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The most popular ebook you want to read is Sonea Die Trilogie Die Huterin Die Ebooks Download PDF Sonea Die Trilogie Die Huterin Die Heilerin Die. easy to register here to get Book file PDF Die Heilerin (Die Saga von Sonea, Band 2). ASIN: 0: Und Drittens steht vorne im Buch selbst Zitat:"Die Hüterin;. The Ambassador's Mission is a fantasy novel that was released on May 6, in hardback by Sonea and the second Black Magician, Kallen, are thus supposed to control each other. magician) was taught Black Magic by High Lord Akkarin who died saving her . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Download Now Sonea Die Trilogie Die Huterin Die Heilerin Die Konigin Ebooks ebook any format,. You can read any ebooks you wanted like Sonea Die. Online Source Download and Free Ebook PDF Manual Reference. Sonea-die- trilogie-die-huterin-die-heilerin-die-konigin Printablefile. Free Download. Author: Huterin Sonea Die. 9 downloads 72 Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB . "You chose an inopportune time for disobedience, Sonea.

Is the Commission aware of the development of this investigational medicinal product? Vernichtung ePub. Because most immigration to Germany since the halt in recruitment took place under the auspices of family reunification, the resulting increase in numbers affected the social security systems and not the labour market. Free Vellum: PDF Wild Cards:

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Band I und II: Thorn Gandir. Das Buch der Verschollenen Geschichten, Tl. Das Buch der Verschollenen Geschichten. Das Schwarze Auge.

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Die pdf sonea huterin

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Band der Conan- Saga. After informing Sonea and Regin with whom Sonea is now on speaking terms they set out to capture the woman, only to realize she is not the rogue they originally discovered.

Anyi, who watches the action from a distance, observes the true rogue and informs Sonea who with the help of two other magicians manages to capture her. The other woman was blackmailed and set up to be caught by Cery. Dannyl and a group of Sachakan Ashaki gain on the Traitors. Dannyl gets deliberately separated from the group and talks to Lorkin, who convinces him to give up since the Traitors would otherwise kill Dannyl.

Thanks to Lorkin she is found as not guilty but is confined to Sanctuary. Lorkin, as an outsider, is also confined but is committed to help in some way. As a twist of fate they send him to the sick houses to heal.

Lorkin hopes to arrange a deal with the Traitors involving trading some old forgotten magic like Storestones for healing magic. In the book magicians wear different robes depending on their chosen discipline. The colours are:. Such as:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Works by Trudi Canavan. The Magician's Apprentice It did so in my case.

Sir Patrick Spens, Op. Psalm 23, The Lord is My Shepherd 5. I heard a voice from heaven 7. Johann Nepomuk Hummel 1. Te Deum Missa Solemnis C-dur 2. A fluent Edwardian style can be heard in earlier works such as the Stanford-influenced Te Deum and the Communion Service. The anthem Greater love hath no man took on affecting resonance when sung during memorial services during the First World War, and the ravishing Ex ore innocentium movingly responds to the agony of the Crucifixion in a rich, post-romantic musical language.

With its highly individual synthesis of thunderous brass outbursts, rhythmic energy, radiant melodies and interludes of rapt contemplation, the work has established itself as a unique contribution to the choral repertoire. Both of these works belong to the composer's last and most inspired decade, and represent his mature musical language at its most communicative.

Sonea: Die Hüterin

Requiem Vasari Singers Jeremy Backhouse, conductor While the unifying thread which links these works is that of loss, the underlying focus is an uplifting celebration of life and love. Gabriel Jackson's Requiem combines traditional solemnity with poems which embrace wide-ranging spirituality, resulting in images of light and radiant optimism. Vasari Singers' Great British Anthems 8. In a paradox which brings the Christian into dialogue with the Pagan, Lancino presents an exploration of Death and Time which is both human and relevant, as well as posing eternal and unanswerable questions.

This recording captures a unique and moving event, performed by a stellar cast of artists and France's leading choir and orchestra. A member of the Habsburg-Burgundian chapel, he composed polyphony for all the major liturgical genres. Varied voicing, surprising tonal relationships and contrasting textures make each setting distinct. Magnificat anima mea Dominum - Et exultavit spiritus meus 3.

Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae - Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est 4. Et misericordia eius a progenie - Fecit potentiam in brachio suo 5.

Deposuit potentes - Esurientes implevit bonis 6. Suscepit Israel puerum suum - Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros 7. Antiphon, "Sancta Maria succurre miseris" Anonymous 8. Magnificat anima mea Dominum - Et exultavit spiritus meus Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae - Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est Et misericordia eius a progenie - Fecit potentiam in brachio suo Deposuit potentes - Esurientes implevit bonis Suscepit Israel puerum suum - Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros Antiphon, "Tribus miraculis"" Salve regina V Salve regina, mater misericordiae Ad te clamamus, exsules filii Hevae Eia, ergo, advocata nostra Antiphon, "Dedit mihi Dominus pennas" Anonymous Salve regina, mater misericordiae 2.

Eia, ergo, advocata nostra 3. Et Jesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui Anonymous 4. Magnificat anima mea Dominum - Et exultavit spiritus meus 6. Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae - Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est 7. Et misericordia eius a progenie - Fecit potentiam in brachio suo 8.

Trudi Canavan

Deposuit potentes - Esurientes implevit bonis 9. Antiphon, "O quam gloriosum est regnum" Anonymous Antiphon, "Dum medium silentium" Salve regina IV Lagrime de San Pietro Spiritual Madrigals Naxos's stable of early music performers acquires a distinguished new member Bo Holton shapes the performance to move onwards with gathering intensity towards its climax Il Magnanimo Pietro 2. Ma gli archi 3. Tre volte haveva a l'importuna e audace 4. Qual' a l'incontro di quegli occhi santi 5.

Giovane donna il suo bel volto in specchio 6. Ogni occhio del Signor lingua veloce 8. Nessun fedel trovai, nessun cortese 9. Chi ad una ad una raccontar potesse Come falda di neve E non fu il pianto suo rivo o Torrente Veduto il miser quanto differente E vago d'incontrar chi giusta pena Vattene vitav va O vita troppo rea A quanti gia felici in giovinezza Non trovava mia fe se duro intoppo Queste opre e piu Negando il mio Signor One can only applaud Naxos's commitment to fine, original performances of standard repertoire at super-bargain prices Hodie Christus natus est 6.

Hodie Christus natus est Stabat mater 7. His early experience as a chorister at Wakefield Cathedral clearly set him in good stead for writing a stream of glorious choral music Crispian Steele-Perkins, trumpet; Christopher Whitton, orgel. Give me the wings of faith An Easter Sequence 4. Sortie Veni creator spiritus 9. Veni creator spiritus What love is this of thine? What love is this of thine? Viderunt omnes anon 3.

Viderunt omnes Leonin 4. Motett, Dominus anon 5. Viderunt omnes Perotin 6. Non nobis Domine anon 7. Sederunt principes Perotin 8. Marvin David Levy 1. Canto de los Marranos Shir Shel Moshe, utdrag 2. May the Words 6. Adon Olam Masada 8. Grands Motets Vol 2: Grand Motets Vol 3: This excellent, young ensemble brings a breath of fresh air to music making in this country, and are fortunate to have in their director Graham Ross one of the most exciting new musicians to appear on the radar.

I am honoured and thrilled that they are choosing to mark my 50th birthday with this disc on Naxos, bringing together a number of different choral works from to The Manchester Carols re-tell the Christmas Story for the 21st Century, celebrating a child's birth and all that child was to become: These carols are for everybody, the believer and the non-believer, people of other faiths and everyone wishing to join in the Christmas celebrations. Her virtuosity inspired Mayr, and his cantata is a stirring example of vivid nature writing, refined pathos, and joyous celebration.

Franz Hauk and the Simon Mayr Chorus and Ensemble are the world's leading Mayr exponents and their recordings have received the highest critical acclaim. David in the Cave of Engedi Oratorio 2 CD Born near Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Simon Mayr spent the greater part of his career in Bergamo, a flourishing cultural and economic centre in the early nineteenth century.

