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thought has a different vibrational frequency, a different electromagnetic charge and each of us has what Penney Peirce calls a “home frequency.” Penny has. "There is no membrane around the earth, no rip in any fabric surrounding us, and no explosion of the grid or the matrix is about to occur. The plan for human. Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration. Many independent indicators tell us we are about to experience a rapid transition to a new world — an evolutionary.

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Frequency by Penney Peirce - Ch. 4 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. As we move out of the age of technology and into. When You Want to Reconnect with Your Intuition. • Identify your prevailing beliefs , judgments, and attitudes about the way the world works and who you think. Editorial Reviews. Review. "In this potent and evocative exploration of the new art and science Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by [Peirce, Penney]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

See if you can have an experience of whats being described as you read. Moving from trough to crest seems like the fun part because it involves enthusiasm, motivation, and achieving goals. All you have to do is trust the wisdom and plan behind the energy flow, then go with the river in the direction its heading. This is not tragedy, but joy. When you have negative experiences, theres a natural tendency for your personal vibration to drop and for you to feel bad. Penney Peirce has gifted us with this powerful book that weaves so many strands of the consciousness tapestry into a coherent whole. If an event wave is bringing you information about a volcano or an accident, youre likely to respond energetically with nervous agitation.

To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds. William James.

Free Yourself by Cooperating with the Waves Since waves go where they want in spite of obstacles, its best not to get in their way. In fact, its more useful to think of yourself as the wave itself, rather than as the immovable object in the waves path. You are a vibrational being moving through a sea of vibrations. You must master the art of blending and aligning with the constantly changing dynamics of living energy.

And that means you need to learn a totally new way to use your willpower, because it is willfulness that so often makes us act like brick walls.

Learn the right use of willpower. If youre like me you probably internalized the voices of a variety of authority figures in your youth, who now remind you about what you should do. I particularly remember being told God helps those who help themselves, and how it took me a while to get my head around the concept, as it seemed that if I helped myself I wouldnt need God.

But at any rate, it set me off on a path of self-sufficiency where I relied heavily on an iron will to get things done. I used my will to project and maintain my intentions, to be diligent and disciplined, to not give up when the going got tough. Where theres a will, theres a waythat was another homily that stuck with me.

After years of main-. I didnt want to do anything anymore. I was sick of all the should voices. It was then that I realized there is a right use of will.

Shifting out of negativity and stuckness is often a matter of not exerting the old forceful willpower, but choosing whats choosing you. Willpower is not about resisting, forcing, or controllingits about choosing.

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And there are just two basic choices: If you choose to feel alone and separate, youll assume you must do everything under your own steam by controlling yourself and the world, as I did for many years. If you choose to feel connected to life, youll need very little of the old type of willpower. Youll discover that concepts like flow and synchronicity take the place of willpower. When youre stuck, you dont have to willfully figure out a whole strategy for how to change things and what the new phase will look likeall you have to do is suspend the old, contracted, low-frequency pattern.

Use your willpower to choose to be with what is. Imagine that your mind is a muscle and let it go limp. Say Duhhhhhhh and let your mouth hang open! Oddly, Ive found this helps blank out the over-busy mind that thinks controlling things is the answer.

In the quiet space of allowing, you can easily notice what the wave wants to do. Are you at an end you havent recognized yet? Is there a new inspiration knocking on the door that wants to become conscious and take shape?

Follow the flow; it knows where to go. We are rocking into form, then back into energy, and back to a new form, then back to energy. Every other millisecond, every other minute, every other daywhatever amount of time you want to focus onyou have a new chance. Lifes waves help you let go and open new space, help you find new fascinations and motivation and get started again.

All you have to do is trust the wisdom and plan behind the energy flow, then go with the river in the direction its heading. Sometimes it rages with rapids and whitewater, other times it disappears. Sometimes youre being, sometimes doing, sometimes having. Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death. Anais Nin.

Recognize crests and troughs beginnings and endings. Ive learned after torturing myselfand finally deciding I dont like being torturedthat as a self-employed person, my workflow parallels my inner needs. I used to think life was capriciously having its way with me, but eventually I saw there was another principle operating. If Id been in a period of intensive work with clients, for example, and was beginning to complain that the crammed schedule was a problem, the truth was that I was ready to shift into a spacious phase with some alone time during which I might process insights, collect myself, and gestate new projects.

Then my phone wouldnt ring, or work I tried to get would fall through, and Id have my quiet time. I usually wouldnt recognize it as a personal need; Id feel I was being punished by having this slump and would make the gift of my alone time into a problem.

Frequency by Penney Peirce - Ch. 4

Whats wrong with me? Dont people like my work? I have to make more money! Id mutter. If I stayed in complaining mode, the period of space would be prolonged. If instead I thanked myself for the renewal time, saw what Id learned, and realized I was now hungry for people, communication, and external stimulation, the cycle would shift easily and opportunities would show up on my doorstep within dayssometimes hours.

Moving harmoniously with a wave involves mastering the turns, both at the crest and the trough, seeing that youre about to receive the next thing you need rather than thinking youre moving from one problem like overactivity to another problem like underactivity. The turns are where you can realize the gifts that have been given and the lessons learned, so gratitude and optimism are particularly useful at these times.

The turning point at the crest is when you reach the most materialistic, extroverted view of life, when materialization is complete and you feel high and successful. In physics terms, the wave has become the particle. The most challenging time may be when the wave turns at the trough when youre bored, feel things fading, need space, and must release meaning and whats outmoded to return to Being. In study of physics, this is where the particle becomes the wave. Moving from trough to crest seems like the fun part because it involves enthusiasm, motivation, and achieving goals.

But releasing old forms, relaxing, dreaming of multiple imaginary realities, and rejuvenating ourselves are every bit as pleasurable. Chronic resistance to the turning points of a wave can cause exaggerated dramatic shifts, such as crises and traumas.

For emotional healing to prevail, we must enter fully into whatever is left unprocessed, and ride it all the way through until the pent-up energy is drained off the issue.

Then, it is finished, never to command your attention or psychic energy again. Jacqueline Small. Encourage fluidity wherever you find stagnation and frozen awareness. Watch for holding patterns.

If youre withholding your ideas, try starting more conversations and sharing more with others. If youre too sedentary, get on that treadmill! If youre holding on to an old lover because you dont want to be alone, get a life and develop new interests.

If your aging father is fixated in a habit of watching television all day and complaining about having no friends, take him to the YMCA for a swim. If your family is in a rut, vary your routines and switch responsibilities, or rearrange the furniture.

If youre feeling too analytical or verbal, try shifting to a different part of your brain: Move into your sensestry smelling things for an hour. Forcing something or holding is an indication that youre out of harmony with the flow and missing some key information. Watch your mental habits, too. Do you make a lot of declarative statements and pronouncements? Do you categorize people based on first impressions? Do you label your experience and compulsively lock down. Whenever you define and label something, it stops moving and has less chance to evolve creatively.

If you say Im angry, you lose the nuances concerning your more subtle sensitivity and body awareness. Instead, stay fluid and describe your experience: My stomach is tight; I feel frustrated that my husband didnt listen to me.

Now the sensation is making my throat tight and I feel like Im not allowed to express my own needs and ideas, and that is scaring me, and I actually want to cry. See if you can live without so much definition, or let your definitions be more fluid and temporary.

See if you can experience life directly. On the other hand, if you habitually say I dont know, you might look at how this also stops the wave of your self-expression and growth. Try This! Where Are You Holding? List the different ways you are holding on, and what youre holding on to and why.

List the different ways youre holding still, holding back, or holding out from doing something, what youre avoiding, and what you really want and why. List the different ways you hold forth or try to control your world and othersby being an expert, the center of attention, or talking too muchand why.

List the different ways you are holding to an old vow, commitment, or rule that may no longer be valid, and why. List the different ways youve labeled your experience, and how, if you unlabeled it, you might discover new possibilities. Let the waves pass through you. Waves continually move through you and the field of energy and consciousness of which you are a part. There are waves that bring new frequencies of energy and information.

The same waves move energy and information away as they pass through you. Event waves often reach you before the event, like lightning before thunder. For instance, you may be driving on the freeway and notice the cars around. The ripples from the accident are radiating in all directions, and as people begin to feel the disturbance, they act disturbed. I remember years ago when Mt.

Helens erupted and I was living in Northern Californiafor at least a week beforehand, I was abnormally irritable and angry, always on the verge of blowing my top. As soon as the volcano erupted, I calmed down. Its common to unconsciously try to stop a wave as it passes through you so you can look at it and see what its all about. If an event wave is bringing you information about a volcano or an accident, youre likely to respond energetically with nervous agitation.

