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Surya homeranking.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Sun Salutation, Full set of exercises to please Sun God. ARUNA SURYA NAMASKAR: THE SUN SALUTATION The sun is the source of all life on this planet and thus deserves our deepest respect that may be. Surya Namaskar is an ancient form of yoga. It is the art of solar vitalization. This form of yoga is a complete meditative technique in itself as it includes Asanas.

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12 POSTURES OF SURYA NAMASKAR. Introduction: Known variously as Surya Namskar or Prostrations to Sun or Sun Salutation, the Surya Namaskar. PDF | The oldest form of worship on this planet would have to be the worship of Therefore the term “Surya Namaskar” in its deepest meaning. PDF | On Sep 1, , Anup kumar Dhanvijay and others published SURYANAMASKAR.

Let your arms relax to your side with the palms facing the sun. You should be able to feel the tremendous pull along your entire back as you lift your head. You ever long to experience the joy of his warmth and affection. Focus your attention on inhaling. The Sun God takes care of us all as a mother takes care of her kids. No tension on your face forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, ears. Keep your palms on the ground, straight in line with the shoulders.

Aruna refers to the bright red quality of the sunrays at dawn. This version of Surya Namaskar provides an excellent warming up exercise, especially in the early morning, when the body may be sluggish, lethargic and stiff from the night's sleep. The keywords to remember with Aruna Surya Namaskar are "stretch" and "breathe". The breathing must be deep and as regular as possible. Stand in the Samastithi Asana with your weight balanced equally on both feet.

Let your arms relax to your side with the palms facing the sun. Perform slow and deep breathing and enjoy the feeling of the early morning sun's rays striking the whole body, especially the palms of your hands. On a deep incoming breath, stretch your hands outward in a big circle and bring them together, palm-to-palm, and high over your head, stretching them upwards as much as possible in Anjali Mudra. On the next outgoing breath, stretch downwards and bring your hands down until the palms are flat down to the ground.

Without bending your knees try to make your forehead touch your knees in the Pada Hasta Asana. Keep your hands as flat to the ground as possible. On the next incoming breath, lift your head as high as possible, stretching your neck along with your entire back and spine. You should be able to feel the tremendous pull along your entire back as you lift your head.

Keep your toes turned under so that the weight is felt balanced on the balls of the toes. Make sure that your body does not touch the ground.

It should be held as stiff as possible and parallel to the ground. On the next incoming breath, lift your head up and bend your torso upwards.

Press on the ground with your hands in the Kokila Asana, Cuckoo Posture. Make sure that your toes are turned under and that your legs and thighs do not touch the ground. Bend your back and push your head back as much as possible.

On the next outgoing breath, push on your hands and feet and lift your buttocks up to the sky. This is Meru Asana, the Mountain Posture. Your knees should be tight and straight while you push down on your heels. Keep your back as straight as possible. In this position, take the breath in through your nose and "whoosh" it out through your mouth, as forcibly as possible.

Good behaved pious men; saints and sages have this glow on their faces. This is the Tej of the Sun God. We bow to such people to get their blessings. The light of the moon and stars, the heat of fire and Yadnya Kunda everything is the Tej of the Sun God. The heat of the body, the heat Jatharagni that digests food is the presence of the Sun God in our body. If you are not well at stomach just dont eat after the sunset. The presence of the Sun God, during daytime, will digest the food.

The seven power points Sapta Chakra in our body represent the Sun God. These seven points control and govern our physical and mental activities. They are the source of heat and energy to all our activities.

If there is no heat in our body we are cold we are no more. Worship this Tej of the Sun God. Breath in. The vital point: The Vishudha Chakra.

Colour of smoke. At the base of the neck. The space. Sound and speech. Ears and speech organs. Swelling Internal and external , knot in the muscle, wound with pus, pus discharge from eyes pimples and 16 freckles on skin, etc. Relieves the pain of the neck shoulders, arms, ankles, wrists. Gives stress and stretch to all the muscles from ankles to neck. Chemical and physical process of respiration becomes strong and healthy.

Result is increase in the body height and health. Close your palms together. Put your hands straight up. Straighten your hands and legs.

Fix your heels on the ground. Close your right toe and heel with the left. Give upward stretch to your hands and legs. Look at the palms. Bend your head backward slowly, gracefully. Form an arch of the body above waist.

The Sun God is one who always activates others and is full of activities too. He is the symbol of cosmic energy. The chariot of the Sun God is of seven horses. The horses represent the seven days of the week. They also stand for the seven colours of the rainbow. The seven power points in our body have different colours of their own. His work is colourful.

Nobody can pinpoint the exact time when the activities of the Sun God started. The span of time of His activities cannot be counted either. The end of His activities is beyond our imagination.

HIS activities are varied. The food supplied to all the plants is the same but the rose is not the same as other flowers. All the leaves of different trees are not the same. The varieties of the trees and the leaves are uncountable.

HE is omnipresent in all and every act. Pray the Sun God to give inspiration and energy to do good deeds. Breath out. The Swadhistan Chakra. At the tip of the spine. Jal, the water. Urine problems, urine stone, sleeplessness, general debility weakness. Muscle pain in the back, shoulders, throat, chest, stomach is relieved.

Removes cough. Increases appetite. Helps remove gases and toxic material. Sound sleep is the result. Fix your palms flat on the ground. Adjust the big toes and the palms in line.

Keep shoulder distance between the palms. Keep your legs straight and knees straightened. Touch your chin to the chest. Touch your forehead to the knees. The word Bhanu means light, the day- light.

Darkness indicates ignorance and light intelligence. The sun removes darkness and makes us wise. The tug of war, in your mind, always puts you into puzzles. It is the Adnya Chakara that guides you to take the right decision. In this way the sun God is the source of enlightenment to all of us. HE is the model example for us all. Be HIS follower. Perform your deeds in the light of the Sun. Be helpful to others as the sun takes care of us all. Expect no returns for your services to others, for the sun demands nothing from you.

The other examples in this light are the rivers and the trees. In fact the entire nature is the living model that communicates the spirit of the Sun God. Bow to the Dnyan Surya, the wisdom of the Sun God, to make us clever and intelligent.

Breathe in. The Adnya Chakra. Lotus white. Between the two eyebrows. Manas Relation to body: Mind Useful to treat and prevent: Respiratory diseases, hypertension etc. Thoughts become clear, brain bright concentration sharp. Muscle pains in thighs, knees, calves, ankles are relieved.

Keep the right foot and the palms firm on the ground. Stretch the left leg backwards. Touch the left knee and toe to the ground.

Fold the right knee. The calf, the back part of the thigh and the last rib of the right chest touching each other. Keep both the hands straight. Lift up the shoulders to touch the head.

Push your head backwards. Look towards the sky. Khaga means space, Akash, and gama means go - one who travels through the sky. It indicates the presence of the sun, the sunrays and the sun-warmth everywhere in the space.

You cant find a pinch of place in the sea without seawater so is the sun in the universe. There is no place, neither in our body nor outside in the entire universe, without the sunrays.

You yourself can experience this fact. Close your eyes. Ask someone to put on and off the electric tube light. Though your eyes are closed, you get the feel of the tube light. You can measure and count time in days, weeks, months, years because of the sunrise and the sunset. The sun reminds us of the passing days and years. Life is the sum total of days, weeks, months and years. With His own example HE prompts us not to waste time.

Wasting time in doing nothing is going fast near to the death point. It is a slow suicide. So pray to the Sun God to give us energy and wisdom to use the life span in the self-help and in the service to others.

Namaskar pdf surya

Aakash, The space. Swelling Internal and external , knot in the muscle, wound with pus, pus discharge from eyes 22 pimples and freckles on skin, etc.

Result is increase in the body height and health Keep both the hands in the same position. Take the weight of the body on the hands and the shoulders. Stretch the right leg backwards. Close the feet. Stretch them straight backwards. Straighten your legs and knees, arms and elbows.

Keep your body - head to heels - in straight line in slanting position Fix your eyes on the ground at the right angle to the body. The word Pushnaihi means one that provides nutrition. The sun is the source of all types of food and medicines.

