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Ipod manual pdf

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iPod touch User Guide for iOS 12 · Web | Books. Sep iPod touch User Guide for iOS · PDF | Web | iBooks. Jul The iPod touch doesn't come with a manual, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Download all iPod touch manuals here. download PDF. To use iPod shuffle, you put songs and other audio files on your computer and then . WARNING: Read all safety instructions about using the iPod USB Power .

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One-click access to Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad instruction manuals (also called User Guides) in PDF format. About iPod shuffle. 1. Congratulations on purchasing iPod shuffle. ± WARNING: To avoid injury, read all operating instructions in this guide and the safety. 26 Managing iPod classic Manually. Chapter 3. 28 Listening to Music. 28 Playing Music and Other Audio. 31 Using Genius on iPod classic. 38 Playing Podcasts.

Zoom in on part of a webpage Double-tap the part of the page you want to zoom in on. But that doesn't mean that no manual exists. Applications Opening and Navigating Webpages Open a webpage Tap the address field at the top of the screen, type the web address—apple. You can enter any of the following: Days with events show a dot below the date. Finding And Contacting Businesses Tap the pin that marks a business to see its name or description. Send a photo in a message From the Home screen choose Photos, then choose a photo.

Connect iPod touch to a USB 2. Page 5: Unless your keyboard has a high-powered USB 2. Follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to set up iPod touch and sync your music, video, photos, and other content.

You must connect iPod touch to a USB 2. Select iPod touch in the iTunes source list below Devices, on the left. Configure the sync settings in each of the settings panes. Page 8 If you want to watch rented movies on iPod touch, transfer them to iPod touch using the Movies pane in iTunes. Then iTunes randomly fills the playlist. Page 9: If you sync a Yahoo! Page The cable can be used with the optional dock or plugged directly into iPod touch.

Tap any Listen to your songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Manual pdf ipod

Page 13 Watch your favorite stocks, updated automatically from the Internet. Stocks See a street map, satellite, or hybrid view of locations around the world.

Zoom in for a closer look. Find your current approximate location. Get detailed driving directions and see current highway traffic conditions.

Apple iPod iPod Touch First Gen 8GB Features Manual

Find businesses in the area. Maps Get current weather conditions and a six-day forecast. Page 14 Create additional Home screens While arranging icons, drag a button to the edge of the screen until a new screen appears. You can flick to return to the original screen and drag more icons to the new screen. You can create up to nine screens. The number of dots at the bottom shows the number of screens you have, and indicates which screen you are viewing. Display playback controls when Double-click the Home button.

Page 16 Using the Touchscreen The controls on the touchscreen change dynamically depending on the task you are performing. Tap any application to open it. Press the Home and see all the applications. Drag up or down to scroll. Chapter 2 button below the display at any time to return to the Home screen Basics Page 17 Flick to scroll quickly. You can wait for scrolling to stop, or tap or touch anywhere on the screen to stop it immediately. Some lists have an index along the right side. Tap a letter to jump to items starting with that letter.

Onscreen Keyboard When viewing photos, web pages, email, or maps, you can zoom in and out. Pinch your fingers together or apart. For photos and web pages, you can double-tap tap twice quickly to zoom in, then double-tap again to zoom out. For maps, double-tap to zoom in and tap once with two fingers to zoom out. Page 19 Entering text Start by typing with just your index finger. As you get more proficient, you can type more quickly by using your thumbs.

Tap a text field, such as in a note or new contact, to bring up the keyboard. Tap keys on the keyboard. The appropriate dictionary is activated automatically when you select a keyboard on iPod touch. Charging The Battery An icon in the upper-right corner of the screen shows battery charging status. Charging Charged If you charge the battery while syncing or using iPod touch, it may take longer to charge. Chapter 2 Basics Cleaning Ipod Touch The iPod touch battery is not user replaceable; it can be replaced only by an authorized service provider.

For more information, go to: Playing Music You can scroll through your playlists, or use Cover Flow to browse through your album art. For important information about avoiding hearing loss, see the Important Product Information Guide at www.

Chapter 3 Music and Video Play a song Tap the song. Track list view Ratings bar In track list view, you can assign ratings to songs. You can use ratings to create smart playlists in iTunes that dynamically update to show, for example, your highest rated songs.

Watching Videos Watching Videos With iPod touch, you can view video content such as movies, music videos, and video podcasts. Videos play in widescreen to take full advantage of the display. If a video contains chapters, you can skip to the next or previous chapter, or bring up a list and start playing at any chapter that you choose. Page 31 Scale a video to fill the screen or fit to the screen Select an alternate audio language when available Show or hide subtitles when available Play the sound from a music video or video podcast without showing the video Watching Rented Movies You can rent movies from the iTunes Store and watch them on iPod touch.

Tap More and tap Edit, then drag a button to the bottom of the screen, over the button you want to replace. Photos Photos Tap Photos to view your photos, use a photo as wallpaper, and play slideshows.

View photos Tap Photo Library to see all your photos, or tap an album to see just those photos. See a photo at full screen Tap the thumbnail of a photo to see it at full screen.

Tap the full screen photo to hide the controls. Zoom in on part of a photo Double-tap the part you want to zoom in on. Double-tap again to zoom out.

Zoom in or out Pinch to zoom in or out. Stop a slideshow Tap the screen. To set: Mac Web Gallery if that person has enabled email contributions. To send photos to a Web Gallery, you need to do the following: You can search for, browse, preview, purchase, and download songs and albums from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store directly to iPod touch.

Pdf ipod manual

Your purchased content is automatically copied to your iTunes library the next time you sync iPod touch with your computer. Page 40 Browse featured songs and albums Tap Featured and select a category at the top of the screen.

Page 41 Featured. For a list of select Starbucks locations, go to: The currently playing song appears at the top of the screen. Tap the song to see the album the song is on and the other songs on the album.

Your purchase is charged to your iTunes Store account.

Verifying Purchases Verifying purchases You can use iTunes to verify that all the music, videos, and other items you bought from the the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store are in your iTunes library.

You might want to do this if a download was interrupted. Verify your purchases Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Applications Opening and Navigating Webpages Open a webpage Tap the address field at the top of the screen, type the web address—apple.

Page 46 If a link leads to a sound or movie file supported by iPod touch, Safari plays the sound or movie. For supported file types, see page Page 47 Resize any column to fit the screen Double-tap the column.

The column expands so you can read it more easily. Zoom in on part of a webpage Double-tap the part of the page you want to zoom in on. Some links automatically open a new page instead of replacing the current one.

Manual pdf ipod

The number inside the pages icon pages are open. For example: Using Bookmarks Submit the form Once you finish filling out the text fields on the page, tap Go or Search. Most pages also have a link you can tap to submit the form.

Dismiss the keyboard without submitting the form Tap Done. Calendar Edit a bookmark or bookmark folder , choose the folder that has the bookmark or folder you want to edit, then tap Edit.

Where to Download iPod touch Manuals for Every Model

Then do one of the following: Then tap Done. You can enter any of the following: Days with events show a dot below the date.

Tap a day to see its events in a list below the calendar. See the details of an event Tap the event. Mail, Google email, AOL, and. Sending Email Changes you make on iPod touch to an email account synced from your computer are not copied to your computer. To use the online Mail Setup Assistant, go to: Checking And Reading Email Type a subject, then type a message. Tap Send. Send a photo in a message From the Home screen choose Photos, then choose a photo. Then tap Email Photo.

If you have more than one email account on iPod touch, the photo is sent using the default account see page Page 56 On each account screen, you can see the number of unread messages next to each mailbox. Tap to see all your email accounts Tap a mailbox to see its messages.

Need Manuals for the iPod Touch? Download Them Here

Unread messages have a blue dot Unread messages Read a message Tap a mailbox, then tap a message. Page 57 Check for new messages Choose a mailbox, or tap at any time. Open an attached file You can view or read some types of files and images attached to messages you receive. Contacts Zoom in to a part of a message Double-tap the part you want to zoom in on. Resize any column of text to fit the screen Double-tap the text. Resize a message manually Pinch to zoom in or out. Follow a link Tap the link.

Manual pdf ipod

Page 59 Setting the Sort and Display Order Use Contacts settings to set whether your contacts are sorted by first or last name, and to set the order in which the names are displayed. Youtube Move and scale the photo the way you want it. Drag the photo up, down, or sideways.

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Pinch or double-tap to zoom in or out. Tap Set Photo. Delete a contact Tap Contacts and choose a contact. Tap Edit. Scroll to the bottom of the contact information and tap Delete. Page 61 Play a video Tap the video. The video begins to download to iPod touch and a progress bar shows progress.

When enough of the video has downloaded, it begins to play. You can also to start the video. Page 62 Changing the Buttons at the Bottom of the Screen You can replace the Featured, Most Viewed, Bookmarks, and Search buttons at the bottom of the screen with ones you use more frequently. Stocks Stocks Viewing Stock Quotes When you tap Stocks from the Home screen, the stock reader shows updated quotes for all your stocks. Quotes are updated every time you open Stocks while connected to the Internet.

Quotes may be delayed by up to 20 minutes. Add a stock, index, or fund to the stock reader , then tap Enter a symbol, company name, index, or fund name, then tap Search.

These days, it's pretty rare to get hardcopy, physical versions of things that can be delivered digitally. Instead, companies offer downloadable PDFs that we can print if we want or store on our hard drives to consult when we need them.

That's the case with Apple's iPod touch. While the iPod touch does come with a few slight pages of documentation, you don't get a robust user manual in the box. Apple offers iPod touch manuals at its website for every version of the iOS that the touch can run, as well as some additional information.

These manuals provide overall instructions for using the iPod touch, with instructions and details specific to the version of the iOS noted below. Recently, Apple has stopped offering manuals as PDFs and has replaced those options with iBooks documents. The iBooks app comes pre-loaded on iOS devices and Macs, so you can download those documents and open them in the app without getting any new software.

Apple also provides documentation specific to a number of different models of the iPod touch. While the first three items on this list are for specific models, everything else applies to any model that can run the listed version of the iOS.