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Macsparky paperless pdf

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MacSparky Paperless So, there's this Would it be an eBook in PDF format? It is focused solely on going paperless with the Mac and iOS. This Pin was discovered by Skyler Lovelace. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Paperless is a new e-book from Sparks that has one key goal -- to get you for iPad owners (although there is a PDF version of the book available). first book in the MacSparky Field Guide series – the author has informed.

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The Paperless Field Guide (PDF Version). The iBooks Author version of the MacSparky Paperless Field Guide is pretty damn fancy. However, some people. PDF homeranking.info Paperless takes the mystery (and fear) out of going paperless with your Apple technology. The book includes 32 screencasts, 4 movies, over. Mac Power Users PDF Workflows · June 11 Fujitsu ScanSnap: ScanSnap helps you live a more productive, efficient, paperless life.

So, this book definitely merits 5 stars and is worth getting even if you have already dipped your toes into going paperless. Anyone wanna buy a four drawer file cabinet? Mother nature must be really pissed at us lawyers. The book includes 32 screencasts, 4 movies, over 26, words, and other rich-media assets to turn you into a paperless ninja. David has written it all out for you, and the book has video to show you how.

PDF version and videos available on macsparky: I just have to second you reccomendation. This was a terrific book, practical and inspiring. I really enjoyed reading it and learned a lot.

But there is so much good stuff in there!

David Sparks’ sweet iPad setup

Thanks blfarris! I also use Cmd-P Cmd-P pretty much every day. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. A few things to note before I go more into it: It is iPad only. You need to have an iPad to read it, and you can only read it on the iPad.

It is pretty big. It is focused solely on going paperless with the Mac and iOS. About The Content Paperless starts with a discussion of why you might want to go paperless, and then jumps right in with a brief overview of a paperless workflow.

It then covers the following high-level topics: Capturing information using a scanner and a mobile device. Processing your information: MacSparky Paperless Page Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this means that the downloads are quite large, and it means that you can only read it on your iPad. Should You Buy It? I use my scanner quite a bit to save favorite articles from magazines so I can toss the magazine.

So far, digital versions of magazines won't let me clip out or save to PDF a particular article — I have to keep the entire digital magazine or lose it all.

Pdf macsparky paperless

Any suggestions on possible workarounds for this missing feature? Have you encountered any similar issue where you wanted something in digital form but are unable to get it? With a few exceptions, magazine publishers need to really think about the future and how to deliver their content or get crushed by someone else that does. For non-digital magazines, I tear out interesting articles and feed them to my scanner. With digital magazines, I'll either keep the whole thing or screenshots of selected pages.

Neither solution is very good. I'm always on the lookout to increase the usefulness of my iPad, and I believe Dropbox and GoodReader have pretty much given the tablet superpowers. But I have a feeling you're probably aware of a few I'm missing.

Other books: HO 249 TABLES PDF

Are there any other apps on your iPad that you feel are indispensable to those wanting to live a paperless lifestyle? There is an ongoing arms race between PDF applications.

I'd also give Evernote a serious look.

Pdf macsparky paperless

They have really upped their game on their iOS apps in the last few months. You mention in the book that this is just the first in the MacSparky Field Guide series.

Any hints on what other titles you might be considering adding to the series? I've already got several new titles in the works. All of them will take full advantage of the iBooks Author format.

Efficiency Ninja Part 1: Go Paperless

I love this medium for sharing information. I hope all of the titles to be useful and entertaining. They will have great technology but also hopefully tell a good story. Paperless is the first iBook purchase I've made that was written using the iBooks Author application. What are your thoughts on the application?

Pdf macsparky paperless

Any drawbacks or limitations that you ran into while writing? Any features or capabilities that have convinced you to continue using the application?

Having written books for a traditional publisher and all the limitations that come with conventional publishing, I am thrilled with iBooks Author. I love the ability to drop in a screencast, picture gallery, or movie where it makes sense. I love the control it gives me over the layout, content, and voice of the book. I'm hooked. The limitation is the market. You need an iPad to read one of these books.

Any last thoughts or comments for readers of Paperless who might be looking for more advice? Have you made any new discoveries for making a paperless life even easier to implement? I'm always learning new technology tricks. The big eye-opener for me with Paperless is how much better optical character recognition is since the last time I looked at it closely. Modern computers and OCR software are faster and more efficient than ever. Now I run OCR on just about everything.

This gives Hazel one of my favorite utility apps the ability to look in the file and name, sort, and file the document based on what it says. So, for instance, I can scan in a gas company bill and Hazel, using OCR data, does everything else for me.

No user interaction whatsoever. I love that. Books geek Mac Projects and Activities scanners Television. View Comments.

Paperless By David Sparks Review

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Paperless pdf macsparky

Adam Rogers Adam Rogers. Watch the Throne. Laura Hudson Laura Hudson. Megan Molteni Megan Molteni. Using TextExpander and Hazel and a rigorous naming scheme together was new to me and is something I will adopt in my own office. The discussion of the pros and cons of cloud storage were valuable. And the screencasts add a lot.

David Sparks' sweet iPad setup – The Sweet Setup

And of course the book is beautiful. I think it serves as a model of how ebooks should evolve over the next couple of years. And I say this even though I am very much a bibliophile. The integration of text and screencasts and graphics of various kinds is very effective. I have only one quibble. PNG is lossless compression, so compressing with it does not degrade the image. Having said this, I agree that there is no need for PNG graphics in your paperless workflow.

And there is one aspect of the paperless office I think could stand some elaboration. In the old days, much of my paper mess was self-inflicted. I had boxes of 3-hole punched paper and would print out manuals, specs, and everything I wanted to read away from my computer, and put them into 3-ring binders. The iPad saved me from this. It gets there magically via DropBox.

And for the first time in my career, my desk has no paper on it. So, this book definitely merits 5 stars and is worth getting even if you have already dipped your toes into going paperless.