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English vocabulary test pdf

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WELCOME TO 1 0 0 1 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions! This book is designed to tion for students, test takers, professionals, and word lovers. ▻ How to Use . This table lists some of the most common prefixes in the English language. Cambridge University Press. – Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Advanced. Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'Dell. Frontmatter. Whether you want to improve your vocabulary for a standardized test, learn more effective communication skills to use in the workplace, or be more articulate in.

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Vocabulary tests . 13 If you f_ the driving test, you can retake it. 14 If I p_ all the . D presents. 6 John Constable painted _ of the English. Test. New International Business English. UNIT 5Working together. Vocabulary. EXERCISE 1 Choose the best word to fit the gap. Vocabulary Games and Activities English Vocabulary Profile: 9. an official test of how much you know about something, or how well you can do something.

That's fine. Because of the large number of back orders, we have put extra workers on the night shift. Uses Look at the following sentences from the field of textiles which contrast countableand uncountable nouns. Denham's factory is the noisiest. We use the time when work is m Iacks to build up stock ot components. Lookat the following health and safety words: Use of petrochemicals.

Equally, vocabulary breadth might be measured by a translation test where the learner must provide a translation equivalent or some kind of explanation. Types of Vocabulary Tests: From Past to Present As the other types of test, vocabulary test form are changing and developing from time to time. The history of the vocabulary test development can be seen below. Multilingual Matters , , p. Newbury House , , p. Glad a clever b mild c happy d frank s Early efforts to Pick the best meaning fro the italicized word: The major question is whether the prosecution can overcome the presumption of 4 reasonable doubt about whether the suspect committed the alleged crime.

For each item, select the choice closest in meaning to the italicized word corresponding to the number: L, Vocabulary Assessment: Reading Research Quarterly Vol.

Each year, fans flock to diamonds all over the country to pursue this passionate hobby. Look at the word hobby in the passage. Click on the word in the text that has the samemeaning. Some types of vocabulary tests proposed by Heaton9 include: These types of test are more productive instead of the common vocabulary tests which are receptive where the testakers only choose the best answer from the given options.

Word formation Write a word in each blank. The word must be the correct form of the given words. Synonym Write in each space the best word to replace the words underlined in each sentence i Tom went at once to the doctor's immediately ii All of sudden there was a loud cry Rearrangement rearrange the following letters to make words. Longman Group , , p. Definition Use each of the following words in a sentence so as to show the meaning of the word economy politics industrious Explain the meaning of each of the underlined words of the underlined words in the followiing phrases an archaic word a fortuitous event e.

Completion Hosnah: What's the 1 today? It's the seventh.

Vocabulary pdf english test

At what 2 does the concert start? Seven o'clock, I think. Just a moment. I made a note of it in my How long do you think it'll It finished about ten. That's quite a long 5 , isn't it? I suppose so. Some similar vocabulary test types also proposed by Hughes10 including synonyms, definition, gap filling multiple choice as passive vocabulary tests, and picture, definition, gap filling as active vocabulary tests.

Many scholars now reject testing vocabulary in isolation,. Congruent with this thinking, in the most recent version of the TOEFL, implemented in , vocabulary items are embedded into computerized reading. Parallel to this trend toward greater contextualization is a trend towards more integrated testing of 10 See more on Hughes, A.

In IELTS12, for instance, vocabulary places a premium role in rating scale of writing as vocabulary proficiency defines the level of writing performance.

Vocabulary Practice and Tests

What Makes Good Vocabulary Test? Alike what makes good test, reliability and validity are also the ones that constitute good vocabulary test. Reliability refers to the ability of a test to measure something consistenly and accurately, whether the test results the similar score over time Milton Together with It a make uoable serious injury. If a driver brakes But you are more concerned about hard, this system b make unablewheellockup.

Here the highest gear able the driver to steer the safely. All our models are fitted with disc brakes, This j make able you to save fuel and as a which means the car d be able operate more make uoable the engine wearing efficiently in wet weather.

As a result, exhaust system and f make able the exhaust the car is capable of greater speed and faster gases to be converted into less harmflil acceleration. Q Sample sentences The term engineering can have different meanings. Q The generators and turbines are bound to use a lot of electrical power. The numbers below are only a general indication. The pumps are quite likely to use more electricity. They could use more electricity. The pumps probably won't use more electricity.

