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Basic engineering physics pdf

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The Content of this Engineering Physics I and Engineering Physics II provide The students should give due importance in understanding the various basic. PDF | These Lecture Notes are prepared for BE students fo Visvesvaraya Technological University. PDF | 23+ hours read | On Jan 1, , Sreeramana Aithal and others published Textbook of Engineering Physics.

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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . The Engineering Chemistry 1st Year Notes Pdf- Download Books & Notes, To introduce the basic concepts of modern science like Photonics. VTU Engineering Physics e-book. Uploaded by. Sujith Thomas · Engineering Physics Text Book. Uploaded by. Shawn Waltz · Basic Electrical Engineering.

Hopcroft J. Linear search —Binary Search Hashing: Tree traversal Techniques CS Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 0 0 3 5. Kelkar S.

Public participation is an important aspect which serves the environmental Protection. One will obtain knowledge on the following after completing the course. Gilbert M. I and II, Enviro Media. Cunningham, W. Cooper, T. Dharmendra S. Virtual Functions. Exception Handling Mechanism. Standard Template Library concept. File Stream classes. Applications of Stack and Queue Binary Search Tree Tree traversal Techniques Minimum Spanning Trees Creation of a database and writing SQL queries to retrieve information from the database.

Creating an Employee database to set various constraints. Creating relationship between the databases. Creation of Procedures. Creation of database triggers and functions Standalone desktops 30 Nos. Front end: To provide the required mathematical support in real life problems and develop probabilistic models which can be used in several areas of science and engineering.

Balking and reneging. Robertazzi, "Computer Networks and Systems: Queueing Theory and performance evaluation", Springer, 3rd Edition, Larry L. Peterson, Bruce S. James F. Kurose, Keith W. Behrouz A. Operating system overview-objectives and functions, Evolution of Operating System. Andrew S. Alfred V. Aho, John E. Hopcroft and Jeffrey D. Donald E. Steven S. Yu-Cheng Liu, Glenn A. Doughlas V. Feasibility Studies, Requirements elicitation and analysis, requirements validation, requirements management-Classical analysis: Interface analysis, Interface Design —Component level Design: Designing Class based components, traditional Components.

Coding practices-Refactoring. Roger S. Kelkar S. Stephen R. Study of Socket Programming and Client — Server model 3. Create a socket for HTTP for web page upload and download. Implementation of Subnetting. Applications using TCP Sockets like a.

Echo client and echo server b. Chat c. File Transfer 9. DNS e. SNMP f. File Transfer Study of Network simulator NS.

Engineering Physics 1.pdf

Perform a case study about the different routing algorithms to select the network path with its optimum and economical during data transfer. Link State routing ii. Flooding iii. Basic arithmetic and Logical operations 2.

Move a data block without overlap 3. Code conversion, decimal arithmetic and Matrix operations. Floating point operations, string manipulations, sorting and searching 5. Password checking, Print RAM size and system date 6. Traffic light control 8. Stepper motor control 9. Digital clock Key board and Display Printer status Serial interface and Parallel interface Basic arithmetic and Logical operations Basics of UNIX commands.

Shell Programming. Implement all file allocation strategies a Sequential b Indexed c Linked 5. Implement Semaphores 6. Implement an Algorithm for Dead Lock Detection 9. Implement Shared memory and IPC Implement Paging Technique of memory management. At the end of the course, students would: Kenneth H. Tremblay J. Ltd, New Delhi, 30th Reprint, Thomas Koshy. Seymour Lipschutz and Mark Lipson.

Pdf physics basic engineering

HTML 5. Gopalan N. Mahesh P. Uttam K. Designing objects with responsibilities — Creator — Information expert — Low Coupling — High Cohesion — Controller - Design Patterns — creational - factory method - structural — Bridge — Adapter - behavioral — Strategy — observer. Paul C. Tractable and Intractable problems- Tractable and possibly intractable problems - P and NP completeness - Polynomial time reductions. Hopcroft J. UNIT 1,2,3 2. Kamala Krithivasan and Rama.

