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Indian horror stories pdf

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You are here: Real Ghost Stories:: Countries:: India:: Page 1 [Sorry for bad english, this is my first story on my real experience So enjoy!] .. Now we Indian girls celebrate a festival called Rakshabandhan, in which we follow a ritual w. Real hindi horror ghost story: Haunted House|Horror House|Bhutia ghar Hello everyone, My name is meenu singh aur mai delhi se hu mere sath mere. accident or distress resulting from these stories is not taken. Real Ghost And Paranormal Stories From India . some Indian societies and cultures and certain.

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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. plied incoherently and evasively; it was as if he knew something terrible, something dreadful, but did not wish to speak of it. Eventually he. Ghost. Stories. The Indian Reading Series. ALMuk. Level V Book 7 tivities are guided by a Policy Board which represents the Indian.

This happened to me 2 years ago when I was 15 years old. Search this site: Adventure Gone Wrong by kimayakk This is my child hood incident and occurred about 30 years ago;when I was about 12 years old. So he The paranormal experience of the family started way before my grandma and her siblings were born. I hav

We stayed in one of their Royal Suite purely by luck. The layout of the suite was, you enter in the living room and then a curtai It was the year I purchased a brand new mobile phone from Showroom. I was very happy to buy it and I brought it home. My mother was also very happy to see it. But, from that very night, I started having horrible nightmares. From the very next day, I feared even to look at that mobile or even t Sorry for not posting for quite some while, was caught up in some work.

I never knew that I would be writing a story today related to what happened with me. Without blabbering much, I would like to come straight to the incident. It happened today, i. It rained heavily at my place I had taken up an apartment in a new city and was looking forward to starting afresh in life. It was pleasantly breezy that day, and I decided to sleep with the bedroom window open. My house was on the 1st floor of the building, overlooking the main road.

A guard sat right under my window. My Grandfather's Experience by Malparvaasi My grandfather told me this story when I was a child and somehow it stayed with me.

I remember being really scared by this story and maybe that is the reason I remember it so well. Anyway here is what my grandfather told me. My village is a very small one, situated on the banks of a big river. Our Old Apartment by lookingforamiracle. So these are few of the experiences of me and my family that happened in our last apartment in Calcutta, India.

We bought a flat in a newly constructed building at a very old locality of the city. To give a small description of the flat, every floor had 6 flats and the building faced a main road an Mishappenings At School by Staybloody. The school was far away from the town. The school campus was acres in area and it still is. The main gate was around 2 kilometers away from the main building and hostels. From the school main gate, there were a paper and Folks, this is my first story here.

I have been reading stories in this site from last few months and this gave me strength to submit my own experience for the general readers. This happened few years ago when I was attending my close friend's funeral. He along with his twin babies had passed away I'm back with the most recent account of the guardian angel?! So, to backtrack, I'd like you to read my first account,'Attached' to understand what I've been living with for the most part of my adult life.

I'm going to delve into a little bit of the past and try my bes It Haunted My Child! Respected Readers, This has happened recently to my kid who had turned 5 now.

35 classic horror stories, free to download

He had been experiencing paranormal activities since he was a baby. Few of the encounters are already shared by me. I almost forgot about his sensitivity towards paranormal as for many years everything was normal. My neighbor shifted her house last week due to some family problems, I didn't have much information about it, but after husband passed away last November we noticed many weird things happening like she Namaskar people.

This incident, although does not involve any hauntings or sightings, but still, gives me goosebumps when remembered. This happened just the day after my maternal grandfather nanaji passed away.

He, in his final days, used to live with us. He was very loving, although used to s An Unexplained Incident by Malparvaasi I am from India. I live in Rewa which is in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The experience which I am sharing is not a very scary one but is definitely very strange. I am still not able to explain the reasons behind my experience. Any explanation would be welcome.

Pdf indian horror stories

As my city is not a big one so af This happened when I was 9 years old. It happened in Chottanikkara Kerala. I went with my mom for a school tour. As she is a teacher, I got a chance to go with her in all school tours. We roamed all place in Kerala and finally we reached Chottanikkara around 7 Pm in Evening. A short description a Dream Or Reality by lookingforamiracle.

I have been reading experiences on this site since a long time and have been a member since last year I guess, but this is my first story. This happened back in when my step-Grandmom died. It was couple of days after her death and I don't know if it's paranormal or not but I am sharing this I am here to share some paranormal experience this is happened to me when I was 16 years old. After completing my 10th standard on summer vacations I went to my mom's mother's home with my mom.

My grandmother's house is in peaceful place. I played with my uncle whole day and at night I slept wit This is my first story on this site, though I have been a constant reader of stories in YGS. This incident I'm about to narrate to you, was experienced by my maternal grandmother. This incident took place when my mom was 6 years old. Back then in my mother's village, there used to be a lady wh I had many paranormal encounters in my life until the date and I will be sharing them with you in near future but today I'd like to share my personal story that changed my life forever.

It changed me too. I apologize as it will be a long post. Though this incident happened with me and my husband, it had faded from my memory up until last night when it came up while discussing with my mother about the trip during which it had happened. At the outset, I would like to mention that I share a beautiful relationship with my husband.

We do ha What Happened To Her?

It's my third story on this site. This happened to my brother who lives in Hyderabad. This happened in He was studying btech that time. His friends brother want to marry the girl whom he loved but their parents not accepted. So he decided to marry her without informing both the parents.

The Final Wish Fulfilled.

Hey there, this is another experience of mine, which is rather emotional than scary. As I have already stated in one of previous posts that my only elder brother passed away in a car crash in the year Now we Indian girls celebrate a festival called Rakshabandhan, in which we follow a ritual w During the phase 2nd year of engineering that I mentioned in my previous account I was going through a rough patch in life as I had a nasty breakup and then the grades were low.

Although I had a new partner in my life whom I am still dating , the feeling of dread still persisted. One should kno The Covered Figure by Rashmibandana. This incident happened with my Father and my maternal uncle in the year My Parents, brother and myself were going to my Mother's home, all of my mother's sisters were gathering after a long time at the same place so everyone was very happy.

My Father was driving the car. We reached my mother's Flickering Flame by Rashmibandana. The incident which I am going to share with you this time happened 17 years ago, in the year My only elder Brother passed away in a car crash. We all were injured, but my Brother didn't make it. My Father was grievously injured. After being treated in the hospital for over a month, he was fina YGS Readers here's another experience to share with you people.

This incident happened with my Father and his friends when they were about 19 years old. They were studying in College that time. All were students and loved to spend time with each other, talking, laughing and having fun. During vaca This particular incident happened to me when I was about 10 years old. Till now I wonder that what was it? We have a two storey house in which My Father, Mother, Brother, and myself used to sleep upstairs.

It was just the night before Diwali festival of lights and crackers celebrated in India Hey guys. After receiving good response towards my previous story about an encounter with a spirit or something and thankfully, I haven't encountered any of these things after my first and only incident , I come with my second narration of an incident that took place near my grandmother's house in A Shadow Man?

Or Evil Spirit by unknowngirldot.

35 classic horror stories, free to download

Hey all, I've been following YGS for a long time now and finally decided to share my own experiences. I've had many of them, some creepy and some funny. But, today I'll post my first ever encounter which introduced me to the other world. It dates back to or when I was probably 7 or 8 years I have always been inclined towards the paranormal.

I myself have encountered quite such experiences and I often try to find out that who else in my contacts has been facing such issues so in that way I get to know more about such stuff. While I was looking for one such experience by any of my known This is a major incident and true to the core which happened in my Mother's life. Now my Mom used to live in a joint family with her parents, grandmother, two brothers and their wives, five sisters and nephews and nieces.

Her two elder sisters were married. Her's was a big happy family. Now my M After graduating from my engineering college in , I landed an engineering job with a company belonging to Tata group.

Tata group is one the leading business houses in India. An Assortment Of Experiences by Shefali Hey fellow readers, I had been debating about making this post for a while now, and I'm finally taking the plunge today. These are some of the experiences that I have had while living in my house, these aren't very obviously paranormal, and a keen scientific mind might be able to explain these away, Is It Imagination Or Real?

I am Vinay, living in Hyderabad, India. I want to know if I am hallucinating or my imagination or is it Reality? My story goes as: Every alternate day, when I am alone in home, at night, I feel that someone is watching me. And whenever I am going to fill water in kitchen in the night, since I Saved By The Saviour by Rasmibandana. I am Bandana. The incident which I will be narrating happened to my Father in when my Father was 28 years old and was working in State Bank of India.

Now we stay in Cuttack that's our hometown in Odisha. Relating to some work my Father had to go to a town named Balangir which is almost kms f This is one incident which happened way back when I was a kid, around 7 years of age. I grew up at my maternal grandmother's place. There were few kids in my neighborhood and we all used to play in the evening and continued to do so until someone from our respective homes would come and take us away Year - Place - village [population - about ], state- Maharashtra Alleged haunted place - approx.

Every year, I used to visit my maternal grandparents during Diwali vacations [winter vacations]. It used to be full of fun sp Ghost Or What? So I'm an eighteen year old girl and I want to share this experience with you all. I don't know if it's considered to be ghostly but I really need some explanation. I want to explain everything so I guess it's going to be a bit long.

It happened about 5 months ago, on November Everything was My Friend's Mother by Aakanksha It's a story about my friend 'Z'. She was young when she lost her mother.

Her father was really inconsolable at that time. We were that time. Her father was a very good person. After the demise of her mother, he used to take good care of her and never thought of marrying again though there It's 6am in the morning, and I am writing this incident about what happen last night from a park. I have just been here about 20 minutes earlier, before that I was in a Lodge in south name changed.

This hotel is somewhere in South Kolkata. I am very much disturbed and nervous at this point of This happened in , Pondicherry and Pune. My batchmate, P, went to Pondicherry to play football on behalf of our college.

In the trip, he and 7 other people went to Paradise Beach. That was the day of high tide. Despite fishermen's warning, P and 2 other batchmates went into the beach. All of a s This particular incident that I am going to narrate has happened with my maternal grandfather Nanaji in mid s, when he was around years old.

He was born in a Nagpur city, of Maharashtra state. This is his one of many real life experience that he once narrated to all of we Grandchildrens, It all started with a silly challenge. This story dated back to summer of on the year we appeard our board for 10th. My cousin and a couple of friends were sitting on the roof and planning for the next set of mischief when the topic of ghost and supernatural started. There is a place in our loc I am here to share some paranormal experiences though not my personal ones.

I have been reading stories shared on this site for a long time and have decided to share my own. These stories I have heard from my Father. I will start with one. My father owns a hindu cremation wood shop and has to visit This goes back to the year when I was in 8th grade.

I live in Mumbai and back then we group of friends used to explore the outskirts of my city by bicycles whenever we had free time during our holidays. It was one of such days and we have started our journey in morning somewhere around 9am. Sunday morning 6 am I woke up suddenly, I saw the time in my mobile, it was 6 am.

I never ever got up at 6 am even during the week days! I was wondering with myself what made me awake at 6 am that too on Sunday!

I looked at my mobile, it said "Battery down" I got up from my bed to charge Ghost Scared My Niece! This incident happened 5 years back when my sister moved along with her family to Chennai from Philadelphia. My sister has two kids Lilly and Abraham with Lilly being the youngest. My sister was working in Philadeplhia for one of the biggest corporations and she had to take maternity off.

After th Spirit Attached by Rakeshdispuria. I stay with my wife in the Indian state of Assam in a place called Guwahati. I never believed in spirits or ghosts until this incident happened to me.

I got married two years back in My wife suffered from numerous illness since then. She always felt like energy drained out and in the morning c I was actually searching for a solution for this particular problem of mine, when I came across similar stories and decided to submit mine. As the title of my story suggest, money keeps on disappearing from my wallet even when its locked and no one is there in the house.

It has been happening to me Bride Under The Tree by Youwillbelieve. What I am about to tell you is not mere a story about my first encounter with paranormal entity.

Ghost stories from India: Page 1

It happened to me when I was in 1st year of engineering in the central part of India. I hope you find it interesting. It starts with my maternal uncle's place which he recently bought from a farmer in I have heard this experience from my maternal grandma. The paranormal experience of the family started way before my grandma and her siblings were born.

However, they were present during the end of it. Most of the incidents take place in their apartment in Mumbai and around the area they lived in. My family has been living in this house for the past 8years in Mumbai, India. I've lived in and around this area all my life. The building is a new construction high rise building. Our flat is on the 14th floor. Very regularly we can hear this weird noise in our house.

It sounds similar to a squea A little background about myself. I am a 22 year old Muslim girl living in Mumbai, India. This is my experience with the paranormal back in when I was My family had moved to our new home a few months prior to this incident. Back then I was a very religious girl not so much anymore. It was a Saturday summer evening and it was pouring buckets. My vacations were going on so I had went to my grandmother's place which was a small village with very less population.

It was peaceful there but you would not see many people so hanging out alone at that time wasn't really an appreciated The Horror Of That Night: Stranger Girl by Aakanksha This is a real incident that me and my friend 'X' encountered. The story begins as My friend 'X' had a night stay at my house as exams were near and we needed to study.

It was dark outside, the time would have been probably around Everybody at my home was asleep except for me and my This is something that cemented my belief in the supernatural.

Bare with me because this might be a bit long but I guess it's worth it. A famous short novel by Franz Kafka, which begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed into a large, monstrous insect.

The protagonist and his uncle, Dr. The volume includes: This is a story of the young Arthur Gordon Pym, who stows away aboard a whaling ship called the Grampus. Among the included works: The title character, a dwarf taken from his homeland, becomes the jester of a king particularly fond of practical jokes. Henry Jekyll, and the evil Edward Hyde. One of the first horror novels to delve into the psychic and emotional aspects of vampirism, lending a measure of psychological suspense to the story.

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