Vocabulary Practice and Tests - PDF Drive

The pumps are quite unlikelyto use more electricity. The pumps shouldn 't use more electricity. Power requirements can't possibly increase. We wiII definitelylcertainly replace thefuses. We may need more pumps on sUe. The local authorities probably won't accept the plans for a concrete arch bridge. The figure in brackets indicates the likelihood. A t present most of the energy we use comes from oil and gas, and scientists are becoming increasingly concemed about our future energy needs.

The future of nuclear power is also uncertain. Q Logisticsis the business function which controls the movement of physical materials in a factory. A mine is a place where ores, coal, and precious stones may be obtained. Relative clauses begin with a relative pronoun. Who and which are typical relative pronouns.

Blowholes are air or gas vents which cany off fumesfrom tunnels or undergroundpassages. The table shaw s the range of relative prona uns person who, whom, whose time when things which, that place where Uses l Defining relativeclausesgive information which is essential to understand the sentence. The dause who specializesin transporting goods by truck identifies the company or person.

The dause which describes the contents of each package gives additional information; we can still identify the packing list without this information. Themine, which hasextracteddiamondssincethe 19th century, will beclosedin two years.

The dause which has extracteddiamondssince the 19th century gives additional information. Thank youfor explaining to us the reasons whylthat the consignment was delayed. All theminingshaftswhichlthat lead to the surfaceare blocked. D damp. In the following article, underline the relative clauses and write defining D or non-defining ND beside each one. There are people who are deeply worried about the effects of the dam on the environment.

They say there is a danger to animals and fish live in the area. But there are other people who claim that power is much cleaner than There will be fewer emissions contribute to greenhouse effect. Navigation on the river, wbich is currently dangerous, will become much safer.

But critics say there will be sedimentation which could increase flood levels. Use the information in brackets to complete the following sentences. The manufacturers provided some information. We have used the information that They have automated the assembly line that 2 Water is stored in a tank.

The water tank where is underground. Computers contain many circuits which 4 WC. Rontgen discovered X-rays by accident. X-rays have been used since when 5 Faraday was born in the south of England.

Faraday, who , developed the process of electromagnetic induction. The manager whose is responsible for purchasing. Everyone who is responsible for regular 89 maintenance of the machinery.

Subordinate clauses of result and G purpose Last year Markham introduced new quality standards so that they detected defective products e before completion.

For zero defects to be achieved, we will have to introduce tighter prevention controls. There are three possible constructions: So as not to payfor unnecessaryreworking,we sampleall raw materials. They present the purpose of the information in the main dause. Clauses of result also answer the question why or what In contrast to clauses of purpose, they typically look to the past to see what result an action achieved.

Energy is generatedfrom differentfuels in order to avoid reliance on one source. These electric utilities were then combined into larger systems so that power was exchanged. The following sentences are wrong: We use coalfuf maheenergy. G 2 Close the valve. That way the system won't overheat. They want to find a cure for AIDS. They want to stop water and dust getting in.

He doesn't want to get malaria. Complete the following description choosing phrases ITom the boxo Wind turbine and solar panels Adjustable blinds Triple-glazed greenhouse Soil Green plants in greenhouse Concrete raft Human bodies Expanded polystyrene heat doesn't escape.

Toolsmust be stored in a safe place after use. Lookat the following health and safety words: Thereportidentifiedsix majorjindings.


Mefs textjles.. Uses Look at the following sentences from the field of textiles which contrast countableand uncountable nouns. We produce our c10thby knitting natural fibres. This c10this then used in the manufacture of a range of c1othes,mainly menswear. Our products include jackets and trousers. This jacket has been produced using our latest equipmentwhich streamlines the sewing and final pressing of the garment.

DI -- Decide if the following nouns are countable or uncountable and write them in the appropriate column below. Underline the mistake and write in the correction.

In a warm 2 dry climate, a man may choose a pair of short and a short-sleeved shirt 3 made of cottons while a woman may prefer a thin dress. In colder climates 4 a thick jumper and a warm trousers would be more suitable and out of doors, a S coat, scarf and glove are necessary.

Today, there are many different type of fibres available. D Working in a factory is more dangerous than working in a chemicallaboratory. A bipolar transistor is the most common form of transistor. Manson's factory is noisy. Burton'sfactory is noisierthan Manson's. If we compare more than two objects, we use the in the superlative. Denham's factory is the noisiest. TV's today are smaIIer than ever before. DI Complete the table. S The locked cabinet contains some of most poisonous chemicals there are.

