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Under the Dome ebook EPUB/PDF/PRC/MOBI/AZW3 download | Free Kindle Books. Download Under the Dome ebook free. Download Under The Dome free pdf, Download Under The Dome Pdf, Read Online. Under The Dome pdf, Free Under The Dome Ebook Download, Free. Under the Dome book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester's Mill, Mai.

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PDF | Analysis of the the first season of the television show "Under the Dome", based on the Stephen King novel with the same title (in ITALIAN) Freely available . download under the dome stephen king - solouk - download under the dome stephen dome part 2 stephen king pdf - ijcbs - under the dome part 2 . Under the Dome on yhdysvaltalainen scifidraamasarja, joka perustuu Stephen Kingin romaaniin Kuvun alla (Under the Dome). Under the dome pdf italiano.

The local used car salesman takes control. I really enjoyed this. Trivia About Under the Dome. Stephen King. Poor Maine. Get A Copy.

The kind you have because you can. It still feels good, and no way are you gonna stop just because it's meaningless. I suppose this last isn't comprehensible to my girly readers of either gender. Don't think too much. You'll end up in a much better mood than you started out in. View all 76 comments. May 27, Lindsey Rey rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 8 comments. Jan 06, Jason rated it liked it Recommended to Jason by: In one sense, the concept of an entire town being suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world and the social, political, and even meteorological struggles that ensue is highly fascinating.

But at the same time, King has really let me down with this cast of dull, one-dimensional, and highly stereotypical characters. It seems in this novel you are either a hateful, fear-mongering, murderous megalomaniac or you are a gentle, respectful, selfless individual with a limitless background of useful talents.

There is little in between. In one case, a character is a blatant clone of the Trash Can Man from The Stand , complete with being the cause of a widespread disaster. Not very original. The interactions of these characters often seems forced and unnatural, and the dialogue, at times, horrendous. But still, the premise of the novel kept me going and the idea that one can be so completely isolated from functional society and the disasters which could result from this isolation became a truly terrifying prospect, especially as the story progressed.

View all 20 comments. Nov 23, Jonathan Janz rated it it was amazing. I finished Under the Dome a few days ago. I haven't seen the mini-series, nor do I want to for a good while. That has nothing to do with the negative comments I've heard about the aforementioned adaptation and everything to do with one simple fact: I don't need to see a filmed version. Because the mental version of the book is still unspooling in my mind. Sometimes you hear a lot of hype about a book, but the reading experience falls short.

Sometimes, a book is about what you expected. There are o I finished Under the Dome a few days ago. There are occasionally those glorious occasions when the book exceeds the hype. For an example of this, check out Norman Partridge's sublime Dark Harvest, which I'd heard about for several years but never read until a couple months ago.

That book knocked me on my tookus. And then there's Under the Dome. This novel catapulted my entire body into the air, propelled it through the window in a maelstrom of shattered glass, and sent it tumbling and broken into the lawn.

Then, when I staggered to my feet, the darn book rose up from my bedroom floor, blasted through the window, and flattened me again. I've read more than fifty Stephen King books. Under the Dome is one of the top five. I've read plenty of criticisms about it. Too many points-of-view, unsubtle characterization, an anti-climactic ending. Personally, I loved it.

Because I adore lists, here are just a few reasons why I consider Under the Dome a modern classic: Big Jim Rennie: I love it when a villain takes over a story. The nastier the villain is, the greater the danger to the heroes and the more powerful potential catharsis there exists in defeating him.

The Shark in Jaws. The warden in The Shawshank Redemption.

Under the Dome

Dolores Umbridge in the fifth Harry Potter book seriously! Big Jim Rennie is as vicious and calculating and eerily real as any villain in modern fiction. I absolutely despised him. But whenever he was on stage, I couldn't look away. Dale Barbara was an unlikely protagonist, or at least he sure seemed that way. At first, I thought of him as a military Larry Underwood if you're wondering about my favorite King book, it's still The Stand , but as the novel wore on, I realized how much I'd underestimated himboth his capacity for good and the depth of his sins.

Plus, he had those three crucial traits: The Twists and the Straightaways: When I thought I knew who would live and who would die, I was often wrong. I never would've guessed what Andy Sanders would become. I had no idea I'd end up liking or at least caring about characters like the town drunk and the resident meth-maker. Sure, there were plot twists I saw coming; King never sacrifices plausibility for sheer shock value.

