Qtp tutorial for beginners with examples pdf

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The UFT Tutorial is a self-paced guide that teaches you the basics of testing PDF or Help window. For example, your application may be built in a Web,. NET. guide that teaches you the basics of testing your application with QuickTest, the powerful . into QuickTest. You can open a PDF of this tutorial from your. QTP Tutorial pdf, QTP online Tutorial with reference manuals and examples.

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The tutorials are designed for beginners with little or no automation experience. Tutorial, How to Replay a Script in QTP/UFT with Example. HP-QTP i. About the Tutorial. HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), an automated functional testing tool that helps also go through the basics of VBScript here. QTP Tutorial in PDF - Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including.

So please help me as soon as possible. Please ask your detailed query here. Communication Skills. Probably can rope-in more people from the QTP forums [www. I m in doubt??? I know Just only manual testing,I never worked on Testing. QTP Interview Questions.

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Rise in Demand for Talent Here's how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. Our Portals: Username Password. New to Wisdomjobs? Sign up. LoadRunner Tutorial. WinRunner Tutorial. LoadRunner Interview Questions. WinRunner Interview Questions. QTP Interview Questions. Automation Testing Interview Questions. Rational robot Interview Questions. We have started a detailed free UFT tutorial series on our blog. Please enter your name and address below and we will make sure to send you updates as soon as we publish a new tutorial.

I recommend you to subscribe by Email and have new UFT articles sent directly to your inbox. LearnQTP is run, maintained and updated by me and my team.

You can connect with me on twitter ajonit.

For qtp pdf examples beginners tutorial with

Really very informative and creative contents. This concept is a good way to enhance the knowledge. Thanks for sharing such a great ideas! Hi, Thank you for valuable information. Can you please let me know from where i can download the tutorials for latest UFT version.

Great job in running such a good web site and helping many.

Probably hijacked or XSS issue. Please ask your detailed query here. Please let me know how can i add UFT addin… i want to run my script on Chrome and it is not recognising Browser objects It always takes Winobject. Anyone has any idea why Data shows blank no global or local in my QTP tool. Do I need to set up any settings to show Global and local sheets in data field?

Please correct this. Is their maximum Chance to get A job in this Field? How about Scope in USA of this subject?? I want some standard answer challenges which should be bit impressive and also it should be answerable.

Just to crack the interview. Otherwise publicly available download link is UFT 12 in the menu above. Hey Ankur. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is John and I am also a quality assurance automation engineer. I am writing an article on some of the top struggles qa automation engineers face when first starting out.

I wanted to get your input on the matter and see if you had anything to add if you had a moment.

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

Thanks for your time in advance. I have downloaded UFT I am aksed to test a form of 33 fields including login screen using UFT Will I be able to record and play using UFT12 putting check points in the script? Please advise. Hi Ankur hoping u great. Hi Ankur, Just need to know if I want to click and hold click on particular java object for say 10 sec in QTP how I can achieve this task.

Hi I am new to QTP.

I just downloaded QTP 9. Can anyone point out where the problem could be? I know Just only manual testing,I never worked on Testing. Now I want to learn automation tools QTP and Quality center on my own within week time and I should be able to attend the Interview within a week.

In UFT nearly 22 to 25 topics are there so we can learn easily in 15 days……. Could you help me to identify an image of win object.

My application is coded by vb6. I have an image of win object. Application is coded by vb6. Could you please help me to identify image object? When I spy object, I can not find it. Could you please ask your query at http: Can someone please confirm?

Your blog is helping me learn and master the tool. All i need is a little knowledge on testing basics. You r helping us a lot.!! Keep posting.. Add first 3columns and compare with 4th column if both are same display Passed in result column otherwise Failes. Hi Iam an experienced oops programmer with over 10 years of experience in various languages, presently working as an Architect. Being so many years in product software devlopment i am well verse with testing concepts , although never performed any testing role.

I have recently become a bit curious about Test Automation, I see that thre is a possibility of exploiting my programming experience and using that for Test automation. Please help me in providing some pdf materials or docs so that I can learn QTP with certification exam prospect. I need to learn QTP and give this certification exam asap because I can get a job if I have this certification. Please help on this. I need your help on this too. Can anyone provide me exam material for the preparation of 1.

Please email me vikramsinghkalsi gmail. Keep going…. This is a shame. Please reply…. And I would say that you would benefit most if you go through the tutorials without skipping parts and try working on QTP on your own rather being spoon-fed. Google it. Nice detailed book. Ofcourse you need to have the patience to go through it. Please could you guide me regarind Salesforce recording with QTP 10 version. Please could you give me ur contact details or send me email on, zesdar-4 student.

Thank you once again….

UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Hi, Is it possible that the http: Yesterday I started working with the tutorials and today it seems that the website is not working properly. I am trying to create a test that will save a value within a software application however, when the saved automated test case re-runs, the software errors stating the value the test case is trying to save already exist, is there a way i can have my qtp test case insert a random value into a particular text box so i can avoid this error?

Can any one give me proper exapmle? First of all honestly i appreciate your patience and thanks for posting and sharing knowledge……its marvelous!!!!! Hi Ankur, First thanks for such a wonderful work. Your blog is very much beneficial for all QTP users. But I am unable to download the demo version of qtp from Hp site.

Could u please help me out in solving this problem,so that i can get a clear knowledge about the QTP. It will be a great help for me. How do I download QTP? Do you mean http: Hi Ankur, How are you? My question is regarding the registration of username and password on merury tours website.

I registered so many times but the site is not accepting the username and pwd. Earlier i was using mercury as username and password,now site is not accepting it also.

Please help. This is regarding the comment posted by you on I am also getting the same error when try recording on web app. Where can i find this UAC? I am using vista.

Please help me out. Need some help. During my recording,I have entered a value for the price as Hi Ankur Thanks a lot for such a great information. I went through the steps you mentioned. Downloaded the qtp from hp site and installed.

Now when I open qtp, it gets open and after few seconds it throws an error Visual C compiler error.

QTP Tutorial For Beginners - Learn Free QTP Tutorial pdf | Wisdom Jobs

So I am not able to learn qtp. Could you please help me out in solving this error. Would be very greatfull to have any comments on this. Thanks a lot. I now want to learn QTP as well as the other automation tools. Can you pleae tell me if going through the links you provided me will be enough to work on real time projects?

QTP Tutorial in PDF

Also, the QTP download link is dead. Can you please fix that? I am greatful to this blog. I was unaware about QTP. However now I am feeling that I have learnt the basic concepts. The steps mentioned by you to do the same was very much helpful.

Pdf for with tutorial examples qtp beginners

Now I am trying to learn the concept of keyword driven methodology which is given in user guide. I am strucked in creating the functions.

Functions like to verify the Mercury tours registration form, for error messages, invalid date entries etc. How to do that? FYI, I am not having any programing knowledge.

Hi Ankur can you please help me and give a navigation steps to down load Trial version of quality center from HP. I tried once but failed to download.

Ankur, Can you send me or put the QTP student handbook on your site? I went to the linked site and it brought up a bunch of inappropriate sites.

My email is tmaffei15 yahoo. I am using your blog since 1 month, and it is soo much awasome, informative, Up to mark…: