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First Among Equals PDF/EPub Book by Jeffrey Archer. Juwgd3jhaie - Download and read Jeffrey Archer's book First Among Equals in PDF, EPub, Mobi. First Among Equals is a novel by British author Jeffrey Archer, which follows the careers . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. 3 days ago First Among Equals Jeffrey Archer - [Free] First Among Equals Jeffrey Archer [ PDF] [EPUB]. First Among Equals is a novel by British.

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homeranking.info I learned the secrets of super success from three gentlemen who mentored me Daniel S. Peña- Yo. EX EQUALS Cammies always looked good, and the deep blue had a tendency to bring out eyes in a way that would probably. First Among Equals - Jeffery Archer. Prologue. Saturday, April 27, KING CHARLES III made the final decision. The election had duly taken place as.

Ambrose On the Altar of Freedom: Details if other: The writing itself is not only terribly dry and fragmentary but also very gimmicky, relying on withholding information from the reader and telling the reader that the information is being withheld. Assisted and well supported by his wife Joyce he went on to become the Leader of the Labour Party, at the end of the year I find it hard to remember the characters in the start. Home Again:

Jul 24, Jayne Charles rated it really liked it. I rather liked this slightly soapy tale of political life. Because Archer has been there and done it, the story has a certain authenticity, though I'm sure it has been greatly simplified. I thought the characters were well drawn, avoiding too much stereotyping. The only thing I didn't particularly like was the ending, and the convenient personality transplant of one of the main characters. Mar 04, Clari Zimmermann rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Apr 08, Leseparatist rated it liked it Shelves: So, the full story. I first read this novel when I was about 15 or 16, and knew next to nothing about the British parliamentary system thanks, Polish education.

I'm sure a lot of the novel went over my head, and I have no idea how accurate the translation was, but I have to say what I remembered was mainly the scheming and how cool it made politics seem. I decided on this re-read because I wanted to see how I'd feel about it now.

And I started reading the book only to realise something was str So, the full story. And I started reading the book only to realise something was strangely wrong. One of the characters was missing! Turns out, I was reading the early US edition, which was bowdlerized because the publisher assumed Americans wouldn't be able to cope with the amazing complexity of a non-two party system.

Meaning, one of the four characters Andrew! The nice one! So, I had to go back and re-read the beginning. From my current perspective, I have several things to say. First, Archer really does so, so badly by his female characters.

It's very apparent looking at historical figures: Archer predicted that Thatcher wouldn't make it to third term she did and that Elizabeth II view spoiler [would retire by 65 - at 90, she's still going!

We have the long-suffering Joyce who view spoiler [is abandoned for decades before her husband realises he should be with her after all hide spoiler ]. We have Amanda. I think Fiona and Elizabeth are the closest to being complex Louise doesn't really get enough pages to have that much of a characterisation other than her fertility troubles , but even so, it seems like there's more Alec Pimkin, the flamboyantly gay stereotype, than either of the wives. And when it comes to Clarissa I'm not sure what the point of having the whole self-hate was.

Nothing comes of it, it is just gross. When it comes to the male characters, I have to say Charles feels like Archer had a huge grudge against his party colleagues, Simon feels like Archer's beloved character and possibly a tiny bit of a self-insertion but not too much, I'd say, especially considering the ending.

Andrew is the likeable one, even without all his tragedies. Charles's scheming is actually mostly enjoyable, aside from all his woman problems. And then there's Raymond, who is essentially the best at what he does try to make the UK a more equal place! Save the war widows! The novel is engrossing, but it's mostly on the strength of the main idea, not of the writing.

The writing itself is not only terribly dry and fragmentary but also very gimmicky, relying on withholding information from the reader and telling the reader that the information is being withheld. It can work, from time to time, but when it's done a dozen times and in each case almost the same phrases are used, what it becomes is mostly annoying.

And then there are some really cheap plot twists, and the occasional awfulness. The political bias anti-socialist is very apparent, and then there's the occasional Rule Britannia enthusiasm. Still, I found the ending quite satisfying, for all that. But the book makes for a decent beach read, at least. Jul 21, Basha rated it liked it Shelves: Having been sure I'd read all of JAs books, I was surprised to find this one at a vacation house we rented on the Mediterannean.

Well, they say to write what you know and Archer knows the British Parliament. I never would have cared to learn all the ins and outs but Jeffey makes learning fun! Feb 09, Sridhar Babu rated it it was amazing. Jeffrey Archer.. Political Thriller Four men from different family backgrounds, all of them strangers, embark a journey for the highest post in their life- Becoming the Prime Minister of England.

All of them are equal in every aspects. In Qualification, Experience, campaign and public charisma they have equal scores. This ultimate goal becomes their passion and obsession.

For achieving this goal they outsmart each other in every possibly way. Unfolding over three decades their honor tested, loyalties betrayed and the love of family and country challenged. But in this passionate, obsessive game among the equals.. During his first month at the Oxford prep school, Charles excelled everybody in reading, debating and progressed with the air of a man who found university something of an anticlimax.

Pdf equals first among

It was assumed once Charles had left Oxford that he would succeed his fathers Seymour bank first as a director and then in time as its chairman. But the 'best laid plan' was changed when Charles listened to the motion " I would be a commoner than a lord" proposed by the Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

From then on his ambition changed from Banking to Politics. Starting as the Back bencher of the House, From the year he gradually climbed the ladder whenever the Conservative Party formed the Government , as the Under Secretary of the Junior office , Minister of State during , The Cabinet Member during and finally finishing long career as the Speaker of the Parliament in When his party was in the opposition he was invited as a junior spokesman in the Housing and Local Government Shadow team as a junior spokesman.

Right from the beginning of his political career, Charles considered his fellow party man Simon Kerslake as his adversary. The rift between them started in the election process of the leader for the Conservative party, when they backed different men during ,Charles mentioning Simon as "Pushy and self made man" in public.

Because of Charles's personal wish to ruin Simon, he goes extremes to put Simon out of the House of Commons in every possible way. When Simon loses his Coventry Central Constituency on the basis of Boundary Commission's report, Charles by making secret and out of the way dealings with his fellow party man, makes it impossible for Simon to contest in the General Elections.

Charles Marriage with disloyal Fiona fails miserably. He remarries Amanda, but after Harry was born, they go for a divorce. Being the only son of a family solicitor, he had appreciated his father's effort in sacrificing everything to make sure his son's dream come true.

Simon's father died during his son's last year at College, leaving his widow a small annuity and a magnificent grandfather clock. His mother sold the clock for the sake of Simon's studies.

From his first days in the school and at college, he always outdistanced his rivals. He showed every signs of an ambitious " achiever",. He was elected as the MP as the Right member of Conservative Party in the House of Commons, first from the Coventry central Constituency, later from the Pucklebridge constituency due to reallocation of constituencies on the basis of Boundary Commission's report. Staring as the back bencher he served in the House of Commons starting from to for three decades.

When his Conservative party sat in the Opposition , he always surprised the ruling Labour members with his sensible and intelligent questions.

He emerged victorious when his adversary and fellow party man Charles, went to the extremes to put Simon out of the House of Summons in every possible way.

Charles in his personal wish to ruin Simon, makes him bankrupt, makes a fellow party man to ask a question regarding Simon's investment by making him disgraceful in the House. Simon with his calm and gentle attitude overcomes all the hurdles and obstacles created by Charles. Simon was appointed as the Minister of State for Ireland after Conservative's win in the General Elections during Simon makes a genuine attempt in peace negotiations, by preparing a peace charter, in an effort to unite Catholics of North and Protestants of South Ireland.

After a terrible bomb blast, targeting his life, he takes our charge as the Defense Minister of State moving from the Northern Ireland Office.

First Among Equals

Simon's stand of immediate joint military action with the Defense officials code named "shoplifter" was highly appreciated in House of Commons, against Charles's stand of gaining victory through negotiations in a diplomatic way. Finally in a neck to neck fight for the Leadership of the Conservative Party, Simon defeats Charles in a comfortable margin.

Simon's marriage with gynaecologist Dr. Elizabeth turns out to be a successful one for the couples. Elizabeth with her loyal support to her husband Simon at the times of crises, makes Simon's climb in the political ladder easy and successful. The couple had two children, Micheal and Peter.

For the first nine years of his life he shared that room with his ailing grandmother until she died at the age of sixty-one. His grandmother's stories filled Ray with sadness, as he became aware that she had been a widow for nearly thirty years.

All she possessed was yellowed envelope containing irredeemable war bonds. After her death, Ray converted the room into his study, full of ever changing library books. Ray won the top Scholarship to Roundhay School.

At the age of twelve the title of the essay he won at the school competition was: Whether his Labour party was in power or in the opposition, his main obsession was to decrease the unemployment prevailing all over England and to raise the pensions of the war widows. Starting in the Back Benches of the House of Commons he climbed in the political ladders to become the deputy leader Chairing the Cabinet meetings in the Prime ministers absence.