The i new cantilever bridge is the Commodore John Barry which is also the U short. D Rand D aims to develop new products and the means to produce them cheaply. A coal fieldis an area containing significant coal deposits; the deposits in this coal fieldhave been e significantly reduced in recent years.

We use an adverb: The miners reached the surface safely. Pure research How did they reach the surface? Safely 2 after the verb be 2 to give more information about an adjective All research is sdentific.

The mine is extremely dangerous. Extremely 3 to give more information about an adverb Miners work very hard. Do magnet expense flex 3 use excel resist 3 Do industry.. Use each word once fi only. There is an temperature control. Quality control now runs more. The manufacturing process should run. Statistics shaw that there is a fall in demand after 10 p. There is a growing interest in issues. The manager in a coal mine must be about activities underground.

Choose the correct word in boldo 1 , The number of people who work in the textile a manufacturedlmanufacturing. The sale of carpets I' I contributes to the sale of textiles r significantlsignificantly. The carpet industry:. Q The timetable looks like this. We will install the software on Monday afternoon. That means your 3 system will be out of action from 2 o'elock till about 5 o'elock. We also need to download some 3 programs before starting the system again. Then we'll start testing. That'll take until Wednesday.

We hope to finish that by Wednesday evening. So, fi CD please inform everyone that we will need to shut down the system next Monday. We also need to download some programs befo re starting the system again. We also need to download before to start the system again. We hopeto get approvalforsaleof the drug by We hope to finish configuring the system by Wednesday evening. S1'l1'lextMonday b. This laserprinter prints twenty pagesof text a minute.

DI 1, Pive of the following sentences contain mistakes. Pind the mistakes and correct them. G' 3 The meeting has been arranged for 16th April at 10 a. If no preposition is required, leave the space blank. I was wondering if we could arrange a meeting a next week? Yes, of course! Eh, Yes. Could we meet g the morning h 9. That's fine. I haven't heard anything j we spoke k last month. Theproject is running according to plan so far.

Test Your English Vocabulary in Use: Elementary

Services to the site were laid e f-f- Novemberand completed f December. Planning f--f Commissioning of the madiines willlast I about two weeks rn.. These will continue o p mid-July.

All going well, start up will be 8 months' time q 6 August I. OnMonday, 3 components will be moved from the oId storage area to the new one. This means that fork lift 3 m.. You will find more details in the email l sent last week. There aretwostagestothemovementof oId parts.

Test pdf vocabulary english

In e the new storage area, the parts will be stored on pallets on the top two shelves. From there they fi CD will be moved to their final destination according to the plan in the email attachment.

Corrosion in the pipes is extremely dangerous. In the event of a blowout ut the terminal we evacuate everyone immediately. We employsome 30 peopleut the pumpingstation. Then the oil is transported to the terminal. The roughnecks j1y out to the oil rig on a Sunday evening. After the blowout we managed to pull everyone from the water. The safety officer has just arrivedfrom headquarters. We use into to describe movement into a place: ThedrilIbit isfitted into the drilI.

S into und out of Into and out of describe movement; they describe opposite movements: DrilIing mud is pumped into and out of the well during drilIing. We've found some new deposits on the Continental Shelf. We use onto to describe movement onto a place which has a surface: Theoilis then loadedonto tankers.

Here the tanker is seen as a two-dimensional floating object. The oil is then loaded into tankers. Here the tanker is seen as a three-dimensional object. DI 1 Complete the following texts using the correct preposition. You may have to use some preposi tions more than once. Most exchanges are linked by optical fibre cables Q ""I d which the signals travel as puls es of laser light.

Microwave beams sent e tn e dishes f tall towers, link some signals. They work by evaporation. When a liquid changes e a vapour, it takes heat d its surroundings. In a fridge, the cooling process is done by a refrigerant which circulates e a system f sealed pipes. Choose from those in the boxo You will need to use some more than once.

Oil and gas are separated h the bottom the derrick and a pipeline takes oil the platform k shore. Helicopters carrying operators land I the helipad located on one side of the platform. The recreation area is found n the first level and o the top fioor the workers sleeping quarters are to be found. The dining area is on the fioor p. Walkways run q one side of the accommodation block and r - the outside of the platform.

Lifeboats can be found s the accommodation block. Supply boats, carrying supplies for the rig, can tie up t one side u the rig and goods are lifted v the boats using a crane. Drinking water is stored w large tanks located x the electricity generators.

