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Mortal kombat 9 fatalities pdf

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The following moves are compatible with the XBox , PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PC versions of Mortal Kombat 9 (). If you find an error please inform us. Every Mortal Kombat Fatality, Stage Fatality and Babality in one place Each character has 2 regular Fatalities, a Stage Fatality and a Babality. Mortal Kombat at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Last Edited: August 9, at PM For stage fatalities, you should consult the Stage Fatality Stages page. Babalities Trophies · Trivia & Easter Eggs · Download PDF Guide · Button Template · Vita Cheats · Xbox Cheats · PS3 Cheats.

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A list of all 'Mortal Kombat' fatalities, stage fatalities, and babalities for all of the game's characters on the PlayStation 3. For Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled .com//04/the-komplete-mortal-kombatfatalities-list/. Mortal Kombat 9 () Prima Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File of authenticity due to toned down fatalities, lack of blood, and subpar gameplay.

Baraka can cleanly the burn more than Baraka. It is almost a necessity if you are at the end of the screen to utilize the Skeletal Boost for the free bonus and standard Trance because the hit box takes up half the screen! It will connect cleanly. Most of her life she has loyally Kabal served her father, Shao Kahn, in his unending Kano quest to conquer the realms. Sektor Kitana.

Combos that start as high attacks and have me- the button of the last attack immediately after press- dium attacks or end as low attacks.

Fatalities pdf mortal kombat 9

The correct way of doing this would be to press Attacks 1, 2, then 3. Combos that start as low attacks and confuse your hold down the button for Attack 3, or you can just opponent into blocking incorrectly. As a bonus, press the buttons as fast as possible and the game you can also perform special moves that will will automatically memorize them and perform the count as combos after the second hit in a chain correct attacks including those linked to special combo, but they will not count after the third hit.

The key to maximizing chain combos is to. The idea is that after most at- tacks, you can cancel that move if you quickly input the motion for a special move afterward. With Raiden, try performing random Lightning after a high at- tack. If you are having problems performing the actual motion for special moves, you can tap Down and then Toward, or Down and then Away instead of actually performing the motion and pressing the Attack button basically tapping the control pad as 1 or 3 and pressing whatever Attack button the special move is assigned to.

This allows certain combos to be executed a bit easier. The highest level of damage you can achieve on someone would be near the corner.

9 fatalities pdf mortal kombat

If you are on defense, it is highly recommended to get away from the corner as much as possible. Many characters can trap you in the corner if you have not practiced what to do in certain situations, especially if you are being outspaced and outdistanced around sweep range.

Breakers can be used to stop your op- ponent from attacking you, allowing you to either go on offense or just get out of any sticky situation. Some char- acters can also perform special moves after a successful Breaker.

These can be performed only if you are getting hit during a chain combo—not while you are blocking. A lightning bolt in your Super Meter will be lit, denoting this. To perform a Breaker, hold Block and press or hold Towards on the control pad or joystick. Your opponent can break throws by pressing Attack 1 or Attack 3 as soon as the characters are locked in a throw- ing animation with each other.

You can also perform a Back Throw by holding Back on your controller or joystick while throwing, and you can perform a Forward Throw by holding Toward on your controller or joystick. It is important to note that characters who are ducking can avoid throws altogether as long as they are not blocking; however, they risk being hit by medium and low attacks.

'Mortal Kombat' Fatalities for PS3

Only if you are holding Block while ducking are you able to be thrown. Dash canceling or buffering is necessary in order to perform many of the complex combos required for high-level gameplay. To perform a dash cancel, input Toward, Toward after performing any basic move. For example, if you press Attack 3 with any character and press Toward, Toward while the animation for Attack 3 is hitting your opponent, you will automatically dash at your opponent following the Attack 3.

