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phisticated pharmaceutics; -esearch that has its roots in the psychedelic'60s. Omni is not only a^acsz r: ; ;: t -:; It is also a magazine of science. OMNI. Site owned and operated by PWD, LLC — © PWD. OMNI is a Registered Trademark of PGMI. All RIGHTS RESERVED.:). Good news for Omni magazine fans – all issues are now available on Amazon for $ each, or free if you're a Kindle Unlimited.

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Until recently, back issues of Omni Magazine were stored on the Internet Archive, for readers to page through at no cost. The collection of issues was taken down a couple of years ago, but it’s now back online on homeranking.info Created by Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione and wife. OMNI magazine blended science and science fiction, and was one of the most influential publications in the history of both. We draw on the influence of OMNI Magazine every single day, and so do a ton of other people, whether they realize or not. So there's great news - pretty much. Omni Magazine was published between and , and it I am looking for a PDF copy of the October contest results for “Medium Rare”. I have.

As soon as you mentioned the iron-on, I knew exactly what you meant. I was told it existed by Drunvalo Melchizedek,. I see that both editions were back-to-back issues from and will start there to find the missing story. However, I still cannot locate the story that you originally asked about. So thanks a million for all your work. And there's one dodecahedron in the center where all 3 cubes overlap. Any help you could give locating this article would be great.

At the end the protagonist, Renfrew, receives a lethal does of poison when he tries to leave the room. I am looking for a short story about future pregnancy where women are constantly monitored and one woman kind of goes nuts about it and ends up having her fetus taken away. That one does not ring any bells. Do you have any other context — approximate date, any details about artwork that you recall? The queen had psionic powers that also became stronger depending on her size.

I think they start out in a small box or something, but as they multiply, the protagonist moves them into larger and larger containers and they grow larger and larger.

Finally at the end, he trips and they get released into environment, including the queen.

Pdf omni magazine

Not Sandkings? I think he was a sociologist. Anyway, to me, was a fascinating coverage of the power of social networks a big topic these days! In the end, he reorganized a social group of ladies to the point that they became much more than the knitting club? Sorry, this does not ring any bells. Can you remember anything else — such as what the artwork looked like? Hello Melodie and WOW!!!

Thanks for all of your work. What a joy to be able to see these images from my childhood. It required two electrodes applied to the skin, and was described in good detail. Any help you could give locating this article would be great. Thanks again for your time… p. Do you recall anything else about the issue? Hello Melodie. I remember a short story about a couple who found that time would stop or maybe slow down a lot for everyone except them, as long as they were touching in a specific place I want to say a loft bed in an apartment.

They would use the effect to study more for tests, or recover from a hangover, but I think they end up breaking up and losing the effect. Does it ring any bells? It appeared in the October issue, and also in Best of Omni 3. Hi Melodie: Do you recall such a feature piece? Neither matches your description. I have been searching high and low for these results as I believe my Late Great Grandfather was a winner in this contest.


Please help with how I can get this info, It is not in the Internet Archives. Hi Melodie…. Pretty sure I read it in Omni. The story took place on a prisoner transport a few years in the future. It was either a guard or a prosecutor trying to determine if he was the scientist who had created a virus that decimated the earth and was designed to only kill non whites. I think the faction the prisoner was from were called bio nazis.

I absolutely remember a mention of funeral pyres in India that could be seen from space. God that story freaked me out.

All back issues of Omni magazine now available online

Never forgot it and would like to read it again. Can you remember anything else?

Character names, approximate date, what the artwork was like? Any clue will help. I remember a story about a boy with psychic abilities who used his gift to cruel purposes. I remember one scene in particular: The boy is walking and talking with a peer-age girl cousin? They pass a pig pen, and the boy turns one of the pigs into a giant piggy bank. He then turns the bank back into a living pig, which then, of course, suffers terrible pain from the coins now embedded in its body.

Does this ring any bells with you? Can you help me Melodie? You should be able to find it here: I believe I read this article in Omni at the end of …. Can you provide any other information? Thanks a bunch. I was looking for a cartoon that showed 2 men in lab coats holding clipboards with bins and conveyor belts in the background. In the opening paragraphs, the protagonist describes the death of his mother? Not ringing any bells.

Pdf omni magazine

Can you provide any other detail — even a guess of what year you read it, or what the associated artwork looked like? I found it! Hope you enjoy it as well. Many thanks in advance! It would have been around or 82 but not later. Thanks for your awesome site. I was wondering if you could help me find an issue by an illustration: My friend was describing an issue of OMNI that was his favorite.

Magazine pdf omni

Does that description ring any bells? Or maybe he is remembering either something inside an issue, or from another publication altogether. I really appreciate it! Can your friend recall anything else about this issue?