That's where 3 qualitative research comes in. It has many common uses. It can help you to understand why 3 some customers buy and use a product. Most of our clients use our services to understand their customers better. And all of e tn them use this information in the development of new products. CD tn Form Countable all most many a lot ot some a tew tew no Uncountable all most much a lot ot some a little little no uncountablenouns.

With what type of qualifications? All our vacancies require people with a thorough knowledge of surveying. Yes, but there are some jobs in areas not directly linked to construction. Such as? We have a few vacancies for engineers aircraft industry.

Anything in nuclear power? No vacancies area at the moment, afraid. Well, please let me know if anything specify,construct, and commission the whole projecto a follow-up maintenance most maintenance will be included in the project price. However, there are assure you that in other contracts there have been very few of these. C 4 Little of our clothing is made of silk.

We had to return of the boards. There isn't demand for them. Eut, today, only of these communications use fibre optics. In the future, a more paper will have to be collected and recycled. The table below shows how the methods of transportation used by a company have changed over a period of 30 years.

Complete the text below with words ITomthe table in B on the opposite page.

Pdf test english vocabulary

In goods were still being transported was by road and a Bythe year , i transportation was was by air. By the year be transported by raiI. But the number of users is increasing very quickly. Despite improvements in telecoms 3 networks, connection speeds are often very slow; however ADSLpromises faster connections. The main words to introduce a phrase of contrast are: However, some are faster than others. The main sentence connectors are: Although we can share many resources, some are not shared.

Even so, we should see this as a vast improvement.

In fact, everyone can use all the printers; however,one has been designated as default for each work group. And in most cases, colour isn't necessary. D 1 Complete the following sentences by choosing a suitable ending from the boxo. Q 3 1 The contents of the crate were broken despite The Forth Railway Bridge is made of huge steel tubes, d the Oosterschelde Bridge in Holland is made of pre- stressed concrete. Some bridges look a little confusing in designo e having cable stays. Lake Maracaibo Bridge in Venezuela is a cantilever type bridge.

The Director is discussing three possible sites. Join the sentences in A and B using the connector in C to form part of her speech. Example SUe 1 providesa suitableamount 01spacebut it's the most expensive. A B C Site 1 provides a suitable amount It's the most expensive.

It could be difficult. It's worth considering. It's surrounded by trees and close to It's only four kilometres from the however the mountains. There is a large labour market. Workers in this area are unskilled. Government finance is available for nevertheless companies moving into the area. Site 2 is fairly small. Site 3 is almost too big. It's in the centre of town. We verb with the partide to, e. We many,some,few and no. Relative dause A dause beginning constructions: Modal verb The following verbs and with a relative pronoun who, continuous verbs be.

Modal verbs are why. We don't store e. Seealso Main Clause. We Tense The grammaticalformof tl a finite verb, e. We begana study last year finite dause normally produceapreUmjnary verbs which differentiates the analysjs active vs A preUmjnary 01 a non-finite verb, e. Havjngbegun present from the past. See also Active and re Conjunction A word which!

It indicates that the the timing of an event, e. See also Simple. Ex, Countable A noun which has a reference to now, the time of Uncountable A noun which has aPI singular and plural form, e. Our only one form, which normally elir component- components.

See also contractorhas bunt a supporUng takes a singular verb, e. Dusthas Uncountable. The past perfect combines the pHc a damagjngeffecton health. Seealso past tense and the perfect aspect. It Countable. Infinitive without to The base form earlierpoint of time, e. Theyhad Voice The grammatical category of inn, alreadycompHed the results.

Seealso of a verb, e. Continuous and Simple. See also Active and Passive. UNIT 6 Exercise 2 Exercise 1 1 protective 6 occupational 2 contamination 7 dangerous 1 b 2 a 3 c 4 a 5 c 6 b 3 explosion 8 flammable Exercise 2 4 harmful 9 tightly 1 downtime 5 intranet 5 precautionary 10 fumigation 2 interconnected 6 upload Exercise 3 3 transmitted 7 connections a risks g smoke 4 compatible 8 combine b goggles h poisonous Exercise 3 e protection i burns e a i d f b h i c g d nois e j fumes e dust k drowsiness UNIT 7 f accidents Exercise 1 UNIT 1 d 2 f 3 g 4 a 5 b 6 i 7 c 8 e 9 h Exercise 1 Exercise 2 anneal to make materials tough by cooling them slowly, 1 bil!

Exercise 2 Exercise 3 I l amplified, amplifier 6 storage a camber g macadam ] 2 entertainment 7 transmission b crown h potholes 2 3 generation 8 stored e sewer i main 3 4 integrated 9 Transmission, modulation d manholes j soft shoulder.: Good hygiene prevents food digital a system in which data is represented as O poisoning and protects your reputation with or 1 customers.

C Staff single-wire line People who work in food areas can spread food radio antenna microwave satellite transmitter iii poisoning germs very easily. U 5 Cabletelevisionallows access to many television stations.

UNIT 28 EJ Exercise 3 Exercise 1 1 a POA f clock and alarm 2 wire a thin piece of metal for conducting b email g currency converter 3 electrical current h alert e browsing 4 wave an electric. N D I Q U T R A T P P Q e e V Exercise 3 z A F T G T N e E H U K E P e a was found h found Exercise 2 b was lying i had been left Fabric Fibre type Characteristics e checked j had escaped d was still breathing li had become cotton natural Soft to the touch; absorbent e called I had become linen natural Good strength, twice as strong as f was taken m had fallen cotton; crisp to the touch g recovered fi was working nylon synthetic Lightweight; easy to wash; resists shrinkage and wrinkling UNIT polyester synthetic Strong; resistant to most chemicals silk natural Luxurious; thinnest of all natural Exercise 1 fibres 1 b 2 e 3 c 4 f 5 d 6 a wool natural Good insulator; luxurious, soft to the Exercise 2 s to touch 1 b 2 a 3 a 4 a 5 b Exercise 3 Exercise 3 a machine-washable e shrinkage a will revolutionize g will install b dry-cleanable.

That's 7 was formed passive why they're studying customer attitudes. Exercise 2 Computer software has been made easier to use so more people Four hotels have been built.

They have set up a computer network. Consequently, users can A new library extension has been opened. The factories have been clos ed.

We are having to increase our prices as a consequence of The river has been cleaned. This is a very dusty environment, therefore all workers should Two parks have been established.

That's the reason he had an accident. Shortage of space prevents us from producing more product lines. EXI '" An annual saving of electricity is attributable to increased Mobile phones can now be used to send emails.

A firewall is used to stop unauthorized users accessing a network. Ble preventsl stops thev will not be able to sell ND. I ffi8. But there are other people who claim that hvdroelectric Dower is much cleaner than Exercise 1 burning coal D.

There will be fewer emissions which contribute 1 The goods probably won't be delivered until next week. New ship locks, which are eXDected to increase shipping and 3 The goods are unlikely to remain in the warehouse for long. Navigation on the 4 It shouldn't take long to load the ship. But critics say there will be sedimentation which could increase 6 The goods may be in transit for four days. Exercise 3 Exercise 2 1 produces car parts 1 l'm absolutely certain that there will be advances in heat- 2 water is stored exchange technology.

Rontgen discovered them by accident 2 It is improbable that we will see more robots being used in the 5 was born in the south of England home in the next ten years. Washing machines and dishwashers are bound to become 3 Scientists are carrying out research so as to find a cure for more energy efficient. Circuit breakers have been installed so 7 I arn certain they won't want to use wood for the ceiling.

She is quite likely to be suffering from an allergy. Exercise 2 Exercise 3 a save energy Suggestedanswer. Other forms arepossible. The dam, which 3 inspection 7 a reservoir will be m high ND , is expected to produce These people, whose homes have been covered in water 3 cottons - cotton 8 type of fibres - types of fibre ND , complain that they have been given land where verv little 4 a- 9 Synthetic - Synthetics grows D.

They also say that the living conditions which thev 5 glove - gloves have to live in now D are unsatisfactory. But those who are in favour of the Droiect D say that the dam will provide extra However, it's constant s particular only four kilometres from the nearest town.

UNIT 47 While site 1 is close to ro ad and rail connections, site 2 is close to the airport. Exercise 1 Nevertheless, government finance is available for companies 1 to - at 5 during - while moving into the area. For the definitions, refer to the glossary.

CH3CHzOH a man-made fibre made of cellulose aggregate 2 alkali 12 acetate which is crease and shrink total. An alkali is the opposite of in appearance term which includes producers and an acid; together, an acid and an alkali acid 12 manufacturers of agricultural goods neutralize each other and react to form a water-soluble, saur chemical compound and services, such as fertilizer and farm water and a salt.

