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Learn more about the Training for Warriors system and join the revolution!. Ignite your Inner Warrior and bring out your competitive drive! Warmup Bench Press 5×4 Weighted Chin-Up 4×5 Lat-Pull Down 3×8 Barbell Overhead. Hello and welcome to The Underground Guide To Warrior Fitness. It has been a pleasure putting this informative training program together to help fellow.

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Training for homeranking.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Training for warriors MMA. and complete as many reps in the allotted time possible. tHurSday – Hurricane energy Circuit. Nate GreeN. By MartiN rooNey,. traiNiNG for warriors. Training for Warriors is a physical and mental training program originally created for TFW encompasses detailed warmups, speed training, strength training.

It must be stressed that words, no matter how carefully chosen, always veil the truth. Egyptian dynasties, the Chaldeans, Peruvians, Akkadians, Dark and terrible as this time was, it nevertheless brought Tibetans, and to a lesser extent various smaller groups scattered Toltecs face to face with the hard facts of life on the physical throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. This means that we perceive everything according opposed to a shift of the assemblage point. This has always been one of the people they ruled. But if, on the other hand, we B, C to C, and so on, but could be A to B, or A to C, or any meet someone who uses a permutation diametrically opposed to other possible arrangement. There are several reasons why a warrior will traditions and customs of this law, such rebels find little stalk others, the most important of which is in dealing with a sympathy under a law enforced by those from whom they tried petty tyrant. Therefore all progress depends on the But he who kisses the Joy as it flies unreasonable man.

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Start reading Training for Warriors on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention mixed martial martial arts training for warriors martin rooney strength and conditioning great book martial artist muay thai get in shape field of strength mma training easy to follow ultimate mixed warriors ultimate arts workout looking to get serious mma like any book good book training in mma.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The book explains and demonstrates each exercise and its use in certain combat applications.

You can find warm ups, stretches and strength and conditioning exercises. Besides this, it goes over nutrition, weight cuts and how to deal with injuries. Also, 8 week workout sample is provided. Paperback Verified Purchase. The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout, is an excellent book for mixed martial artist or those who want to get into shape.

The exercises in this book start off simple and increase in difficulty, and most of them can be done with very little equipment. These exercises are to condition you for real MMA training. Each chapter is broken down into different aspect of the MMA game. This book definitely would work best if you are getting trained in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Muay Thai. There is even a solid section on diet to get the best results when using the conditioning exercises.

This book is easy to pick up and read and learn different training techniques. One person found this helpful. Martin is a genius.

I have had the pleasure of being able to train with him and he is one of the top minds in the field of strength and conditioning. The man is an Olympic athlete. He has trained numerous players for the NFL combine. He has trained a Pancrase champion Ricardo Almeida. This book has a ton of knowledge for any aspiring combat athlete.

Conditioning routines, nutritional plans, are all mapped out in this book. Pictorials and descriptions for the exercises are also included. This book is a must!!! I have a school with over students. I also train fighters for MMA competition. I have used these techniques with my students with much success. I have had one world champion in the Ring of Combat organization. Martin's techniques have worked for us. Let them work for you.

Martin Rooney's "Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout" offers a large range of exercises, with the exercises tailored to the warrior or mixed martial artist.

Nevertheless, I shall endeavour not to become boring in my gifted or extraordinary in any way whatsoever, except that I am a ordinariness. Nevertheless it never ceases to Here then, without any further ado, is the story of my amaze me that even though this tradition is a system of teaching people. They have their secret records in which are preserved the fruits of the scholastic labours of the long line of recluses whose successors they are.

BLAVATSKY1 For those amongst us who prefer things to be done in the accepted manner, let me begin this account in the age-old fashion which I am sure will more than likely be deemed proper for a tale such as this. Once upon a time How this all came about and from where mankind originated are questions that go far beyond the scope of this book, but what can be said is that the arrival of man upon this planet was something akin to a semi-voluntary exile from his home-world.

So drastic was the effect of this that man even forgot his enabled them rapidly to recall the former knowledge they had home-world and who and what he really is. Lost and bewildered, acquired upon their home-world. So adept same adverse way as the rest of mankind.

This was a dark period were the Toltecs in the use of will-power that they had no of seemingly endless struggle and hopelessness. The Egypt and Stonehenge in England. In this time there mundane but practical crafts required for physical prosperity, were seven sub-races born within the civilization of Lemuria.

The Toltecs had one serious problem though, for that there was born the Rmoahal Race, the first sub-race of the although their knowledge was extremely comprehensive, it was Atlanteans.

From the Rmoahals were born the Tlavatli, and it as yet entirely atavistic and of another world. As a priestesses once again began to lead their people, and so it was consequence, their knowledge of matter was limited. Toltecs at that they became known as Toltecs, meaning men and women of this time had no understanding of the abstract, for they saw knowledge. As more of their memories were restored, the things entirely as they were, and therefore for them everything Toltecs then took it upon themselves to lead mankind back to its was very clear, but nevertheless also one-sided.

Due to this true home as soon as this was possible. Thus it was that they also limitation Toltecs did not grasp the implications of duality, or its became known as warriors of the Spirit fighting for freedom.

As a result, concepts such as the interrelationship and So this was how the history of the Toltec warriors began the interaction of all life, although instinctively practised by upon this planet in an era when mankind was just beginning to them, were not understood.

In time this ignorance of the measure time as we know time today. On recalling their former abstract was to lead to the first downfall of the Toltecs, for it gave training, the Toltecs began developing the ability to see, for they rise to the worst form of selfishness imaginable. It was For thousands of years the Toltecs led their people superbly, only in the period of becoming immersed in matter and the and the whole of their world, by then known as Atlantis, resultant loss of memory that the Toltec seers experienced a prospered in great material wealth and power.

It was from this temporary psychic blindness. Warfare had been discovered and launched word atl means 'head' or 'ruler'. The Emperor ruled his people from the capital city of the eventually driven from the City of the Golden Gates, after which Toltecs, known as the City of the Golden Gates. Because die crafts they had been taught by the Toltecs were The White Emperor, his advisors, and many of the kings, specialized, the people had been divided into clans, much like were by this time sufficiently aware of the interrelationship of all guilds, and each of these guilds was governed by a small group life, and could therefore foresee the consequences of sorcery.

These clans lived in cities, each city being governed This led to the start of the great Toltec migration, for the White by a senior Toltec who had a status equivalent to a king. These Emperor and his followers started to move north into Egypt, kings in turn were ruled by the Emperor, who was surrounded and west into North and South America in an attempt to save by a group of the more learned and powerful of the Toltecs.

No longer content forces of nature, and so limited was their understanding of the with the knowledge and the power they had, these people started interrelationship of all, that it did not take them long to to look at their neighbours and more advanced Toltecs with unbalance the forces of the earth to such an extent that natural envy. It was not long before greed drove some of the Toltecs to cataclysms started to occur. This was B.

The cataclysm of earthquakes and tidal waves shattered the beginning of sorcery, and the practice of the black art. For a while this warning kept sorcery understands how it swims.

Consequently, the Toltecs who at bay, but relatively speaking it was not too long before greed turned their hand to sorcery began to develop the most once again surfaced, and in approximately , B.

The nevertheless managed to increase their power to such an extent Toltecs upon Ruta, by then hopelessly addicted to the black art, that they began to overrun and dominate other cities and brought about another cataclysm in 75, B. Rebellion and strife spread rapidly as Toltec fought both Ruta and Daitya, and heaving up die large island that was to become known as Poseidonis. In 9, B. See Chapter 4. Atlantis and her black longer seers. This lack of seers was obviously a serious setback.