Pdf omni magazine

Approximate date, other content, even a sense of the predominant colour of the illustration would help. I am trying to find artwork by an artist who did an illustration for a short story in the first 2 years of Omni.

She was a former ballerina. Her artwork was surrealistic and was used for I think 2 stories. One piece I remember had Renaissance style angels in a birdcage. Anything like this: I think you may be confusing two different people here: Kathy Keeton, who edited Omni was a former ballerina and a former stripper, for that matter!

The angel picture is by Michael Parkes, and his work includes a lot of winged beings. I forget what his specific actions were. Perhaps Red Star, Winter Orbit? Was telling my wife about the great Omni and did a web search to get more info, Was so excited when I saw that the archive was available but it all seems to have been taken down. Any links that work? Unfortunately, someone has claimed ownership of all the material, and forced the various archives to remove the content.

The responsible party is https: I am trying to find a contest on the misuse of English grammer.

I friend was a runner up with her poem. The ad and transfer said: It came from Rockwell. As soon as you mentioned the iron-on, I knew exactly what you meant.

It was so cool: I was in fifth grade. I was a subscriber from day 1. I gave up a complete set when we moved here, so now some other Los Alamos oddball has ten boxes in their garage. And I don't have to scan them. TheOtherHobbes on June 3, Omni changed my life. That Pete Turner photo on the first cover was like nothing I'd ever seen before. No magazine since has come close to having that perfect blend of hard science, soft science, art, fiction, futurology, fun, and occasional weirdness, all wrapped up in a package with high production values.

ChristianGeek on June 3, You win the internet for the day. The scans which were on IA were, frankly, crap. Terrible resolution, grainy quality, tons of artifacts - and the text varied from "mostly readable" to "lolwhutbbq" Perhaps I'll buy one of the issues, and see what you get. I've been slowly building a physical collection of the issues; I've managed to get the first couple of years plus the premier issue.

It's really an amazing magazine - it's too bad that it ceased being published. In a way, though, we are living in the present of the future Omni hinted at.

Not the same future, not the best future, but an amalgamation of it - bits and pieces. So perhaps such a magazine doesn't fit with our current situation that isn't to say a future publication couldn't do the same later, though.

I tossed a milk create full of old omni magazines from the late 80s and early 90s about 6 months ago. Did not realize they were at all desirable. I almost donated them to a local kindergarten class but thought that the robot-insect artwork would be too scary for the little ones.

Not to mention all the cigarette ads! Anyone interested in some "fine homebuilding" magazines from the 80s? They are destined to end up in the bin as well.

Check out the complete run of OMNI magazine, free online!

Definitely worth contacting Jason Scott at the Internet Archive to see. Heh, do you have some old Radio-Electronics issues? Or Compute? Having known nothing about the magazine before clicking this, I find it interesting that "Omni" conjured an image in my head that very matches what the magazine actually ended up being.

Some info on those tests is available at miyaguchi. Sample question from the Mega Test: What is the maximum number of completely bounded volumes that can be formed by three interpenetrating cubes, considering only the surfaces of the cubes as bounds and counting only volumes that are not further subdivided? Retric on June 2, I don't think that qualifies as an IQ test. But it's fun to visualize. So minimum bound of So, now 4 faces are still at 3, but 2 faces have 7.

For a total of 36 assuming I am counting the insides correctly. I don't see anything obvious to improve this. Steko on June 2, Seems like you should be able to get at least 11 with 2 cubes. I'm not entirely clear on what "not further subdivided" limits but That's Retric on June 3, I suspect you can go higher than what I was thinking, but not necessarily with the same sized cubes and picturing 3 cubes without pencil an paper is very mind bending.

Anyway, cubes have 8 corners, but I am having trouble visualizing them coming out of the six faces like your describing while sectioning the inner parts into 3 sections. Can you describe the relative size and orientation your thinking of?

Index of /public/concen.org/OMNI Magazine PDF Collection (1978-1995)/

It's easy to be thinking of an Octahedron not a cube inside like so: Steko on June 3, Uncle Google gave me a helpful picture [1] but I'll try and work through the math the right way: Starting with two cubes: Adding a third cube you can either have the prism faces on the same side or not.

The former gives two faces with 5 volumes prisms intersecting and 4 faces with 7 tetrahedrons intersecting. The latter gives 4 faces with 5 volumes tetrahedron intersecting prism and 2 faces with 7 volumes tetrahedrons intersecting. So go with prisms on the same side. This tells us there's 38 volumes completely outside C1 - 32 truly exterior pieces that are only part of C2 or C3 and 6 interior where C2 and C3 overlap on each face.