An important figure in the promotion of Viennese classicism in Italy, he combined, in his own style, the legacy of Vienna with the dramatic and melodic genius of Italy, and held a dominant position in Italian opera before the emergence of Rossini.

His oratorio David in spelunca Engeddi David in the Cave of Engedi , with a Latin text, was written in for the Ospedale dei Mendicanti in Venice, one of the four great charitable institutions there, known for the musical achievements of its members. Gioas is a combination of both forms, being a parody-oratorio closely following Mayr's opera I misteri eleusini, which was considered by Stendhal to be "among [the] most powerful musical works of the age".

This mythical drama of kings, priests and goddesses was ideally suited for its intended devotional use, and it joins other pioneering recordings from Franz Hauk which include David 8.

Il sagrifizio di Jefte The Sacrifice of Jephtha , first performed in , is a dramatic oratorio with a wealth of variety in both the vocal and instrumental writing, which foreshadows the operas to come.

Like Haydn's more famous Il Ritorno di Tobia 8. Conductor Franz Hauk prepared the performing edition for this exciting new recording. Mayr's L'Amor coniugale 8. The oratorio Samuele deals with the calling of Samuel as a prophet, and was written in for the consecration of Pietro Mola as Bishop of Bergamo.

Mayr set his oratorio to the Poesia of one of his pupils, Bartolomeo Merelli, the collaboration resulting in a fascinating work which combines theology with dramatic innovation such as the use of 'melodrama' or spoken text. Whatever the case, it was extremely popular during the 18th and early 19th centuries, and was performed by Simon Mayr who copied the score around Mayr's biographer Girolamo Calvi praised this effective work in the highest terms, declaring it a masterpiece.

In his choral music he has taken a variety of texts-including anonymous sixteenth-century Latin, and the poems of Henry Vaughan and Thomas Hardy-and fashioned them into powerful settings. He evokes a rich variety of vocal colours and textures, remaining at all times communicative and vital, not least in the beautiful Marian Carols and the contrasting riches of the Mangan Triptych.

The famous sacred melody 'O for the wings of a dove' is to be found in Hear my prayer. Gerard Schwarz leads the Czech Philharmonic with energy and lends the lyric sections the tenderness they need Bar'khu and Sh'ma 3.

Eternal is Thy power 7. Prayer and Response 9.

The work is scored for pairs of oboes, bassoons, horns, trumpets and timpani, with three trombones, strings and organ continuo. After a brief orchestral introduction, the four vocal sections enter in contrapuntal imitation and the movement continues in the monumental and generally conservative style that the Salzburg Archbishop would certainly have discouraged.

The soprano soloist introduces the florid Italianate Christe eleison and the contrapuntal choral texture is resumed with the return of the Kyrie.

The Gloria opens in affirmative C major, leading almost at once to energetic fugal writing, relaxing momentarily at the words pax hominibus bonae voluntatis peace to men of good will. Laudamus te is in F major, marked Allegro aperto. It is scored for solo soprano, oboes, horns and strings and is in operatic style. Trombones and bassoons return for the A minor Adagio of Gratias agimus tibi, now with a five-part choir.

To this the D minor Domine Deus, Rex caelestis, scored for strings and two soprano soloists, offers an immediate contrast. In Salzburg the second soprano would presumably have been sung by one of the castrati employed by the court musical establishment. There is a return to a more traditional Baroque style in the solid dotted rhythms of the G minor Qui tollis peccata mundi, for two four-part choirs with the full orchestra.

This allows hatred and fear to be deliberately instilled towards citizens from Central and Eastern Europe who are being deliberately portrayed as a threat and a problem to the Dutch public.

The website of the far-right PVV is instilling racism and xenophobia among Dutch citizens, stirring up groundless fears and inciting discrimination against people from Central and Eastern Europe. This is yet another example of the discriminatory attitude towards Bulgarian citizens in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The European Commission has already been informed of systematic grievances from Bulgarian citizens about the refusal to issue VAR declarations for companies represented by Bulgarian citizens in the Netherlands, as yet another display of discrimination.