You can do this with any move, but it is extremely effective and timing based when performing complex juggle combos in the middle of the screen. Attack 1, Dash Cancel, Attack 1, etc. Block canceling is performed by pressing Toward, then Block in a rhythmic fashion. This allows you to cover ground slightly quicker and lets you cancel into block-stun if you are being attacked.

This works best if you want to cover a shorter distance than your normal dash allows. In some instances, you can also block cancel and immediately dash into a crouching position to further your offensive and defensive mind games.

The staple of the Mortal Kombat series, juggling your opponent out of the air is a crucial gameplay compo- nent at high levels that can make or break a match.

Standard juggles have always been performed by press- ing a standing 1, then going into a special move. In this game, you have the freedom to extend your combos with the following possible juggle setups:. For example, it is possible to get three Gun Shots from Stryker in a single combo, with a little bonus for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 veterans afterward!

Block damage is a very important part of the game that favors the aggressive player. When any basic or special move hits an opponent and they are pressing Block, they will incur block damage. The damage resets back to Normal immediately if you change your chain combo or special moves.

Remember, this only works if your opponent is getting hit—not when they are blocking. In order to perform a tag assist, you must have one bar available on your Super Meter. Tag assists are extremely useful in the sense that unlike the Marvel vs. Capcom series, your partner does not take any damage if hit when they are coming in during the actual assist.

Your opponent can knock them out of the screen before they actually perform the assist, but that is the limit to the negative aspects of calling out an assist unless, of course, you do not have one bar on your Super Meter to use.

If you are just starting to play Tag mode, familiarize yourself with tag combos in order to take full advantage of the gameplay mechanics Mortal Kombat has to offer.

Mortal Kombat Foreword. Johnny Cage Chapter 6: Jax Chapter Stryker Chapter 2: Sonya Chapter 7: Smoke Chapter Kabal Chapter 3: Scorpion Chapter 8: Sub-Zero Chapter Cyber Sub-Zero Chapter 4: Cyrax Chapter 9: Kitana Chapter Nightwolf Chapter 5: Liu Kang Chapter Jade Chapter Raiden Chapter Kung Lao Chapter Liu Kang. Pressing the Start button at this point allows you to select the classic arcade music from Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and Mortal Kombat 3 for that particular stage.

The Temple Wastelands. Complet- ing Challenge Tower will take around six to seven hours. The worst that will Punch against the larger Tarkatan making his way happen is that he might hit you with an unblockable toward you.

Fatalities pdf kombat 9 mortal

A close With only 60 Ground seconds to Pound fol- defeat a very lowed by a motivated jump kick and angry into Air Grab team of will start the fury on Reptile, but you need to stay on Sonya and Jax, your best bet is to use an Elbow Dash him. A jump-in Combo Starter to a simple uppercut to knock either one of them down; then perform a takes off a good amount of damage and allows you Slow Force Ball which neither of them will block to keep pace with Reptile, who will turn invisible and an uppercut.

You can continually perform varia- shortly afterward. If you try and perform normal combos and aggressively pursue them, you will probably lose the match. Because of the time limit, always remember to dash in after each chain combo to keep up the pressure. The Tarkatan soldiers that have arms will stay on Defeating the ground; Reptile and the ones Ermac is not without arms will jump at you. This is the way to a problem, determine whether to use an air or a ground attack. However, your best bet is to just move toward your opponent and tap 1, 1, 1.

Regardless, you will win the match tion after each successfully defeated character, but Krypt fairly easily. Get into an army of a position where you can perform a combo starter Shao Kahns! When you see him throw earlier on how to defeat Goro, you should not have the hammer, jump straight up and down over it, much of a problem.

'Mortal Kombat' Fatalities for PS3

It may where the new one appears onscreen, as you will take a game or two to get the hang of dealing with need to jump away from him immediately in order to repeat your pattern. It is the only way From Concept to Fatality a projectile that will hit him. Afterward, get close to to consistently get a perfect on Goro at this stage in Goro once again and repeat your combo starter into the Challenge Tower. Remember that crossing up Goro is the key to his ultimate demise.

