Capgemini placement papers with answers pdf

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Cocubes Online Test Papers with Answers and Downloadable Cocubes CoCubes Placement Papers and cocubes previous papers with answers pdf with Companies that recruit through CoCubes are like Capgemini, mPhasis, HCL. Capgemini Placement Papers in homeranking.info for more Capgemini Placement Papers to sir please send capgemini placement papers with answers my mail id is. This interview section questions contains a brief introduction to the Group PDF | Capgemini Placement Papers with Answers | Capgemini Question.

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Capgemini Placement Papers PDF Download | Aptitude, DIRECTIONS for Questions 4and 7 Answer the questions on the basis. Capgemini. Download Capgemini placement papers, written test pattern & Interview Questions Placement Paper Of Capgemini. All students, freshers can download Capgemini Placement Papers with answers as PDF files and eBooks for free. You can easily solve all kind of placement test.

The Capgemini Previous Year Paper will help you get an idea about the types of questions generally asked in Capgemini Placement Papers. Daily Current Affairs Quiz — 15 April Half of the children are girls. Therefore Option 3 is not correct. Jinesh Jain Rating: Placement Papers for Capgemini Recruitment?

Ambrish Doddamani Rating: Srabanti Rating: Prakhar Dubey Rating: Arnab Dutta Rating: Divya Rating: Vinayak Kedia Rating: Hinet Patil Rating: Prayagraj Parida Rating: Chaitanya Rating: Burhan Mullamithawala Rating: Yash Kohli Rating: Chandramani Rating: Anonymous Rating: Ravi Kumar Tummala Rating: Friend Rating: Ankit Kumar Rating: Kundan Rating: Indrashish Chakraborty Rating: Rebel Rating: Venky Rating: Swamy Sriharsha Rating: Hepziba Rating: Prashali Verma Rating: Deeksha Agarwal Rating: Praneeth Rating: Dilip Dubey Rating: Kalyan Rating: Ankita Kedia Rating: Kavita Rating: Suchi Rai Rating: Sid Rating: Miriyala Sai Suraj Rating: Taheer Shaik Rating: What is the ratio of the two liquids A and B in the mixture finally, if these two liquids kept in three vessels are mixed together.

Statement 1. The ratio of liquid A to liquid B in the first and second vessel is, respectively, 3: Statement 2. The ratio liquid A to liquid B in vessel 3 is 4: Although the containers are of equal volume, it is not known to what extent these containers are filled by the liquids A and B.

Until such details are known, the final ratio of liquids A and B cannot be found out. What is the number of type 2 widgets produced, if the total number of widgets produced is 20,? If the number of type — 1 widgets produced is A and that of type — 2 widgets is B,. From 1st statement, we get [1. This is enough to give us the value of B.

How old is Sachin in ? Sachin is 11 years younger than Anil whose age will be prime number in We have many such pairs — 3, 5 , 5, 7 , 11, 13 …..

And it is not possible to arrive at a unique answer. How many different triangles can be formed? There are 16 coplanar, straight lines in all. No two lines are parallel. Although it is known that none of the lines are parallel to each other, there might be the case wherein all the lines have exactly one point of intersection, or eight lines with one point and the other eight with another point of Intersection.

Unless something about the relative arrangement of these lines is known, one cannot arrive at definite answer. Who is on the immediate left to A? Statement 1: B is opposite to C and D is opposite to E Statement 2: F is on the immediate left to B and D is to the left of B. The interest is compounded once every four months.

In the case of compound interest, the period of reckoning or calculation of CI is very important. This information is given in statement b.

So the total CI after one year, in terms of X, may be written as: This data us to find the value of X, so the answer is 3. A, B, C, D, E are five positive numbers.

Statement 2: A sequence of numbers a1, a2….. Do 3 appear in the sequence? The average of 5 quantities is 6. The average of 3 of them is 8. What is the average of the remaining two numbers?

The average of three of these 5 quantities is 8. Case 1: This will be least if x is highest i. In this case y will be just more than 2. In this section, try our sample questions on English language and witness a gradual change in your test performance. Improve your overall score by making multiple attempts.

Papers answers pdf capgemini with placement

A conviction results in incarceration; a reduction results in diminution. Here are some words translated from an artificial language. Migen means cup; lasan means board; poen means walk; cuop means pull; and dansa means man.

The only possible choices, then, are choices a and d. Choice a can be ruled out because migen means cup. One afternoon, Manisha and Madhuri were talking to each other face to face in Bhopal on M.

In the afternoon the sun is in the west. Hence, the shadow is in the East.

Capgemini Campus Placement Papers & Test Pattern

Now, East is to the left of Madhuri. So, Madhuri is facing South. Therefore, Manisha, who is face to face with Madhuri, is facing North.

Pulsate and throb are synonyms, as are examine and scrutinize. From I: Code for now is either ka or ta. We need some more information. Although we have rating agencies like Crisil, ICRA, there is demand to have a separate rating agency of IT companies to protect investors. Assessment of financial worth of IT companies calls for separate, set of skills, insight and competencies. Now the investors investing in IT companies will get protection of their investment.

II may be an assumption of the speaker. But certainly it is not a conclusion. Courses of action: Other state government may follow similar plan if directed by the Central government. Once it is decided to place funds in the hands of the committee of local representatives, it is necessary to decide guidelines and norms for the functioning of the committee.

Hence I follows. II is not related to the statement. This is an alternating subtraction series in which 2 is subtracted twice, then 3 is subtracted once, then 2 is subtracted twice, and so on. Morpir means bird; quat means house; beel means blue; clak means bell. Choice c, which begins with quat, is the only possible option. Which situation below is the best example of Posthumous Publication?

The other two options depict living writers. This series consists of letters in a reverse alphabetical order. At the baseball game, Henry was sitting in seat Marla was sitting to the right of Henry in seat In the seat to the left of Henry was George. Inez was sitting to the left of George.

Which seat is Inez sitting in? The next seat to the left, then, is Fact 1: Jessica has four children. Fact 2: Two of the children have blue eyes and two of the children have brown eyes. Fact 3: Half of the children are girls. If the first three statements are facts, which of the following statements must also be a fact?

At least one girl has blue eyes. Two of the children are boys.

Pdf papers with answers capgemini placement

The boys have brown eyes. Since one-half of the four children are girls, two must be boys. It is not clear which children have blue or brown eyes. L, L — G Conclusions: Hence, II is true. Which of the following can be inferred from the statement that either John is Stupid Or John is Lazy? John is lazy, therefore John is not stupid II. John is lazy, therefore John is stupid III.

John is not stupid, therefore John is Lazy IV. John is stupid, therefore John is not Lazy. According to the statement, either John is stupid ar John is lazy it can be inferred that John cannot be stupid and lazy simultaneously.

In the light of this inference one can conclude that only statements II and III can be right while statements I and IV endorses the opposite of inferred knowledge. Both these statements show the possibility of both qualities at the same time.

Capgemini placement papers

Attempt this test for Capgemini Placement Test in the section of English. Practice these sample questions and prepare well for next recruitment drive by Aon Capgemini. The prices were lowered by the seller. I prefer to staying indoors, rather than going out on a hot afternoon. Generosity munificence, large-hoartodness and altruism are synonyms. The employees hope that the management would concede their demands. The match was over.

Capgemini Placement Papers

We left for home. The prices lowered the seller. Down went the price. The prices lowered by the seller.