After his win in the General Elections in The budget reflected Raymond's sole purpose of not robbing the rich and giving the poor, but rather to make those who live in comparative ease pay taxes that will ease the sufferings of the poor. Raymond's visit to Washington, to receive loans for his country from International Monetary Funds and the speeches he made at the Chamber of Commerce was highly appreciated. During this period he had a brief affair with an American Banker Kate, but ended in a very short period.

Assisted and well supported by his wife Joyce he went on to become the Leader of the Labour Party, at the end of the year Duncan was able to win his place only as a City Councilor, not as an MP for his party. By the age of thirteen Andrew learned enough about local politics to help his father organize a campaign in the Edinburgh Carlton constituency.

At the Edinburgh Academy and in the University he read politics and by his third year he was elected President of the Union and Captain of Rugby. He surprised everybody by representing Edinburgh constituency as the Labour Party candidate and won by huge margin.

After two miscarriages and his son Robert's tragic accidental death, Andrew and Louise adopted a balck girl named Clarissa from the orphanage. The General Election, held during resulted in a "hung parliament" with no clear majority to any party. Simon and Raymond were called by His Majesty at the Palace for making the final decision regarding who to be the future Prime Minister.

This Novel has no ordinary elements such as murder, suspense and adventure that other fictions have, yet the author makes this novel a gripping page turner with his innovative theme of "England's political Scenario", unfolding over three decades from He narrates the story in such a way that the reader is made to travel with the characters to the English Parliament, The House of Commons and watch the proceedings with awe.

The Parliamentary procedures, the role of MPs, ministers, cabinet ministers, the Whip's office are all explained in a wonderful way, so that even an ordinary man can easily visualize the happenings from the author's flawless narration. Though the four characters are credited "as equals", there is no strong part in the plot to prove their worth. In many parts the novel looks like a mere description of the tussle and challenges between Simon and Charles, while the other two characters Raymond and Andrew were pushed to backseat with out any depth in their characterization.

As an Indian, I find very close resemblance between the British and Indian Parliamentary system, though the office bearers in England are mentioned in different wordings House of Lords Rajya Sabha.. His Majesty King The President..

First Among Equals PDF/EPub Book by Jeffrey Archer - boringjohn2

Chief Whip Minister of Parliamentary affairs.. Time has made me more aware of both the parliamentary process and the role that personalities plays in politics. This reread of this book has that added dimension to the previous thoughts I had below.

Archer manages to weave the lives of four individuals together as they travel through politics with a skill that does not crassly portray simplistic good or bad characters, but fleshes them out as fully Time has made me more aware of both the parliamentary process and the role that personalities plays in politics. Archer manages to weave the lives of four individuals together as they travel through politics with a skill that does not crassly portray simplistic good or bad characters, but fleshes them out as fully fledged characters.

I also somehow found the story strangely inspiring. Archer has himself been a politician and this is the story of four ambitious men aiming to reach the pinnacle of power.

Which one would succeed? I did guess well before the end. It is an absorbing story and one of Archer's best books. Four stars. This is a story about four very driven characters competing in the British political environment from - , all aspiring to be Prime Minister one day: Doesn't have much luck with wives, nor the board of his family business. Simon Kerslake - another Conservative, but also a devoted family man who makes some risky investment choices in his pe This is a story about four very driven characters competing in the British political environment from - , all aspiring to be Prime Minister one day: Simon Kerslake - another Conservative, but also a devoted family man who makes some risky investment choices in his personal life, due to his association with Ronnie Nethercote.

Simon's a nice guy, who tries to do everything right whom some say Archer based on himself - obviously while wearing rose coloured glasses. Raymond Gould - Labour Party intellectual from working class background, the son of a butcher, who went on to become the youngest Queen's Counsel in the country.

Blackmailed by a prostitute and later spends most of his political career with a mistress. Eventually rediscovers his love for his wife. Andrew Fraser - Chooses to be a Labour man and later leader of the Social Democratic Party, despite the fact his father, Sir Duncan, is a strong Conservative politician. Andrew suffers a number of personal tragedies, but has the strength to pull through and continue his political career.

These four very different personalities are developed against the real life PMs - Wilson, Callaghan, Heath and Thatcher. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Lady Di also get a look in, and it's interesting that given this book was written in , Archer chose to have Charles king by Considering "a week is a long time in politics", Archer has to cover a lot of ground quickly in this novel, and he does it well.