Against Goro and Kintaro, make sure to use hits necessary to use your mind control with Quan the same strategies from earlier challenges.

Consider Chi and defeat Goro! If not, your best bet is to bait her into doing a Teleport Drop, then block and uppercut her. Shao In order to Kahn can be defeated by throwing projectiles at him, complete blocking his spear, and jumping over his hammer. Might mode. Your Might mode. The following chart lists the name of each challenge, the koins earned by completing each challenge, the character s you will be using during each challenge, and the opponent s you will face.

Challenge Missions. Name of Challenge Player Partner if any Opponents. Special Tech koins Sonya Jax.

Defense koins Sonya Jax. Offense koins Sonya Jax. Finishing Techniques koins Sonya Jax Baraka. Survive koins Amount of Koin rewards de- 37 Kabal Kano pends on your performance. Amount of Koin rewards depends on Johnny Cage Director your performance. Kano, Noob, Cyber Upgrade Complete! Grenade Toss Amount of Koin rewards de- Stryker pends on your performance.

As in previous Mortal Kombat games, conceptual art, Once an item has been purchased it can be viewed costumes, and even fatalities are unlocked via this within Nekropolis. Pressing the 4 button on Xbox section of the game.

You will need nearly , Tower and every time they are beaten if played Koins in order to open everything in the Krypt. If outside the Challenge Tower. In addition, Koins are cally appear at DL User view only. Koins Req. Left of building. Hollow of Infestation Gameplay Loc. Located along wall.

Meadow of Despair Gameplay Loc. Located to right of Nekropolis. Bloodmarsh Gameplay Loc. Nekropolis is a museum that allows you to check all of your unlocked items from the Krypt, including charac- ter art, environmental art, arena music playlists, early fatality initial design sketches. Power up your meter and smash can play. Ladder mode: Allows you to play old-school Mortal Test Your Sight: Test Your Strike: Battle your way through a tag-team where precision outweighs brutal strength.

From basic attacks that may not need a lot of setup Smoke explanations to more complex combos A, B, and C , each character section provides you everything you Sonya Stryker need to create your own fighting strategy. Read up, take our tools, and practice, but most importantly, use Sub-Zero those tools to create your own style.

Each specific move, attack, combo damage, and character frame analysis presented in the game is subject to NetherRealm updating and patching the game with character balancing and move damage updates. When you turn on your game and connect to the PSN Network or Xbox Live, these updates will automatically be downloaded to your console. The Blade Uppercut Scorpion is a very effective anti-air, as is the Sektor old faithful: Only use this in juggles, and it is fast enough to catch your op- the middle of a chain combo.

Down, Away, 2 This projectile has decent speed but has one of Away, Away, 1 the slowest recovery times of any projectile in the You can use this as an anti-air and can combo it off of any chain. This move can cost you in clutch but makes for a good combo ender. A crafty way to land it is to punish an opponent Sektor if they try to jump backward from out of close quarters. Away, Toward, Down, Toward, 1.

Baraka can cleanly the burn more than Baraka. Baraka can also punish the Slide with any However, against Shang Tsung, this is almost impossible. Baraka has to thread the needle with perfectly timed jumps to stand a chance in this matchup. This may be the biggest mismatch possible out of all the cast. Unlike Ermac other members of his clan, he and his older Jade brother, Bi-Han, were abducted as children by Jax the Lin Kuei and trained in the techniques of Johnny Cage assassination throughout their lives.

Be careful, if you NetherRealm Foreword attempt this combo too early midscreen, while From Concept to Fatality opponent is not blocking , Cyber Sub-Zero has an extremely long delay getting up, leaving him vulnerable for easy counterattacks. An otherwise cool and gratifying move that is much too easy to see and avoid.

