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Kiss of frost jennifer estep pdf

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Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1). by Jennifer Estep. ·. ··24, Ratings. My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy; a school of myths, . Mythos Academy Series - Jennifer Estep First Frost:. I am Gwen Frost, and I have a Gypsy gift. It's called . homeranking.info Kiss of Frost book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I'm Gwen Frost, a second-year warrior-in-training at Mythos Acade.

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Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy). Home · Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy) Author : Jennifer Estep Silver Frost (Bitter Frost #3 of The Frost Series) · Read more. Kiss of frost [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Jennifer Estep. Main Author: Estep, Jennifer. Processing (CPL) - eBooks (EPUB) - Young Adult Fiction. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jennifer Estep is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author, prowling the streets of her.

I am so, so, so, so happy with where Estep went with this one. The author does a lot of reviewing about not only what took place in the last book, but about the characters themselves and the world that she created. Ich liebe die Protagonisten schon jetzt! Oder doch nicht? Every scene with her I smiled or laughed at her snarky comebacks. Nov 09, Kiona rated it it was ok Shelves:

I remember thinking how cool the movie made mythology seem. But more than that, I thought it was interesting how all these gods, goddesses, humans, and monsters interacted with each other.

Estep frost pdf kiss of jennifer

Over the years, I read various mythology-based works, including The Iliad and The Odyssey , among others. Mostly, I read these stories for class assignments, but I enjoyed them all the same. Well, most of them, anyway. Some are better than others. But it always amazed me just how many different stories and different versions of those stories were out there. I read more stories and watched more movies and more TV shows. Many years later, I watched my first episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.

I was immediately hooked. Here were fun and admittedly campy stories about gods, goddesses, and the ultimate kick-ass warrior chick who could hold her own against all of them. How cool was that? And then came the movie , which was just a loud, brash, bloody, violent, visual spectacle.

I enjoyed the entertaining story about warriors bravely battling on even in the face of impossible odds. Somewhere along the way, in the back of my mind, I thought that it would be cool to someday write my own mythology-based story and put my own spin on things with my own characters, magic, and more. I had been thinking about writing a young adult book for a while, but I was struggling to come up with a concept.

What if there was an evil god who was trying to take over the world? What if my heroine was the key to stopping this evil god?

What if she was stronger and more of a warrior than she ever thought she could be? The idea just snowballed from there until it finally became Touch of Frost and the basis for the Mythos Academy series — magic, myth, and monsters.

Happy reading! After a serious freak-out with her magic, Gwen finds herself shipped off to Mythos Academy, a school for the descendents of ancient warriors like Spartans, Valkyries, and more. The academy is located in the fictional suburb of Cypress Mountain, North Carolina, and the kids there are training how to use their magic and various skills to fight Reapers of Chaos.

The six books in the series will let me finish out the big story arc about how Gwen and her friends stop Loki and his Reapers.

Jennifer frost kiss estep pdf of

As the name suggests, the Mythos Academy series is all about mythology. The books are urban fantasies so they still have that dark, gritty, urban fantasy edge to them. They are simply books for young adults, around ages 13 and up the age range depends on who you talk to.

First and foremost, I thought it would be fun — and it certainly has been so far. Also, the young adult genre is one area that had really taken off in popularity in recent years, thanks to the Harry Potter and all the other great books out there.

Plus, I know that my Elemental Assassin urban fantasy books are pretty dark and gritty and that not everyone likes to read that level of sex and violence.

The Elemental Assassin and Bigtime series are intended for adults only. You should be be 18 years old or older to read the books or the excerpts that are posted on my website. Not at all. Adults can read the books too. In fact, the Mythos Academy books have a lot in common with my Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series. The only real difference is that the sex and violence levels have been toned down in the Mythos Academy series, although the books are still fairly gritty for the young adult genre.