Three dimensional geometric and modeling transformations — Translation, Rotation, Scaling, composite transformations; Three dimensional viewing — viewing pipeline, viewing coordinates, Projections, Clipping; Visible surface detection methods. Design of Animation sequences — animation function — raster animation — key frame systems — motion specification —morphing — tweening.

Tiling the plane — Recursively defined curves — Koch curves — C curves — Dragons — space filling curves — fractals — Grammar based models — fractals — turtle graphics — ray tracing.

Sklar , James D. Foley, Steven K. Donald Hearn and M. Hill F S Jr. William M. Newman and Robert F. To develop a mini-project by following the 9 exercises listed below. To develop a problem statement. Identify Use Cases and develop the Use Case model. Identify the conceptual classes and develop a domain model with UML Class diagram. Using the identified scenarios, find the interaction between objects and represent them using UML Sequence diagrams.

Draw relevant state charts and activity diagrams. Identify the User Interface, Domain objects, and Technical services. Draw the partial layered, logical architecture diagram with UML package diagram notation. Develop and test the Technical services layer. Develop and test the Domain objects layer. Develop and test the User interface layer. Passport automation system. Book bank 3. Exam Registration 4.

Stock maintenance system. Online course reservation system 6. E-ticketing 7. Software personnel management system 8.

Credit card processing 9. Recruitment system Foreign trading system Conference Management System BPO Management System Library Management System To embed a map in a web page b. To fix the hot spots in that map c. Show all the related information when the hot spots are clicked. Cascading style sheets. Embedded style sheets. Inline style sheets. Use our college information for the web pages. Write a Program, which takes user Id as an input and returns the User details by taking the user information from the XML document.

HTTP request ii. FTP iii. SMTP iv. POP3 b Write a program in Java for creating simple chat application with datagram sockets and datagram packets. To invoke servlets from Applets d Write programs in Java to create three-tier applications using servlets for conducting on-line examination for displaying student mark list.

Assume that student information is available in a database which has been stored in a database server. It requires an init parameter key that is appropriate for its servlet IP address and port before it unlocks itself and handles a request f Session tracking using hidden form fields and Session tracking for a hit count g Install TOMCAT web server.

Users information user id, password, credit card number would be stored in web. Each user should have a separate Shopping Cart. JSP Struts Framework b. Hibernate c. Searching in real time with live searches, Getting the answer with auto complete, Chatting with friends ,Dragging and dropping with Ajax, Getting instant login feedback, Ajax-enabled popup menus, Modifying Web pages on the fly.

Download Engineering Physics Books - PDF Drive

Composite 2D Transformations 4. Line Clipping 5. Creating 3D Scenes. Image Editing and Manipulation - Basic Operations on image using any image editing software, Creating gif animated images, Image optimization. Standalone desktops - 30 Nos. Case study: World Wide Web. Network virtualization: Overlay networks.

Remote Invocation — Introduction - Request-reply protocols - Remote procedure call - Remote method invocation. Enterprise Java Beans -from objects to components.

Overlay case studies: File System: Features-File model -File accessing models - File sharing semantics Naming: Process Migration: Features, Mechanism - Threads: Models, Issues, Implementation. Resource Management: Concepts and Design", Prentice Hall of India, Tanenbaum A. Liu M. Ltd, New Delhi — Jochen H.

Android Developers: Apple Developer: Windows Phone Dev Center: BlackBerry Developer: Alfred V Aho, Monica S. Charles N. Fischer, Richard. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: John G. Proakis and Dimitris G. Emmanuel C. Ifeachor, and Barrie. Sanjit K. Oppenheim, R. Schafer and J. Problem characteristics, Production system characteristics -Specialized production system- Problem solving methods - Problem graphs, Matching, Indexing and Heuristic functions -Hill Climbing-Depth first and Breath first, Constraints satisfaction - Related algorithms, Measure of performance and analysis of search algorithms.

Learning- Machine learning, adaptive Learning. Dan W. Develop an application that uses Layout Managers and event listeners. Develop a native calculator application. Write an application that draws basic graphical primitives on the screen.

Develop an application that makes use of database. Develop an application that makes use of RSS Feed. Implement an application that implements Multi threading 8. Develop a native application that uses GPS location information. Implement an application that writes data to the SD card. Implement an application that creates an alert upon receiving a message. Implementation of Symbol Table 2.

Develop a lexical analyzer to recognize a few patterns in C. Implementation of Lexical Analyzer using Lex Tool 4. Generate YACC specification for a few syntactic categories. Implement type checking 7.

Implement control flow analysis and Data flow Analysis 8. Implement any one storage allocation strategies Heap,Stack,Static 9. Construction of DAG Implement the back end of the compiler which takes the three address code and produces the assembly language instructions that can be assembled and run using a assembler.

The target assembly instructions can be simple move, add, sub, jump. Also simple addressing modes are used. Writing job applications — cover letter — resume — emails — letters — memos — reports — blogs — writing for publications. To be totally learner-centric with minimum teacher intervention as the course revolves around practice. Portfolio approach for writing to be followed. Learners are to be encouraged to blog, tweet, text and email employing appropriate language.

Students should write a report on a regular basis on the activities conducted, focusing on the details such as the description of the activity, ideas emerged, learning outcomes and so on.

At the end of the semester records can be evaluated out of 20 marks. Interview — mock interview can be conducted on one-on-one basis. Speaking — example for role play: Marketing engineer convincing a customer to buy his product. Presentation — should be extempore on simple topics. Discussion — topics of different kinds; general topics, case studies and abstract concept. Robert M Sherfield and et al. Pearson Education, Public key cryptography: Intruder — Intrusion detection system — Virus and related threats — Countermeasures — Firewalls design principles — Trusted systems — Practical implementation of cryptography and security.

Web Security: Upon Completion of the course, the students should be able to: UNIT V. Grimaldi R. Clark J. Mott J. Liu C. Rosen K. Scalable computing over the Internet — Technologies for network based systems — clusters of cooperative computers - Grid computing Infrastructures — cloud computing - service oriented architecture — Introduction to Grid Architecture and standards — Elements of Grid — Overview of Grid Architecture.

Everything as a service: Kai Hwang, Geoffery C. Fox and Jack J. Demonstrate how to provide secure data storage, secure data transmission and for creating digital signatures GnuPG. Setup a honey pot and monitor the honeypot on network KF Sensor 8. Installation of rootkits and study about the variety of options 9.

Net Stumbler Develop a new Web Service for Calculator. Using Apache Axis develop a Grid Service. Develop secured applications using basic security mechanisms available in Globus Toolkit.

Develop a Grid portal, where user can submit a job and get the result. Implement it with and without GRAM concept. Find procedure to run the virtual machine of different configuration. Check how many virtual machines can be utilized at particular time.

Find procedure to attach virtual block to the virtual machine and check whether it holds the data even after the release of the virtual machine. Install a C compiler in the virtual machine and execute a sample program. Show the virtual machine migration based on the certain condition from one node to the other.

Find procedure to install storage controller and interact with it. Find procedure to set up the one node Hadoop cluster. Write a program to use the API's of Hadoop to interact with it. Peter S. To train the students in preparing project reports and to face reviews and viva voce examination. The students in a group of 3 to 4 works on a topic approved by the head of the department under the guidance of a faculty member and prepares a comprehensive project report after completing the work to the satisfaction of the supervisor.

The progress of the project is evaluated based on a minimum of three reviews. The review committee may be constituted by the Head of the Department. A project report is required at the end of the semester. The project work is evaluated based on oral presentation and the project report jointly by external and internal examiners constituted by the Head of the Department. NET framework. NET, handling exceptions, validating controls, windows application configuration.

After completing this course, the student will be able to: NET platform. Christian Nagel et al. NET 4. Dale H. Besterfiled, et at. James R. Evans and William M. B and Gopal. Alex Berson and Stephen J.