But the things I did see coming fit beautifully into the framework of the tale, and King still found a wayvia his technique, his timing, or even his word choiceto render those foreseen developments fresh. The intertextuality with his own works or the works of othersparticularly William Golding's Lord of the Flieswas so deftly handled that the novel would have been diminished without it.

I could write about this book for days, but I think an imperfect analogy might work best here. When Michael Jordanthe best player in basketball historyreturned from retirement for the second time, it was with the Washington Wizards. Jordan had lost a step or three, and he no longer aired like he once did. But there was still magic in his shoes, and though his last team never did much, he certainly flashed moments of the old brilliance.

But in one amazing game Jordan again surpassed the fifty-point mark, including an astonishing thirty-four-point first half. Watching Jordan out there performing his wizardry sorry , it was obvious that all his accumulated knowledge and experience had been distilled into something transcendent. He pulled up for mid-range jumpers, he knocked down threes.

He even threw down a thunderous dunk. Watching Jordan that night was like watching him in his prime, only it was somehow greater. He had defeated time. Or at least spun back the hands of the clock for one marvelous night. Only King's brilliance lasted for over a thousand pages pages on my Nook , and King never let up. Here was King scaring the hell out of me. Next was King breaking my heart by describing the death of a character I loved.

King created a villain, and then another one even more monstrous, and then he threw me a bone by killing off a minor villain. Then he walloped me with some poetic setting descriptions before making me belly laugh at a shockingly crude joke. In other words, it was all there. The whole amazing repertoire. But that doesn't begin to describe this book. I said the Jordan comparison was imperfect, and it is. Woefully so. Because King never really retired the way Jordan did. And unlike Jordan was that night, King is notin my opinionimmersed in the twilight of his career.

No, I don't believe King's almost done. In fact, I believe, like the great Elmore Leonard, Stephen King is going to be producing amazing books for at least a couple more decades. I base this on the fact that he's a relentless self-improver, and if you don't believe that, compare his early stuff to Under the Dome.

Sure, I love his early stuff. But putting Under the Dome next to the aforementioned titles shows that King has retained the pure storytelling magic that enthralled audiences back in the seventies, yet he hasn't ceased to grow.

Looking at his recent writing, it's clear that his mastery of point-of-view, his eye for detail, his ability to orchestrate such a mindblowingly complex plot are even more impressive than they've ever been. These traits are the hallmarks of an individual who has never stopped learning, who has never gotten lazy. So yes, I loved Under the Dome. And I love Stephen King's work.

I wrote a letter to him a few weeks ago, a letter I'll probably never send because I'm afraid he won't get it, and if he does, I'm afraid he'll think I'm either trying to ingratiate myself with him or worse, that I'm an obsessed fan. But friends, let me just say this.

From the moment the dome came down until the very last word of that book I was under that dread barrier too. I shuddered at the atrocities some of the characters committed. I fretted for the safety of my fellow townspeople. I came to fear Halloween and whatever else the premonitions foretold. But most of all, I hoped there would be a few good-hearted souls who would stand up for what was right.

I stood with them under the dome. And if you haven't yet, I'd strongly encourage you to stand with them too. View all 40 comments. Dec 30, Braden Canfield rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The only thing more preposterous than the premise of this book is how the characters responded to it. What a bunch of pathetic caricatures! A dome mysteriously descends upon a small town in Maine and within hours the sociopath selectman and his amazingly evil son begin wreaking havoc to be joined later by other weak-minded psychos and an army of idiot under-aged thugs who are picked to be interim policemen during the crisis.

The other townies seem to see nothing wrong with this and start wearing The only thing more preposterous than the premise of this book is how the characters responded to it. The other townies seem to see nothing wrong with this and start wearing blue armbands in solidarity to their new officer friendlys. Meanwhile, a small collection of like-minded good guys start to strangely gather one to another and begin bonding around their outlandish good nature and intuitive good sense, an intuition shared only by this select few who gather together occasionally to collect all their facts and come to stunningly accurate conclusions through dialogues that read like the minutes of a high school student government meeting.

My good man, Stephen King needs an editor who can snap him into shape. I don't mean to necessarily make a book like this shorter, I mean to make it better. King can handle a large ensemble of characters and a complex plot. He can even write well enough to keep me reading a huge book that I find stupid. I just ask that he be required to not simplify his characters just to drive a ridiculous plot to a rip-roaring ending.

View all 15 comments. In the middle of the night thoughts became zombies. Under the Dome was always one of those King books that I dreaded. Reviews were not always so favourable on Instagram with a lot of people claiming it had one of King "When the dawn was still long hours away, bad thoughts took on flesh and began to walk. Reviews were not always so favourable on Instagram with a lot of people claiming it had one of King's worst endings… so I really was expecting the worst.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised. Now admittedly that may be due to having the ending semi-spoilered for me prior to reading, but even if that wasn't the case, I'm pretty sure I would still have liked it.

I'm a huge fan of when King takes a small town and really fleshes it out - I love when he expands upon the different families and relationships, and even the doggos. Under the Dome has a massive cast, which is always a problem for me initially trying to keep track of everyone, I felt like I was constantly flicking back to the character list at the beginning of the book.

But as I progressed further into the story I found myself checking less and less often. I hated Big Jim with the passion of a thousand suns, and I absolutely loathed his weak-minded little minions too. Speaking of Jim and his cronies, this book has a few triggers like rape and abuse, so people might want to take note of this.

There's quite a lot of violence as well. This was one of my minor issues with the book - there's just so much of it that it becomes exhausting.

I accept that King wanted us to really hate these guys, but I was calling for their blood about pages in… I didn't need to keep having this hammered home.

Under the Dome by Stephen King

A particular highlight for me in terms of the characters was the story of Ollie Dinsmore - I was heavily emotionally involved in his story, there were even tears towards the end! I found Under the Dome to be a really fascinating exploration of what happens when a small community is just cut off from the rest of society and put under a microscope.

What happens when the usual law and rules no longer seem to apply? Also when you add in a egocentric psychopath like Big Jim Rennie who already holds a little bit of power.

It's basically a huge human experiment!! And I was here for it!

Under the Dome wouldn't really be categorised as horror, but I found the concept itself horrifying, especially when King describes the smells and gases accumulating under the dome, as well as the slow decline of resources - that just makes me feel SO claustrophobic.

Imagine being trapped in such a small space with Jim and his cronies where everything can be twisted to suit their agenda - no thank you!! The entire point of this book is not what caused the dome, but what was happening underneath it. The dome is merely being used as a device to cut off Chester's Mill from the rest of the world. There were tonnes of hints and foreshadowing indicating this outcome, so I guess I don't get why people were disappointed. But that's just me! I liked the ending, and I really couldn't care less if that's an unpopular opinion.

Overall, I really enjoyed Under the Dome. It's not one of my favourites, but it's a pretty damn good read. View 1 comment. Jan 16, Holly B rated it liked it Shelves: It catches the town off guard and causes planes to crash straight into it and will ultimately terrorize the community in more ways than one. This was my first book by King and enjoyed it, although it was over pages long with many characters to keep up with. Of course there is murder, plenty of creepiness and quite the cast of quirky characters.

I was so intrigued by the invisible dome and all the images it provid 3. I was so intrigued by the invisible dome and all the images it provided. I read this with some reading buddies and we had so much fun trying to guess where the story was going and how it would end.

Plenty of suspense sustains most of the story, although some of the side stories did feel unnecessary and slowed the momentum down. The ending was a bit disappointing to me which I can't disclose because of spoilers Now I can't wait to watch the television show and see how the characters are portrayed. View all 29 comments. Mar 06, Bill Khaemba rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was everything I wanted in a book and more.

If you have read The Stand you will absolutely devour this one. King managed to immerse me into the dome and feel for these characters and also how he managed to capture voices of dogs, woodchucks, birds and other animals as the phenomena was happening was genius. He single handedly managed to balance out plot-development and characterization, which made the book personal and fast for the reader. The Writing-style was fun and easy to get into, with a sense of dark humor and really short chapter which made the pacing of the book move really quickly.

If you are those people who are affected by death of characters and pets, 50 people die in the first 50 pages YES! King went there. I was like I rooted for the awesome good guys and I HATED like 50 people, my wanting for revenge and retribution made flip the pages. I was surprised by how fast I went through it and people are intimidated by the size but sparing some time and immersing yourself in the story, you will not regret, especially if you are familiar with kings writing.

I loved loved loved this book and it might on of the best book I have ever read. I Just saw the series adaptation View all 68 comments. Jun 03, Stacia the club rated it liked it Recommended to Stacia the club by: Finished after almost a week of reading.

