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Views 33MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics. Read more Drilled Shafts in Rock Analysis and Design. Read more . Köp Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics av William G Pariseau på PDF-böcker lämpar sig inte för läsning på små skärmar, t ex mobiler. Rock Mechanics - an introduction for the practical engineer .. In designing a rock structures such as the damp foundation or underground excavation, An example of this type of analysis is presented in Figure 8 in which the theoretical.

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Solutions Manual to Design Analysis in Rock homeranking.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. This comprehensive introduction to rock mechanics treats the basics of rock mechanics in a clear and straightforward manner and discusses important design . PDF | On Aug 9, , Steve Hencher and others published Rock Download full-text PDF fracture mechanics and stress analysis. .. Geotechnical aspects of the design and construction of dams and pressure tunnels in.

Clastic and cataclastic processes and their significance for rock mechanics; introduction to fracture mechanics of rocks. S u b s i d e n c e — spacing — shotcrete thickness Solution: Recommend Documents. Steeply dipping vein. Free body diagram.

Slope stability analysis and stabilization: Geotechnical Slope Analysis. Rock slope engineering: Slope Stability and Erosion Control: Ecotechnological Solutions. Practical bifurcation and stability analysis. Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics.

Design analysis in rock mechanics. Colorado flora: Western slope. Eastern slope. Slope Stability Engineering: Matsuyama, Shikoku, Japan, November , Vol. Colorado Flora: The thick sandstone 5.

Reduction in roof tension. Bolt safety factors w. High strength. Grade Entries in Stratified Ground Solution: Clamped shale beds from problem 1 that act as a single beam. Problem 16 data Find: R Equilibrium of truss corner: Roof truss in the sketch at spacing S and tension T.

Equivalent distributed load in the vertical direction. Bolting pressure? Laminated shale truss in the sketch. Optimum bolting angle. S Try: Fb Solution: Optimum means greatest increase in FS. The bolt should be tensioned by impending slip on the joint.

Analysis rock mechanics pdf design in

Shear stress in the bolt. Problem 22 with an untensioned. Stress is zero. Surface 1. An anchor stratum is present in the layered sandstone. Stratigraphic column. Entries in Stratified Ground c Orientation is o. Strata data. Bolting pattern based on dead weight. R 3 anchor W 2. Pb needed to reduce sag to zero of all roof layers seam. Gas pressure effect Solution: Problem 29 conditions and 15 ft wide entries.

Introduction to Rock Mechanics

Bolting plan. Sketch and data for low coal room and pillar mining. X face advance to failure of R1. R4 is a candidate anchor stratum. R3 Solution: Sketch and table data. Need strata loads Find: Bed separation P 1. Using dead weight load approach. According to Table 3. Pillars in Stratified Ground Given: Problems 1 and 2 data. Problem 1 data.

From Problem 1. Entries and crosscuts 45 ft wide. Mohr—Coulomb strength. Pillars in Stratified Ground joint set present: Room and pillar mine. Problems 5 and 6 data.

Solutions Manual to Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics.pdf

Problem 5 data. Pillar size. Pillars in Stratified Ground 1. Entries and crosscuts Pillars in Stratified Ground Find: Range of dips prone to slip.

Mohr— Coulomb failure FS wrt compression of 1. Coal Seam 1. Pillars in Stratified Ground Note: No size effect Solution: Pillars in Stratified Ground Cp Sn.

Rock Slope Stability Analysis - PDF Free Download

Steeply dipping vein. Rmax possible. Rmax allowable. If failure stable or not? Ap Solution: Pillars in Stratified Ground o. Cp Sp If pillar fails. Pillar size Wp. Data from problems. Problem 19 data. Problems FSp 2 with size effect and without. Sp joint data: Data from Problems 21 and Ap dj sj Solution: Pillar stress of 4. Range of unsafe dips. Minimum pillar size. Hardrock room of pillar data. Vertical section E W dj 1. If pillars stable? Tp Solution: Sn Ts. Wp Solution: Joint dip slip range.

In rock pdf mechanics design analysis

Pillar dimension. T0 criterion: Mining plan: B-Level ft. Range of joint dips that may slip. A-Level roof rock in Bonneterre dolomite and Davis shale Find: Pillars in Stratified Ground Davis: Determine a bolting plan solution. Grade 75 8 diameter. FSp Solution: Square pattern spacing S. Roof in Problem 32 — A level. Joint set 2 FS.

Mechanics design analysis pdf rock in

False Davis: Roof is in ore and has false Davis above. Lmax B-Level. Pillars sized at Rmax to core. Multi-level room and pillar metal mine.

Rock Slope Stability Analysis

Problem 37 data A-level roof rock Find: Problem 38 data. New mining plan Problem 37 1. Pillars in Stratified Ground assume dead weight support block wt. Problem 37 data pillars at max R joint data Find: If joints in pillar safe set 2.

Lmax for B-level. E GPa R extraction ratio. Rmax considering joint set 3 only. Cable bolting plan to defend against caving. Grouted fill data. L L Assume horizontal stresses are nil after mining. Cross-cut Spacing: Wp constant 3 both. Choice of increasing extraction ratio 2D view Now: Chose plan 1 to keep W0 same other plans increase W0 WP constant 3 both.

Choice of increasing extraction ratio 2D View now: FSc for Pillars. Pillars in Stratified Ground Criterion: FSc for pillar.


Chose plan 1 to keep W0 same other plans increase W0 Given: If can meet FS required. Room and pillar limestone mine. Maximum extraction ratio. Lp b entry and crosscut spacing. Given data: Pillars in Stratified Ground Solution: Pillars in Stratified Ground Extraction ratio formulas: From sketch and equilibrium requirements: Peak stresses. Text — Fig. Salt cavern. Spherical cavity in salt.

Surface a Sv 1. Salt cavern prolate spheroid ft high 50 ft wide 1. Tabular excavation. Sketch 65 40 ft 6. Treat as oblate. The peak tension is located along the intermediate edges of the opening. Safe shaft distance D.

Shaft 2. Cut and fill stope. Tons of fill liters. Ore raise 9. A cut and fill stope 4. Narrow vein cut and fill stope. Laboratory test data falling head permeameter Data: Time min 0 1. An estimate of hydraulic conductivity in. Falling head permeameter data Head in.

Falling head permeameter data. Cable bolt drift. Equilibrium requirement. Bolt pattern. Cable bolted medium width cut and fill stope. Identify terms. Shrinkage stope. Bulking porosity. Vy Solution: Chimney caving figure Find: Derive a formula for H. Inclined stope. Cave height possible before must be drawn. Panel Block Caving Depth 4. Same in both cases. Block caving Problem 5. Block caving panel.

Rock pdf analysis in design mechanics

Subsidence Find: Block caving data. Formula for equilibrium with surcharge: Rock and joint data. Explain meaning of each number. Paper by F.

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