Also called base. See also that produces positive ions in solution. An equipment makers. See als o passive. See architect 15 the science that deals with bacteria and also digital. As it is which information can be transmitted d what is added to food for livestock to make very heat resistant. It is now bandwidth, the more information that anneal 10 banned because it is a health risk.

The applet's a power station which produces nuclear materials like crude oil. See also nuclear plant. Chemical companies use of Machine JVM. These basic and intermediate application software 5 audio signal 17 chemicals are called commodity this gives a computer instructions which a signal intended to be heard chemicals and are produced mainly by provide the user with tools to perform a audit 22 large companies and as byproducts of task.

This stretches the plastic and makes it to stop working, especially for a machine horizontal structural member that thin. The end of the balloon is pinched breakdown l, 2 sits on posts or walls and supports the together by rollers, to hold the air in and a situation where a machine has stopped structure above it. Sometimes called a make it flat.

The flat tube is then wound on working "girder". The plastic swells "On" benzene 12,24 out like a balloon until it fills up the whole a colourless, liquid, flammable, aromatic mould. This grade of paper is used for bristol 27 characters and codes specified as a stationery and business forms and is made agrade of paper used for folders, index combination of O and 1 with superior strength for its weight.

See also chemistry. Cable systems to shape hot metal by pouring it into a that make up the earth, the universe and normally receive signals by satellite at a mould living things centrallocation and then send them by catalyst 24 chip 27 cable to homes for a monthly fee. The cause chronic 14 calling someone on the telephone and effect diagram is one of the "seven to describe a medical condition that lasts camber 20 tools of quality".

Cellular calls are a channel or shaft underground and ships transferred from base station to circuit 16 cancer 9. TVs, hi-fis and washing crash 11 information between 2 places or within machines, for personal, domestic or this happens when one vehicle hits an area home use another vehicle or a stationary object crease control 3 O , compatible 6 consumption 26 describing the ability of data processing the act of eating and drinking a fabric finish often used with linen and di equipment to accept and process data contamination 9,26 cotton to help the fabric resist wrinkles IiI prepared by another machine without the result of mixing something with dirty and creases do conversion or code modification or poisonous matter create 5 in compile 4 continuous process improvement 8 to make something new, e.

See als o a manmade structure built along the structured set of data a database and lap top. Usually the comparison is workers who drill see above to fall apart, especially into small pieces between an experimental drug and a drilling mud 23 disorder 14 placebo or standard comparison iluids used in drilling a disease treatment.

See also placebo. The distinction a type of brake using a drum-shaped tablet form between download and upload is not metal cylinder which is attached to the display 5,29,25 always clear, but download often refers wheel and rotates with it 1 to show 2 something that is shown, e,g, to transfer from a larger server system dry 9,27 a graphic 3 a device for showing to a smaller client system.

Using it, a person can a research worker who conducts a wave generated by an electromagnetic independently turn lights, radio, and experiments field. Examples indudes radio waves, television on and off, answer or make explode 24 infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X rays, phone calls, and unlock a door.

For electronic When it heat, moisture, and pressure flammable 9,23 is soft, the sheet will bend along the ferment 13 describing a material that burns heated line. Sheets can be joined together to change chemically as the result of the easily by gluing, or by welding. The join is addition of an organic compound, e. Agency responsible for overseeing feasibility study 21 a program, document, utility, in fact food and pharmaceutical products.

See an investigation to assess both financial anything that isn't hardware on a als o Medicines Control Authority. It is used for e the carriage of the cargo a gateway transfers information between coins.

Test pdf vocabulary english

When you give the pre-assessment, you should not count the score toward students grades, as the purpose of the test is to determine how much students need to learn. If you tell your students that it does not count for a grade, explain that they should take the assessment seriously. Make sure to tell them that you don't expect them to know all the words. If students do very well on the pre-assessment, it is important to stress that there are many other words that they will still learn, and that they will have the opportunity to become experts on the words they already know.

If you choose to do classroom tracking, you can share the students averages with them, but it is not necessary to review the answers at this time, as students will learn the words over the course of The Word Up Project. You should give the post-assessment to your students upon completion of all units of The Word Up Project to measure vocabulary growth from the pre-assessment.

You can also use the results of this test as a final data point on a class- or student-tracking chart. When you return the test, you should celebrate how much students have learned since they took the pre-assessment.

We'd also love to know how well the program worked for your students. Feel free to email the results to info flocabulary. Word Up Grade 2: Level Turquoise.