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HR strategy. 2. Cambridge English for Human Resources Cambridge University Press .. CAAF0BA4D/0/ homeranking.info English for Human Resources. Working hours to work overtime = to do more than the usual hours required by the contract. •. We aren't paid when we work. George Sandford: Cambridge English for Human Resources Pdf the quad pleasantries during efficaciously rich, mightily personal, nor.

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a Cambridge book English for Human homeranking.info May 9, | Author: Lupercia Velázquez | Category: Invalid or corrupted PDF file. More Information. English for Human homeranking.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. a Cambridge book. Description: • Cambridge English for Human Resources covers a wide range of topics of concern to human resources and personnel development, from.

First, tell students to close books and then ask them to tell you the eight different phrases for introducing a paraphrase these are the words in bold in Exercise 11a. This will result in the factory being closed. Note that they could write their plan for Hoffmann-Strenge if they prefer, especially if they are university students with little or no personal experience of the workplace. Published on Jun 30, Groups then share their summaries orally with each other.

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They take responsibility and feel personally and emotionally involved. When they have identified four of each, they match them to the HR approaches.

Point out that there could be room for discussion on some of the statements. When you go through the answers with the class, discuss whether students agree with all the statements about each approach, and whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This involves getting groups of workers together from different departments to work on a specific aspect of improvement. They compare their answers in pairs before feeding back to the class.

In this sense, rather than directly doing things themselves, HR make things possible by providing the opportunity and tools for people within the organisation to achieve things by themselves.

An authoritarian HR department is likely to create rules and ensure that they are followed by exerting power and status. Extension activity Chris in Audio 1. Write the metaphors below on the board. Ask students to say what the literal meaning of each metaphor is and then how it is applied to HR strategy in this context.

Cambridge English for Human Resources Student's Book with Audio CDs (2)

Suggested answers 1 a Chris is introducing the topic. Ask students to try and use as many of the phrases from Exercise 3d as they can during their discussions.

After a few minutes, open up the discussions to include the whole class.

For resources english pdf human cambridge

Developing an HR strategy Before you begin … Students work in pairs. Give each pair a set of five pieces of paper or sticky notes i. Students write the headings of five sections that they would expect to find in a strategy document, one on each note.

Tell each pair of students to stick their set of papers or notes on the board or on a large table. Once every pair has added their set, ask students to work as a class to sort the notes into groups of equivalent or similar headings e.

Aims, Objectives and Purpose might make a single group. Then ask students to open their Student's Books at page 9 to compare their answers with the headings featured in the word box in Exercise 5a. If there are differences, discuss whether this is about language choice or subject. When you feed back with the class, ask students to say what might be included in each section. You may want to ask students to suggest some examples of more formal and impersonal language.

Discuss with the class whether they would use the same style of language in their own documents. Suggested answers The language is more formal and impersonal.

Many of the sentences begin with a noun not a person, and the meaning of many of the verbs is specific not general.

For example, compare The aim of the HR strategy is to support and enhance the corporate strategy … with the more informal We want to be better at doing what the company wants. Answers Nouns from verbs: When you go through the answers with the class, ask students to give you the actual answers to the questions, not just which questions were answered.

Suggested answers The introduction should answer questions 1, 2, 4 and 5. Answering questions 1 and 5 is important as this will show the ways in which the HR strategy is linked to the business strategy of the organisation.

Question 2 should always be answered. The reader may want or need to ask questions to the author s about the document. It is especially important to mention who has helped to write the report if the writing process included consultation with and input from a wide range of stakeholders.

Question 4 needs to be answered much more fully in the main part of the strategy document, but there also needs to be a brief summary of the most important factors in the introduction. It is not usually necessary to answer question 3.

English resources pdf for human cambridge

However, question 3 might be answered briefly in the introduction, but only to explain how detailed the consultation process was. Question 6 cannot be answered by the authors of the strategy document. Then ask them to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using technical HR vocabulary or jargon in such documents.

Suggested answers useful phrases underlined: The aim of the HR strategy is to support and enhance the corporate strategy by realising key deliverables through HR services and actions. The strategy has been developed in consultation with senior management and staff and takes account of lessons learnt from strategic planning in the past.

As a global company, it is important that we connect all aspects of the business whilst retaining the ability to respond quickly to market changes. HR jargon Advantages: It enables very precise meanings to be communicated; it helps create the impression that HR is a professional department.

They discuss their answers in pairs and then feed back to the class. You may need to focus on the form and functions of the passive when you go through the answers see Language note on page 9 for advice. Answers Verbs in the second sentence have changed from active have driven, created to passive has been driven, was created.

The passive is more common in formal and impersonal documents. The passive can be used to move longer or more important information away from the beginning of the sentence. Language note The passive has two important but contrasting functions: This strategy has been developed in order to enhance …. The initiative was created by the management board or because the agent is a long phrase which would sound odd at the beginning of a sentence e. These two factors, sometimes known as end-focus and end-weight, often go together: The passive is not only used for tensed verbs.

It may also be used in infinitives e. In order to be approved, the plan must … and participle clauses e. This will result in the factory being closed.

This will result in the Braga factory being closed and the manufacturing operation being relocated to Evora. Afterwards, ask students to close their books and then call for volunteers to explain the words to you. Students then work alone to put the words and phrases into the gaps and then check in pairs.

Finally, go through the answers with the class. Answers 1 internal customers 2 human resource profile 3 human capital management 4 succession planning 5 transition 6 flexible working 7 business partner 8 consultancy Note Some HR and workplace-related vocabulary items: They should do this in character i. Therefore they will need to have a specific company in mind before they start, even if they are students in full-time education. They can then write up all or part of the strategy document, either in their groups with one person as secretary or as a homework task.

They should focus on the sections covered so far in this unit — other parts of the strategy document will be covered later. Ask the class to suggest what the difference might be between the two terms. Then read the following statements aloud, pausing after each statement to discuss whether it applies to outcomes or outputs or both. When you give the answers, make brief notes on the board in the two columns.

After a few minutes, open up the discussion to include the whole class. Suggested answers 1 Because without some form of measurement there would be no way of judging its effectiveness. Answers 1 in conjunction with 2 feasibility study 3 skills audit 4 output 5 offshoring 6 optimise 7 conducted 8 utilisation Note utilisation is a term widely used in many aspects of business.

For pdf english resources cambridge human

A typical example is machine utilisation in a factory. Many people working in consultancies have utilisation targets where they must spend an agreed percentage of their time on direct fee earning. After this, ask students to discuss the factors and people in pairs. When you discuss the answers with the class, make sure students justify their inclusion or exclusion of each factor or person. This is a very widely used piece of business jargon which describes specific, measurable targets which need to be met.

These may relate to a department or an individual. Each line manager may be line managed by another usually more senior person in the organisation. HR, line managers, employee development group and management board.

English for Human Resources.pdf

You may want to assure students that you do not necessarily expect them to remember perfectly, but that the aim of this task is to help them focus their attention when they hear Audio 1. When you go through the answers with the class, check comprehension by asking students to explain why the false statements are untrue. Extension activity After completing Exercise 9d, students can test each other in pairs by reading the beginning of a phrase to see if their partners can produce a suitable continuation.

For human english resources pdf cambridge

Answers Proposal: Afterwards, they discuss their answers in pairs and then feed back to the class. For question 2, you could ask students to describe exactly how each objective will be measured. Answers 1 F — The management board and cross-function employee development team will also be responsible. Note Some HR and workplace-related vocabulary: These are: Make sure students have a clear idea of which organisation they are discussing before they start.

If you are teaching university students with little or no personal experience of the workplace, you could ask them to think about the University or Faculty as the organisation requiring the implementation and monitoring of a new HR strategy. You could write the following questions on the board to organise the discussion. Encourage students to use the phrases from Exercise 9d. Allow plenty of time for the role plays. Afterwards, give and ask for feedback on both the success of the meetings and the quality of the language used during the role plays.

Students could do the planning in class in small groups followed by the writing itself as a homework task, or the whole task could be done in groups, with one student acting as secretary.

When the reports are ready, ask volunteers to present their plans to the class. Additional activity Unit 1: Vocabulary revision If students need more help revising some of the technical human resources and workplace vocabulary covered in this unit, you can use the Additional activity worksheet for Unit 1 in the Resources section of the course website.

Background information and useful web links Strategic Human Resources Strategic HR represents an important change in the role and perceived role of Human Resources. Many HR people are keen to be seen as playing an important part in influencing the direction and development of their organisation. Typically, this involves long-range resource planning e. The greatest challenge for HR remains being accepted as an equal strategic partner in comparison with other influential departments such as legal, finance, marketing and production.

In the UK, for example, this process first became common in the s with the aim of getting local councils to deliver services more efficiently and cheaply. Initially, this applied mostly to manual activities such as cleaning and security but also extended to other functions such as IT, payroll, accounts and even HR.

Some problems with the quality of outsourced services led people to reconsider the idea and there has even been a reverse trend towards insourcing i. However, outsourcing remains one of the options to be explored in strategic planning.

Offshoring retains a service within the company but transfers it to another country. Increasing globalisation and advances in technology have made this more and more attractive and realistic for many companies. The main reason for offshoring is cost savings through the lower labour costs in some parts of the world.

This trend has developed from near-shoring, where companies transfer activities to a nearby country e. The main activities targeted for offshoring are manufacturing, IT and customer services. Useful links Outsourcing: Go to page 27 for essential background information on the topic and useful web links. Encourage them to remember how they first became aware of the employer e. You could also discuss what companies do to manage their employees to make sure that a they continue working for the same company and b they are given the chance to use their talents effectively.

If your students have not worked before, you could ask them about people they know friends, family members and how they got their jobs. Be aware that some cultures may be more reticent about discussing these questions in class than others.

If you are teaching students from a culture or cultures that you are unfamiliar with, try to ask a colleague whether this kind of question is acceptable or not. When you go through the answers with the class, try to develop a short discussion about each method e. When you discuss the answers with the class, ask if any of the students have their own experiences of outsourcing to share.

Suggested answers 1 Most suited: Least suited: Extension activity You could also extend the discussion to cover the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing for: With a higher-level class, you could also try to explore question 1 further by asking students to do the following: Imagine a typical medium-sized company, such as a manufacturer.

What departments does it have? How many employees does it have in each department?

[Pdf] download cambridge english for human resources student's book w…

If students have a concrete example in mind, this could provoke some good discussion. Suggested answers a For employees directly affected by outsourcing, the obvious disadvantage is that they could lose their jobs. Even those that remain could see a fall in wages, as they are now competing with cheaper or more efficient workers in other companies. For some employees e. In practice, however, this may lead to increases in unemployment in some areas.

The whole factory could be outsourced, along with most of the office staff. On the other hand, it may involve work in liaising with outsourcing providers. Furthermore, fewer people on the payroll is likely to lead to pressure to reduce the size of the HR department, resulting in a loss of status, personnel and possibly wages.

Students then discuss the two questions in pairs and share their answers with the class. Answers 1 falling orders, mergers, to increase efficiency or to reduce costs 2 poor location, uncompetitive salary, poor career development b Students read the six statements and then listen to Audio 2.

After they have listened, ask students to discuss their answers in pairs. They should decide why the false statements are untrue and then feed back to the class. You could also discuss the problem with redundancy payments i. Profits are reduced if the labour costs are higher than the return of sales. The opposite is an upturn.


Ask the class to say what a current employee profile might be and what sort of information it might contain. Students then work alone to match the headings and feed back to the class. For example, you could be a senior or middle manager, which denotes your relative position in the organisational hierarchy, whereas systems analyst and accountant are job titles, which do not tell us the level of the job holders.

For example, an airline pilot or a project manager for a large development such as a national sports stadium. Answers 1 age 2 part-time 3 temporary contract worker 4 length of service 5 total benefits package 6 development investment in employee 7 labour supply and demand 8 labour turnover Note Some HR and workplace-related vocabulary items: