other words, I tried to eliminate her with sacred arts of the highest level. I was a perfect copy of Administrator, which meant I had a system access authority at an equal level, you see. I predicted that if I could gain the initiative, I could shave away her Life before the resources in the surrounding space were exhausted, even if it became an exchange of arts of the same class.

My first attack magnificently landed and what ensued after went according to my expectations. Our pace was exactly the same in other words, I, the one who let loose the first attack, should have been the one to win.

My body abruptly shuddered upon imagining that skirmish between gods. The offensive sacred arts I knew of were limited to the extremely rudimentary ones that changes the shapes of elements, like those used in the battle against Knight Eldrie. Their offensive abilities were far from reaching a single hit from a sword, struggling to even act as restraints or distractions, hardly able to take away the Life of anyone around Huh, wait a moment. You said that even Administrator wasnt capable of killing somebody, didnt you?

Then shouldnt that restriction apply to you as well, as a copy? Why were both of you able to attack each other? Cardinal slightly pouted at her story getting interrupted at the good part even as she nodded and replied. Mgh that was a good question. True, it is as youve said, even Administrator, unbound by the Taboo Index as she was, could not break the prohibition on murder given to her when she was young, as Quinella, by her parents. Even through my long years of deliberation, I have still yet to elucidate the origin behind the phenomenon why us artificial fluct lights are unable to disobey all orders without exception however, this phenomenon is not as absolute as you might think.

Which means? To show an example Cardinal moved her right hand that held the tea cup above the table. But for some reason, she was not lowering the cup onto the. I am unable to lower this cup any further. Cardinal explained as she scowled at my dumbfounded response. The reason is because when I was young, my motherof course, that would be Quinellasbrought me up with the trivial rule that tea cups should be placed atop a saucer and its effect is still valid, even now.

The only significant taboo was murder, but there exist seventeen other foolish prohibitions such as this. I am unable to lower my arm any further no matter what I do and if I forcibly put my strength into it, an annoying, intense pain emerges in my right eye.

A pain in your right eye Even so, this is a huge difference compared to the average inhabitant. They would be unable to even imagine the thought of placing the cup upon the table in the first place. In other words, they would not even be able to gain the awareness that they are bound by many unbreakable rules. That might have been the best for them, however Probably aware that she was a completely artificial being, an unfitting self-derisive smile ran over Cardinals young face and she quickly straightened back her arm.

Now then Kirito. Do you see this as a tea cup? After letting out a stupid voice, I intensely stared at the empty cup gripped in Cardinals right hand.

It was made of white ceramic, simple curves for its sides, with a plain handle attached. No images or logos could be seen aside from a dark blue line against its edge. Well I do see it as a tea cup, there was tea in it, after all Fm. Then, how about now? Cardinal reached out the index finger on her left hand, then lightly tapped the cups edge.

Liquid immediately gushed out from the cups bottom like earlier and a stream of white vapor rose. However, the aroma was different this time. My nose instinctively twitched. This smell, fragrant with its richness, was definitely not any sort of black teait couldnt be anything but cream of corn soup.

As though showing it to me, stretching out my neck, Cardinal tilted the cup slightly. It was a pale-yellow, gooey fluid as I expected, filling the cup to its brim. There were even croutons, carefully baked brown, floating in there. Co-Corn soup! Thank you, I just started feeling peckish and You dolt, Im not asking about its contents.

What is this vessel? Well thats-. Not a single change had occurred to the cup itself since earlier. But now that she mentioned it, it might have been a little too simple, too large, and too thick for a typical tea cup. Aah A soup cup? When I timidly answered, Cardinal broadly grinned as she nodded. This is now a soup cup.

After all, there is soup within it now, at any rate. And, as if to amaze me, she placed the cup, as it was, onto the table cloth without any hesitation, ringing out a thud. This is how ambiguous the taboos given to us artificial fluct light are. They can be overruled this easily simply by changing our subjective perception.

Even while I was shocked into silence, that particular scene two days ago replayed in my mind once again. Back then, Raios was about to mercilessly swing his sword down at Eugeo, cowering away, at that exact moment I barged into the bedroom. If I hadnt received it with my own sword, Raioss sword would have probably severed Eugeos neck in a single slash. Murder was obviously the greatest taboo. But in that instant, from Raioss viewpoint, Eugeo was not a fellow human, but a major.