What action will the Commission take to defend the values of the European Union? What stance will the Commission adopt on this subject? Will the Commission ask the Netherlands Government to investigate cases and ensure that timely measures are taken? Quali misure di tutela ha messo in atto per proteggere tali produttori locali dalle pressioni delle lobby casearie che cercano in ogni modo di sbarazzarsi dei piccoli produttori?

Al fine di rafforzare il potere contrattuale dei produttori di latte, gli agricoltori potranno raggrupparsi in organizzazioni di produttori per poter negoziare collettivamente le condizioni dei contratti, tra cui il prezzo del latte crudo.

In practice, this has meant that 1. What protective measures has it put in place to protect local producers from the pressures of the cheese manufacturing lobby, which is trying by all means to get rid of small producers?

The future regulation will grant Member States the possibility to make written contracts between farmers and processors compulsory and to oblige purchasers of milk to offer farmers a minimum contract duration. In order to reinforce the bargaining power of milk producers, farmers will have the possibility to join together in producer organisations that can negotiate collectively the contracts terms including the price of the raw milk.

These are some of the measures contained in the Milk Package, which show that the Commission is aware of problems in the milk supply chain and has taken the necessary steps to address them. According to an article in the Portuguese newspaper Sol , Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche has developed an investigational medicinal product against breast cancer, which may prolong the life of patients.

Is the Commission aware of the development of this investigational medicinal product? The Commission is aware of the investigational medicinal product mentioned by the Honourable Member. This product, pertuzumab, is a humanised monoclonal antibody drug specifically targeting HER2-positive receptors, present in a subtype of breast cancer. Subsequent processes related to access to a medicinal product for patients, including pricing and reimbursement fall within the competence of the Member States.

According to the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia, there are around six million users of illegal drugs in Russia. The same source also warns about the devastating effects of this new drug, which appears to kill its users within one to three years. It has been reported that the drug contains, as the main psychoactive substance, desomorphine, an opiate which is controlled by the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. In addition she was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the formal meeting with Heads of Government.

However, it is worth noting that the official name of an organisation does not always match the one it commonly uses in the public domain. A confirmation of the organisation's official legal name might be pertinent in order to obtain from the Commission's systems further information about funding granted.

It allows search by criteria such as the name of the beneficiary, its country, the Commission department which gave the grant or contract, the relevant budget line or the amount. Information for year will be made available at the end of the first semester The official text of the ACTA agreement was made available to the public in , yet work on the agreement had commenced in Published documents reveal that the negotiating process was kept confidential in Poland, though there was no legal basis whatsoever for doing so.

It certainly was the intention to ensure that the public was not informed of the course of the negotiations and would therefore not be aware either of the potential consequences of the agreement for citizens. This is an important matter, as it affects many Internet users. The legality of these negotiations has never been called into question.

Representatives of the Member States attended all the negotiations. Throughout the negotiations of ACTA, the Commission has duly informed Parliament of the conduct of the negotiations, in line with its obligations under the Lisbon Treaty and the revised Framework Agreement for Relations between Parliament and the European Commission. During the negotiations, the Commission has shared with Parliament 24 negotiating documents, whilst ACTA was extensively discussed in public debates with Members of the European Parliament both at plenary and Committee level.

The EU negotiators took into consideration and addressed the comments received from Members of the European Parliament, and many of these comments are reflected in the final text of ACTA. In addition, civil society was consulted through stakeholder meetings and debriefings at the occasion of ACTA negotiating rounds. Further details on the issue of transparency are available on the Commission's website: I am writing on behalf of a number of constituents who have raised concerns over the reported shooting of Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers close to the Eastern Gaza Border.

In most of these cases the child reported that they were outside of the exclusion zone. She has shown unequivocal support for the children of Gaza, in particular during her frequent visits there. The EU has urged Israel to address shortcomings and possible violations of the rights of Palestinian children.