In their At various times during the destruction of the mother endeavour to regain the abilities of their ancestors, the Toltecs continent the remnants of the Atlanteans migrated to other parts used their knowledge of medicinal plants and drugs to enable of the world, some of which had emerged as a result of the major them to see. The drugs worked after a fashion, but the cost to the cataclysms that destroyed Atlantis. Even so, Toltecs had Toltec kings and priests, did not fare at all well.

Some, however, no other means by which to see, and although the rate of did manage to find lands where they could settle and even mortality, insanity and failure kept escalating, they desperately flourish. Notable amongst those who prospered were the continued with their experiments. Egyptian dynasties, the Chaldeans, Peruvians, Akkadians, Dark and terrible as this time was, it nevertheless brought Tibetans, and to a lesser extent various smaller groups scattered Toltecs face to face with the hard facts of life on the physical throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

Yet this also meant that even about that Toltecs became so scattered throughout the world. In time, most of the weaker lines lost their Toltec kings and It was not until much later that Toltecs could see in priests, either through wars or natural causes. Where there were retrospect what a gift this dark time had been, for it was during no descendants of the seers the people started to fall into this period of constant struggle and failure that they learned to barbaric ignorance.

This same fate also befell many of the look deep within themselves and to find there faculties they stronger lines, and in time they too were likewise impoverished. Without realising it at the time, The number of truly learned seers diminished rapidly as Toltecs had taken a huge step forward in their development and finding and training suitable successors became increasingly had in addition defined one of the fundamentals of the Toltec difficult. The atavistic abilities of the original seers had moreover Path, namely that a warrior lives by challenge.

The rate of failure and necessary in order to gain greater knowledge of the abstract, of mortality started to decline, whilst the numbers of seers matter and of the forces of duality.

4-Week Fitness Plan to Crush the Warrior Dash

But by this time Toltecs were faced with yet another problem; one which was so subtle that they did not identify what By the time Poseidonis met its end there were only a handful it was until it was already too late. With this obsession, the sobriety of their former knowledge quickly became replaced by the same Castaneda was but one of many later civilizations.

Historically arrogance and self-importance that had been the downfall of the this was the only lineage that went under the name of Toltec but, sorcerers in Adantis. The black art had once again reared its ugly as has been explained previously, all civilizations the world over, head, and now even the remaining Toltecs succumbed to whatever their name, had their roots in Toltec migrations from sorcery.

This was the era which Carlos Castaneda describes in his Adantis. Therefore, at the core of all these civilizations were books as that of the Old Seers. As a result of this Using their newly rediscovered ability to see, the Old Seers common heritage and tradition, and in spite of the fact that dates began reviving most of the old practices, and it did not take them obviously vary enormously between one civilization and the long to reinstate the rituals and incantations which had been the next, Toltec knowledge the world over has nevertheless always specialized knowledge of the sorcerers of Atlantis.

These rituals allowed the Old Seers to manipulate their awareness in such a manner that they could achieve what we today call altered states of perception.

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Like their Atlantean predecessors, the Old manipulation of awareness, but they mostly used this knowledge Seers were remarkably clever at amassing facts and information for the furtherance of the black art.

Many of the rituals and but, since their sense of self-importance was so great, the Old magical incantations found in the world today are watered-down Seers used this knowledge to dominate and manipulate everyone versions of the techniques that were used at one time or another and everything luckless enough to catch their attention.

During this period in Toltec history the Old Seers Sorcery flourished and, depending upon which civilization re-established themselves to a great extent within the same clan they happened to be a part of, many of these Old Seers lasted or guild systems that had been in use in ancient Atlantis.

So right up until, and even beyond, the advent of Christ and the powerful were these guilds that they invariably dominated even Christian Church. It was because of the unscrupulous actions the leaders of the people, whether king or emperor. This was and the unwholesome pursuits of these Old Seers that the equally true regardless of where in the world Toltec history was Christian Church began its great persecution of paganism.