The Slide almost always works in a projectiles. Kano such as 1, 1 and 2, 1. The following moves use one bar of super meter. It This functions like the regular Slide but with an extra kick added and has good speed and reaches full screen. Perfect to some extra damage. It can also be used as a great anti-air. The X-Ray does pretty good damage as well.

Down, Away, Down, Toward, 2 one jump distance away from opponent. The worst possible matchup for Cyber Sub-Zero is Raiden. He can teleport the moment anything Shadow Slides. Later down the stretch, he can land the X-Ray offense, and he can combo his chains into the Teleport. If when Noob least expects it. Cyber takes this matchup as long as his head is of the thunder god. He is proud to serve, but when the Grand Master initi- Baraka ates a program to convert the clan into cyborgs, Cyrax resists.

He is reluctant to Cyber Sub-Zero lose his humanity, which he believes is more effective than any mechanical aug- Cyrax mentation. He has contemplated leaving the clan, fearing that it is no longer an Ermac Jade organization of honorable assassins. Cyrax knows, however, that such a decision Jax means death at the hands of his former comrades. No one leaves the Lin Kuei. Chain Combos from 1, 2, 1, and 1, 2, From Concept to Fatality 3 are excellent and also work well as juggle combos.

If you happen to catch your opponent with a Net anywhere on the screen, im- mediately Teleport to get close to him and perform a 2, 1, 2 combo or a timed 1, 2, 3, Buzzsaw combo. Constant use of the bombs on screen change the scope of the match and since bombs scoot forward it is important to recognize the duration of time three seconds that the bomb will stay on the screen. You can have all three bombs on the screen at once but you will be disabled from throwing bombs while your opponent is stuck in a Net.

Cyrax From Concept to Fatality. Away, Away, Toward, 4 Away, Away, 3 If your opponent is a full screen distance away, You can combo this off of any chain and can be throw this Bomb and they have to either jump or used in a juggle such as after landing a Bomb. It advance forward. A from a full screen away. This puts you next to the opponent sneaky way to land it is to perform it immediately after throw- instantly, allowing you to land a full combo at point-blank ing a medium-distance Bomb, catching your opponent while range instead of throwing a projectile or jumping from afar.

Scorpion Same as Donkey Kick, but with extra damage. Condition damage. Down, Away, 1 Down, Toward, 3. Jump punch, 2, Net, dash in, Cyber Beatdown. Jump punch, 3, 3, Net, jump punch, 1, 2, 1, Reverse Kick, ducking 3, Ragdolls. And since it points up, it also serves as one of the best anti-air moves in Sektor the game, next to Kung Lao.

Toward, Down, Toward, Away, 2 sweep distance. Cyrax is at his best throw his Net frivolously in efforts to land it while Baraka setting traps from a distance, but Nightwolf simply has the is recovering from performing his Spark.

Even if Cyrax answer to anything Cyrax does in that situation. Overall, this is a very comfort- able match for Cyrax. Anything that leads your Sindel opponent near the corner with the possibil- Smoke Sonya ity of Force Port juggle mix-ups will frustrate Stryker them into making even more mistakes.

Pdf fatalities mortal 9 kombat

Another interesting technique is instead of following up your combo starter with a chain combo, you can perform an Air Blast. This gives you an excellent secondary option to players trying to get away. Forgoing the third hit of the 1, 2, 1 chain combo and using a Force Lift instead is a very fast way to get some juicy damage. This also works well after a combo starter.

It can also be dash canceled. Down, Away, 2 Down, Away, 2 while in the air This is a pretty good projectile with a nice radius and decent This staggers the opponent backward if they are standing and recovery. Great for juggles and good to use as a counter if This lifts the opponent up and slams them to the Kabal you can get a read on whether someone will throw a projectile.

This functions just like the Air Blast only with more damage output.