Les Hongrois demandeurs d'asile au Canada. Richieste di asilo in Canada da parte di cittadini ungheresi. In che modo la Commissione spiega che i cittadini dell'Unione europea rappresentano il maggior numero dei richiedenti asilo in Canada? Ritiene la Commissione che questa tendenza influenzi l'immagine dell'Unione europea relativamente al rispetto dei diritti fondamentali sul suo territorio?

In particolare, l'elevato numero di domande di asilo provenienti dalla Repubblica ceca ha indotto il Canada a introdurre nuovamente nel l'obbligo del visto per tutti i cittadini cechi. La Commissione auspica che il nuovo progetto di legge induca il Canada a revocare l'obbligo di visto per tutti i cittadini cechi. Asielverzoeken in Canada door Hongaren. Zou de Commissie exacte cijfers kunnen verschaffen over het aantal asielverzoeken door Hongaarse staatsburgers in Canada die zijn goedgekeurd?

Hoe verklaart de Commissie dat de meerderheid van de asielaanvragers in Canada bestaat uit burgers uit de Europese Unie? Denkt de Commissie dat deze trend enige invloed heeft op het imago van de Europese Unie wat betreft het respect voor fundamentele rechten op haar grondgebied? Met name het grote aantal asielaanvragen van Tsjechische burgers heeft ertoe geleid dat Canada in opnieuw een visumplicht ingevoerd heeft voor alle Tsjechische burgers.

Het aantal asielaanvragen van Hongaren en, in mindere mate, Slowaken is ook aanzienlijk toegenomen. De Commissie beschikt niet over de exacte cijfers betreffende asielaanvragen van Hongaarse burgers die door Canada zijn goedgekeurd.

De Commissie beoordeelt momenteel, onder meer door rechtstreekse contacten met de Canadese autoriteiten, de impact die dit nieuwe wetsontwerp kan hebben op de huidige onbevredigende situatie en bekijkt of dit de Canadese asielwetgeving beduidend minder aantrekkelijk zou maken.

De Commissie hoopt dat dit nieuwe wetsontwerp ertoe zal leiden dat Canada de visumplicht voor alle Tsjechische burgers weer opheft. De Commissie is niet in staat om de eventuele gevolgen van deze situatie voor het imago van de Europese Unie ten aanzien van de eerbiediging van de grondrechten te beoordelen. Is the Commission aware of the fact that the great majority of asylum applicants to Canada have been Hungarian nationals, since Canada lifted visa requirements for Hungarian nationals in?

Could the Commission provide exact figures on the number of asylum applications by Hungarian nationals in Canada which have been approved? How does the Commission explain that European Union citizens account for the majority of asylum applicants in Canada?

Huterin pdf die sonea

Does the Commission believe that this trend has any influence on the image of the European Union with regard to respect for fundamental rights on its soil? The high number of asylum applications from the Czech Republic in particular, led Canada to re-introduce a visa requirement for all Czech citizens in The number of asylum applications from Hungary and, to a lesser extent, Slovakia has also significantly increased.

The Commission does not know the exact figures of asylum applications originating from Hungarian citizens approved by Canada. Canada introduced on The Commission is currently assessing, inter alia through direct contacts with the Canadian authorities, the impact this new draft law could have on the current unsatisfactory situation and in particular whether it would negate the existing important pull factors in Canada's asylum legislation.

The Commission hopes that the new draft law would consequently lead Canada to decide to lift again the visa requirement for all Czech citizens. The Commission is not in a position to assess the possible impact of this situation on the image of the European Union with regard to respect for fundamental rights. Is it aware of the existence in several regions of the Member States of consumer education schools set up by regional authorities, towns or consumer organisations?

If so, does it support these initiatives which are very successful, but lack the means to develop? If not, why does it not wish to devote part of the budget previously allocated to Dolceta to helping these schools and setting up other schools before the end of?

The Commission is aware that national authorities have reduced their funding for some consumer education activities. However, the role of the Commission in consumer education is to complement the activities of national authorities with EU activities having an added value and not to finance national activities.