Your mind cant interpret the energetic information and often erroneously thinks the disturbance is about you. I think I am unusually angry, when really its a volcano thats about to blow its top! I think Im going to die, when its really a friend who is dying. Im unreasonably sad when its really the victims and survivors of a coming terrorist attack who are about to be devastated. You dont need to stop a wave in order to understand the information encoded in it; if you let it pass through it will download into you as it moves.

All you need to do is ask yourself regularly, I notice Im feeling sad, disturbed, unreasonably happy, and so on for no reason. What else am I noticing? This way, you wont have the needless distortion of thinking something is wrong with you. Equalize the emphasis between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of your life. Imagine a wave of creativity coming from the high frequency of your soul, bringing a new pattern for your life, descending through the octaves of your awareness: If these levels of your awareness are equally developed, the wave passes through evenly, with a constant rhythm.

It downloads its content into you effortlessly. You experience good luck, easy flow, and harmonious life balance. But if, for example, you have avoided your emotional reality in favor of a life of logic, rules, and abstract concepts, your mental level will be wider since its been overemphasized.

The emotional level will seem narrower because its been underemphasized. The wave will have to adjust its frequency to the broader, overdeveloped. The movement becomes jerky and dissonant, and your life process will reflect this with various snags: When you are evenly developed in body, emotion, mind, and spirit, the waves flow through you rhythmically and you receive the greatest benefit.

Imagine a thermometer with markings from 1 to along the side. Ask your inner self to give you a reading for how much youre using each of the following parts of your awareness, with being the most. How developed are you, and how much are you actively using your spiritual awareness? Your mental awareness? Your awareness of feeling and subtle sensitivity? Your physical instinct and body awareness? After you see the relative percentages, list three to five ways you can increase the development and use of the underactive areas so all the parts of your awareness are even.

Raising Your Frequency Frees You from Negative Vibrations You can get stuck in negative vibrations when you dont feel your souls presence and your unity with life. Something is in the wayfear, lies, or misperceptionsor you experience fragmentation and empty space. Every missing piece of soul that you dont experience lowers your frequency. Every time you split your awareness into fragmentswhich means you experience separationyour vibration slows.

When your personal vibration is stuck in a low frequency, youll tend to fall back into unhealthy feeling habits, negative thinking, and sluggish physical heath. Raising your frequency, which always frees you from negativity and stuckness, means relaxing to make time and space to experience more of your soul. You can do this just by smiling, or by imagining a scale, like a.

Or you can visualize a better reality, or a brighter color, or an uplifting random act of kindness. You can choose to feel more accepting and generous, for example. Or, you can experience something youve been resisting or engage with your life more deeply and mindfully. Trying to jack up and control the frequency of your personal vibration with willpower only results in hyperactivity, stress, and an eventual crash. Your frequency rises to its innately high level when you clear away your mental and emotional clutter and stop blocking it.

When there is nothing in the way, the clarity and warmth of your soul shine through effortlessly. Raise Your Vibration by Breathing Deeply and Slowly Its long been known that oxygen raises the frequency of your body.

Also, energy moves more slowly through tight muscles, so relaxing your body and breathing deeply is key in raising your vibration. High-chest, shallow breathing is indicative of anxiety. Sit upright, feeling supported, and let your muscles just hang and be at ease. Stop your internal dialogue and listen to the silence.

Be still, feel subtle variations in your body, and focus on the idea that the oxygen in the air is going to supercharge your blood and make your body feel extra alive.

Peirce frequency pdf penney

Let your breathing be silent, very slow, continuous, and seamlessso it seems to curve without pauses at the end of the outbreath and inbreath. Draw in your breath to fill all possible cavities, from your sinuses to your deep belly. When you think your lungs are full, breathe in a little bit more, filling every pocket. Imagine your rib cage stretching beyond its normal capacity. Exhale by slowly collapsing your ribs, drawing in your stomach muscles, and tightening your diaphragm until youve squeezed out all the air.

Continue, counting from one to ten, one number on the inhale, one on the exhale. Think only of the number, and if others thoughts intrude, stop and start over. Try it for twenty minutes. Think of yourself as surrounded by concentric spherical layers, like an onion. The layers very close to you contain physical information, the layers beyond contain emotional information, the next layers contain information about your thought patterns, and farther away yet is information about your soul and life purpose.

These are like octaves of your awareness. At the soul level there is no fear or blockagejust clear, compassionate diamond light, a quality of light often visualized by meditators to give the feeling of pure awareness. But in the physical, emotional, and mental layers, youll find physical dysfunctions, frozen feelings, and fixed ideas that have resulted from past experiences during which you were confused and afraid.

Those contracted patterns are like shadows; they are immobile places where you dont experience your own truth and love.

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Youll also find holes and gaps where youre fragmented or avoiding something, and these also act as blocks. When you quiet your mind, you offer no thought; and when you do so, you offer no resistance; and when you have activated no resistant thought, the vibration of your Being is high and fast and pure.

Imagine now that your soul is projecting wisdom, intention, and energy down through the octaves to create your life, body, and personality. Because of the many shadows or solid places, and the empty gaps in the field of who you are, only a certain percentage of your totality can make it through, the way light through a sieve can only pass through the openings. Everywhere theres a shadow or gap in the higher dimensions, there will be a matching contraction or unconscious place in your body and life.

A memory of emotional trauma and the beliefs that developed around it will cast a shadow onto the body, perhaps causing chronic pain, illness, or injury at a location that corresponds with the original wound. For example, if a person has been repeatedly beaten, either in a past life or early in. When you heal by understanding and releasing the stuck emotions and beliefs, the dark spots in your field dissolve, and now more of your souls diamond light can flow through.

Here on earth, your frequency increases, you become wiser and more loving, your body heals, and your life improves. So, simply through clearing soul-blocking feelings and thoughtsyour unhealthy feeling habitsyour personal vibration naturally increases. Some common soul blockers are the unhealthy feeling habits weve covered previously: Add to these: The Buddhist nun Pema Chdrn calls these reactive behaviors being hooked, like a fish taking the bait.

Every time you reverse one of these hooks or behaviors and substitute a healthy feeling habit, every time you let go of resisting and just be with what is, you allow more of the souls diamond light to energize you.

And every time, presence reveals important knowledge, reinforces the compassionate view, and helps you know what to do next. When you unlabel something, or pull your invested energy out of a fixed idea or definition, you dissolve another shadow and more diamond light flows into your life. The same thing applies when you decide to clean up your act and eat healthy food, lose excess weight, and stop smoking or polluting your body with addictions.

Another category of soul blockers has to do with ideas, beliefs, and worldviews you unconsciously took on to survive in your early years. They may have nothing in common with who you really are and what youre here to do. These overlays originated back in your sonar period, where you unconsciously adapted to your parents belief structures and body postures.

Your overlay may tell you that you have to be polite and humble when youre actually ready to become a fearless journalist. These ideas are like wet blankets weighing you down, making you act in ways youve outgrown. You have false ownership of these ideas, and might imagine giving them back to the people you borrowed them from, or see them melt away or vaporize out of your energy field.

You can recognize these inherited ideas because they are preceded by the word should, or when you hear yourself recite them, you hear an echo of someone elses voice. Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom. Marilyn Ferguson. Clear Away Other Peoples Overlays List the mores and values you live by, even the negative ones you justify. Which ones came from your mother? From your father? Are there any ideas that you feel are outmoded or dont really apply to you? If so, give them back to the person you obtained them from, or let them dissolve. List the habits and beliefs you hold about money, work, relationships, parenting, health, aging, religion, politics, and death.

Where did you get these ideas? Do you need them? Try suspending them one by one. Feel how it would be to allow each area to teach you spontaneously about how to be and what to do instead of having a fixed opinion or rule. How might each area expand or change?

If youve been stuck in habits that promote ignorance, deprivation, helplessness, absentmindedness, lack of self-worth, or complaints, theres only one thing that fills in these kinds of gaps, and that is presence, the quality of all-pervading lovingkindness that underlies everything. Center yourself, fill up with it, and youll have the presence of mind to counter your. When you hear yourself say I dont know, try saying instead What do I already know about this?

When you hear yourself telling your friend Im not a good dancer, you might entertain the thought that you are capable of moving in interesting, unique, or creative ways.

What would it be like to have your version of being a dancer as part of your life? If you hear yourself repeating your tape loop about never having enough money, you might say to yourself: Ive had enough so far to stay alive and live at a certain level.

Im fine. I can change my circumstances whenever its interesting enough to me to do so.

Peirce frequency pdf penney

Am I interested in this now? What do I feel like creating? You are the author of your own story. Youve mysteriously been given the incredible gift of life, and at the same time you have free will to choose your attitude, mood, and activity level.

Theres no force or reason in the world powerful enough to prevent you from being your full self, if you want it. There is no rushing a river. When you go there, you go at the pace of the water and that pace ties you into a flow that is older than life on this planet. Acceptance of that pace, even for a day, changes us, reminds us of other rhythms beyond the sound of our own heartbeats.

Jeff Rennicke. Just to Recap. Being stuck in negativity is caused by four things: Your personal vibration drops when you encounter fear and try to deal with it through an unhealthy feeling habitthrough fight-or-flight methods.

Its easy to get stuck when your personal vibration drops because low frequencies cause more negative experiences. If you try to stop a wave or force it to move as your willpower dictates, youll cause repercussions and distortions in your lifes flow. If you try to leave your experience or focus on emptiness or negative realities, the lack of presence will cause distortions and snags.

The right use of your willpower is not to force, control, or resist, but to: By dissolving soul-blocking thoughts and the inherited thought overlays that are not appropriate for who you are, you create more clear space for your own diamond light to flow into your body and life.

This requires no forceyour frequency rises naturally when left to its own devices. The Power of Personal Vibration. Many independent indicators tell us we are about to experience a rapid transition to a new world — an evolutionary jump of profound proportions that will change the essential nature of who we are and how we understand reality. This extraordinary, practical book is no less than a personal primer for becoming the new human being who will co-create the new world. Transcending the coming chaos is possible with the toolset you will find here.

This book is an unprecedented gift for the person who is ready to evolve. Planning for Extraordinary Change. Seeing ourselves as energy beings is the most important breakthrough of our times. In Frequency , Penney Peirce clarifies many of the energy principles that have previously been unacknowledged, but which we can now intentionally use to keep ourselves healthy and improve the realities we live in.

I laughed out loud when I read this book, and enjoyed it immensely. In this potent and evocative exploration of the new art and science of frequency dynamics, Peirce brings profound knowledge and speculation that inspires as it excites. If applied across many disciplines, it provides a basis for new ways of being and doing, health and creativity. Frequency will put you in touch with yourself in a way you never dreamed possible.

Penney Peirce, with her amazingly comprehensive grasp of intuitive and empathic perception, has crafted a highly useful book that will help you reliably recognize the core vibration of your truest self, and harness your sensitivity so all areas of your life can change for the better.

We are all affected by positive and negative energy whether we realize it or not. With the wisdom contained in this book, you will learn how to raise the level of your vibration — your frequency — to benefit yourself and humankind in miraculous ways. In Frequency, Penney Peirce intelligently and compassionately combines powerful teachings, personal experiences, her work with clients, and skillful methods for upleveling our home frequency and uplifting not only our individual life, but life throughout the cosmos.

Hers is a most excellent energetic medicine, universally applicable to the times in which we live. Michael Bernard Beckwith , author of Spiritual Liberation.

Penney Peirce has gifted us with this powerful book that weaves so many strands of the consciousness tapestry into a coherent whole. Throughout the pages of this illuminating book, readers will find hope to replace despair and helplessness, and will discover new tools to live a wholesome and satisfying life.

Frequency is an amazing book, synthesizing diverse views for expanding our perception and developing extraordinary human capacities. It's a handbook for the future, and will be an invaluable personal guide for adapting in a healthy and creative way to living in this accelerating world. A User's Guide to Higher Consciousness. Penney Peirce explains the often misunderstood and overlooked subtleties of energy and vibration. As a psychic detective, I use body sensitivity and the ability to discern subtle energy for crime scene work, tuning in to the frequencies of a location to recreate what took place there.

Frequency offers readers the tools to recognize and develop these sensitivities within themselves to speed personal growth and find greater freedom in life.

Frequency reveals the simplicity that underlies apparent chaos. This contribution rises as seminal in the transformation process for every person. Decoding the Body's Secret Language.

This book takes The Secret to yet another level. At the center of it is an important truth. The left brain will argue with it but, if you listen to what Penney Peirce is saying, with an ear attuned to what resonates in you, you will gain something lasting that really matters.

A lot has been said about frequency and raising vibration in general, but this book is a well thought out and specific road map to the new realms of consciousness that we are all entering. The Veil is Lifting. I love Frequency! It's one of about a dozen books I keep near my bed to read for inspiration. You nail so many things about the transformation of consciousness, and your advice is so practical!

I also love your writing. Thank you for a marvelous book! I just read your book Frequency.