Watch an inside look at the upcoming t. Great storytelling and characterization is present, and it gives enough weight to cancel out some of the over-excessive descriptions and random add-ins. But only to a certain extent.

Obviously, my opinion matters little, since Stephen King is popular enough that he can write everything as long-winded as Finished after almost a week of reading. Obviously, my opinion matters little, since Stephen King is popular enough that he can write everything as long-winded as he'd like and tell us all to move along if we aren't happy with it.

This was a disturbing, gory, graphic and engrossing read.

Dome under pdf ita the

The cast of characters varied from sane to insane, which made for a lot of booing and cheering when it came to following everyone's individual stories. Quick Story Synopsis: One small town is minding their own small-town business when from out of nowhere, a dome closes over their town, shutting them off from the rest of the world.

They can see the world, but can't get to it. What caused this dome to appear? Nobody knows and answers aren't so quick to be found. Can you imagine what people would do in such a situation? What if supplies ran out? What if law and order suddenly ceased to exist? If you can think of all the horrific things which could happen, chances are many of those exact things are happening in this book.


Ever heard of the term "shit hits the fan? You guessed it. I can't really review this book further without giving away big plot reveals. In a nutshell, I'll go back to what I said above: If there's a hair growing out of a mole on a person's face, chances are, we'll hear about it. Also, I always feel like there's some soap-box opinions being brought to us through the writing. I prefer not to have to read about politics and religion in books when it becomes sort of nit-picky.

That's just my personal preference. Do I think this is going to make for an interesting t. At least I think there's room for a lot of crazy potential, although some scenes might have to be downgraded in content to meet mainstream t. I'll be watching it even if it's horrible though because of Mike Vogel, who is playing my favorite character Barbie from the book.

Sue me. View all 43 comments. Of all the King books I've read so far this one was my favorite. Because of my working situation I was only ever able to read this book in 10 to 20 minute intervals and it took me about 3 months. Even with the constant breaks and interruptions I still found this book very engrossing. This book isn't conventionally scary. There are no monsters or creepers well not really but I think the villians in this story are much more terrifying because of the recent outbreak of fear-mongering in America.

W Of all the King books I've read so far this one was my favorite. Whats the only thing more terrifying that monsters Just kidding Its funny that I tend to lean more conservative. I believe in the right to bare arms, capital punishment and small government but if I had to be trapped under a dome with a group of people I hope and pray its liberals. King has crafted himself a gang of the most terrifying villians yet and its because they are actual people.

No special powers just regular murderous money grubbing people. I bet I know people who would reduce themselves to the acts of Big Jim if pushed to far. Maybe I'm one of those people. And as usual I am impressed with Kings character development. While not nearly as good as Duma Key or Misery whose cast of characters were much smaller I thought King put a lot of thought and care into these characters because in the end there were people that I absolutely hated and people that I absolutely loved.

To me character development is the most important component to any story. Bravo King! But really what struck me the most is how fast a civilized group of people can turn into a lynching mob under the right leadership. In the story these people were lied to and very few of them stopped to use common sense or ask questions. How very similiar to recent events.

I'm not sure if King ment for this story to make a political statement but thats how I saw it and it really spoke to me. View all 10 comments. Feb 09, Jessie rated it it was ok. Not my favorite book, by far.

I found it to be an easy read and rather compelling, but toward the end I just wanted to get to the end to find out how it ended, not because I engrossed in the book or the characters, I just needed to know why the dome was in place. Oh, the characters. This book had every stereotypical small town character you can imagine. I mean every single one from the corrupt politician, his spoiled and violent son, only one really good cop, the lazy doctor who misdiagnoses EVE Not my favorite book, by far.

All the locals are either apathetic or complete morons because anyone with any intelligence wouldn't live in a small town unless deep down they're evil.

Ita under the dome pdf

The plot was basically "what happens when a big fish in a small town has the opportunity to take complete power. People trapped under a mysterious dome has so many possibilities. Instead it became mired down in a power grab. A lot disappointed me with this book, but I think the biggest disappointment was the fact that the big bad guy just dies. I really wanted him face justice in the real world. I wanted to see his face as the federal government took him away.

I feel robbed that I didn't get that. The ending was another disappointment. It just ended. No big finale. Just make the monster that put the dome in place understand that it is hurting real beings. Then there was a sloppy moral where the characters learned to appreciate life. Ahhh, happy ending. Not satisfying but happy for them. Oct 27, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really enjoyed this.

What I enjoyed most was the rapid breakdown of society in this small town. It was so believable and horrifying. Rennie was totally evil and I loved the whole cast of characters. View all 7 comments.

Under the dome pdf italiano - Under dome

Jan 30, Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror rated it did not like it. Of course we are in another fictional Maine town, except this time-the town is under a dome. It has endless possibilities and considering Stephen King is a master storyteller, I was so excited! Not to mention this is a BIG ass book. So of course, in classic King fashion there is a slow build here. The townies are first rattled and shocked and then slowly, they start formulating a plan--well some do, some just take advantage of the fact that their community is sealed off from the rest of the world Of course we are in another fictional Maine town, except this time-the town is under a dome.

The townies are first rattled and shocked and then slowly, they start formulating a plan--well some do, some just take advantage of the fact that their community is sealed off from the rest of the world and they get up to some bad behavior.

Like really bad, disgusting behavior. Where this all went wrong, I think, was in the character development story lines that were super long winded and overly wrought. I think King tried to make us care about these people and their fate but I just didn't. How could King write characters like those but then completely miss the mark in Dome? I was constantly screaming in my mind, "This is not good!

In comparison to his other doomsday style writing like The Stand, this book falls short even more. So maybe if you read this book having never read any of King's earlier work, maybe you'd like it more but if you're a fangirl, like myself--it fell horribly short of what he's truly capable of.

View all 14 comments. Jun 11, Jason rated it it was amazing Shelves: King hit the mark with this brick of a novel! I'm a huge Stephen King fan, but even I will admit a great many of his books miss the mark. This one, though extremely long, was a fantastic read.

King was really in his groove here. He's written a number of long-ass novels, but this was my favourite of the long ones. The Stand was, for me, too verbose at times; then again, I chose to read the extended version, perhaps my own fault The progression of the novel was done brilliantly, aided with sho King hit the mark with this brick of a novel!

The progression of the novel was done brilliantly, aided with shortish chapters. You move seamlessly from one story-line to the next and don't become confused. I had expected to become exhausted, but King managed to find something interesting in every little section of the novel to keep you on your toes.

Unlike some of his other novels, I found the situation realistic, even though it may seem that a gigantic dome over a town may seem unrealistic. I think it's because you sort of forget about the dome for most of the story. Before reading the novel I thought the dome would play a greater, if not central role in the story, but it takes a backseat to the characters' stories, which was a pleasant surprise.

King doesn't bog down the story with an explanation as to what has created the dome - he mostly leaves that up to interpretation, and simply gets on with the story. King has himself said that the dome is a metaphor for what is happening in real life on earth on a much larger scale. He simply narrowed it down and focused on one small American community.

This book is more than a great piece of fiction because there is a whole other level to it once you taker a step back and analyze it. He's taken a community, put it under a microscope, and left the people to run rampant to see what happens. It's like a great human experiment. The irony of it is that we don't need to conduct an experiment like this, it's already taking place every single day.

The characters are what captures this story, for me. It would be easy to lose track of these characters with any other author, but King has made each of them unique and memorable, so you never lose track of them. And there are a lot of them!

The pdf under ita dome

I also enjoyed how he even reined in the most cruel character, Big Jim. It would have been easy to allow the character to become too unhinged, but he skillfully pulled it back, and at some points you even found yourself a tad bit relating to the damn guy. It's a tribute to King himself to be able to create a villain both cruel and human; as a reader you both love and hate the guy but mostly hate. If I have one criticism of this novel, it's the ending.

I actually think King would have been better off to leave the ending unresolved. I know, that would likely create pandemonium - imagine reading plus pages and finding out you have no idea what comes of all these characters. But, in some ways, that would have been the perfect way to end this supposed comment on reality. The resolution seemed a bit too far fetched although certainly of the more believable of the far fetched ideas of King's and easy, after all that everyone had been through.

I'd have enjoyed a cliffhanger. King has been known to use dues ex machina as a device to get out of some sticky situations think The Stand, again and it has appeared here again. Oh well. Regardless, a good novel. Exciting at every turn and, at times, very emotional. King at his best. If you enjoy King and find yourself bogged down by some of his mediocre work, I'd pick this up and give it a go. With the shorter chapters it is even easy to read another book at the same time and not lose track of the story.