It was, however, not only the Christian Church, as is In this respect it should be realised that the Toltec commonly assumed, that brought about the demise of the Old civilization in the Valley of Mexico as described by Carlos Seers.

Even in the absence of the Christians, the Old Seers often found themselves at the mercy of other conquerors. Although arts such as telepathy and hypnosis have could not entirely master the force of will, which the old done much to eradicate this scepticism, man still finds it hard to Atlanteans had done with such ease.

Pdf warriors training for

This was in many ways a believe that someone can manipulate his awareness without his blessing, for if the Old Seers had conquered the force of will, the consent or knowledge. Yet this is exactly what the Old Seers had evils of Atlantis would have been repeated, since the Old Seers been capable of doing. However, in the world from yet more psychic warfare and which ultimately spite of the fact that Toltecs now spurn this aspect of their brought about the destruction of the Old Seers.

Powerful as the heritage, these techniques still form an integral part of their Old Seers' rituals were, they were also cumbersome and knowledge, by virtue of tradition. Whenever physically confronted by their enemies, Another important fact to be stressed is that Toltec the lack of the necessary time in which to incant and perform knowledge, because of a peculiarity of the Toltec tradition, has their rituals rendered the Old Seers just as defenceless as the never been and can never be lost.

This has always been one of the people they ruled. However, for the Old Seers, as we have more far-sighted Toltecs broke away from their age-old tradition seen, it was also their weakness, for it was this part of the Toltec and began to review their situation within the world. These were tradition which tempted them back into the abominations of the the Toltecs which marked the beginning of that era Carlos Atlantean sorcerers. But more important still was the fact that they could also see the futility of trying to control and manipulate others, because of the continuous strife which this inevitably brings about.

This split in the Toltec tradition was by far the most important event in the history of the Toltecs, for it constituted that turning point in their knowledge, and One of the most costly mistakes the Old Seers made was to provided that magical key which Toltecs had been seeking ever fail to acknowledge the importance of having to make their since the destruction of Atlantis.

Instead, owing to their self-importance and knowledge and ability to manipulate the awareness of their obsession with power, their methods of manipulating awareness victims, and this they, did without scruple.

The fact that became ever more complex and impractical. However, from vast and rapidly-growing knowledge. Eventually it came to the what they managed to see they worked out that the purpose of point where they could no longer see the wood for the trees. This was an Self-importance had undermined their strength, so that even invaluable discovery, and one which has become fundamental to though they had at their disposal knowledge that was quite everything that Toltecs today know and practise.

The Old Seers could see that it is the Eagle which endows all beings with awareness at the moment of birth and which also Although today we no longer condone the aberrations of reclaims this awareness at the moment of death, having become the Old Seers, we must give the devil his due, for the Old Seers enriched by the being's experiences during life.

The Old Seers discovered some truly amazing facts about awareness - understood this as meaning that the Eagle feeds off awareness, knowledge without which the Toltec tradition would be much and that the sole purpose of existence is therefore to keep impoverished. The task that faced the New Seers was to take stock of their It is important to realise that there is of course no Eagle as overburdened tradition and to re-evaluate their vast heritage of such, nor is there anything visual about the incomprehensible knowledge.

From their experience the New Seers could see that source of life. Nevertheless, even a seer is subjected to the the Old Seers had gone very far astray, but, so vast was their conditions of the rational mind, which must by its very nature knowledge by this time and so utterly chaotic, that none of the interpret things, and the result of such interpretation is a visual New Seers were sure what was valid and what was useless.

The impact of the Eagle. This marked the end of chaos and cannot be rendered comprehensible in terms of words or mortal the beginning of a long-needed order and sense of sobriety. It is not God, for God after all is part of what we know. The churches, ministers of religion, and even other people, are The New Seers discarded all the many theories the Old Seers constantly trying to describe God to us, so therefore God had formulated and held as being central to their knowledge, becomes something within the scope of words, within the sphere and began searching for practical ways in which to apply this of conceptualization.