Consumer education materials from Dolceta and other sources will be used to build an interactive community site for teachers, where they can exchange views, materials and ideas about integrating consumer education into the school curriculum. Campionati europei di calcio EURO Viene stimato un numero di diecimila animali barbaramente ammazzati fino ad ora. Queste terribili notizie si stanno diffondendo rapidamente in tutto il mondo.

It is estimated that ten thousand animals have been barbarically killed up to now. This terrible news is fast spreading around the world.

Notwithstanding repeated complaints, appeals and initiatives, this massacre of thousands of innocent animals has not stopped and is compromising the image of Euro , a great European event that should have been a wonderful means of achieving the fundamental strategic objectives of the Union with regard to integration and civilisation.

Can the Commission state whether there has been co-financing at the expense of the European Union budget for the organising of the European Championships and, if so, what percentage the budget has contributed? Il primo posto lo detiene la Spagna con 29,2 donatori ogni milione e il secondo la Francia con 22,8 donatori ogni milione di persone.

Dalla donazione di organi dipende ogni giorno la vita di molte persone. La Commissione promuove inoltre lo scambio volontario di pratiche ottimali tra i paesi dell'UE per il tramite del Piano d'azione per la donazione e il trapianto di organi. Inoltre, la Commissione partecipa attivamente alla sensibilizzazione sulla donazione degli organi e sul problema delle liste d'attesa tra i giornalisti europei che possono quindi divulgare le informazioni ai cittadini.

In the light of the presentation of the report by the National Transplant Centre on activities in , it appears that Italy, with Spain holds first place with Each day, the lives of many people depend on organ donation. Unfortunately, the waiting list for transplants is always very long and the European average for organ donors is still very low considering the data for the countries listed above. Considering the very positive examples of Spain, France and Italy, can the Commission confirm whether it intends to bring awareness to the other European countries so that their populations understand the importance of organ donation in such a way as to increase the European average for donors and, as a result, lower waiting times for transplants?

The Commission actively supports EU Member States in their work to improve quality and safety of organs for transplantation. The management of the waiting lists and the shaping of the consent systems, however, remain national responsibility. The Commission also promotes the voluntary exchange of best practices between EU countries through the action plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation.

Action in this context aims to help increase organ availability and to reduce waiting lists. Moreover, the Commission is actively involved in raising awareness about organ donation and waiting lists among European journalists who can then disseminate information towards citizens.

Considering that the lack of access to new means of communication is one of the main barriers which need to be overcome in order to enable everyone to participate in the information society, national public administrations have a duty to seek constantly to perfect their web pages and explore new and better methods for providing Internet services and content in areas where new technologies are developed.

Web access for the disabled should be an integral part of public information policy both within and outside the Union, and legislation or other policy instruments must provide valid incentives for the inclusive integration, especially of the disabled and the elderly, in the information society.

Can the Commission check that Member States have implemented targeted measures and present a report on the results achieved, allocating to the Member States the resources needed to ensure web accessibility? Does the Commission intend to oblige public administrations at all levels to introduce rules of good conduct on websites for whose development funding is granted? Since the Commission has issued several communications on e-accessibility, including web-accessibility, e.

The Commission regularly initiate awareness campaigns, public events, e. It is funding projects for research and deployment e. The eGovernment Action Plan also covers the development of services designed around user needs and ensuring inclusiveness and accessibility. The Commission is also evaluating the accessibility of its own websites.

In the context of funds used to develop websites, the Structural Fund Regulation requires that accessibility shall be one of the criteria in defining and implementing operations co-financed. L'OMS intende eliminare morbillo e rosolia entro il Entrambe le malattie possono comportare gravi conseguenze.

Considerata l'incidenza inusitatamente elevata del morbillo, in particolare nell'ultimo biennio, la Commissione ha concordato con il Centro europeo per la prevenzione e il controllo delle malattie di intensificare gli sforzi a sostegno degli Stati membri per aiutarli a raggiungere l'obiettivo di eradicazione di tale malattia, sviluppando materiali informativi per il pubblico, promuovendo la vaccinazione degli operatori sanitari, sostenendo lo scambio di buone pratiche e migliorando la raccolta di dati in tema di copertura da vaccinazione.

Both illnesses can have serious consequences. Measles is highly contagious and, if not properly treated, can even result in death. German measles is a dangerous illness especially if contracted by women during the first trimester of pregnancy.

It can lead to congenital rubella syndrome which causes serious, and permanent, damage to the newborn. The countries that have signed up to PNEMRC have undertaken, over the coming years, to improve surveillance of these two illnesses and to assess the immunisation status and vaccination of women of child-bearing age, as well as to improve vaccination coverage against measles and German measles.

In view of the above, can the Commission give its opinion on the target set by the WHO and state whether it intends to make the countries that have not signed up to PNEMRC aware of the serious consequences of the two illnesses in question? Given the unusually high incidence of measles in particular during the last two years, the Commission agreed with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control to step up efforts to support Member States in reaching the elimination goal by developing communication material for the public, advocating vaccination to healthcare workers, supporting the exchange of best practices, and improving data collection on vaccination coverage.

The counterpart to this has been the drastic reduction in small farms and a real abandonment of rural areas. This would provide a further occasion for organised crime with its huge availability of liquid assets to appropriate, at special rates, a large part of the land put up for sale, thereby facilitating the recycling of unlawful earnings.

Pdf huterin sonea die

In fact, the policy to reform agriculture should guarantee and promote access to the land and the development of new farms. Ideally, these would be run by young rural entrepreneurs, individually or in groups, and would also include socially important initiatives to enable both the entry of new operators in the primary sector and the survival of already existing small concerns.

Can the Commission state how it intends to draw up guidelines concerning the disposal of agricultural land to guarantee additional resources for public funds, taking into account compulsorily making all publicly owned agricultural land available for use, using controlled rent contracts reserved for agricultural entrepreneurs and giving priority to young individuals or groups of farmers and to socially important initiatives?

As regards the question what the Commission does concerning land policy and in particular publicly owned agricultural land, the Commission would point out that this issue comes under the full responsibility of the Member States. The same is true regarding the suggested idea of reserving agricultural land to young farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs.

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In Siria, negli ultimi 10 mesi che sono stati contrassegnati dalla rivolta popolare contro il governo di Bashir al-Assad, ben tra bambini e ragazzi hanno perso la vita a seguito delle rappresaglie, delle irruzioni nelle case e dei bombardamenti.

Il portavoce dell'Unicef, Marixie Mercado, aggiunge, inoltre, per voce dell'Osservatorio nazionale per i diritti umani in Siria Ondus , che gli intensi bombardamenti effettuati dalle forze governative nei quartieri civili di Homs hanno colpito l'ospedale pediatrico al Walid, fattore che potrebbe aggravare il bilancio delle vittime denunciato. Sono confermate le notizie di bambini arrestati arbitrariamente, torturati e abusati sessualmente durante la loro detenzione, richiamando anche l'attenzione sull'uso di munizioni contro i manifestanti.

Le violenze volute dal regime di Bashar al-Assad a danno di Homs e che sono sotto osservazione da parte della scena politica e diplomatica internazionale, hanno richiesto l'intervento delle Nazioni Unite: L'UE ha ripetutamente condannato i brutali attacchi e le diffuse violazioni dei diritti umani commessi dal regime siriano nei confronti della sua popolazione, anche contro minori.

L'Unione ha condannato gli attacchi illegali ai danni del personale medico e delle strutture recanti il simbolo della Mezzaluna rossa e ha esortato il regime a proteggere tutte le strutture mediche, il personale e i volontari. Gli Orientamenti sui bambini e i conflitti armati impegnano l'Unione ad affrontare la questione in maniera globale e i capi missione dell'UE controllano e riferiscono al riguardo.

This is probably set to further increase the number of victims. News of children being unlawfully arrested, tortured and sexually abused while in detention has been confirmed, and attention has been drawn to the use of live ammunition against the demonstrators.