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Best indian romantic novel pdf

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Results 1 - 10 of Download Romance Books for FREE. thriving, her marriage is strong and her apartment at the top of Noe Valley is the envy of her friends. BEST INDIAN ROMANTIC NOVELS. Visit The Girl in Room by Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat Books, Ebook Pdf, Book. More information. Mills & Boons are available in India but we love the desi twist even in our love stories. So what are the best romantic novels by Indian authors?.

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fiction story novels by indian authors free download pdf Archives - Comixtream Are there any good websites to download novels as PDFs?. In recent times, Indian literary scene has seen its own share of some amazing romantic novels. There have been some good romantic novels. Why do we need a list of the “Best Indian Romance Novels”? The romance novel genre is booming with new books and writers being.

Lindy Gordon is living the enviable life of an entrepreneur in San Francisco. The movie 2 States is based on this novel. You should surely pick this one for a read on our best love story novels by indian authors list. Luckily, there's a wayward angel and a handsome but easily ruffled court secretary looking out for her. Fictional romance with a backdrop of historical accurate events.

Come, find out the 15 best romantic novels written by Indian authors. And let me warn you! The list gives a miss to some of the popular names.

15 Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors

Read on. Ashok Kallarakal, the author, seems to dabble in short genre and doesn't disappoint. Though all of them aren't romantic love stories, it does have that Indian vibe going for it. What would you do if you find a burnt diary with a dying man's wish amongst the debris of a bomb blast?

The protagonist in this collaboration by Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh is left with a similar dilemma. One of the better romantic novels from the duo. In this honest tale of love, friendship and animosity, Rohit Sharma, the author, weaves a romantic thriller of sorts.

It teaches us that love is about sacrifice and hope. It can be easily classified among the best Indian romantic novels.

Novel pdf best indian romantic

It makes you smile, laugh and even cry. Sagar Sahu has intricately woven a story out of a loveable bunch of characters. An over-achiever and a sentimental girl fall in love in this hilarious novel by Shubham Choudhary. It speaks about the challenges life throws at you and how the characters face them in their own uniquely funny ways.

It is laced with hilarious puns and a large helping of sarcasm. One of the best Indian romantic novels. One of the better works of Nikita Singh. It puts light on promises, the ones we break and the ones we keep. A much loved romantic novel in India, 'The Promise' brings out all the emotions in you. Durjoy Dutta has written some good novels but his best work till date would have to be 'Till The Last Breath'.

It speaks about love, morality, the past demons and the consequences of the protagonists actions. This is one of the best Indian novels in the romance genre.

Pdf romantic best indian novel

Love stories are pretty magical and it is no different for Avanti and Devvrat. But fate is a crazy little thing and works in mysterious ways. Durjoy Dutta once again! But you can't blame us, the guy has a firm foothold on the romantic genre in India.

Here he keeps the reader guessing with the various twists and turns in the character's life. A good addition to the long line of romantic books from India. But it speaks about peer pressure and our modern society. Throw in a love story and you have yet another adorable little love story from India. Childhood love stories are some the best love stories ever. They are agonisingly loveable and highly enjoyable.

Anmol Rana perhaps knows this, as he tells us this cute little love story. A lesser known but nonetheless a very good Indian romantic novel. Easily the most popular book on this list, perhaps. This book by Chetan Bhagat tells us about problems Indians face during marriages due to their mixed ethnicity.

A lovely read on a Sunday afternoon and finds a place on our list for the most romantic novels from India. You should really be buying this one right away.

The Best Romance Novels Ever Written

Durjoy Datta Another one of the best love story novels by indian authors, again by Durjoy Datta. This one is a touching love story about Deep and Ahana.

Deep is a young man who enjoys spending time with books rather than human beings. One day, he gets an internship offer in Hong Kong where he meets an Indian girl Ahana. She is a beautiful woman but is blind. Deep and Ahana explore Hong Kong together, slowly falling in love. Now how does Deep deal with things? Nikita Singh It is an interesting love story about love, friendship and betrayal. Niharika is a fresh entrant to the college, and in the first few days becomes friends with a shy guy named Tanmay.

Tanmay is a good guy but not boyfriend material so therefore Niharika starts dating Akshat. But as time passes by, Akshat starts revealing his true colours. At the same time, Niharika notices a transformation in her bestie Tanmay.

Was Tanmay actually the right guy for her? She strives to find an answer and this is her tale. Shubham Choudhary It is a cute college life story of Yatharth, a studious junior researcher, who has a group of friends who are a mixed bag.