But beyond words, beyond description, knowledge. Consequently they managed to condense the greater beyond concept, lies that indescribable, incomprehensible No- part of their heritage into a few fundamental concepts which Thing, which can only be termed the Unspeakable.

The first of these concepts concerned what the Old Seers This was yet another error on the part of the Old Seers. In called the Eagle.

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In their attempts to fathom the purpose of their arrogance they never stopped to consider that most of what existence, the Old Seers actually managed to see the source of all constitutes the manifested universe is utterly incomprehensible life, which when interpreted by the rational mind resembles and unknowable within the framework of our human condition. Consequently, the The New Seers corrected this mistake by identifying and Old Seers metaphorically termed this source the Eagle. The second level, termed the unknown, is a the vertical axis, and its width is that of a man with truly vast and mysterious area, but which can and does become his arms extended outwards from the centre of his the known gradually and sequentially as the seer gains in his body along the horizontal axis.

This egg is known as proficiency to see it. The third level, on the other hand, termed the cocoon of man. To enter into 4. Only a small group of the energy fields inside the the unknowable is to lose our humanness, which is why so many cocoon are lit up at any one time by a brilliant point of the Old Seers lost their sanity.

The Old Seers had, over generations, gathered a vast number of facts about awareness, which they never formulated 5. Perception takes place when the energy fields which into an ordered structure. As the New Seers started to rearrange are illuminated by the point of light extend their these facts another very important set of concepts emerged, light to illuminate corresponding energy fields which were condensed into an ordered whole to form a set of outside the cocoon.

This point of light is termed the precepts which were termed the Truths of Awareness. The New point where perception is assembled, normally Seers regarded these precepts as paramount to all of their abbreviated to the assemblage point. It is possible to shift the assemblage point to any Most of the Truths of Awareness are based upon the act of other position on the surface of the cocoon, or even perception and the way in which this takes place.

The New Seers into its interior. Because the assemblage point found that the whole mystery of perception can be summarized illuminates any energy fields with which it comes into quite adequately in the following nine precepts: The universe consists of an infinite number of perception. It is this new level of perception that is energy fields,resembling threads of light.

These threadlike energy fields radiate from a 7. When the assemblage point shifts sufficiently far a source of unimaginable dimensions metaphorically totally new world is perceived, which is as real as the called the Eagle.

As such these energy fields are one man normally perceives. There is a mysterious force known as intent which 3. Human beings are likewise composed of the same exists throughout the entire universe. It is this force infinite number of these threadlike energy fields which brings about perception, for it is intent which, which manifest in the shape of a large luminous egg.

The goal of warriors is to experience all possible action and repetition. Habits obviously vary between one perceptions available to man. This constitutes what is individual and the next, and consequently no two people will known as Total Awareness, inherent within which is have their assemblage points fixed in exactly the same spot.

The assemblage point of man is generally found on the surface of the cocoon, roughly opposite the point between the In order to see, the Old Seers had to use hallucinogens to shoulder blades. In the development of the normal child, the move their assemblage points, but the New Seers realised that child first learns where it seems most suitable to place the this was as impractical as the rituals of the Old Seers. More than assemblage point and then fixes it there through repetition.

This anything else, practical ways of moving the assemblage point repetition is at first mostly dictated by encouragement from were now needed, and in order to find these the New Seers elders and later by habitual internal dialogue.

Toltecs today began by studying the assemblage point through seeing, even know that man can only maintain his view of the world by though at the outset they still had to make use of drugs. This constantly confirming this view to himself by means of his research turned out to be most worthwhile, for not only did they internal dialogue. This means that the world always appears to be find the necessary techniques to enable them to move the exactly what man constantly tells himself it is.

