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Vector basic training pdf

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Vector Basic Training book by Von Glitschka. by admin Vector Basic Training cover logo . You can view the PDF by clicking here (30+Mb). Download [PDF] Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork EBook For download this book. Create precise, well-crafted vector artwork with this one-of-a-kind training manu.

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Vector Basic training: a systematic creative Process for Building Precision Vector artwork. Von glitschka. New Riders. Eighth Street. Berkeley, CA Project: Vector Basic Training Second Edition Book. Client: Pearson ORDER DIGITAL PDF VERSION • $25 (Orders processed via homeranking.info Access all. Every vector drawing program comes with default settings. In general, the defaults are OK, but customizing your preferences will make creat-.

Follow Us Follows. By employing his self-styled Sergeant Glitschka pose, of course! I highly recommend this book. Download the sample pages includes Chapter 4 and Index. Also included: Following this article being posted, I noticed that a sample chapter is available from Peachpit. It's possible to debate whether hand drawing is required anymore for many designs, but perhaps this attitude shows through with the vast amount of mediocre digital artwork out there.

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Training vector pdf basic

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Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork

Part of the Voices That Matter series. Book Sorry, this book is no longer in print. Not for Sale. Description Copyright Dimensions: More Information.

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He's simply called the "Worm Guy". Nothing personal… it's simply that, as with many other Adobe Illustrator users, my first encounter with his work was from the sample artwork supplied with Illustrator CS4 entitled "Loyal Order of Wormwood".

[PDF] Book Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for B…

A section of this piece may be seen below:. Glitschka is a designer who has found recognition from fellow designers and organisations and operates Glitschka Studios. He imparts his knowledge via his insightful Drawsigner blog www.

Basic pdf vector training

Von also speaks at design seminars and conducts design training courses. Why's it important to know all this about the author? Well, if you're going to invest your money — and more importantly, time — in reading and learning, it's useful to know that you're learning good, real-world techniques.

When designing in the digital age, two skill sets are required; the ability to actually design, and the ability to use a computer with its relevant design software. It's not possible to be successful if one skill set is missing. VBT is relatively unique in that it bridges the knowledge and skill gap between these two disciplines. There are great books that concentrate purely on design and art principles out there.

Book that focus on operating the machinery. However, translating the craft of design into a digital medium can be tricky and full of potential pitfalls, even for the most gifted. This is especially true when it comes to the world of vector design — which now largely equates to Adobe Illustrator.

So how does Glitschka go about converting Luddites into Leonardos? By employing his self-styled Sergeant Glitschka pose, of course!

This ties in very well with Glitschka's humour and transforms what can be a very dry subject into one where you see the split personality of Sergeant and Trainee, especially when viewing the videos supplied on the CD with the book. Thankfully there is a limit to the humorous introductions before it runs the risk of becoming wearing. This is the key refreshing part of this book.

Vector Basic Training book by Von Glitschka

Most chapters are interwoven with references to, or extended examination of "analog tool"-based drawing which is used to create a design's groundwork.

In Glitschka's world, computer design is dead without a pen, paper and scanner. I can personally attest to the importance Glitschka places on good basic sketching skills following a recent exchange where he witnessed my feeble attempts.

To quote:. It would have been easier to build your design if the drawing was refined! I would have gotten on your case if you were a student of mine.


I deleted the "LOL's" from the original quote as they didn't tie in with the Sergeant approach. And yes — Sgt. Glitschka had a very good point as my sketch was awful. Also included: SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

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