Pdf surya namaskar

Food is the only source of energy that builds our body. So you should be grateful to the sun god for providing food to you. You should give respect and regard to the food you eat. Engaging yourself in other activities while eating food is a sort of insult to the food and the Sun God. Hence, watching TV, reading or playing games while eating should be avoided.

The sun, directly or indirectly, offers light, heat and energy round the clock. The Sun God is all very important for us to sustain life. You may have read news in the newspaper. The news is to the effect that there is a man who eats nothing. He is without food for years together. He drinks only water and eats no food. He does Yogasana, in the open field, in the morning and in the evening at a particular time.

Do you know that a baby tortoise gets its nourishment through the affectionate look of the mother tortoise? Here, offer your respect to the sun God for providing you with food, light, heat, and energy. Retain breath. The Manipur Chakra. Blue Location: At the navel. Agni, The fire.

Sight and feeling. The eyes and the brain. Asthma, piles, arthritis, digestion problems etc. It builds you healthy. Bright eyes, glow on the face, dark hair, long 24 stamina and strong body is the result. The involvement of brain and mind in your activities become keen and sharp. Dont move the palms and the toes. Take the body weight on your hands. Bend the arms at the elbow. Press the chin to the chest. Touch the ground with the eight points of your body.

Forehead, chest, knees, palms, toes. Push both the elbows inside, towards each other. Uplift the hip part of your body. The word Hiranya means gold, golden. Gold is dear to us. Everybody loves to possess it because it is pure in every respect. It is a pure currency. The craving for gold is unlimited. The sun gives us pure gold. Agni, the fire burns out all the impurities from the gold ore.

The twilight is golden in colour. It covers the entire universe in its fold. It turns the entire universe into gold pure gold. The sunlight makes everything visible. It has given birth to the universe.

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So Hiranyagarbha means the womb of the entire universe. The sun element is everywhere in the cosmos. The centre part of the earth and other planets is hot as the sun. This is why all the stars and planets are in motion and at their right position because of the sun. All the stars and planets have evolved developed gradually from the sun.

The Sun God is the creator of all the living and non-living things. The sun God is omnipotent. The cycle of nature the Sun, the water, the clouds, the winds, the rain and the farming ever goes on only because of the Sun God. HE is all-powerful, possessing complete and unlimited power, energy and authority.

HE is the master of the entire universe. The Swadhisthan Chakra. The water. Removes cough and increases appetite.

Health and Sound sleep is the result. Dont disturb the position of the palms. Keep the arms straight. Straighten the elbow. Throw the head and the shoulders back. Pull the waist towards the centre between the palms. Dont disturb the position of the feet. Touch the knees to the ground. Form arch like position.

Marich means mirage. A person in the desert gets to see a big pond of water at a long distance. It is the heat and the rays of the sun that form the image of water. It is not actual water. In fact the person cant reach that point of water.

If he runs after the mirage to quench his thirst he will receive death but no water. The Sun God is the creator of all types of mirages. HE is the creator of illusions, good and bad. HE is the originator of all good and bad impressions of life. HE is the commander of all such things. Our eyesight, to look at life, is very short and small. It can focus on a very small portion of time, space and event. Hence, we form wrong impressions of life. We have wrong ideas of life.

We have wrong desires to fulfill in our life. We work hard to get what we actually dont want. We dont know what life really is. In this way we walk on the wrong path of life and our precious time is wasted in vain. We worship the Sun God to save us from the mirage of life.

The other meaning of the word Marich means one who makes us aware of the sin. The word Marich also means the power that cures diseases. Here, pray the Sun God to give the wisdom to know what is good and what is bad for life. Breathe out. The Space. Swelling Internal and external , knot in the muscle, wound with pus, pus discharge from eyes pimples and freckles on skin, etc.

Dont move the position of the feet and the palms. Raise up the middle part of your body. Form a triangle with the palms waist and feet. Touch the heels to the ground. Put your arms and legs straight. Straighten your elbows and knees. Pull your head towards the knees. Touch the chin to the chest. Fix your eyes on the nose-tip. The word Aditya means the son of Aditi. AdiMaya is the source of birth and growth of the entire universe. Hence, Aditi is supposed to be the mother Aaee of all Gods.

Aditi is the wife of Bruhaspati. Bruhaspati is the priest of all the Gods. The sun is the son of Aditi and Bruhaspati. HE is the image of Aditi and Bruhaspati.

He is the worthy son of the celestial parents. HE is the true follower of the commandments, customs and traditions of HIS parents. We all are the creation of the Sun God.

The entire big bunch of all the Divine Qualities of the Sun God is the heritage of all the human beings. Bow to the sun God in the memory of this divine heritage. Beg HIM to give power to use this heritage in your day-to-day life. On the forehead between the eyebrows. Adnya Chakra 30 Useful to treat and prevent: Intellectual work with confidence.

Dont change the position of your palm. Refer to Aum Bhanave Namah. Keep the left foot and the palms firm on the ground. Touch the right knee and toe to the ground. Fold the left knee. The calf, the back part of the thigh and the last rib of the left chest touching each other. The word Savita means mother. We owe our birth and existence to the Sun God. The Sun God takes care of us all as a mother takes care of her kids.

Mother never wants her children to be in any difficulty. She is always worried about the well being of her children. She helps assists and supports her kids with all her ability and power. The kids are the biological part of her being.

You can relate all the qualities of your mother to the Sun God. Try to visualize what your mother would like you to do in such a situation. Look at the problem with the eyes of your mother. It will show you the path of success. You will feel triumphant to do the efforts for the final success. In this respect the sun is our caretaker, our mother. The prayer to the Sun god reminds us of our mother.

Worship the Sun God to help you fulfill the dreams of your mother. Refer to Aum Suryaya Namah. The meaning of the word Arka means extract. The sun is the concentrated form of life. HE is the essence of life. HE is the pure extract of how ones life should be. HIS is the guiding light that enlightens our path of life. HE is the wisdom of life for us. HE is the model example for us to learn the art of living.

The nonstop activity for the welfare of all the living and non-living, without expecting anything in return, is the real light of the Sun God. HE is passive to any result; good or bad, of HIS own actions.

HE looks at HIS own actions as a third person. In fact HE doesnt think that HE has performed such a huge task. Honey is the essence of flowers. But the flowers are not present in it. In the same way the sun remains absent from HIS actions. In fact the Sun God is the action, the actor and the outcome of the performance.

It is very difficult to follow and practice the life of the Sun God. But this is the only way of life to be happy. Kumbhak 34 The vital point: The chest cavity is enlarged to inhale more oxygen. Refer to Aum Mitraya Namah. Fingers closed at right angle to the ground. This is the last position of Surya-Namaskar.

This is the ready position for the next Surya-Namaskar. HE has covered the entire universe with his light. There is the sun light inside and out side of our body. HE is the witness to all our deeds mental and physical. HE observes all of your actions and gives you joy and sorrow accordingly. HE leads assists and inspires you to do noble works. When you accept HIS help and perform your work accordingly you become happy inside and out. In order to get this divine happiness and self-satisfaction, bow to the Sun God and perform Surya-Namaskar.

Surya Namaskar is a prayer to the Sun God. You can call it Action Prayer. A prayer means thanks giving. The thanks giving for what you have already received. You express gratitude to the Sun God for the previous day that was granted to you and expect HIS blessings for the coming day.

Prayer is not begging for blessings. You are going to get what you deserve. You are bound to get success and joy equal to your efforts in the present and the past. So best of efforts, in every action, should be your motto. Start every of your day with Surya Namaskar. Pray the Sun God early in the morning before the sunrays enter your house. HE is the first visitor of the day to your house. And the guest is not an ordinary one.

HE 36 is the GOD that we can actually see. HE is the model example for you to follow. Receive the guest wholeheartedly. Shake off your sleep. Get ready to welcome HIM. Isnt it absurd to welcome the guest after he has entered your house? Namaskar Mudra: At the level of the heart. Vayu, the wind. Close your palms. Adnya Chakara Put the closed palms in the middle of the forehead. Keep the shoulder-distance between the elbows. Complete submission body, speech, mind, heart to the Sun God.

Concluding Shlok Adityasya namaskaran ye kurvanti dine dine Janmantar-sahashreshu daridrya nopajayate Namah dharma-vidhanaya namaste kruta-shakshine Namah pratyaksha devaya bhaskaraya namah nama-h. One who performs Surya Namaskar regularly gets no poverty Poverty of wealth, health and intellect.

Lord Bhaskara. YOU are the Dharma incarnated. YOU yourself are all the divine virtues. YOU are the soul witness to all my deeds, good and bad. YOU are the only God in shape and form. I bow to you with all my body, mind and soul. The daily practice in Surya Namaskar gives you health. Healthy body performs more work.

The working hours are increased. The work is done with ease and confidence. You become successful in your work. The success leads to success. The success, of course, gives you happiness and wealth too. The Sun God is the Dharma incarnated. With His own example He tells us what Dharma is. HE is the only god that we get to see everyday, everywhere. HE is the only god in shape and form. HE is the witness to all 37 your deeds. HE showers happiness according to your deeds.

I pray the Sun God with all my heart. In this way the practice of Surya Namaskar is over. HE has given me the inspiration and the physical ability to carry out the action and got it done from me. Everything belongs to HIM. The possessive sense of me-my-mine is to be put on regressive mode. And say: Oh Sun God! Let the sip of water keep away from me all the diseases and the untimely deaths. It is a sort of promise to be confirmed by self-instruction.

If you practice Surya Namaskar daily, it relieves you from minor illness, disorders, and other ailments. All these discomforts, if not taken care of, may turn into serious diseases leading you to the death point.

Hari Aum Tat-Sat. In each Surya Namaskar, some Asanas are repeated, with a difference of its own. You have the general know how of each Asana and how to perform them. Please refer to the main body of the text.

The implied meaning of the word YOGA is the real experience of the ecstatic joy of bringing the concept of Surya Namaskar into actual practice. The concept of Yogasana is the base of Surya Namaskar. Hence, some basic rules of Yogasanas should be taken into consideration. Go slow in the process of performing every Asana, at least for three Surya Namaskar. It is a training to all the muscles, involved in voluntary and involuntary actions, to acquire elasticity and flexibility through Surya Namaskar.

At the beginning, each Surya Namaskar consumes It reduces your body weight without making you perspire. It builds your muscles without any increase in the heart beats. Use all your physical and mental abilities to perform Surya Namaskar. Each Asana is divided into four stages. Practice the first stage of every Asana at least for a fortnight. Take into consideration the steps by step method to use BijAkshar while performing Surya Namaskar.

In order to learn the art of Pranayam you better contact me or somebody expert personally. Gathering information about Pranayam through reading and listening is insufficient for practical work. Aum Mitraya Namah. Stage First: Legs closed. Toe to toe. Heel to heel, knee to knee. No strain on either knee or calf; heel or toe. Hold your hands at the chest, in Namaskar position. Initially apply a light pressure to the palms. Increase the pressure slowly, day-by-day as your practice gathers experience.

Take the feel of the pressure in the muscles of the palms, wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders and the CHEST. The pressure of the palms results in a bit expansion of the CHEST 39 After attaining the maximum position, wait for five seconds. Speak out the next Surya Mantra and move to the next Asana.

If the muscle tension is released from elsewhere, you need to rectify the mistake through practice. Rule applies to all twelve Asana. Refer to Step Ahead to Excellence for supportive exercises for all the Asana. Stage Second: Watch out exhaling. Each time you exhale bring the elbows close to body. Each time you exhale pull down the shoulders. Keep the palms pressed, as they are.

Exhale completely. Hold your breath. Be in the position of Kumbhak. After attaining the maximum position, wait for five seconds. Relax all the muscles under stress and strain.

Stage Third: Focus your attention on the Anahat Chakra. The main objectives: To make use of palms, elbows, shoulders as levers to expand the chest.

Surya Namaskar.pdf

After attaining the maximum position, exhale completely. Wait for a while. Relax all the muscle tension. Speak out the next Surya Mantra. Move to the next Asana. Stage Fourth: Say slowly and loudly Aum Hram Mitraya Namah.

Refer to BijAkshar. Follow the method of your choice. Experience the feel of every activity in each stage every time. Take the feel of vibrations of the Chakra involved in the Asana. The speed without the actual feel is of little use. Use all your physical and mental abilities to perform every Asana of the Surya Namaskar.

Then relax. Take care to match the rhythm of breathing with that of actions. Practice on music, group practice, counting 1, 2, Stand straight, as you were in the previous position. Move your hands above the head. Stretch them up. Elbow straight. Upper arms near to the ears. Turn the head backwards to look at the palms. Eyes and palms in line. Move the hands backwards. Sight is tied up with the palms. Remove all the muscle tension from the hands, shoulders, chest, stomach, backbone, waist, thighs, calves and ankles.

Inhale and stretch the body up. Inhale and push the head back to look at the palms above. Move the hands backwards keeping the eye-sight with the palms After attaining the maximum position, wait for five seconds. Focus your attention on the Vishudhya Chakra. It is easy to catch hold of the Vishudhya Chakra when you push your head back to look at the palms.

To give upward stretch to all muscles in the body, from ankles to the index fingers. To give massage to the muscles of the stomach. To give strength to the backbone. Remove all muscle tension. The rest is as stated under Pranamasan. Keep a distance of inches between the legs. Bend down in the waist. Take a side view in the mirror to check your standing position. OR Stand, touching your back at a wall and then bend down in the waist.

Keep your palms on the knees. Bend as far down as possible. Go slow without giving jerks to the body. Keep the stomach loose. Try to rest your palms on the ground, ahead but near to the big toe. Keep the knees straight. Keep the shoulder distance between the palms. Heel to heel. Knee to knee. When you bend down exhale completely. Remove air from your belly. Every time you exhale try to bend down a bit further, without any jerks.

Repeat slowly. Bend forward ahead each time. Keep the shoulders loose. Remove muscle tension from your shoulders. Neck loose. Touch the forehead to the knees. Focus your attention on the Swadhistan Chakra.

Pdf surya namaskar

It is the last end of the backbone, above the hip bone. All the seventy-two thousand nerves spread all over the body in cross section from this area.

Put the palms flat on the ground by the side of the feet. Main objective: To stretch the muscles of the waist, back and shoulders. To press the muscles of the stomach and massage the belly. To give flexibility and strength to the backbone. Take the left leg backwards. Touch the left knee and the left toe onto the ground. Sit down on the right leg. The heel and the toe completely resting on the ground.

The location of the hands and the right foot is not at all disturbed. Put your hands straight. Lift up the shoulders. Pull back the head. Relax all the muscles of both the legs and hands, the right side of the stomach, the neck and the upper part of the back and the backbone. While inhaling move the left leg far back, touching the knee and the toe to the ground.

Keep the position of the left knee and the toe as it is. Use the joint of the ankle and the waist to stretch the leg as far back as possible. While inhaling sit on the right leg touching the foot flat on the ground. Though you are in sitting position you are supposed to be ready as a horse Ashwa to run quick and fast as and when the signal comes from the Navigator.

All the body weight is on the right foot but the thigh and knee are a bit raised up inwardly, in ready position. While inhaling lift up the shoulders and push the head as far back as possible.

Relax all the muscles under stretch and strain. While doing all these actions focus your attention on the Adnya Chakra, at the middle of the forehead. This is the antenna to receive the cosmic energy. Keep it in front of the Sun.

To give downward stretch to the left leg. To give pressure on the muscles of the right leg. To lift up inwardly the knee joint and the hip joint of the right foot in ready position. To stretch the backbone upward in convex curve. To massage the muscles of the right side of the belly, including the liver part. While inhaling perform all the activities in one stroke as described in stage first, second, third.

Aum Khagaya Namah MakarAsan. Move the right leg near to the left leg. Keep the heels and knees tied up. Take all the body weight on your hands and raise up the shoulders. Keep your palms on the ground, straight in line with the shoulders. Keep the body in slanting position with the head and neck in line. Give a downward stretch, to the body, from neck to feet.

Relax all the muscles of the legs and hands, the stomach, the upper part of the back and the neck. While exhaling press the hands down on the ground and raise up your shoulders. While exhaling give a downward stretch, towards the toe.