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Down, Away, 4 Down, Away, 1. It can hit from a Scorpion fairly long distance and just begs for the player to use it after a successful Air Force Port. Down, Up, Down, Down, Block. Even with the least trouble out of the cast. This leaves Baraka no other worried sick about the Ground Skulls. Ei- If Baraka waits for Ermac to jump at him in efforts to anti-air ther way, you still end up on opposite sides of the screen where with the Chop Chop, Ermac can easily perform an Air Force Shang is at his most comfortable.

This matchup can be com- Port on reaction and counter it cleanly from behind. She Sheeva has four different types of Boomerang pro- Sindel Smoke jectiles that are very tricky. The enhanced Sonya version doubles back, forcing you to block Stryker twice and opening up a world of combo Sub-Zero opportunities for Jade. If done correctly in the hands of experts, her Shadow Glow allows you to go through any attack an opponent throws Jade will take the damage from the attacks if they hit her at you; it lasts for only a couple of seconds on the screen, but you can essentially use it to get a free combo every single time.

Be wary of her meter if a player has high execution skills, as this makes her one of the deadliest characters in the game. Jade This move hits overhead and pops the opponent up, leaving them open for any juggle combo you like.

Also, the opponent cannot duck this Smoke version.

Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) Prima Guide

Away, Toward, 3 Down, Away, 2. This attack uses three bars of Super Meter. Up, Up, Down, Toward, 1. Using ing low attacks and chains into the Staff Overhead as well that as a cornerstone, Nightwolf can make Jade think hard as 3, 4 into Boomerang Down. Once a Staff Overhead is about which projectile is coming and how she should deal comboed off a chain, Sheeva is forced to stand and block with it. From a distance, Jade wins wolf can perform a multi Arrow instead, which will almost the projectile war due to her Shadow Flash.

If Sheeva per- certainly knock her out of her jump. Or he can wait till she forms her Jump Stomp, Jade can activate the Shadow Glow lands and perform a Thunder Storm, popping her up for a and take the hit just to initiate her own offense as Sheeva combo ending with a Shoulder to push her back full-screen lands.

All in all, Night- wolf overmatches Jade and can keep her in check for most if not all of an entire match. Kano has gotten Quan Chi the better of Jax thus far, leading the Special Forc- Raiden es into numerous deadly ambushes. Sektor They have now been forced into a sadistic ritual of Shang Tsung bloody kombat.

Sheeva Sindel Smoke Sonya Jax has generally changed over the years from Stryker defensive machine to offensive powerhouse. Useful setups include 1, 1, Overhead Smash, which knocks the opponent down and allows you to follow up with the mix-up of your choice.

Crouching Attack 4 canceled into a Dash Punch can be a good surprise maneuver but it can be ducked.

Utilizing the Over- head Smash cancel from low attacks will require your opponent to block high and is hard to see coming. Use this to your advantage in projectile wars. Most chains This extremely quick move can be used in the Sektor combo into this, and it can also be used as a combo ender.

Sweep an opponent twice in a row and they Landing a Dash Punch puts the opponent at the perfect dis- will almost certainly stay duck-blocking in anticipation for the tance to perform this move.

At that point you can perform a close Ground Pound but by timing the move so that it hits the ground as the oppo- without worrying about an opponent jumping away from it. Down, Away, 1 This is a great anti-air and is a perfect follow-up to landing a close Ground Pound.

Canceling out a Ground Quake and attacking your opponent with moves such as the Dash Punch or Back Breaker as they try to jump away is key. Down, Away, 3 Down, Toward, 3. Ground Pound close , 1, 2 dash in, 2, 1, Gotcha Beatdown. This can also act as a near-certain Scorpion anti-air. Away, Toward, Toward, Away, 2 touching opponent. Jax is the kind of character who, once he gets in, sticks to The worst possible match for Jax is Shang Tsung.

Jax is the opponent like glue and forces him to look for an exit. When Jax starts attacking with his chain needle in order to get in close.