Best Love Story Novels By Indian Authors: 25 Books You Must Read

Although Yatharth knows everything about the topics he studies, he has trouble fathoming love. Thanks to the coaxing of his friend, he falls in love with a girl Sanchita, who is a sweet and sentimental girl. It is first love for both of them. Will they be able to handle the pressures that accompany it or will they be left with a heartbreak? A lovely romantic story with ample pinch of humour. Nikita Singh It is a love story full of turmoil but with a message that true love always perseveres.

In this book, we meet Sambhavi Sen, a young interior designer who happens to have a chance encounter with Arjun Datta, who is a young and grumpy businessman but with an interesting persona.

In spite of their differences, they fall in love. Things go smooth till the point when Sambhavi makes a shocking revelation to Arjun. Smita Kaushik This romantic novel tells the story of Akash and Kasam who keep bumping into each other at various points in life.

While Akash has always been in love with Kasam, she always seemed out of reach for him. As life moves on, Akash finds out that his ignorance for his love towards Kasam has become a fight with love itself. Things reach a point that he has to decide whether to propose to her or let go of his love forever. Do buy this one. Yashodhara Lal This is one is a light-hearted book about the challenges mismatched individuals face in matrimony.

The protagonist of the book Yashodhara named after the author is a city girl who ties the knot with a small town guy named Vijay.

The two never agree on anything and argue most of the time. With the arrival of their daughter, their arguments move to the next level since the couple have contrasting views on parenthood. Will the constant bickering bring an end to their marriage? Surely an interesting read with some decent amount of humour in it.

Indian romantic novel pdf best

Romantic Love Stories ]. Sagar Sahu It is a cute love story of Saransh and Samvedna, who fall in love in spite of their opposite characters. While Saransh is a saucy guy, Samvedna on the other hand is a simple-minded girl with tons of innocence.

The love story continues with bits of humour here and there till the last moment where things go awry. In the end, Saransh has to choose between Samvedna and something that he had always wanted. Parul A. She has everything, even in the love department, since she is dating a handsome Indian American guy.

But one day she finds herself packing her bags, and back with her parents in India. To her surprise, her parents announce that they have chosen a guy for her to marry. She pulls her socks up to ensure she rejects the guy in every way but before she makes her move, the guy rejects her. An interesting love story full of funny elements. Sumrit Shahi This one tells the story of Arnika and Shadab, two childhood sweethearts whose love passes the test of time. They stay committed to each other in spite of how far they move in their lives.

As time passes by, they realise that they will have to move away to different locations to pursue their dreams. Their love withstood the test of time, but can it handle long distance? Arnika and Shadab have to work on a plan to ensure that. Nikita Singh This is another brilliant on our list of best love story novels by indian authors by the popular Indian author Nikita Singh where she tells the tale of Chhavi, a young woman who had just made her career in the world of modelling.

Chhavi soon finds herself feeling attracted towards Tushar, a fashion photographer. But since she does not believe in love, the duo decide to have a no-strings relationship. As time passes by, Chhavi realises that Tushar has started to mean a lot to her.

Eventually she has to make a choice of either expressing her true feelings or sticking to her ideology about love. Durjoy Datta Here we have a love story which is about self-discovery when it comes to matters of love. Joy is a regular next door type of guy who has trouble having stable relationships.

Even when he feels attracted towards Manika, he goes on to have another relationship only to be dumped. Manika comes to his rescue to cheer him up even when she is in a relationship with someone else.

Joy starts contemplating this question but he has to be really quick. It tells the story of childhood sweethearts Rahul and Seema. Rahul is head over heels in love with Seema, and is never shy of flaunting his lady-love.

Romantic best pdf indian novel

Seema is a bit reserved in nature, and does not like much limelight. Soon the lovebirds are entangled in a series of ego clashes, which leads to a breakup. But Rahul is determined to have Seema back but has to figure out how exactly. You should surely pick this one for a read on our best love story novels by indian authors list.

Durjoy Datta Here is another romantic novel by Durjoy Datta. This one tells the love story of Deb and Avantika who are a picture-perfect couple in every way. Things go a bit sour in their relationship when Deb, in an inebriated state, kisses another girl.

It brings cracks in their stable relationship and almost pushes the couple to the brink of infidelity, which is when the title of the novel makes sense. This one is an interesting read, and a must buy. Anmol Rana There is something about books about childhood sweethearts.