He doesn't always explain the outcomes or spell things out, leaving the reader to figure it out for themselves, or, draw their own conclusions. In the race to lead the country, there is plenty of backstabbing, blackmailing and controversy. Archer has obviously drawn on a lot of his own life experiences to create this insight into the inner workings of the machinery of government, but he adds a dramatic flair that makes electioneering, party factions and the passing of legislation an exciting battle.

There are some great support characters in the novel too, but my particular favourite is Alec Pimkin: By voting for me they can lodge their protest clearly Irresponsible it may be, but you can't imagine the invitations I have been receiving during the last few days.

They should continue for at least a year after the election is over. Aug 28, Gea rated it it was ok. Archer I picked up this book at the annual Plano Book Sale along with some of his other books. However, this book was not only dull reading but it was lengthy and the characters vacillated between good and evil with the exception of Simon Kerslake.

It was hard to follow the characters from one escapade to the next, one relationship to another. Both Charles Hampton and Raymond Gould round out the characters along their shenanigans. If you are English you probably will understand this novel set around Parliament more than if you are an American. Once again Mr. Archer leaves you hanging wondering after each episode which is his favorite way to get you to continue to read it. I found the book less than exciting and more melodramatic than any of his other books.

Wishing it were otherwise but I would not give him a thumbs up for this novel. Was I surprised at the ending? It is I presume to be about his rivalry against his brother Rupert another addition to the flock of characters but who plays a minuscule role and in fact you hardly remember him when he is reintroduced at the end. Would I recommend it? If you are a Jeffrey Archer fan probably.

Otherwise I would say pass it by. It is dull reading. Sep 18, Sheetal Dash rated it really liked it. Some of my friends told me that they found the initial part boring. Well, I didn't find that assessment to be true. This novel makes a very interesting reading, and like many other Archer novels, it picks up action as you reach odd pages. This is a tale of four aspiring gentlemen: Fraser, Gould, Kerslake and Seymour who enter the House of Commons in the s, each aspiring to win the highest office - and to reach 10 Downing Street.

But only one 'First Among Equals' is quite a different tale. But only one man can do it. Archer, the master storyteller that he is, narrates in detail the lives of each men - the ups and downs each must face - and winds it up with the final battle.

The suspense is gripping and the man who becomes the Prime Minister is revealed only in the very last paragraph of the novel. Overall a great story Nov 28, Aleeeeeza rated it it was ok. It took me almost four months to finish this book. Even then, I skipped a couple of chapters near the end to finally finish it.

Don't get me wrong. This book is actually pretty good. But politics? NOT my thing. So it was a mistake just to pick it up. Besides that, Archer's storytelling is top-notch, but the slow pace of this entire-career-of-four-different-men-documenting novel really grated on my nerves.

I was skipping lots of pages at times, more interested in the personal lives o It took me almost four months to finish this book. I was skipping lots of pages at times, more interested in the personal lives of the charaters than their careers, which, despite trying pretty hard, I failed to really understand.

She made the donation in the midst of the leadership contest knowing Seymour could not politically ask for the portrait to be returned to him. Charles was depressed about losing the leadership contest. His fate was sealed when his embittered ex-wife sold his story to the tabloid News of the World revealing all his underhand tactics.

Kerslake was not bitter, however, and made Charles who at this point was aging rapidly numerous offers to return to the front bench. Charles declined them all and at his request became the Speaker of the House of Commons. As Speaker, he hosted a historic dinner at which Queen Elizabeth II revealed her intention to abdicate. Charles had a poor relationship with his mother, he detested his brother the Earl, and his two marriages both ended in divorce.

Yet he showed a tremendous devotion to his son Harry, and was devastated when his ex-wife implied that Harry might not be his child he was delighted when a blood type test confirmed he was but not conclusively. There is a certain amount of autobiographical influence in the character, as he shares Archer's politics, sporting history and a financial scandal that threatens his political career.

Equals pdf among first

His desire to look after his family nearly costs him his political career in the British House of Commons: Kerslake is a centrist Conservative, hard-working and honourable despite his poor business judgment. With only a few political missteps, Kerslake rises steadily through the Conservative Party during his year career.

Boundary changes lead to the abolition of his constituency at the February general election but he finds another and returns to the Commons at the October general election.

He serves in a number of other Cabinet posts, including Secretary of State for Defence. Simon's biggest rival is Charles Gurney Seymour, an aristocratic Conservative MP who does everything he can to stymie and sidetrack him. Simon narrowly survives each attempt to bring him down, and ultimately defeats him in a closely fought contest to be elected Leader of the Conservative Party. The novel culminates in an extremely close general election in the novel was published in However, in the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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