The varying distances of the combos, Sheeva has to grin and bear it until there is a clear Ground Skull keep Jax from doing things such as a whiffed opening for her to jump away; even then, her height makes Dash Punch just to close the gap. In the event that Sheeva has enough eral more projectiles such as the Triple Skull , pushing Jax room to perform her Jump Stomp or even if she combos a back to full-screen distance, back to square one.

But there is more Johnny Cage to Johnny than even he knows. He is a Kabal descendant of an ancient Mediterranean Kano cult that bred warriors for the gods—war- Kitana riors who possessed power beyond that of Kratos PS3 Only mortals.

This legacy has made Johnny Cage Kung Lao a star. More important, it will aid him in Liu Kang the battle to come. An excellent wake-up move for Cage is his Nut Punch. Since invincibility frames are added on wake-up moves and the Nut Punch is a medium attack, it is recommended that opponents keep away from Cage if he has Super Meter. Even deadlier is his Wake-Up Flip Kick, which if enhanced acts as an anti-air as well, making Cage seem like a tank when he has meter.

Johnny Cage 7 7 6 4. When used up close, it makes Kung Lao an opponent try to avoid it by back dashing, jumping, or performing a wake-up attack since nobody wants to sit still and get hit with Liu Kang an unblockable attack. Sweeps and over- Sheeva heads work great in this situation. This is also an excellent wake-up attack. This move works great after an opponent Kratos PS3 Only blocks a chain combo and tries to retaliate, thus running right into the Nutcracker.

Jump punch, 2, 1, Flipkick. Jump punch, Axe Kick, dash in, 1, 1, dash in, 1, 1 dash in 1, 1 dash in, 4, 4, Eclipse Kick. For an opponent who likes to jump at you, this works like a charm.

After you Stryker land this X-Ray, the opponent is popped up ever so slightly, allowing for Cage to dash in and land any attack he can deal to the Sub-Zero opponent while they are airborne.

The Flip Kick is a great follow-up in this situation. Toward, Toward, Away, Down, 3. All of her moves gen- sets the stage in this bout, as Johnny Cage is not able to punish erally have slower-than-normal start-up animation, and Johnny them or trade with them without getting knocked backward to Cage has some of the quickest offense in the game.

Shang also builds plenty of meter by even if he reacts slightly later than she does. If only he could use a stuntman for this matchup. This transition helped ease the pain of Cyber Sub-Zero dark memories. Severely injured in battle, he is Jax doomed to wear a life-support system forever. Nightwolf Noob For example, Kabal can throw air and Quan Chi ground projectiles and use the fake Nomad Raiden Dash to get closer to an opponent and set up Reptile another combo, sweep, grab, or overhead at- Scorpion tack Tornado Slam into more shenanigans.

For old schoolers: Regardless of the experience you may have playing against him, there are certain tactics you can prepare for but will still not be able to overcome playing against an expert-level Kabal player. Kabal 6 6 5. Mileena succession with very little recovery time. You can combo it off of any chain Sonya or use it in juggle combos, and it makes for an excellent wake-up attack. Use this to make the opponent wonder if you will Sub-Zero commit to a full Nomad Dash or not.

Away, Toward, 4. If an opponent happens to get hit with an Air Gas Sektor Blast shot low to the ground, Kabal can recover and land the X-Ray before they fall. Lastly, due to the full-screen travel distance Shang Tsung and speed, Kabal can also anti-air with it no matter where you are on screen or which direction you jump toward of backward. Away, Toward, Away, Toward, 1 sweep distance. He can use the Torpedo to catch Kabal jumping an obstacle course for Jax to solve.

Not to mention, Kabal backward before he lands and to counter right over a Buzz- can further keep Jax hesitant but canceling out of a Nomad saw attempt. He can use the Bolt attack to keep Kabal still Dash at any point, then jumping away, just to instill a long enough to close the distance with a jump, a dash-in, lingering fear that he will commit to a dash at some point.