This enables man to experience altered their Atlantean predecessors had used with such facility. Through states of perception quite spontaneously and is the magical key observation, they also knew that this force exists throughout all the Old Seers had searched for so ardently. Had they but realised of nature and the manifested universe. The Old Seers termed this that the only real value of their rituals lay in their ability to shift force power, but they never understood it or managed to figure the assemblage point the Old Seers would have discovered this out how to use it.

The New Seers discovered that this mysterious force is in Once this discovery had been made, Toltec knowledge fact the energy of alignment, that is, the force that is released became transformed, and the New Seers were well on their way when energy fields inside the cocoon become aligned with to correcting the mistakes of their predecessors. The New Seers termed this In order to move the assemblage point, the New Seers force will, and defined it as 'a continuous flow of energy which defined three principal techniques based upon the nine Truths of can be guided by the intent of the seer'.

The first technique is termed the Art of Stalking, the The New Seers also discovered that will is the force that second is the Art of Dreaming and the third is the Mastery of makes us behave in the ways we do when we perceive. It is Intent. From these three techniques evolved three distinct areas therefore this force that determines our perception of the world.

Here it is important to realise that although Art of Stalking, the Mastery of Awareness and the Mastery of there is a definite area within which the assemblage point can Intent. The telephone rings and the mother answers it not These three areas of activity have been defined traditionally expecting anything untoward. When told of the accident she first as the three riddles which warriors must face and answer as they experiences shock and fear, then concern for her son's safety.

The Art of Stalking is termed the riddle Many questions flood through her mind in sequence; 'Is he of the heart. It is described as the bafflement warriors experience hurt?

Where is he? What happened? Is he in hospital? But had the view of the world, which seems to be so inviolable, changes mother been able to register the left side, her experience would dramatically. The Mastery of Awareness is termed the riddle of have been completely different and something like the following: This is the awesome infinity warriors perceive when Before her son left home that morning the mother had an they realise the incomprehensible mystery and extent of man's uneasy feeling concerning his safety, and even though there was awareness.

The Mastery of Intent is the riddle of the spirit of no logical reason why she should feel uncomfortable, she could man. It is the ultimate paradox in that it is the ability of man to not shake off the feeling. Then suddenly, mid-morning, she project his actions, physical, emotional and mental, beyond experiences a feeling of alarm. In that moment she senses the normal human comprehension. The mother does not pause to question this, but instinctively starts walking towards the telephone, wondering how best she may reach her son or someone who can put her mind at rest.

Even before she reaches the telephone it rings, and as she picks up the receiver a cold shiver runs down her spine, for she knows she is As far as the process of learning is concerned, the most going to hear that her son has had an accident. However, even important discovery of the New Seers was something which the as she answers the telephone, the mother somehow knows that Old Seers had already uncovered, namely that man has two types he is not seriously injured, just shocked.

From these two examples it is plain to see the difference The right side is the thinking, logical, rational side of man's mind. The right is a rational reaction to On the right side all knowledge flows in a linear and sequential concrete evidence which sets up a sequence of logical thoughts; mode.

The left side, on the other hand, is the feeling, irrational the left is an irrational feeling which has nothing to do with side of man's mind which operates entirely independently of any either logic or concrete evidence to begin with. Only later will logical or linear progression of sequential thought patterns. The such irrational feelings be corroborated by the necessary best way in which to understand the right side, as opposed to the evidence. In trying to understand these concepts it is important left side, is to consider an example of each.

On the right side the hemispheres of the brain and their respective functions. Although in the beginning such a movement is invariably minute, the apprentice soon begins to gain proficiency in this art. Consequendy, as the apprentice gains in the ability to move deeper into heightened The Old Seers termed the left side heightened awareness, and awareness, so the instruction given is stepped up in complexity.

The only justification for this method of teaching lies in the fact that the apprentice has great difficulty in remembering teachings communicated to him whilst in a state of heightened awareness. This lack of memory creates a kind of obstacle course, since before the apprentice can utilize his knowledge he has to struggle to recall it. Such a struggle often This very briefly outlines the new approach and teaching takes years and, as a result, by the time the apprentice does scheme the New Seers constructed out of the knowledge they remember the teachings, he has, through his long struggle, inherited from their tradition.

The New Seers' work was just become totally committed to them. However, Unhappy as this persecution was, it nonetheless provided learning and remembering what we have learned requires energy, the New Seers with the unparalleled opportunity of being able to just like anything else.

This creates a problem in that the vast hone their new-found skills into instruments of the most majority of people simply do not have enough energy to register exacting precision. Mistakes and sloppy technique resulted in what they are learning on the left side as well as on the right side. Those warriors Sometimes a person's energy is at such a low ebb that he who were slow to learn, or were just not proficient enough in cannot even remember what he has learned on the right side, let their new skills, died very quickly.

This was a most alone also the left side. Because of a peculiarity of our awareness, uncompromising period in the history of the Toltecs, for the right side always takes precedence over the left side. All although they were forced into learning excellence, the available energy is primarily used firstly to register, and secondly persecution in most parts of the world was so devastating that to recollect the right side. Only surplus energy is used for the left Toltecs everywhere had to make some far-reaching decisions.

In their attempts to survive, Toltecs the world over at one In the teaching scheme in use today, apprentices are very time or another during the following centuries took the decision rarely forced into heightened awareness simply because the time to disband.

Consequendy, every leader dissociated himself and factor involved in recollecting is too costly. From the very first his unit from all other units. Doctrine of Separate Development.

Warriors pdf for training

So far-reaching has been the These three courts must not be confused with what are ripple effect of this development that today every Toltec unit known as the three stages in the development of a warrior, exists in solitary confinement, well-hidden from the eyes of the namely, the hunter, the warrior and the man of knowledge. Apart from a telepathic mind-link which still exists Strictly speaking, these three stages tend to overlap the extent of between most Toltec leaders, there is no communication the courts.

Therefore, by going through the three stages, the between one unit and another. However, even this mind-link is apprentice first becomes a Toltec of the First Attention and from of such a tenuous nature that it is not possible for the user to there graduates to the level of the Second Attention, and finally establish the personal identity or physical location of another. This training is naturally not something which is normally possible in the space of one lifetime. Toltecs the world over have therefore moved progressively forward through the courts, although there have always been those rare individuals who have moved forward faster than most.

These individuals invariably One more aspect of Toltec knowledge needs to be become leaders, even amongst Toltecs. For example, the Old understood at this point if the historical development of the Seers were predominantly Warriors of the First Attention, but Toltec tradition is to be grasped as a whole. The new method of had amongst them leaders of the Second Attention who defined teaching which is in force today has another very important for them the course of action to be followed.

The New Seers advantage in that it allows for the proper instruction to be given were, correctly speaking, Warriors of the Second Attention, and to certain 'new' types now coming into incarnation.

This point they in turn had leaders who were beginning to master the Third is mentioned here only as a matter of curiosity, for as yet it has Attention. The three levels of proficiency, or courts, are better These so-called new types are today still extremely rare. These Toltecs Every apprentice starts his training in normal awareness, have been given the name Warriors of the Third Attention. It is, as it were, at the level of the average man Much confusion will in the future be avoided if it is made in the street, and handles both the theory and practical clear that although it may appear as if all Toltecs are the same, application of all the basic concepts pertaining to the acquisition this is not strictly true.

Toltecs are classified into three distinct of knowledge or personal power. These three categories of Toltec existence are termed courts. The This training covers every aspect of the Toltec tradition first, or outer court, is comprised of what are called Warriors of known as the teachings for the right side, and is generally grasped with relative ease, as it is directed at the rational mind.

Proficiency in being able to master the instruction given altered states of perception and their uses, together with in this section, together with the ability to move the assemblage alternate worlds and the denizens of those worlds as they interact point, earns for the apprentice the title of a Warrior of the First with man.

In this part of their training warriors are also guided Attention. In this section the apprentice is constantly being manipulated Whilst the initial training of a warrior deals primarily with into shifting his assemblage point into left side awareness, and the development of the individual, this section of the training whilst in this state is made to review everything which has been involves the concept of group effort.

It has as its basis intelligent learned in normal awareness. This training Proficiency in this section of knowledge is what truly constitutes covers that knowledge known as The Way of the Warrior, and The Way of the Toltec. It is the pinnacle of the Toltec Path and, if generally prepares the apprentice for the more advanced work.

If in addition to between the two paths which are available to Toltecs who reach having mastered this section of the work the warrior is also able this point in the unfoldment of their power. The one path is to see unaided, then he is regarded as a Toltec, which it will be known as The Path of Freedom, whilst the other is termed The remembered implies a seer, or man of knowledge.

Path of High Adventure. The latter path is the paramount From this point onwards the warrior no longer needs temptation for warriors, for it is a brilliant and most enticing instruction as such, because everything stands revealed to his path offering its devotees dazzling power which can only be power of inner sight. However, the conferment of Toltec status described as intoxicating, but it does not lead warriors to at this point in the development of the warrior, although widely freedom.

According to tradition, such status is only justified when Second Attention to its ultimate potential, enabling those the seer also takes upon himself the responsiblity of leading his practioners to enlist the aid of inorganic entities, to effect people. Units of warriors are sub-divisions of these greater groups. Toltecs process down to such an extent as to achieve relative immortality. Likewise, if world prosperity and peace is to be established, In time, these warriors find themselves entering that level of mankind must drop its sectarianism, racialism and separativeness, awareness termed the Third Attention.

These are the warriors and must instead adopt a universal policy which will bring all the who walk the Path of Freedom, and who are also known as peoples of the world and their knowledge together to form one Warriors of the Third Attention. Warriors of the Third Attention always remain within the This is not to say that there must necessarily be one world unit to which they belong and continue research work which government, or even for that matter one world religion, but cannot easily be rendered comprehensible in terms of words, for rather that mankind must endeavour to recognize the it entails the projection of thought patterns and the interrelationship and interdependence of all life and of all true manipulation of awareness and perception beyond the normal knowledge.

There is after all but one humanity, and only one comprehension of mankind. It is work which can best be truth. What separates and divides, what causes misunderstanding described as being exclusively group orientated, but not in the and hatred, is man's inability, as yet, to recognize the fact that sense in which this is normally understood. Suffice it to say that there is more than the one frame of reference to which he so although all Warriors of the Third Attention have for a long, dogmatically adheres.

Once this has been understood it is not so difficult to see that all facets are needed if the whole truth is to stand revealed. Then too will the concept of universal brotherhood not seem quite so idealistic and unachievable. Toltecs have ever known that understanding is relative to the As has already been mentioned, world evolution today frame of reference used.

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If this frame of reference is altered, then stands at a crucial crossroad. Toltec evolution finds itself so is our perception of the world, and for that matter, of truth. Today, Toltec striving for is that overall perception born from the fluidity of the Warriors of the Third Attention acknowledge the fact that if assemblage point — a fluidity which is needed in order to achieve Toltec evolution is to proceed according to universal law, and if total awareness.

This is not to infer that political treaties based upon empty promises. Lasting peace will alternative medicine is nonsense, but rather that there are sadly only be achieved if it is mutually accepted by all and grounded in far too many ignorant people who fancy themsleves as healers. That strange country of mixed peoples, although there has been but one Christ bringing one message to mixed beliefs, conflicting political ideologies and socio-economic the world, there are today so many different denominations of variances has long been groping around in the darkness of the Christian Church all claiming to possess the one truth that human failings and despair, but in that darkness it has begun to the mind boggles.

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