By recognizing that, he easily leapt past the taboo engraved upon his soul. As I continued to brood in silence, a light sound rang out from the back of the chair opposite. Upon looking, Cardinal was lifting up the tea cup-correction, soup cup once again, and moved it to her lips. The meat buns and sandwiches I ate tens of minutes ago have already converted to numbers in my Life, with a tight, squeezing sensation in my empty stomach.

Could I have some of that too? You certainly are a gluttonous fellow. Hand over your cup. While shaking her head as though she was astounded, Cardinal still reached out with her left hand and flicked the edge of the cup I pushed forward with a ping.

The empty cup was immediately filled with the fragrant cream-yellow liquid. After pulling the cup back in excitement and sipping it after blowing at the steam, my eyes unintentionally closed at the nostalgic, rich flavor spreading within my mouth.

There were soups somewhat similar in the Underworld too, but it had truly been two years since I drank such perfect cream of corn soup. I let out a satisfied sigh after drinking two, three mouths, then Cardinals story resumed, as though she was waiting for that.

Understand this; the taboos that bind us are things that can be overruled with merely our perception, as I demonstrated with the cup earlier. We Administrator and I did not think of each other as human the moment we broke into battle.

In my eyes, she was a broken We exchanged arts of the highest class, and I was finally two or three attacks away from eliminating Administrator or at the very least, bringing it to a draw. Perhaps Cardinal had recalled the vexation from that time, as she firmly chewed on her small lips. However however, you see. At the end of ends, that depraved woman realized the existence of that decisive difference between herself and me. Decisive difference? But the only difference between Administrator and you would be the outward appearances the system access authority as well as the sacred arts the two of you were versed in were exactly the same, right?

Sword Art Online Volume 12 - Alicization Rising [v2]

It was obvious that the one who succeeded with the preemptive strike, me, would be the one to gain victory in the end. Therefore she threw sacred arts aside. Converting one of the heaps of high priority objects in the room into a weapon, she also designated the entire space we were battling in into a system command prohibited address at the same time. If if she did something like that, wouldnt she be unable to lift the prohibition too? Yes, as long as she remained in the space, that is.

I realized her aim the moment she chanted the command for weapon creation.

12 pdf volume sao

However, there was nothing I could do by then. I couldnt lift it either once commands were sealed away, after all I reluctantly made a Cardinal stopped talking and lifted the staff set against the table. She presented it to me in silence, so I reached my right hand out despite my bewilderment. A weight unimaginable from its slim appearance assailed my right arm the moment I held it and I panicked, using my left hand as well, to barely hold onto it until it reached the table.

The staff, that laid down onto its side with a thick thump, evidently possessed a priority higher than both my black sword and Eugeos Blue Rose Sword. I see its not just your sacred arts usage authority thats god class, but your weapon equipping authority too, huh? When I said so while rubbing my right wrist, Cardinal shrugged her shoulders as though it was only natural. Administrator copied not only her memories and thought processes, but all of her authorities and Life levels as well, you see.

The sword that person generated and that staff I generated had the exact same level of ability. Even when stuck with physical combat after discarding sacred arts, I thought I would be the one to gain victory in the end.

However, upon assuming a stance with the staff, I finally realized Administrators true aim, that is, that decisive difference between her and me Thats why Im asking, what exactly is that difference? Its simple. Look at this body. Cardinal opened the front of her thick robe with her right hand and exposed her body clad in a white blouse, black breeches and white knee-high socks. It was the figure of a young girl, slim and petite; one that contrasted her manner of speech, like that of an elderly sage, far too much.

Feeling as though I saw something I shouldnt, I instinctively cast my eyes down as I asked. Exactly what about that body? Her robe fluttering as she restored it to how it was, Cardinal groaned as though she was irritated.

Goodness, youre certainly slow, arent you? Try imagining yourself getting thrown into this body. Your perspective and arm lengths would be utterly different. Would you be able to wield and fight with a sword as youve always done like that? Ah Until that moment, I had always been in Administrators that is, Quinellas body which was rather tall for a woman. Toggle navigation. Embed Script. Size px x x x x Start Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 Published on June Categories: Documents Downloads: Drakegon Subscribe 0.

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