Soman, Shyam Diwakar and V. Daniel T. Requirement Analysis: Guidelines — Requirements gathering and listing- Developing service metrics to measure performance — Characterizing behavior- developing performance threshold — Distinguish between service performance levels. Practice —Template, table and maps —simplifying the requirement analysis process —case study. Introduction to Addressing and routing- establishing routing flow in the design environments- manipulating routing flows- developing addressing strategies- developing a routing strategy- case study.

At the end of this course the students should be able to: William Stallings. Aditya P. Applications of Ad Hoc and Sensor networks. Design Challenges in Ad hoc and Sensor Networks. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to: Siva Ram Murthy, and B. Manoj, "Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Transport layer Security: Types of CF techniques - Incident and incident response methodology - Forensic duplication and investigation.

Preparation for IR: Creating response tool kit and IR team. Current Computer Forensics Tools: John R. Richard E. Marjie T. Pig Latin and Hive and parallel databases versus Map Reduce. VLDB Journal, 2. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Ron Schmelzer et al. Frank P. Detection of Discontinuities—Edge Linking and Boundary detection — Region based segmentation- Morphological processing- erosion and dilation.

Rafael C. Gonzales, Richard E. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods, Steven L. Anil Jain K. Malay K. Jonathan W. Raymond J. Buhr, Donald L. Krishna, Kang G. David H. The Student should be made to: Manning, P. Raghavan, and H. Stefan Buettcher, Charles L. Clarke, Gordon V. Cormack, Information Retrieval: Algorithms and Heuristics: Sampling distributions, resampling, statistical inference, prediction error.

Michael Berthold, David J. Hand, Intelligent Data Analysis, Springer, Glenn J. Devices — Memory — processing and networks; Interaction: Models — frameworks — Ergonomics — styles — elements — interactivity- Paradigms. HCI in software process — software life cycle — usability engineering — Prototyping in practice — design rationale. Design rules — principles, standards, guidelines, rules. Evaluation Techniques — Universal Design. Platforms, Application frameworks- Types of Mobile Applications: Elements of Mobile Design, Tools.

Case Studies. Sahni V. Sandeep K. Shukla and R. Iris Bahar. The Evolution of Knowledge management: Knowledge Markets: Nonaka, I.

Development of Social Network Analysis - Key concepts and measures in network analysis - Electronic sources for network analysis: Electronic discussion networks, Blogs and online communities - Web-based networks - Applications of Social Network Analysis.

Ontology-based knowledge Representation - Ontology languages for the Semantic Web: State-of-the-art in network data representation - Ontological representation of social individuals - Ontological representation of social relationships - Aggregating and reasoning with social network data - Advanced representations. Robert K. Walker Royce: Mike W.

Charles B. Charles E. Harris, Michael S. Pritchard and Michael J. Laura P. Language Modeling: Syntactic Analysis: Discourse Processing: Machine Translation: Tanveer Siddiqui, U. Introduction, characteristics- learning methods — taxonomy — Evolution of neural networks- basic models - important technologies - applications.

Pdf basic engineering physics

Fuzzy logic: Introduction - crisp sets- fuzzy sets - crisp relations and fuzzy relations: Genetic algorithm- Introduction - biological background - traditional optimization and search techniques - Genetic basic concepts. A fusion approach of multispectral images with SAR, optimization of traveling salesman problem using genetic algorithm approach, soft computing based hybrid fuzzy controllers.

Jang, C. Sun and E. Sivanandam and S. Rajasekaran and G. George J. Klir, Ute St. David E. James A.

Engineering Physics Books

Freeman, David M. Related Papers. By Shiva Balachandran.

Engineering pdf basic physics

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Related Topics. Introduction to Engineering Physics - Vol. Tech University Lucknow Vasudeva A. Engineering Physics - I, B. Tech Ist Sem. NA Vayu Paperback English. Solid State Physics 1st Year B. Students Kumar K. Vijaya, Sreekanth T. Modern Engineering Physics for 1st Year B. Tech Kumar K.

N Avadhanulu, Dr. G Kshirsagar S Chand Edition no.