So if you like my Elemental Assassin series, you might like the Mythos Academy books too. Gwen Gwendolyn Frost: Daphne Cruz: Logan Quinn: Carson Callahan: Carson is the head of the Mythos Academy Marching Band. Oliver Hector: Kenzie Tanaka: Kenzie is a Spartan who is friends with Logan and Oliver. Talia Pizarro: Talia has gym class with Gwen, and the two of them often spar during the mock fights.

Helena Paxton: Coach Ajax: Ajax is the head of the athletic department at the academy and is responsible for training all the kids at Mythos and turning them into fighters. Grandma Geraldine Frost: Grandma Frost makes her living as a fortuneteller in a town not too far away from Cypress Mountain.

A couple of times a week, Gwen sneaks off the Mythos Academy campus to go see her Grandma Frost and enjoy the sweet treats that Grandma Frost is always baking. Grace Frost: Gwen misses her mom like crazy.

Nickamedes is the head librarian at the Library of Antiquities. In fact, he seems to go out of his way to make more work for her, whenever Gwen is working after school in the library. Professor Metis: The Powers That Were: A board made up of various members of the Pantheon who oversees all aspects of Mythos Academy, from approving the dining hall menus to disciplining students.

Artifacts are weapons, jewelry, clothing, armor, and more that were worn or used by various warriors, gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures over the years. There are Thirteen Artifacts that are rumored to be the most powerful, although people disagree about which artifacts they are and how they were used during the Chaos War. The members of the Pantheon protect the various artifacts from the Reapers, who want to use the artifacts and their power to free Loki from his prison.

Many of the artifacts are housed in the Library of Antiquities.

Black rocs: These creatures look like ravens — only much, much bigger. They have shiny black feathers shot through with glossy streaks of red, long, sharp, curved talons, and black eyes with a red spark burning deep down inside them.

Rocs are capable of picking up people and carrying them off — before they rip them to shreds. Every god and goddess has a Champion, someone that they choose to work on their behalf in the mortal realm.

Champions have various powers and weapons, and can be good or bad, depending on the god they serve. The Chaos War: Long ago, Loki and his followers tried to enslave everyone and everything, and the whole world was plunged into the Chaos War.

It was a dark, bloody time that almost resulted in the end of the world. The Reapers want to free Loki, so the god can lead them in another Chaos War. You can see why that would be a Bad, Bad Thing. Fenrir wolves: These creatures look like wolves — only much, much bigger. They have ash gray fur, razor-sharp claws, and burning red eyes. Think of Fenrir wolves as puppy-dog assassins. Once upon a time, Loki caused the death of another god and was imprisoned for it. But Loki eventually escaped from his prison and started recruiting other gods, goddesses, humans, and creatures to join forces with him.

He called his followers the Reapers of Chaos, and they tried to take over the world. However, Loki and his followers were eventually defeated, and Loki was imprisoned for a second time.

Mythos Academy Series

To this day, Loki seeks to escape from his prison and plunge the world into a second Chaos War. Mythos Academy: The academy is located in Cypress Mountain, North Carolina, which is a ritzy suburb high in the mountains above the city of Asheville. The kids at Mythos range in age from first-year students age sixteen to sixth-year students age twenty-one.

The kids go to Mythos to learn how to use whatever magic and skills they possess to fight against Loki and his Reapers. Nemean prowlers: These creatures look like panthers — only much, much bigger.

Reapers use them to watch, hunt, and kill members of the Pantheon.

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Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. The goddess was the one who defeated Loki in one-on-one combat during the final battle of the Chaos War.

Ever since then, Nike and her Champions have fought the Reapers of Chaos, trying to keep them from freeing Loki from his prison. The Pantheon: The members of the Pantheon are the good guys. Reapers of Chaos: Books In This Series 6 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. Jennifer Estep. Next page. Complete Series. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Dark Frost Mythos Academy Book 3. Touch of Frost Mythos Academy Book 1.

Crimson Frost Mythos Academy Book 4. Midnight Frost Mythos Academy Book 5. Killer Frost Mythos Academy Book 6. Jennifer is also the author of the Black Blade and Mythos Academy young adult urban fantasy series and the Bigtime paranormal romance series.

For more on Jennifer and her books, visit her at www. Product details File Size: Kensington November 29, Publication Date: November 29, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Read reviews that mention mythos academy kiss of frost dark frost touch of frost jennifer estep winter carnival helheim dagger academy series fenrir wolf even though nike champion next book logan quinn harry potter crimson frost looking forward trying to kill gypsy gift ski resort young adult.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Gwen Frost is Nike's champion and on the hunt for the Helheim Dagger. The reapers are also looking for the dagger in order to release their God, Loki, from prison. The race is on and no one can be trusted. Having no idea where to begin, Gwen is way over her head in a battle she knows little about that is coming.

With little to no help from the Mythos professors, Gwen must glean what information she can from the reaper Preston. He's the one they recently captured and imprisoned. So this book was full of surprises! We found out in the end of the last book that Gwen had to find the Helheim Dagger, the last piece of the puzzle that would free Loki from his prison. Grace, Gwen's mother, hid the dagger and died for it.

Now the dagger is Gwens responsibility. Right now Gwen is being haunted with the knowledge that Preston, along with another reaper girl, killed her mother. She is also terrified of losing her bf Logan, a Spartan that she is deeply in love with, and knows his secret, but he doesn't know she knows, oy!

And if that wasn't enough teen drama, Daphne comes into her power in the middle of a crisis, and turns hateful on everyone because it wasn't the power she was expecting. This is only the calm before the storm!

There is deceit, betrayal, action, adventure, and death still to come!

I was on the edge of my seat and truly thought Gwen was going to die! The fear of losing our beloved heroine was too much! I didn't hit pause one time during that chapter! The fact that Nike gave Gwen a choice, free will and all really hit home with her I think. Gwen was at a cross roads because of how her magic developed, and the rift between her and Logan, and Nike just laid it out for her.

You don't have to do squat! Well she didn't say it like that, but you dig me. This chapter in Gwen's life was, if nothing else, a weight lifted off her shoulders.

Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy)

She was able to put to rest some things from her past and come to an understanding and acceptance with the new things in her life. I feel good about where this story is going and look forward to hearing it all unravel through my ear buds, one chapter at a time. Narrator Review Tara Sands continues to deliver a wonderful performance as Gwen Frost and her friends! I love you Tara, keep up the great work! In the second installment of Mythos Academy we pick up shortly after Touch of Frost left off.

The kids are getting ready to go to the yearly winter festival at a ski lodge and Gwen is convinced that there is another Reaper after her. The Reaper has seemed to follow her and has pulled a bunch of tricks in order to kill her.

Frost estep pdf kiss jennifer of

The author does a lot of reviewing about not only what took place in the last book, but about the characters themselves and the world that she created. I found myself skimming over a bit of the book to get to the story. I liked that the author added in more characters to the forefront.

They actually start training Gwen with weapons and self-defense. Plus there is a change of scenery since the students go away for the annual Winter Carnival at a ski lodge. I know in my last review I said fans of Vampire Academy would enjoy this and they would. I really enjoy the mythology in this story.

I like the characters and the world that the author has created. I even like that it reminds me of VA since that is my favorite series.

Spartan Heart (Mythos Academy spinoff, book 1) by Jennifer Estep

I will definitely continue with the series. We start off right after winter break the last book ended as everyone went home for the holidays.

Of estep kiss pdf jennifer frost

While fighting the main Reaper Loki's Champion , Gwen notices her drop something and later finds out that it's a map to the library at the academy.

The Reapers have figured out where the dagger is that will release Loki and bring him to the mortal realm and it's hidden somewhere in the library. This book is a race against the time to find the dagger before the Reapers do. This series seems to be an easy read for me.