Oct 29, Bradley rated it liked it Shelves: Ever wonder what it'd be like to turn your small town into a snowglobe? I saw this Superman cartoon where Braniac turned Metropolis into a miniature, too, but this book ain't that. Indeed, the SF elements are strong in Under the Dome, but they don't mean much to the basic story other than the setup.

It wasn't a Tommyknockers thing, either, although I was very curious to see if SK would go there. Indeed, what we've got here is a bit of a Slaughterhouse Five thing. Insects in a dome, but natural Ever wonder what it'd be like to turn your small town into a snowglobe?

Insects in a dome, but naturalist style. Let's see all the insects eat each other! Poor Maine. SK has done so much to hurt those poor people. Or maybe it's just the meth makers and dealers. Big Jim is one hell of an evil dude.

SK really lets his hatred of humanity out in these pages. True horror is in us, after all, and not in his monsters. Honestly, I probably would have latched-on to this one of SK's novels much more had I been more of a lightweight in the whole growing dystopia thing.

It only lasts a week for a whole town to go to hell, which I don't really have an issue with. We're all about as civilized as bellies are full, after all. The only thing I have a problem with is the bloat. Yeah, sadly, there was a lot of multidimensional characters that may not have needed much rounding out.

Indeed, a lot of them are nothing more for the fodder for the hell that's heading their way. I don't need much in the way of shadowy pasts or rounding out for any but the biggest characters. We might have saved on a good pages in the novel, too. Not too bad. Could have been a lot tighter, but it did have SK's trademark wander and a bible's worth of characters. Hillbilly bible thumpers go nuts, yo.

As an experiment, however, I think I'm on the side of the aliens in Slaughterhouse Five. View all 11 comments. Prvobitna ideja je bila ta da se snimi jedna sezona "od korice do korice", da bi plan potom bio promenjen na pet sezona od kojih je snimljeno tri.

What a depressing book. Then he went on, looking for what he no longer thought he would find. Stephen King Personally, I prefer his older stories, because of the nostalgia factor , but Under The Dome is a nice return to form.

There was a lot of traffic, mostly headed south. A few of these folks might have legitimate errands, but [he] What a depressing book. A few of these folks might have legitimate errands, but [he] thought most were human flies being drawn to the smell of blood.

To say that things get ugly is an understatement. Rather, events play out on a bigger scale. You have to stop the Great Pumpkin! The focus is on individual stories of misery. And, yes, this often is an uneasy read. When he reached the foot of the driveway, heart skittering in his chest and blood thumping in his temples, the house remained dark and silent. That would be cause for concern. On the down side, there is a futile predictability to the way the story unfolds: There was something wrong in here, too.

The place felt more than creepy to her; it felt outright dangerous. Somewhere voices were calling: View all 6 comments. Nov 15, Dorsi rated it really liked it Shelves: The Dome rises slowly and vanishes, allowing the toxic air to dissipate and finally freeing what is left of the town of Chester's Mill. The novel contains an expansive cast of minor characters while maintaining a rather small circle of central players.

Other minor characters, including many who are introduced just prior to being killed, appear throughout the book, including a mention of Lee Child 's Jack Reacher. Julia Shumway's dog 'Horace' also survives.

In January , Time magazine quoted King as saying he would "be killing a lot of trees" with his next novel. Under the Dome is a partial rewrite of a novel King attempted to write first in under the same title and then a second time in as The Cannibals.

Also, my memory of The Cannibals is that it, like Needful Things , was a kind of social comedy. The new Under the Dome is played dead straight. According to Stephen J. Spignesi's book The Lost Work of Stephen King , [11] The Cannibals originally titled Under the Dome is an unpublished unfinished page handwritten novel written in , while King was filming Creepshow.

This work later served as inspiration to King's new novel Under the Dome. In , King said: Worst thing I could think of. And I thought, wouldn't it be funny if they all ended up eating each other? It's very, very bizarre because it's all on one note. And who knows whether it will be published or not? It didn't get finished either time. On September 15, , Stephen King's official site posted a page facsimile excerpt from King's original novel The Cannibals , consisting of the first four chapters of the original typescript.

The excerpts served to also document how long ago King had had the idea of being under a dome:. Several Internet writers have speculated on a perceived similarity between Under the Dome and The Simpsons Movie , where, [ I can't speak personally to this, because I have never seen the movie, and the similarity came as a complete surprise to me For the doubters, this excerpt [from The Cannibals ] should demonstrate that I was thinking dome and isolation long before Homer, Marge, and their amusing brood came on the scene.

Regarding the theme of Under the Dome , King said: From the very beginning, I saw it as a chance to write about the serious ecological problems that we face in the world today. The fact is we all live under the dome.

We have this little blue world that we've all seen from outer space, and it appears like that's about all there is. It's a natural allegorical situation, without whamming the reader over the head with it.

I don't like books where everything stands for everything else. It works with Animal Farm: You can be a child and read it as a story about animals, but when you're older, you realize it's about communism, capitalism, fascism. That's the genius of Orwell.

But I love the idea about isolating these people, addressing the questions that we face. We're a blue planet in a corner of the galaxy, and for all the satellites and probes and Hubble pictures, we haven't seen evidence of anyone else. There's nothing like ours. We have to conclude we're on our own, and we have to deal with it.

We're under the dome. All of us. I was angry about incompetency. Obviously I'm on the left of center. I didn't believe there was justification for going into the war in Iraq. Sometimes the sublimely wrong people can be in power at a time when you really need the right people. I put a lot of that into the book. But when I started I said, "I want to use the Bush— Cheney dynamic for the people who are the leaders of this town.

I got to like the other guy, Andy Sanders. He wasn't actively evil, he was just incompetent—which is how I always felt about George W. I enjoyed taking the Bush—Cheney dynamic and shrinking it to the small-town level. The last administration interested me because of the aura of fundamentalist religion that surrounded it and the rather amazing incompetency of those two top guys.

I thought there is something blackly humorous in it. The paperback edition of Just After Sunset , released on September 29, , included an excerpt from the novel. The preliminary dust jacket cover art was released to online retailers like Amazon. In late August , it was revealed that the real cover would be unveiled on October 5, , with parts of it being shown on September 21, 25 and The cover art design for Under the Dome is said to be a departure from King's previous illustrated covers, using a combination of illustration, photographs, and 3D renderings.

Stephen King held a book signing at The Magic Lantern movie theater in Bridgton, Maine , the town that the fictitious Chester's Mill is modeled after, and made several TV appearances discussing the similarity between the real town and the fictional one. I just used the geography, the lake; everything is there. It also served as the model for the town in The Mist. In mid-October, Under the Dome became one of the highly discounted book preorders on Amazon.

A site was created for the Town of Chester's Mill, which provides links to all points of interest. An alternate reality game also took place utilizing all of these sites, beginning at the blog of Scarecrow Joe, one of the characters in the novel. A Collector's Edition limited to 25, copies and a Signed Edition limited to 1, copies were published by Scribner concurrently with the regular trade edition. These editions feature a dust jacket without any lettering, a removable band with author name and title, printed endpapers with the map of the town in color regular edition contains a black and white map in the book's front matter , 27 illustrations by The New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee , a ribbon marker, and also contain a deck of cards with the Diffee illustrations.

These editions are printed on specialty paper with different binding. It included the 4-color endpapers, the 27 trading cards illustrated by cartoonist, Matthew Diffee, and was packaged in a slipcase.

The author Dan Simmons , to whom Stephen King sent the manuscript for Under the Dome as a gift, commented on it on May 5, , calling the novel "huge, generous, sprawling, infinitely energetic [ James Parker of the New York Times noted in his review of Under the Dome that the novel contains lines that are "stinkers", which made him feel "the clutch of sorrow.

In both novels, the climactic "battle"—if you can really call it that—pales to the buildup. King is better at characters and situations than causes and reasons. But at least The Stand feels like a saga [ I won't reveal the secret of the Dome, except to say that the payoff is more Star Trek original series than epic. The simple division of characters into goodies and baddies, the use of magic, the homespun style, the sentimental ending, the vital role played by a dog in defeating the forces of evil—all of these belong in fiction for older children, not the grown-up novels he's bent on emulating.

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Shortly after the release of the book, it was announced that Steven Spielberg 's DreamWorks Television would be developing a cable miniseries based on the novel.

Spielberg and King were announced as executive producers. Vaughan was hired to adapt the book. It premiered on June 24, , and was an instant success for CBS ; the premiere in June broke the record as the most-watched summer drama premiere on any television network since , with the "Pilot" episode reaching over 13 million views.

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