From weapons dealing to cold-blooded Ermac murder, his military training has made him the Jade go-to man for the Black Dragon. Kano Toward, Down, Away, Toward half circle back, Toward, Down, Away, Toward half circle back, then toward then toward while in the air This move is very fast and does a good deal of dam- This can be used to counter projectiles on reaction from almost full-screen age.

This makes for a great juggle ender as well. It can also be incorporated into juggles as an ender. Possibly the most gratifying move in the game, this makes for an enter- Kabal This knocks anyone out of the sky and can be in- taining combo ender. Kano corporated into juggle combos. It also makes for an Kitana effective wake-up attack. Good speed and exceptional recovery. Kano Sektor This is a great alternative if you have a feel for when your opponent will can zone very well with this move and the recovery Shang Tsung jump, but it is best used as a juggle ender preferably after a jump kick.

If held long enough, the Kano Ball becomes unblockable. It also looks twice as cool when incorporated into a juggle combo. When Kano has the meter, he can anti-air a jumping opponent with his X-Ray the Sektor opponent jumps right into it and gets sucked in.

Away, Down, Away, Toward, 1 sweep distance. If she tries does struggle with is Smoke. He can keep is the Shake parry attack, which instantly punishes Kano from her at bay with his Knife Throw to an annoying degree and full-screen distance.

Keeping Sheeva at Smoke Bomb. Most of her life she has loyally Kabal served her father, Shao Kahn, in his unending Kano quest to conquer the realms. But there is a feeling tugging at her, a Kung Lao feeling that the life she has known is a decep- Liu Kang tion. If she were to lower her Noob guard, however, she might discover that her Quan Chi Earthrealm opponents can lead her to answers. She can Sheeva keep most of the cast out with a combination of Sindel spacing from incessant Fan Tosses in the air and Smoke on the ground.

In addition, Cutting Fan, which already has amazing recovery and speed, causes your oppo- nent to stagger, allowing you to mix high and low games afterward.

The Fan Dice hits twice and knocks your opponent down, allowing Kitana to keep the pressure on. Kitana is at her deadliest in the corner; her clas- sic jump kick, Fan Toss, juggle of your choice, and Square Boost are still intact, but she can get over 25 hits on an opponent in the corner if you have built up enough Super Meter.

Kitana 6. When performed on the ground, it covers a good amount of horizontal space, making it hard to jump over. Power Fireball: Undead Bride: Ermac Special Attacks: Ermac Rush: Mind Over Splater: Reptile Special Attacks: B, Up, BK E: Cold Blooded: Acid Yak: Kitana Special Attacks: Royal Pain: Fan Opener: Johnny Cage Special Attacks: Out Take: Heads Up!: Jade Special Attacks: Re Boomerang: Pole Check: Head a Rang: Mileena Special Enhanced Attacks: Smacked Around: Be Mine: Nightwolf Special Attacks: Blade and Edge: Little Of The Top: Cyrax Special Attacks: Sticky Bomb Close: See Saw: Buzz Kill: D, Up, BL Varies.

Noob Saibot Special Attacks: Ghostball Spirit Ball: Saibot Blast: Make A Wish: Smoke Special Attacks: Smoked Out: Sektor Special Attacks: Tracks Opponent Up Missile Behind: Artificial Intelligence: Sonya Blade Special Attacks: Advance Force: Scissor Split: Jax Special Attacks: Major Force: Smash And Grab: Kano Special Attacks: Kano Ball: One Two Three: Stryker Special Attacks: Kop Out: Time Served: Shang Tsung Special Attacks: More time X-Ray Attack: Bad Omen: Bang Bang: Baraka Special Attacks: Tarkatan Rush: Up The Middle: Kabal Special Attacks: Last Breath: Hook Up: D, D, BK Varies.

Raiden Special Attacks: Touching, E: Heavenly Hand: Just A Scratch: Sheeva Special Attacks: Shokan Fury: Stripped Down: Valor Of Hercules: Blade of Olympus: