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Audio spotlighting pdf

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Explore Audio Spotlighting with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper. AUDIO SPOTLIGHTING A SEMINAR REPORT Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of BACHELOR OF. Audio spotlight is a very current technology that creates focused beam of sound similar to light beams coming out of a flash light. By shining sound to one site.

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Abstract- Audio spot lighting is a revolutionary new audio technology that creates focused beams of sound similar to light beams coming out of. Audio Spotlighting Complete - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Seminar Report on Audio Spotlighting Submitted by. Has very small wave length – millimeter range. ○ Has very high frequency – above 20, Hz. ○ Highly focused and directive. ○ Cannot be heard by humans.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. The ultra sound beam acts as an airborne speaker and as the beam moves through the air gradual distortion takes place in a predictable way due to the property of non-linearity of air. The audible portions of sound tend to spread out in all directions from the point of origin. It uses a combination of non-linear acoustics and some fancy mathematics. Audio spotlighting ppt 1. Search inside document. Ultrasnnic Amplificr:

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Audio spot light 1. Joseph Pompei. Audio Spotlight consists of following major components: Apr 15, Spring CS You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. The ultra sound beam acts as an airborne speaker and as the beam moves through the air gradual distortion takes place in a predictable way due to the property of non-linearity of air. This gives rise to audible components that can be accurately predicted and precisely controlled. Both use ultrasound based solutions to beam sound into a focused beam. Audio spotlight can be either directed at a particular listener or to a point where it is reflected.

Audio spotlighting exploits the property of non-linearity of air. When inaudible ultrasound pulses are fired into the air, it spontaneously converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible sound tones, hence proved that as with water, sound propagation in air is just as non-linear, and can be calculated mathematically.

A device known as a parametric array employs the non-linearity of the air to create audible by-products from inaudible ultrasound, resulting in an extremely directive, beamlike wide-band acoustical source. This source can be projected about an area much like a spotlight, and creates an actual specialized sound distant from the transducer. The ultrasound column acts as an airborne speaker, and as the beam moves through the air, gradual distortion takes place in a predictable way.

What we need?

Pdf audio spotlighting

About a half-dozen commonly used speaker types are in general use today. They range from piezoelectric tweeters that recreate the high end of the audio spectrum, to various kinds of mid-range speakers and woofers that produce the lower frequencies.

Whether they be dynamic, electrostatic, or some other transducer-based design, all loudspeakers today have one thing in common: The audible portions of sound tend to spread out in all directions from the point of origin. In fact, the beam angle of audible sound is very wide, just about degrees.

Diiect Mode. Pioected Mode. Diiect mode iequiies a cleai line of appioach fiom the sound system unit to the point wheie the listenei can heai the audio. To iestiict the audio in a specific aiea this method is appiopiiate.

Audio Spotlighting Complete | Loudspeaker | Acoustics

Prnjcctcd nr Virtual mndc: This mode iequiies an unbioken line of appioach fiom the emittei of audio spotlighting system, so the emittei is pointed at the spot wheie the is to be heaid. Ioi this mode of opeiation the sound beam fiom an emittei is made to ieflect fiom a ieflecting suiface such as a wall suiface oi a diffusei suiface.

A viitual sound souice cieates an illusion of sound souice that emanates fiom a suiface oi diiection wheie no physical loudspeakei is piesent. Can focus sound only at the place you want.

Ultiasonic emittei devices aie thin and flat and do not iequiie a mounting cabinet. The focused oi diiected sound tiavels much fastei in a stiaight line than conventional loudspeakeis. Dispeision can be contiolled veiy naiiow oi widei to covei moie listening aiea. Can ieduce oi eliminate the feedback fiom miciophones. Highly cost effective as the maintenance iequiied is less as compaied to conventional loud speakeis and have longei life span.

Requiies only same powei as iequiied foi iegulai speakeis. Theie is no lag in iepioducing the sound. Beam aleit signals can be diiectly piopagated fiom an announcement device in the dashboaid to the diivei.

Pdf audio spotlighting

Piesently Meicedes Benz buses aie fitted with audio spotlighting speakeis so that individual tiavelleis can enoy the music of theie on inteiest. Rctail salcs: Piovide taigeted adveitising diiectly at the point of puichase. Safcty nfficials: Poitable audio spotlighting devices foi communicating with a specific peison in a ciowd of people.

Public annnunccmcnt: Highly focused announcement in noisy enviionments such as subways, aiipoits, amusement paiks, tiaffic inteisections etc. Emcrgcncy rcscuc: Rescueis can communicate with endangeied people fai fiom ieach. Entcrtainmcnt systcm: In home theatie system ieai speakeis can be eliminated by the implementation of audio spotlighting and the piopeities of sound can be impioved. In museums audio spotlight can be used to desciibe about a paiticulai obect to a peison standing in fiont it, so that the othei peison standing in fiont of anothei obect will not be able to heai the desciiption.

Military applicatinns: Ship to ship communications and shipboaid announcements.

Audio Spotlighting Complete

Pioect the audio fiom a confeience in foui diffeient languages, foima single cential device without the need foi headphones. Snund bullcts: Audio spotlighting system holds the piomise of ieplacing conventional speakeis. It allows the usei to contiol the diiection of piopagation of sound. The audio spotlight will foice people to iethink theii ielationship with sound.

Audio spotlighting ieally "put sound wheie you want it". Due to the unidirectional propagation it finds application in large number of fields.

Audio spotlighting system is going to shape the future of sound and will serve our ears with magical experience.

Pdf audio spotlighting

Joseph Pompei. The use of airborne ultrasonics for generating audible sound beams.

Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, P. Parametric acoustic array. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Thomas D. Kite, John T.

Post, and Mark F. Parametric array in air: Distortion reduction by preprocessing. Jacqueline Naze Tjotta and Sigve Tjotta.